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Weekly Horoscopes Jan 4-10

Aries: You will be finishing off your travels this week and if you are dealing with mother nature then you may need to take a few extra days off because this cycle will be a tough one. You're not grounded in your center like you should be so participating in yoga, going for a walk, or doing a spiritual bath may help. Be careful putting your arms too close to the fire as you may get burned. You will be fascinated by greek myths or culture and could be doing a lot of deep dives into this or you'll just be watching Gladiator, Sparticus, Troy, or Clash of the Titans on repeat this week. Leaving something behind this week is likely when it pertains to a sibling, a work routine, or for some, it may be tied to a vehicle. If you're trying to purchase a vehicle it's best that you go through a third party instead of going through a dealership because of the inflation of prices. Teeth issues, especially if you haven't gotten your wisdom teeth removed yet, are likely by Wednesday or Friday. Lay off the fries from the fast-food joints this week as well. You will be sending a goodbye text to a fixed sign (Taurus Aquarius Scorpio Leo) for the second time this month and the year just started three days ago. You don't want to be finished with this cycle in your life yet because you still dream and think of this person. You still have hope that one-day things can go back to how they used to be but with the Saturn energy going direct, the final curtain call is here if you are leaving somebody behind. If you're with someone, you are starting to feel the burdens of coddling them or them acting as if they don't know how to do things on their own.

Taurus: You're struggling to make a concrete decision about a water sign female or feminine energy in your life. Fear may be the reason why you're not taking steps toward a final decision. You will be walking around with your face scrunched up like you've smelt something sour or bitter but these are just the thoughts running through your mind about this person. Studying or learning something new will be hard for you to do this week as you may be a bit of an emotional mess. Someone is pulling at your heartstrings trying to get you to come back to them rather that be physically or they are showing up in your dreams. What could this all mean? Are you going crazy? Likely. The up-and-down connection you had with this person for years finally came to a close because your sister or another female got in the middle of this connection but for some reason, you can't look away. You feel this person needs you and this person may also have a child that you grew close to during the time that you were together. The high priestess in reverse is at her worst. Her dark thoughts are taking over her and she is turning to manipulation tactics to numb the pain instead of transmuting it. You may even be diving deep into the darker side of nature when it comes to ghosts, black magic, or spells; all things right now that aren't necessarily good for your psyche or your energy. If you waited around and finally received your nirvana by no longer being the third party in their life, now you wonder what happened to that kind sweet person you once met. Well when the dust settled, you got a glimpse into the mess that the other person had to deal with when it came to them. A part of you wishes you could go back to how things were when maybe you were hidden or just an option. But now that you've gotten what you want, you don't know if it's worth it anymore. You have some decisions to make because this person has a way of dragging you down a dark path. The underworld seems fun until you have to come face-to-face with the devil.

Gemini: A blessing in disguise when it comes to your relationships or work situation. It's a blessing because you no longer have to guess what position you hold in this situation anymore. This shakeup may bring anger, rage, resentment, and 'here we go again.' Your biggest issue is that you don't want to be disappointed and that just may happen this week. Some of you will find out that someone isn't completely single like they promised. The nighttime seems a bit difficult for this health issue that you are battling. It may be something to do with eyes, skin, or hair but it's also something that you have been keeping to yourself because you're embarrassed for people to see you like this. You may be getting a call by the end of the week when it pertains to your home. Things have become unstable with your family and someone may be looking for a place to stay. Or if you are staying with someone you are fearful that you and this person could part ways and then where will you go. This is a lesson in your life that you still have to stand on your own two feet regardless of who you're with. Something will be playing out very publicly about your connection and you may want to tuck your tail between your legs and hide after giving this person another chance. But the universe asks 'when are you going to get it,' and 'what's it going to take.' No one person can be your beginning middle and end because what happens if things changed, then what do you do. Unfortunately in love you always end up having to learn the hard way because you feel your feelings of love or warmth is enough to keep someone around, but humans will disappoint you; it's in our nature, even if it's not intentional. Staying cooped up in the house doesn't help your depression and them crying in front of you doesn't erase the mistakes. You have to talk to someone before your thoughts eat you alive

