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Day 2 of Destiny Series

Well, she has been In the media quite a bit since her viral interview on Shannon Sharpe’s podcast. I’ve did a reading on her before on my site way back when there wasn’t a lot of buzz around her name.

But in the spirit of analyzing names and how they are tied to destiny since they are Saturn ruled, I’ve decided to do Comedian Mo’Nique

(M)o’nique would fall under the rulership of mars

Since the Letter M=Mars energy

Mars is a malefic planet, meaning difficulties to overcome whereas, benefic planets can give favorable or promising results

There are benefic planets and then there are malefic planets in astrology

Malefic planets: 



Benefic planets:




With Monique being mars ruled because of her name I will pay special attention to the placement of her mars sign

She has mars in Aquarius in the 11h however, it’s only about 2 degrees away from the 12h, so I will consider both positions

Her mars is on 7 degrees Aquarius = Escapement, Independent, freedom lover, gaining wisdom through suffering

Mars in Aquarius is about alignment. But more so aligning with who they are at the core. An Aquarius mars person on the lower octave, is often cruel, treacherous and always rude. No matter how they may try to pass it off as the truth, when threatened, don’t underestimate their desire to kill. I would also say that at times she does operate out of her evolved mars energy, but it just seems to be a lesser occurrence.

Since Aquarius loves its freedom but it also sits in her 11h which is directly across from the 5h. The 5h is associated with fame so it wouldn’t be far fetched to associate the 11h with fame also. Mars in this sign, carries a vibe of an evolutionary or at least one who has a vision they want to carry out. A lot of times this placement is about breaking the chains so that you can align with fortune and fame (11H and 5H)

So you have someone where fortune and fame and maintaining their independence is more important than friends, groups or even their community. No matter how it may look, or how humanitarian an aquarian person wants to be, if community goes against their freedom or constrains them to the background, they will abandon it all and go where fame/fortune calls them. <— Again I am referring to a mars in Aquarius native.

Now back to her 7 degree mars in Aquarius. In my pdf of degree explanations, this degree is described as the magician or in my opinion for Monique’s energy, a charlatan.

The magician is the thinker. He is always thinking of his plans and more so his motives in silence whereas on the outside you are being met with a smile. He is quite similar to Hermes, who could travel between the underworld and mount Olympus. He is born out of alchemy and alchemy is what he follows. He even has the ability to stop aging or at least slow down the aging process.

As Above, So below.

His connection to the devil doesn’t get talked about enough. Remember the devil is hades, Hermes was the only messenger that was able to travel down to the underworld without being stopped by Hades or any of the dead that guarded the gate.

Demonic possession even, when a magician is at the lower octave and he is experimenting in the ancient world. He has an Egyptian influence seeing as he can use the elements to bend time to stop him from aging. Meaning, he studies the process of mummification by reading works such as the book of the dead. You aren’t reading that without getting some form of demonic entity to turn over and attach itself to you

In Monique’s case, I find this similar. Her attachment or drive to fame with her 7 degrees mars Aquarius, just hints even more to me that she is the magician.

As far as her destiny goes, since her mars is in Aquarius she would be aligned with aquarian type careers

-the actor

-the author

-the engineer

-the scientist

-the advisor

-the astrologer

Anywhere on this list, do you see the comedian? No


She does have Venus square her mars but to me, comedy is just the means to the end. The way to get her to the Aquarius types or the way to continue to fame/fortune. Think about how she won an Oscar, quite fast, and there are others that can’t even get nominated.

I do want to mention as well that even though her mars is in the 11h, with it being so close to the 12H, that would mean that her malefic (mars) nature is moving into a benefic planets (Jupiter) house.

Jupiter = tied to the 12h


Bull in china shop energy if you will

She is bringing the nature of mars which is passion, aggression, the hunter, into a house that is much lighter. A house where it will focus on progression, the goodness of life and favor. But also 12h is secrets and bed pleasures. The good thing is that she has the passion to creatively tap in no matter how low she has to go.

Mars in the 12h makes me think of someone who is quick or can’t wait to expose a secret. So for Monique, she exposes 12h things when you deny her fame or tell her, her time is up. She then starts moving in to that mars 7 degrees Aquarius energy.

Let’s talk about her VENUS SQ. MARS

Creates a person that can be impulsive, dishonest, inconstant, and even vain. The love of money and pleasures can be what matters the most. Especially for her because her Venus and mars is one of her tightest aspects.

Because of their declining love life with this aspect, the may abandon their morals/values at the door in order to keep their husband/wife. Or they may marry or partner with someone whose morality is just so bad. Moral standpoint should come into question for this natives.

In conclusion, FAME is more important than connections or even doing the right thing.

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