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Libra ♎️: 10 of cups: reconciling a broken family relationship, coparenting, amusement parks, water sign putting you on a roller coaster ride of emotions, a wish fulfilled, karmic relationship with Pisces

Aquarius ♒️: Six of Swords: putting it all behind you healing from a lost connection, learning something new, moving to a condo, taking a solo trip and meeting someone new, new tattoo, positive changes

Gemini ♊️: Three of Wands: waiting for the bus or for a call, ready to date, catching a cold, writing in your journal, expanding your living situation, vision board, looking for office space for a business, real estate license, team lead, being entered into some sort of drawing, new contract


Cancer ♋️: Page of cups: seeing someone with different eyes, new emotional beginning, connecting with your inner child, being more creative, new younger romantic interest

Scorpio ♏️: Six of Wands: feeling good, being considered for promotion, being a mentor for someone, feeling like you found your soulmate (Leo placements), being admired, vacation, going on a cruise next year, health getting better, much needed break

Pisces ♓️: Three of Swords: getting rejected, Libra turning cold on you, tough breakup, considering waiting for this person to breakup with their current person. Stop waiting around for people, someone wants to talk about the past which is a sensitive subject, walking away from a property, running away


Aries ♈️: Ace of Wands: moving fast with someone new, unexpected pregnancy, stairmaster or getting into shape, issues with calves or hips, finding a new hobby, redecorating your home, sewing.

Leo ♌️: 7 of wands: unnecessary attention and conversations, petty back and forth with another fire sign, getting something and then later regretting it, self confidence

Sagittarius ♐️: Four of Cups: feeling alone, missing a family member or your old life, turning down an offer, issues with eye sight, feeling unappreciated, boredom

Earth 🌏 NEXT 72 HRS:

Taurus ♉️ : Six of Pents: don’t give all your money away. Someone repays you. Getting approved for a loan. Changing banks. They realize now what they did was wrong

Virgo ♍️: Five of Swords: self-sabotage, seeing a lot of crows, be mindful of your words and actions. Stand your ground and set better boundaries. Fighting with a sibling.

Capricorn ♑️: Three of Cups: party time, signing legal documents, new group of friends, short distance travel, time for celebration, lots of family gossip

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