Cancer: Another week of miscommunications and mixed emotions. You still aren't processing something as you should but instead, you're just pushing it to the side and telling yourself that you'll deal with it another day. You have to stop postponing going to the doctor or dealing with some sort of medical issue. Instead of coming together or having a talk you and this person will act like nothing is happening. If you are expecting new contracts to come in tied to work it won't be happening this week or immediately like you are expecting. Progress will start to be made in this new thing in the month of April but over the next three months, you just have to grind it out. There will be another water sign who will try to embrace you this week but you will be pushing this person away. You may be feeling that it took this person too long to notice that you were walking away and now that their wall may be coming down you see it as fake. It could or it may not be, only you can tell because you're in the situation. Try to do your makeup or do something different with your hair this week to bring that spark of energy back into your life. You seem down and this may be because of money issues. Toward the end of the week, you will become even more detached than you have been. Some may ask you what's wrong and you will give the famous reply 'nothing,' or 'I don't want to talk about it.' Your situation will turn around and you will find love or fall back in love again. You're just oscar the grouch this week but isn't that every other week. If you are waiting on clients or new assignments to come in then things will start to pick up after Wednesday. Just don't panic. New contracts and new opportunities will eventually come in so whatever you're doing, even though you're feeling discouraged, then just keep pushing forward. You will get married so stop asking your tarot cards or the internet if you will.

Leo: Changes and transformation. You will be faced with a choice this week when it comes to staying in your current job or moving on to something more exciting. Your biggest issue is the fact that you're bored and it's hard for you to see the positive in this situation for the long haul. You may even start back reading the bible this week or studying a new religion/culture. You used to be into music heavily when you were younger and it will be good for you to get back into that this week. If you are hearing specific songs in your head then take a second to listen because that's a message from your spirit guides. On the other hand, this can be a very sexually seductive week for you and you could be interested in someone new or you will be seducing the current person you are with. Something has been on the rocks for a while when it comes to your love life and just when you knew that this shit was over, a change comes through. Or someone decides to step up and make the change happen for the better. So the only way you can go is up this week. You will be getting a callback from your old job or you'll be renewing something that you left behind in the last 20 days or 20 months. This time you will take your time and try your best not to quit. Learn the lessons now so you don't have to repeat them in the future. The internet will be your source of income or additional income this week if you have the patience to sit there and learn the ropes. A part of you feels called to teach but you are worried about who will listen. Another part of you may feel pulled to get more invested in your community or politics. I feel you were a politician in your past life so you'll either do this again in some other capacity or you will meet someone in a prominent position who will help you tremendously with your career. By Wednesday or Friday, something will click and you will realize what your spiritual path in this life consists of and again it's to teach. So take the leap, give it a chance. Now teaching doesn't always mean elementary school, you could become a trainer at your company. Keep an open mind.

Virgo: You'd rather not make a decision because it's just easier that way. Someone is trying to control you and you are fighting them tooth and nail about this. You may be asked to be a witness in a trial or some sort of incident that may happen at your school or at your workplace. You are trying to keep the peace this week by not rocking the boat and remaining passive but that may be making things worse. The conversation that you've been trying to avoid needs to be had eventually. Now you may not know everything you want to say to them right now and maybe it's best you write it down so when the time does come you'll get everything off your chest. You could have a libra or Aquarius on your mind very heavily by the end of the week. Wondering if you should reach out to them to start the conversation. This isn't the week to do this but again the conversation will happen but it won't be right now. It will likely come in the next two weeks so don't hang your head down. Whatever is said or the decision that you come to when you guys do talk will be for the best; don't forget that. If you are dating more than one person you are letting them both fight for your heart without telling them about each other. This week you will also be thinking about your bank account, an art project, skin issues, or if you're going to eat take out or cook dinner. Basically, your mind won't really be on what's happening in front of you. Make sure that you aren't zoning out while you are driving because that can do some damage. You will be able to put a court case or litigation behind you by the end of this week if this relates to you. You will be getting an invitation to travel with someone or they are coming to you but you are unsure if you want to call it off or not. Let the decision come to you and in the end, the right decision will be made; less is more.

