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Day 1 of Destiny Series

Welcome everyone, to a day where we will learn a lot. I may do a video on this but I know some of like to read.

This is Day 1 of the series where I am analyzing the names. Since names are tied to Saturn, Saturn is tied to our destiny and the end of one’s life.

(K)Kevin Hart

Letter K = Saturn

His Saturn sits in his 1H in Virgo on the 9H

So Saturn conjunct his ascendant since his ascendant is on 7° Virgo. Planets within 3° of one another or angles in the same sign are considered conjunct, meaning IMPORTANT.

Saturn on the ascendant would normally produce someone who is tall however , kevin has his Saturn aspecting his Chiron (our wounds) in the 9H. Chiron/saturn can sometimes create a deformity or birth defect. With his Saturn on a degree of unhappiness, victimization, and suffering, it started at birth.

Not being tall enough, light (skin color) enough, all those things. Napoleon had this aspect, think about his character. Difference is that napoleon had his placements in water, so he can be influenced by women or being made to feel guilty which could turn his attitude around. Not Kevin, nothing can change that attitude.

Napoleon's chart is below. He has his Saturn at fall in Cancer-wasn't going to be a long rule anyway however, his tyrant energy came from protecting the one he loved. Which means she could also change his tyrant energy as well by just a look/touch.

Plus Saturn aspecting the ascendant, can change the face over time, since the 1H rules the appearance or the face.

The face will eventually settle into what it’s meant to be. Saturn on ascendant can also be very religious so if you go back and look at his pictures you would probably see God, or the fear of God in his face, but now his appearance has settled into that 9° Virgo.

Here's a picture of him back in 2008. Smiling with the eyes, the face is carrying a different energy Compared to the first picture above. Not as much tension in the face either

Playing the victim, abuse of power or aggression (his Saturn also hits his mars in Gemini). As he gets older he becomes not a nice person possibly, but he’s just settling into the manifestation of how he feels on the inside.

He lost God or the light in his face. Look at the eyes and the tension in them and the brows. At a moments notice he may snap 💣 😡 🫰

Him over everyone else. Favors aren’t really favors, it’s a way to keep score. Careful not to become his victim. His 12H lord is in his 11H. A friend may sell him out if he hasn’t already in their pursuit of power. So kind of like a gotcha moment. Also his north node is on a degree of entanglement, more to come as he gets older but me thinks he is or was entangled with a MUCH older Aquarius or Virgo Woman in the industry

Want to add that his 6H lord which is our losses through parternships/marriage is in his

1H (Saturn)

Again conjunct that north node of entanglements. His marriages may always end that way. Plus his 7H lord is in the 12H, secret wife plus a public one but he can afford them since his Jupiter is on 11° tied to castles and estates. It's giving, polyamorous

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