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Daily Horoscopes November 10

Aries: You’ll be on the move today preparing for an upcoming trip or you’ll be welcoming your father’s side of the family into your home. New coming in fast about debts, taxes, fertility treatments. You’re talking to fast, slow it down.

Taurus: Feeling trapped. Debt or bills may be pilling up. Struggling to let go of a toxic partner or your own toxic habit. Today you’ll be overthinking everything, even if someone says they like you, you’ll give them the side-eye

Gemini: Working on balancing your emotions. You may feel in the mood for cooking or making your own recipes. You will be invited to complete some sort of training or to finish a degree you left behind in 2014. Compromise with your partner today

Cancer: Moving fast. You will feel there aren’t enough hours in the day to get all the things done. Still no word or offer from this fire sign. You’ll gain ground on a new idea, partnership, or job opportunity but they aren’t offering you enough money. Give this a chance before you ghost it.

Leo: Communication from a letter G, M or C person will confirm that you’re on the right path. You’ll be getting compliments today on your skin or about the latest project you just completed. Finally feeling appreciated for your hard work. An Aquarius, Virgo, Gemini that you still love will reach out

Virgo: Spending a lot of time on the internet. A water sign has you in your feelings constantly that it will soon become a distraction in your career. You like this person or someone new but it’s just a crush, this may not go where you think. You’re infatuated with the illusion.

Libra: Running away or pushing yourself away from the group because you feel unheard and you’re battling with insecurities today. Someone will back out of a contract or verbal agreement that you made back in January. If you’re dating an air sign, you don’t feel confident about this connection like you once did.

Scorpio: Brace yourself for arguments. Within these arguments, you’ll finally see how they really feel about you. Go with the flow today when it pertains to blockages or bumps in the road with your career. Policies are changing and you won’t like them. Do you stay or go?

Sagittarius: Feeling artsy and inspired by the end of the day. You could be buying a new piece of art for your space. You’ll be renewing your love for a pisces or scorpio today after you guys have a heart-to-heart. Good changes will start today in regards to your finances.

Capricorn: Stability, a new money offer, a more stable contract tied to work coming in. The money you’ve been waiting to receive will be deposited at midnight or after 9 pm this evening. If you submitted an offer for a house, it will be accepted. A new business venture in beauty or finance

Aquarius: Stay right there. Don’t look for many changes today. Keep going along this path and you will reach the end gracefully and successfully. Wait for the offer instead of trying to force your way through the door. If you’re with an earth sign, give them more time.

Pisces: Being invited to a charity event or you’ll be hanging out with old friends. Watch out for being roped into gossip by your younger siblings and this is a good day to get back on the dating websites. A promotion or pay raise coming to your job. $3000-$10,000 increase

If you would like to hear the audio version of these horoscopes, view it below 👇

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