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Spells in the Bible

I'm back with the spells I mentioned in my youtube live from last week. Now, this is a list that I pulled off of Pinterest and I always try things myself first before I suggest them to you guys. All the spells mentioned will come from the book of psalms and I've found it helpful to do these at night before you go to bed. However, it's open for you to read these at any time during the day. I'll also be making another blog post on how I do egg cleanses and how you can use them for protection. There's a story in that egg yolk that's waiting to be told and sometimes if you have an enemy their face may show up in it.

Psalm 3 (chapter): To relieve a headache or backache

Psalm 5: To obtain the favor of a judge

Psalm 7: To remove a hex (negative entity)- I made my own banishing oil but you can use sage, basil, onion (the peel)

Psalm 10: To be free of an evil spirit - do the same thing you would for psalm 7

Psalm 15: Help against depression

Psalm 17: For safe travels- (do this one the night before you're expected to travel)

Psalm 23: To receive instructions in a dream

Psalm 28: To reconcile with an enemy- be careful with this one

Psalm 29: For a peaceful home or when you first move into a new home

Psalm 32: To get a new job- (when you get an interview right the name of the interviewer on a piece of paper with green ink and place it in your shoe)

Psalm 35: to win a lawsuit

Psalm 42: For good dreams

Psalm 45: To get new love

Psalm 52: To stop gossip

Psalm 54: to reverse evil- good for evil eye and psychic attacks

Psalm 57: To change bad luck to good (my favorite)

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