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Next 72 HRS Energy ⚡️Reading


Aries ♈️: King of Wands (rx): it’s over! It’s been an emotionally draining 10 months, it has to be end, emotionally not feeling up to life, give yourself a week or two to recoup, feeling ignored by your family, thinking a water sign hates you, they will not be loyal to you, save your heart, going in a new direction, yes you need to move, happiness is important yes but you’re ignoring reality, no shame in starting over

Leo ♌️: five of cups (rx): lies catching up to you, you are not okay and that’s okay, you are angry they lied and that’s okay, you feel cheated out of something good in your life because you believed them, only way through is to confront-wait 3 weeks, worried about degrees or school, relax and find peace in the little things, boat ride, deer 🦌, rebuilding the wealth you lost

Sagittarius ♐️: Six of Wands (rx): careless decisions and mistakes, someone trying to embarrass you on social media, not loving your job-can’t leave yet, someone you dated will be hired at your job, don’t overspend, don’t bet on sports this week, they’re not going to apologize or give you closure. “Hmmm.. what if I just walk away without saying anything,” — this is someone’s thought process right now, it’s not worth the fight or the paperwork


Taurus ♉️: Knight of Wands: keep calling back to back, a healing trip with someone you’ve been at odds with, keep changing your mind on this off/on connection, NASCAR, personal training, fire sign coming in, fertility issues, Gemini/virgo mother or sibling doesn’t like your partner-this person will keep you single-separate from them, in 2025 if you’re not with someone you may settle for the sake of not being alone, signing an offer letter

Capricorn ♑️: king of swords: math test, insurance brokerage license, health inspector, struggling to remember things, being left out in cold after a sex only relationship ends, new home or building a house, someone has two women or two men and then there’s you, this one seems sneaky, contractor ghosting you, feet issues, people have warned you about falling in love too soon-you’re doing it again pregnancy in January, stop talking to your ex

Virgo ♍️: Judgment (rx) : gave them a second chance and now look-disaster, cleaning up everyone else’s mess, throwing up 🤮 at work, morning after pill, not to worry though, new lover approaching this one will last, getting married in the spring, this new person will genuinely love you, let go of this best friend that can’t seem to find stability, it’s not you-it’s them, mother has pancreas issues, chance to be in the public eye, don’t sleep with your professor.


Scorpio ♏️: Knight of Cups (rx): did you shoot your shot and get turned down? Leaving a situation behind, worrying about finances for the next two weeks, you can make money but you can’t keep it, budget, wanting to breakup up with someone but what if it’s the wrong decision, spraining muscle in the back, you’ve already met your life partner but you keep overthinking, triggers from childhood

Pisces ♓️: Sun: finalizing a contract, amusement park closing, changing your hair, photography, reuniting with a child, a water sign ex is back trying to fix things again, you care about them but they’re a liar, short connection coming to a close, you have to choose if you’re going to listen to your family or your intuition, contract not being extended, no pregnancy

Cancer ♋️: Devil 😈 : daddy energy, pain killers, someone with grey eyes, someone is watching you, moving away from a toxic situation by the end of the month, scientist, working in a lab, mental health, you can get through this, life feels like it’s dragging, it’s all in your head, obsessing over a crush the one you’re looking for is an earth sign (Taurus Virgo Capricorn), they’re not ready to come forward yet, if you’ve co-signed on a loan, it’s about to default in ten weeks, new job in one month, recognition at work


Gemini ♊️: Emperor: You just don’t feel connected to this person. Accusations are flying, just trying to focus on work but someone keeps calling to fight, a relationship has all of a sudden become the biggest burden, you’re angry with someone because they aren’t pulling their weight, stressed about a car

Libra ♎️: Six of Swords (rx): at this point you don’t know if you can move past this, emptying a storage unit, don’t stop on the train tracks, and offer being rejected, romantic options limited, jealousy coming from inside the house, weight issues, you know they’re not a good person but you’re going to forgive or give them a chance anyway, court rules in your favor.

Aquarius ♒️: Magician: getting a big raise or promotion, an executive wants to me with you, financial abundance coming, being commissioned for a project, day trip, breaking up with the your therapist, doctorate degree, law school, mother or woman trying to interfere in your relationship again, you’re not ready or they’re not ready to be married/together-stop forcing it

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