Libra: People will be pushing your buttons this week. Since you've spent the last few months pushing any and everyone away from you, you will start to feel that maybe this is your karma for being mean. After you look up this week and realize that friends aren't answering their phones anymore or they mysteriously are starting to have plans you will take offense to this. But the common denominator in this situation may be you. At some point, you're going to have to take a second look at yourself and ask 'what could I have done better.' The answer isn't to always push someone out of your space because you can't handle the heat. If you're dealing with an earth or air sign you may be stunned to know that this person is watching porn and you will take that as a blow to the chest. But this person feels you've been emotionally unavailable for weeks. A lot of your disagreements or arguments this week will be about nothing. Mostly about money, when the money is there. If the problem is about something else then just say it instead of beating around the bush. Not the best week to get involved with new hobbies that require a lot of physical strength, it's best that you ease back into things. You will be keeping things to yourself or at least you'll try to when it comes to a boss. You are just trying to avoid drama or an argument but it looks like you will just walk right into this. You and this authority figure have an issue being in one another's space for long periods of time and you both just need a break from one another. It's funny how you can back yourself up to this lover but you become like a timid child when your boss says something to you. You have to set the boundaries in both directions and it doesn't mean being rude about it. Find healthy ways to stand up for yourself.

Scorpio: you want to start over but you don't know-how so you will just sit back and do nothing. You are struggling right now because you just want to know what this person is thinking or how they are feeling about you but you're afraid to reach out. So this new beginning that you've been hoping for in love may start to dwindle away even more by the end of this week. Careful of smoking or being around someone who smokes because it will be affecting your lungs. You will be organizing your closet and donating things so that you can get a new wardrobe come this spring. If you offered a water sign a new beginning in the past few weeks they are still sitting on making a decision about this. Now some of you don't even like them that much however, no that they are ignoring you, feelings are starting to come. If you are single then you will continue to move forward this week and just focus on yourself or your children. Love will come eventually but it won't be today. You will also be finishing some things up when it comes to bank accounts, pets, friends, or older siblings. If you are in a connection, you just want your older siblings to accept the person you've decided to be with, which in time they will. And when it comes to this other water sign, you will decide to be patient and let this situation work itself out. You're not ready to leave them behind yet even though others may say you should. A part of you feels like it's worth waiting for so that's what you will do for now. For the time being you also may sign up for classes at a community college and others of you may be trying to get accepted to be a grief counselor at some sort of facility. If you have an elder grandmother around 78-85 years old, your family will be making the tough decision to put them in an assisted facility. All-in-all this week you just want balance

Sagittarius: Feeling more beautiful this week and you will be getting in a lot of compliments from people. You could be driving around and searching for new houses or apartments. It feels you're just looking right now and you won't be deciding on anything until the middle of March. Everything is fine where it's at right now even if it doesn't feel that way. The universe is asking you to take stock of the things you've already accomplished over the last three years. If you used to sew or your grandmother did, you'll be getting back to that by Thursday or Friday of this week. You also could replant your garden or restart it. If you have earth in your chart, you'll be having a case of baby fever and for some, you could get lucky. I see a new relationship coming in and this person will want marriage but you have to get through the slow-moving energy first. A good week to get approved for loans or beauty treatments if you are wanting to go for botox or some form of liposuction. Your mother or daughter may be coming in town to visit soon so make sure your house is clean because you know they are picky. This time you'll stay local when it comes to love, especially if you've been in long-distance relationships with people from other countries. Money is on its way in to you as well as this will be from people from the past who didn't fully pay you for your services or old clients are just coming back around. Those of you looking for jobs may decide to apply in fashion, jewelry, bartending, finance or childcare. A really good week for you as things are starting to look up and the best is yet to come as long as you stay positive. Go and see your grandmother because she's been asking about you for the last 4 weeks. Also, you'll be attending some sort of ball in the future so you may need to save your money because you'll need some attire.

