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Daily Horoscopes November 9

Aries: you’re going back to what you know today. You may be contemplating getting a roommate or moving back in with your family. Home-cooked meals or southern comfort food will bring you joy today. Time to see the dentist and get a new toothbrush.

Taurus: Avoiding the conversation with your mother or an air sign. You want to be left alone with your studies or to your work but there will be too many distractions and too much noise around you. You could get ghosted by someone you gave a second chance to

Gemini: Feeling more comfortable at work after you switched teams or changed offices. Get to the post office before Thursday. Make sure that you keep all your receipts for the purchases you will be making today. A good day to get started on Christmas shopping.

Cancer: You will be standing in your power. More clients or more responsibilities from a boss are coming. Mind your manners and attitude today with an initial T or J person. A good day to launch a restaurant, catering business, beauty brand

Leo: A Scorpio from your past will come across your social media or they’ll be contacting you via a DM. You miss home but are not sure where home is. You may be moving again as you seek to try to find where you belong. Watch movies that satisfy your inner child

Virgo: Word travels fast. You may be popping up on someone physically or via the internet to see what they are up to. You’ll have a taste for more upbeat music today as you start a new workout routine. Letters coming in the mail about inheritance, unemployment, child support

Libra: Hold on to what you have for a second. You’re investing your money and energy in the right place. Time to hold your tongue on new ideas instead of blabbing it to the world or your mother. You’re building wealth right now. The finance sector or real estate is a good career change

Scorpio: You’ll be forgiving this Leo or fire sign today. You may feel that it’s hard to go on in life without them because they were your strength when you didn’t have any. You love this person unconditionally but it doesn’t mean you continue to be blind to their mistakes.

Sagittarius: Working on building a home or redecorating your space. You may meet an Aries today who you feel like is the one for you. You and this person may move in together by April. Get more organized on your business. Stay-at-home job offer coming today

Capricorn: You’ll just want to lay around and be lazy. It’s best you do that instead of trying to start something new or give up on what you’ve already created. Back issues, issues with throat or breathing happening after 10 am. Your mind is always tired, take the day off

Aquarius: Passing an exam today. If you’re worried about a test or an application to further your education or for a different career field, then don’t worry. You’ll get it. Also a good day to resume therapy services and you may be thinking about going back to church.

Pisces: You’re not budging anymore at your job or with this fire sign person you’re in a connection with. Today you will assert your boundaries and this person will give you what you want. Have fun, draw, paint or scribble. You and a manager will mend your issues.

For the audio version of these horoscopes, you can view the video below

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