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Daily Horoscopes November 11

Aries: You will be spying on a younger air sign that came into your life unexpectedly. You may find out this person has a child you don’t know about. Today is a good day to achieve good things in your career. You want to change your job? It’s a yes

Taurus: You’ll be finding balance through books, cooking, or starting a garden. An offer to compromise or work things out will be rejected by you. You don’t have any harsh feelings toward them anymore, you just want to move on.

Gemini: Communication career opportunities will be coming your way today.If you have a twin sibling you’ll be reuniting with them. Planning for a party or gathering in the next 6-12 days so a lot of shopping to do. You have a choice to make in love between air and water.

Cancer: You’re starting to gain more popularity with fire signs or with the opposite sex. Before the year ends you’ll be getting invites from a bunch of different people. If there’s a third party in your connection stop competing and love yourself first. A good day for business.

Leo: Finally finding a place that you want to move to soon. You’ll be putting in applications for jobs or houses in this new area in the next two days. You’ll be making a choice to move toward the beach or the countryside. Sign the papers today for your new financial beginning

Virgo: Laying your claims on someone that hasn’t said you guys are in a relationship or not, be careful with this. A new fire sign is coming in, however, this person is already married; don’t sleep with your boss. Focus on having fun today instead of trying to be in a relationship

Libra: Running to social media too much for validation. Put the phone down today and spend time outside, with your family, or tending to your relationship. There will be a glitch in your technology today. Head out of the clouds, you’re drifting in the wrong direction.

Scorpio: You’re giving up on communicating with this fire sign. So you’ll be blocking them instead of continuing with the back and forth. Long-distance travel plans may be canceled or blocked. Try again on Tuesday.

Sagittarius: You’ll be selling off some of your investments or selling things in your closet that you don’t need. If you’re dealing with litigation it will still be ongoing and a check you will receive will be unable to be cashed or processed due to company error. Don’t freak out yet, give them a call.

Capricorn: You will be getting to the bottom of issues you have with your child, father or the parent of your child. You’ll be stern in what you want and what you need from the other person. Today is a day of hard work and you are on your way to a higher level position

Aquarius: New opportunity coming in fast that will require you to use your hands or there is a test that will be coming in that is required for your new position. You will pass this. Those of you looking for a job, will get a callback for an interview. You’ll have a good conversation with a fire sign. Pregnancy is likely

Pisces: Feeling proud and happy today of what you’ve been able to accomplish since the week started. Good news about higher education, scholarships or loans coming in. Today is about you, so you wont’ pay much attention to love but you’re okay with that.

Please click video link below if you want to hear the audio version of today's horoscopes

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