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Retrograde Planets in Your Chart

Check the retrograde. I’ve created a thread on what each retrograde planet in your chart can mean. Also, check the houses they’re in to see in what area of your life it can effect.

Here’s a house guide:

1H - self, appearance

2H - finances, material possessions

3H - communication, travel, neighborhood

4H - past, family, mother, property

5H - children, creativity, hobbies, sex

6H - work, health, pets,

7H - lawsuits, marriage, one-to-one partnerships, open enemies

8H - debt, inheritance, other peoples money, paranormal, occult

9H - education, religion, long-distance travel, writing potential

10H - career, fame, public, father

11H - friends, groups, humanity, hopes/dreams, older siblings

12H - subconscious, psychic abilities, imprisonment

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