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Mercury Retrograde in Taurus wants you to revise things, not become an anxious mess

This word sums up the transit of #mercuryretrograde in #taurus, REVISE.

It’s not so much about exes coming back or technology going wrong, those are themes too, but since Taurus rules self-worth, we realize during this time we all have work to do.

Of course, the numbers are plummeting, layoffs are happening and financial resources are drying up too because Taurus rules our financial wheelhouse (2H). But we mustn’t panic. Hence the word revise.

If you find yourself feeling calm while the world talks of recession, wealth gap, and poverty lines, I feel this new shift in the world will probably benefit you.

Because you haven’t attached yourself to the energy of money. Yes, you think about bills and all that good stuff, but you have an innate feeling that money will come as long as you keep moving.

Mercury is the fastest-moving planet in our solar system so it’s no surprise that with every retrograde, our thoughts are moving quicker than usual. We are verbalizing about things that likely irritated us in the past but we chose silence over addressing how something made us feel.

The challenge of this retrograde is to go back within yourself and see what you need to revise.

I’ve broken down what each sign (rising sign) should work on while Mercury is retrograded until May 14.

Check out the gallery below 👇

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