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Degrees in Depth

You guys know I’m a slow learner when it pertains to astrology and just putting two and two together. But today I took another stab at it and analyzed some charts based on degrees. This is just a quick synopsis and I will slowly add to these lists so that you can learn as well. You can apply these degrees to your chart and again they must be EXACT. if you have a 6° Libra moon you can’t use the explanation for 7° Libra. Of course, it is not set in stone, it’s just a ‘What if.’ Based on research, it does seem pretty close to how some peoples lives have played out



Planets or angles (1H 4H 7H 10H) on these EXACT degrees in Libra can play out in a person's life in terms of events, characteristics, or achievements

7 = Sudden death

9 = Tendency for spinal problems, unfortunate marriage, loss of a partner through death

13 = Destructive, lying, dishonest, business person, self-centered, charming

15 = Apoplexy, suicide, circular paths

17 = Electricity

21 = Ruination, immodesty, dangerous charm

22 = Artistic

23 = Wealth, fame, science ability, art, writing, musical, beneficial inconjunct, homosexuality

24 = Music

25 = Literature

27 = Detective work

28 = Indecisive, sensitive, resignation,  lack of ambition

I chose two politicians because they are the easiest to track publicly in terms of stuff they do rather good or bad


Kamala Harris

Sun at 27° Libra

27° Libra = Detective work

She also has her 10H at 2° Pisces

2° Pisces = persecution, death penalty, sudden destruction

her detective work or work in law enforcement has been said to persecute a lot of minorities.

2° is said to be one of power.

So we have a misuse of power here when it comes to using her detective work to persecute those even if they didn’t deserve it.

Her mercury is Scorpio isn’t comfy as it trines her MH. The death penalty (Pisces 2°) only happens if afflicted


Bill Clinton

His Jupiter is at 23° Libra in 2H

Libra 23° = Wealth, Fame, art, writing, musical ability, homosexuality

Famous President, played saxophone, and there have been rumors about that last part represented on this degree 👀

2H = Wealth

His Jupiter also sextile a his 10H at 22° Gemini

22° Gemini = loneliness in old age, powerless

His Jupiter, 10H and sun, look to form a yod with the sun being the focal point

His sun at 25° Leo 12H

25° Leo= Alcoholic, bad luck, violence

In the house of undoing, NOT GOOD

So we have a case of a powerless individual who became famous but in actuality maybe he was a puppet

Escaping through his 25° Leo Sun in the 12H

I bet $1 he didn’t even want to be famous more like pushed into it. And with that force came very unhealthy coping habits

Joe Biden has his 10H on Leo 29°

Leo 29° = Leader, fortunate

His Chiron conjuncts his Midheaven

So he is supposed to heal something through leadership

Not sure what that is exactly

I take that back his 27° Scorpio Sun trines his MH

He is supposed to heal education

Student loans maybe???

Actually his sun squares his MH

So he is supposed to heal education but it will be extremely hard since his sun is also in the 12H

His 12H is also at 13° Scorpio

13° Scorpio = Bad Health, Air Pressure

He should probably travel more on the ground

The air pressure from Air Force One is making his health issues worse and he may not get a chance to heal education. By the way his sun squares his Chiron which is how I got to my conclusion about healing education


Planets or Angles (1H 4H 7H 10H) on these EXACT degrees in GEMINI can point to events, characteristics or traits that could happen in a person's life

2 = Ambassador, imaginative, true artist, powerful character

3 = Spiritual illumination, lucky destiny, friendly, happy marriage

4 = Aviation, mental stability, head injuries, beautiful dark but bright eyes

5 = Powerful sexdrive, overindulgence, success but lack of control

6 = Brilliant intellect, steady & quiet existence, good-looking, happy marriage

7 = Artistic, writing, popular, occult interest,astrology, dual, opposing features

9 = Weak lungs, often violent death, attract dangerous enemies, homicide (Aldebaran)

10 = Fortune, gifted, fond of own family, great dal of money, grasping nature

13 = Acting, Accidents, unharmonious and lustful nature

15 = Inheritor of a home, initiative, charitable work

16 = Teaching ability, ambitious, lasting riches, mechanical abilities, Billionaire

20 = Honors which can end in disaster, bad for eyesight

21 = Intelligent, martial riches followed by waste, eccentric personality

22 = Literature, loneliness at old age, original ideas, feeling powerless

23 = Bestows honors ; especially when conjunct MC, affecting the spine, military

25 = Neurasthenia, argumentative, ambitious, jealous, reckless at times

28 = Most fortunate, prominent in charts of major success, wealth, fame, tuberculosis of lungs

29 = Acting, seductive powers, strong character, taking others happiness

EXAMPLE with the Gemini Degrees

Khloe Kardashian

Gemini Moon 25° in 4H

Gemini 25° = Jealousy, reckless, ambitious

In 4H = family, mother Trying to outdo family by winning mother's approval.

