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Aquarius ♒️: Moon: Trust your gut, afraid to fail, afraid to be vulnerable with a water sign, the light will finally shine on a truth you’ve been avoiding, make sure what’s happening isn’t just in your head but actually taking place in reality.

Libra ♎️: Justice: your card. Acknowledging the hurt someone caused you and being honest about it. Picking flowers, court cases go in your favor, playing the field, not trying to be tied down, joining a new group

Gemini ♊️: 3 of Swords: sh*t happens, take some time to feel through an ending, sinus issues, younger sibling may be injured or having health issues, don’t hold back this tears, let them know they hurt you, new beginning of emotional healing, hobbies, writing, mini vacation


Pisces ♓️: High Priestess: hearing voices, ancestors trying to communicate with you, cold feet, listen to your inner voice, having dinner with a powerful water sign, stalking someone you’re interested in, affairs

Scorpio ♏️: 10 of pentacles: family time, Cashing in on a check you loss, buying property, family reunion, home life getting better, getting new clothes, stay away from tomatoes, mending relationships

Cancer ♋️: Star: the spotlight is on you already, healing, meditation or starting yoga, have faith, a manifestation will come true-one that you wouldn’t believe. Gaining more followers, whatever this idea is, go for it. The universe is on your side. “You make me feel like dancing” by Leo Sayer


Taurus ♉️: Page of Pents: applying for school/student loans, practical new beginnings, someone is settling, opportunity to Invest, startup company, go to the eye doctor. Discernment

Virgo ♍️: Eight of Wands: increased communication from fire sign, long distance relationships, the ex you just ran into will reach out late at night, getting passport renewed, moving homes

Capricorn ♑️: Five of Cups: waste of time, water sign giving you the cold shoulder, saying something you’ll regret, missing the past, rejecting a new love, Chest pains, laying in bed the next few days, face inner demons, clean out emotional wounds


Aries ♈️: 7 of pents: take your time to review contracts and conversations from the last two weeks. Going for a promotion, part time work. Worried about a lover’s finances, they seem to be hiding something

Leo ♌️: Justice: reaching a state of balance. Someone is working on getting a divorce or breaking up. Filing trademark or paperwork for a business. Therapy sessions. Jazz club. Karma will be at play the next 3 weeks

Sagittarius ♐️: Knight of Wands: something’s sketchy. New adventures, proposals coming but changing their mind. Keep an open mind, things aren’t so permanent. You may end up disappointing yourself by putting all your eggs in one basket. One night stand energy

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