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Next 72 HRS Energy 📕Update ☀️


Aries ♈️: Chariot: craving danger, hearing strange whispers, fighting with an aunt or woman family member, long distance travel coming up soon, letting go of a car for a new one, watch out for snakes, garage sell or opening a boutique

Leo ♌️: 2 of cups +Ace of Swords (rx): regrets about this relationship. Feeling suffocated. Wonder if you should have kept them in the friend zone or vice versa. Meeting a new friend, not a lover. Clarity will reach you soon it just won’t be today.

Sagittarius ♐️: The World: craving attention from a person you met online or you’re long distance. Embrace closing of chapters and new beginnings. You mean a lot to this person, but love isn’t enough. Opportunity to live in another country, concert tickets, Kenny chesney , things can’t be how they were


Taurus ♉️: Emperor: someone trying to act like their your father, passive but controlling fire sign, leadership role at work, starting your own organization, wanting to go back to school, changing your style

Virgo ♍️: Six of wands: fire sign isn’t being Transparent, achieving recognition at work, being put on a pedestal by a boss, being invited to an exclusive party, going to the beach, writing a song, researching something in Egypt, finally finding a solution to your health issues, hard work will be rewarded

Capricorn ♑️: Three of pentacles: betraying your trust again after giving them another chance, learning new skills, growing pains, being assigned to a new team, campaigning for something, seeing an eagle, travel with a sibling, read a book


Pisces ♓️: Hanged Man+ 7 of cups: listen to your intuition, scared of falling, finding old things from a passed love one, nervous to tell someone you like them, careful-they don’t see you that way yet, bad dreams, vocal cord injury

Scorpio ♏️: King of cups + 5 of wands: tension. Not feeling heard, joining in on a strike, losing something but finding it two days later, petty arguments with a water sign, you/they love money more than you/they love anyone, someone’s about to walk away, new hobby, coworker likes you

Cancer ♋️: 10 of cups: feeling good about the future. Emotionally connecting with a Pisces or Libra, blessing from your family, pregnant, nurturing a damaged relationship, adopting a pet, build a fence, you’re going to shoot your shot to someone new-hope it goes well 🙃 One more thing-Cancer and Scorpio placements, someone who has been secretly liking you is about to confess their feelings


Aquarius ♒️: Star: duality. Breach of contract or trust. Seeing butterflies, leaf, or feathers as a sign of hope. Dream big. Set the example and don’t shy away from attention or extra responsibilities. You can do this

Libra ♎️: Sun (rx) + 4 of Wands: roof. Not happy about your new neighbor or living situation. Not happy that an ex is getting married so soon despite your long relationship with them. Paper cut, at home Interview, new work project

Gemini ♊️: 9 of sword + Queen of Wands: turned down business proposal. Rejected loan offer, new work opportunity or 2nd job, photography lessons, submitting your portfolio, model audition, friend goes back to an ex after you stepped in to save them-they need to learn the hard way.

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08 nov. 2023

Thanks, Faith! Ima wait before I 'shhot my shot'.: if he likes me and finally SAYS something-I won't have to! (You know how Crabs are )

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