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Daily Horoscopes November 12

Aries: Your frustration with a Scorpio or other Aries may get the best of you today. Information that was kept hidden in a contract or relationship will be coming out. A proposal, wedding, or relationship may be called off due to family issues or these secrets

Taurus: Today you want to find a hobby that will allow you to blow off some steam. So you may look into boxing or martial arts classes. Don’t let a friend drag you into the middle of their baby mama or baby daddy drama. Interview coming in today and you’ll be successful.

Gemini: Airline tickets or documents about travel or movement to another country will be approved. You’ll be completing an online course for your job or getting certified in another career field. You’ll be in the mood to watch old movies or shows from other times in history

Cancer: You’ll have to put your best foot forward as more people will be coming toward you for advice. This may be a hint to get certified in psychology or try to become a therapist. Unexpected news about a friend from your past. They’ll be calling you for help.

Leo: Take the day off if you can. Issues with inflammation in the legs or knee so take it easy this weekend. Thinking about separating from a libra or cancer but today isn’t the day to make a decision. You want more out of life and feel family or love is holding you back. An elder’s health is not doing too well.

Virgo: You’ll be pampering yourself today by getting a massage, doing something different with your hair, or buying new clothes. You are feeling pulled to elevate your style and you should go with this. Money is fine today. Spend more time with your kids or do your favorite hobby.

Libra: It’s best you go with the flow as changes are coming your way. This is on the career front. Don’t promise anything to anyone or make a final decision on moving to a new house. Get a plan together first. Tired of a fixed sign not knowing if they want to be with you so you’ll be moving on.

Scorpio: Travel is highlighted for you today. There will be a Sagittarius or fire sign person from your past who will be coming to visit. You will have a major sweet tooth so don’t overindulge in the candy. An extra $400 will arrive in your bank account today. This is money that has been withheld since April

Sagittarius: You want to teach a class on a hobby or skill that you’ve become an expert in. Right now you’re thinking of multiple ways to make more money. You could argue with a Leo, Cancer, Libra about lack of affection today. Stay away from craving danger.

Capricorn: You will be a bit emotional today. Going back and forth between what you need and what you want when it comes to relationships. Toward the second part of the day, you will find a way to achieve passive income. Stay offline if you’re looking for love. A water sign doesn’t like you enough for this to work. Save your tears.

Aquarius: The devil is in the details. You’re obsessing over an outcome but also material things. If you continue then you may lose more than you think. Get a handle on your addictions such as drinking, smoking, or having sex with a noncommittal person. Something you got away with in the past will be coming back around for you to finally address it.

Pisces: Working on being more patient in your job. You will be looking at becoming a project manager, journalist, or PR person. You’re in a growth phase so it’s time to reach out to your sibling and try to work things out. Your misunderstandings with others can be worked through. Stay where you are, it’ll be worth it in the end.

The audio version of these horoscopes is located below:

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