Capricorn: You are staying up really late this week. It's as if you are unable to rest because you don't have peace of mind. You won't have to get surgery for some sort of injury you've been battling for the last four months. You just need to give yourself some more time to rest or you just need to ease back into exercise. You also may not be happy about some sort of ending in your family/home life and you still are looking for an explanation from this person. They won't be giving you one this week so it's best that you not ask again. Now you may be unable to sleep because you are feeling anxious or excited about the new year or what's to come. You may have had a rough four years and this year you may feel it can only get better. It looks like you are going in or looking for a new direction this week and you will find what you are looking for after you talk to your best friend. If you are dealing with a water or fire sign person then you and they will be entering into a non-traditional relationship but you'll be okay with this because you're not trying to be super serious right now. Singles, will be meeting a younger fire or water sign and will be deciding on the same thing. It does seem this person will be a good life partner for you but you're going to have to calm down on wanting to run away all the time. You may start back writing in your journal or you may think about applying for a journalist job or internship. If you are having issues getting into school or locating documents required for an application then you will be able to order another copy and all will be fixed by the end of this month. Try to have more fun and not be so stiff.

Aquarius: You will be working a lot this week and this could be you catching up from the last few months of little to no work. Make sure that you are paying attention though to the people around you and spending time with them as well when you get a chance. You will be paying down some sort of debt this week or it's a good time to negotiate pricing on something; it will go in your favor. You will be picking at your skin and it could be because of a rash or something that is making you itchy. If you switched laundry detergent that may be the reason why. You have been thinking for the last few months if you should leave your job behind and find other employment but this week you will decide to stay put. Some of you will choose and others of you will feel you don't have a choice at the moment. Either way, you'll be happy that you choose to not make an impulsive decision. By the middle of the week, your boss will be giving you the assignment you've been asking for or they will be asking you to fill in for someone's position that's higher than yours. This could result in a nice pay raise if you impress them. You will be spending less time on your phone this week and by Thursday you will be going on a movie date or spending time with someone watching Netflix. Not the best week to try your luck with gambling or investing in cryptocurrency. You will need to give this some more time as there will be more litigation coming toward these companies. So February seems to be a better month for this. Someone will be calling or texting you telling you how much they've changed but in your heart, you don't believe them. Your head is saying maybe they have learned their lesson, but your heart has spoken; time to go.

Pisces: You were planning to visit home or travel back home earlier this week but you are unable to. Your family may have other plans or there's some sort of family emergency that may be coming up on your dad's side of the family that will require attendance. If you've been waiting to hear back from a job to return back to work it seems it's best to start looking at other options. You will be able to resume your travels after you make sure everything is okay with this other situation. You will be getting a new phone this week or a refund you've been waiting to receive will be coming in Tuesday, Wednesday, or Sunday. This week there will be a chance to start a brand new beginning with someone you've been dealing with since 2017. Things won't be the same between you two and you may struggle with this as you won't believe that this person is really changing. But you need to give this a chance if it's something you really want. Carrot juice or incorporating more carrots in your diet this week can help with your iron deficiency or it will just be a good thing to do. Sudden news will be coming in that involves moving and it could be you need to renew your lease, however, you will decide to move out but this time you're likely to get a roommate or you will be moving in with this person you're currently involved with. It feels like the love can grow between the two of you so it's worth waiting for. Even if it's been back and forth between the two of you for a while, don't listen to what others are saying, follow that gut instinct you have; it takes you in the right direction. You will be getting the internship you've applied for as well and some of you will be getting a call back from the hospital. I'm getting new member orientation will be starting in the next 8-12 days or 2 weeks.

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