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Channeled Messages


Gemini • Libra • Aquarius

( 🌞 🌙 rising)

A big misunderstanding, that’s what just happened. You wanted to go in a new direction, they took it the wrong way as if you wanted to see someone else or find another job and now you’re here. In a state of confusion, when your back Is against the wall, you just can’t blurt out things. Some people take words more seriously than action. Watch your step these days and you may suffer an ankle injury tripping on ice or down the steps. Obviously you haven’t learned your lesson in a situation because it’s happened too many times. And what’s the lesson? Control your need to be right and your impulses when you see something you don’t like. Just because you love something or someone doesn’t mean that you have to be together. If you’re waiting on this younger person to reach out Then stop waiting because they aren’t done with their current situation. They may say they are just friends but the same way they struggle to let go of this karmic is the same way you struggle to let go of them. Look at the domino effect and what are you getting out of it?

Even with your career, you haven’t had new beginnings in a while. Is it the right time to cut your losses and go or is there something else left to explore here? Better wait until January 3 to make a decision. For now, detach from your phone for a bit that may help


Cancer • Scorpio • Pisces

( 🌞 🌙 rising)

You’re holding firm on no contact with this person. In the upcoming days you may feel attacked by a boss who expects you to do someone’s else’s work since they’re out sick. Feeling tired of always having to step up or fill in for other peoples shortcomings and this applies in your romantic connections as well. There’s a notice coming from court or from a school and you will be able to cover the fee and deal with this successfully. These days you’re feeling pulled to get a higher degree, learn a new skill Or get a certification in something science, math or technology related. Even though the pressure is on to accomplish things or to increase your bank account, you’re up for the task. At least you don’t have to worry about the mess of a romantic life you’re having right now. I know it may pain you to do this but you need to apply more discipline with your children or in your everyday routine. You’ve been going these last 11 months without a true direction. Use this Venus retrograde to choose one and be proud about it. Time to grow up


Aries • Leo • Sagittarius

( 🌞 🌙 rising)

Off to find emotional fulfillment on the internet or with a friend after walking away from a situation. But really you’re just trying to see if this person is going to stop you from leaving. You’re already out the door, no looking now. You knew this situation was coming to an end rather that be an investment, trying to build an app, start a charity or organization. You just don’t have the passion for it like you thought. You will start unburdening yourself slowly this week as you also start to throw away pictures or memorabilia from the past. Right now you feel like it was your fault but soon you will realize they wanted you to carry their burdens as well as yours in the same pot. Not the best idea to overspend these next six months. You’re not happy with your current living situation but you’ll have to make due a little while longer. ‘I know I need to let this go but why?’ We don’t always get the answers to our questions because sometimes it’s better not to know. You are not a baby anymore, people don’t have to stop their life because you’re having a bad day. Focus that negativity on a hobby that doesn’t involve making money from it. At times you have to just be instead of trying to figure out how to become the next millionaire. That can wait for another day


Taurus • Virgo • Capricorn

( 🌞 🌙 rising)

You love to play by your own rules but what does that cost you in the end. The fools disdain to follow in a straight line with the other people keeps him up at night. But without rules, there is no structure and without structure you are lost. Your attitude to do whatever whenever is causing you to fade in the background. Your sleep pattern is off. The morning feels like the night and the night feels like day. Your heart isn’t at ease because you feel chained to the outcome. ‘God, I hope this works,’ you say. You want something to work so bad that you’re willing to destroy just to get it. Well if it’s meant for you, you won’t have to destroy anything. Calm your nerves, but that anxiety may be telling you that this path you’re on follows with destruction. Don’t turn to material possessions to prove a point. ‘Hush I’m speaking,’ you say but when does someone else get a turn. Active listening is not listening to respond. Im sure you have a past life to Egypt and you yourself may even think you were once a pharaoh, a king of kings, a messiah, but even these Rulers knew at some point that they had to listen. You want to jump off that cliff because it’s fun, go right ahead but don’t drag other people with you. You’re on your own on this one. It’s like a parent. Sometimes you have to let them go so they can figure it out on their own And that’s what you are about to do. Figure it out on your own. And when you’re done your mind will be changed and your energy will be clear, that who you once were wasn’t you at all. Safe Travels!

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