It also squares her Aquarius ascendant at 25° Aqua 25° = alcoholic She’s smart with it.

Probably only drinks at home or in 4H places. Since the 4H is below the horizon that means that it's hidden from the public. The classic case of you don't get caught even though you may be doing the same thing as others

Her moon trines Pluto in 8H. Allegedly this may point to stealing other people's man out of jealousy.

I only say that because her Pluto is also in Libra (Venus, love)

Chiron/North Node on 5° Gemini = sexed out, overindulge

She possibly heals through this.

And it’s possible that what the world blames Kim (sleeping with a lot of people) for, it may actually be Khloe.

But again hers is hidden because she keeps it in her community (3H) Don’t choose because of sex

Here's her natal chart if you want to look at it


Planets or Angles (1H 4H 7H 10H) on these EXACT degrees in Taurus can show, traits, events or characteristics that can play out in a persons life

0 = Happiness in marriage, artistic, beauty

1 = Magic, impotence, needs to improve attitude constructively

3 = Fortunate, critical degree, authority

4 = Founder of a sect, quiet, unambitious worker, desire for travel and nature

5 = Occultism, healer, hermit

6 = Personal independence, strong will, leadership, enemies

9 = Neurasthenia, dual lovelife, self-indulgent, intellectual

10 = Architecture, rich, ability for fame, yearning to climb up

13 = Unfortunate for marriage, fair minded, soft, peaceful, beneficial results in old age

14 = Influencer, fame, artistic, religious

15 = Music, stubborn, self-assurance, could bring lucky marriage

21 = Travel over waters, craftmanship, surgical abilities

24 = Poetry, proud, unspoken innerworld, misunderstood, doing this your own way

25 = Violent, murderous tendencies, athletic ability if conjunct

Sun = Pathological liar if conjunct

DSC = Violence from others

26 = Fortunate marriage, worldly interests

29 = Bad for eyesight, thoughts that make you cry, sorrow, judgemental, facial injuries, fame


Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth has her 4H (angle) Taurus at 25°

Taurus 25° = Violent tendencies, athletic, murderous tendencies

I mean I ain’t saying it’s true but


Emma Watson has her mercury at Taurus 14° in 8H

Taurus 14° = fame, influencer, artistic

8H= other people's money.

People just give her money because they always knew she’d have influence and look at that

Planets or angles (1H 4H 7H 10H) on these EXACT degrees in Cancer can show events or characteristics that may show up in your life.

4 = Medical, medicine, friendly, sensual,

5 = Sleep, trance, tactful, nice but vain

11 = Cancer, alcoholism, retentive memory

13 = Honors, fame , danger from dogs, vulnerable to violence, business

14 = Fortunate, honors, attachment to the home

15 = Suicide, courageous, tactful

17 = Satiety, limited opportunities or accomplishments, materialism

20 = Possible violence, sudden fame followed by prison/disgrace

23 = Athletic ability, connections to prison, cruel nature

24 = Music, high-spirited being, travel, self-confidence

25 = Love of dogs, danger from their bites, achievements through effort

27 = Farming, love for nature, political skill

29 = Millionaire degree


Selena Gomez

Cancer sun at 29° 12H

29° Cancer= millionaire degree

Sun square 0° Taurus MC

0° Taurus= Beauty, artistic

Becoming a millionaire through beauty or artistry in foreign lands or by donating her money to charity (philanthropy)

With her sun in the 12H, she’s also very quiet with her millions since the 12H is what’s hidden from plain sight


Venus Williams

Cancer MC 14°

Cancer 14° = Fortunate, honors, attached to home

Cancer= Moon

Moon in her 11H of Leo 27°

27°= Gemini = hands

11H = celebrities

Famous tennis player

If you have planets or angles (1H 4H 7H 10H) on these exact degrees in LEO, then these traits or events could play out in your life

2 = Childish nature, inconsequent behavior, unreliable

6 = Bad for eyesight

7 = Brutal, perverse, adventurous nature

9 = Army, navy, alcoholism,afflictions of bladder

12 = Beauty (physical)

13 = Literature

15 = Affection, Linked to bad luck, sometimes violence

18 = Medical ability

21 = Comedy

23 = The stage, public

25 = Alcoholic, astrology, Linked to bad luck, sometimes violence

26 = Lack of control, violence, imprisonment & tragedy, intoxication

29 = Astrological ability, fortunate, leader ability (Regulus)

Example: Barack Obama

44th President (USA)

Sun in 6H at Leo 12°

12° Leo= Beauty (physical)

6H at 18° Leo

18° Leo= Medical ability

Face of Obamacare (health). Some would say he was one of the better looking presidents

Example: Pamela Anderson

Venus at 23° Leo 4H

23° Leo = The stage, public

4H= Home

Venus sextiles Mars

Her home life was put center stage/public, when it comes to her sex (mars) partners.

Venus sextiles Gemini ASC at 22°

Gemini 22° = loneliness

Love makes her lonely

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