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Channeled Messages

Welcome to another edition of the channeled messages. I keep on forgetting to post the key for the messages, so here it is

General- Rising Sign

Money- Venus

Career- Sun

Love - Moon

•💧 ♋️ ♏️ ♓️ •

(Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

The key is to not freak out. There’s not much change you can make in this short amount of time. These days you even feel that you are waiting in vain for wishes to come to pass or just for good news to alleviate the stress you’ve been under since the new year came. A fire sign will be pushing your buttons trying to get people on their side of this smear campaign you’ve been under. You won’t engage. You stopped caring for this person a while ago and you’re happy that they don't play a big part in your life anymore. Help is on the way from a friend, coach, or family member. When it comes to people you've been feeling you care too much but they just don’t care enough. You’ve been tired of fighting, always feeling like you are left to pick up scraps while others get to reap all the benefits. Over these next 12 hours or days, you can’t let your emotions get the best of you, even if you feel backed into a corner. I know you’ll be happy once you move or move on from this situation however the cards aren’t in your favor right now for this change. Find ways to be happy, to be free, and appreciate something positive that has happened in your life thus far. You are standing in the middle of the ocean now bombarded by the waves of worry but somehow you haven’t drowned. Somehow, someway, you’ve made it through and you’ve found yourself protected in spite of things looking grim. Take the step back and wait. Join a creative group or be a part of something for the time being that helps you take your mind off the worries. You don’t need to start anything else new right now, just wait. By the way, you and this water sign are close, they may hide their true feelings but they are willing to wait for things to get better.

•🌎 ♉️ ♍️ ♑️ •

(Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

You have to stop using what has happened to you in the past as an excuse for your behavior, actions, or misjudgment. Right now you just want to be right about something and you’re failing to look at the other side. Your feelings may be hurt because something ended up not going the way you thought or this could have been a case of miscommunication. So you pushed this person away because you just knew or you know that what they did was malicious and intentional. But they feel you should know them better than that and that they would never purposely hurt your heart. Lay the sword down for a second instead of preparing yourself to constantly be on guard. You may be combative because you feel no one understands you or they just aren’t trying to hear your point, but listening is a two-way street. It’s not wise for you to search for a new direction or force a new beginning upon yourself because you’ll just run into the same issues in the new place. I know it’s easy to just push and start over but the universe is asking you to take a different approach this time around. The last thing you want to do is push too hard that you push away people or even family that genuinely cares for you. Don’t wait too late to set boundaries because when you finally draw the line now you’re coming across mean or just an ass. Set the boundaries, if they ignore them, then tell them you are unable to continue forward with them out of respect for yourself. It doesn’t have to be a tornado moment, it can end in peace. If you messed up with a new love interest or family member they will hear you out and give you another chance but it won’t be until February or March. All that’s happening is just a test of faith.

•🔥 ♈️ ♌️ ♐️ •

(Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Your dreams or I should say nightmares seem to be getting worse. What’s buried in your subconscious? What are you afraid of? Is it to be alone and without someone forever or is it the thought of death? You’re not your usual fiery self or this fire is misplaced. The fire should be put to good use and not wasted on opinions or people that don’t matter. Life or your circumstances right now may feel like a prison and you just want to know when can you leave. When will things get better? That answer may be unknown right now, but you should have faith that eventually things will turn around. Money, money may be the issue. When it does come it’s too little or even if it’s not money it’s the fear of making the wrong choice. You’re trying to make too many different decisions at once right now instead of just focusing on one thing at a time. An air or earth sign may be causing you grief right now and you want to know when does their lying end. It’s always the little things that turn into something big and they may shrug off like ‘did you die?’ Them not realizing that what they do or have done has hurt you is the issue. Just because you don’t show it doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter. The lack of emotions from someone is causing a situation to run too hot and it’s time for you two to step away. Doesn’t mean permanently, but you need a break; it’s become too much. For the weekend, you’ll be working not really wanting to hang out. Starving for a new beginning but winter is here so things may be a little low for a bit but keep pushing through. The hanged man reassures you that it won’t be in vain. Looks like you’ll leave this air sign behind for good in the end. Why not right now? Because time reveals all

•💨 ♊️ ♎️ ♒️ •

(Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Even though you feel bogged down, tired, exhausted and maybe to the point of wanting to say ‘screw this,’ you still remain hopeful. You’re not losing your smile or your positivity about the fact that things will work out the way they are supposed to. You are learning something new about yourself or this career and this will be something that will end up taking you further than you think. You also will be finding your soul family this week or if it’s been separated then it will be coming back together. You may even be surprised that an enemy turns into a friend but they weren’t an enemy to begin with. The both of you are so strong-minded and tough that you go toe to toe without letting up. A new project or being the leader of a group in your community or at your job will be coming toward you soon. You could be getting into the field of graphic or interior design by March. You know that feeling where everything is falling apart but you still find a way to be at peace even if it’s unfortunate? That's growth. You may pack a bag or even walk away from this water or air sign but you’re not going anywhere. It’s just temporary these feelings or this situation, but you both are stuck like glue. You have a knack for research or detective work so maybe consider going into this field for the long term. You will be successful and help others find their success as well. But success isn’t always tied to money, it can be tied to knowledge. And if you’re spreading this from a genuine place, the universe will always provide for you. Don’t feel ashamed for wanting to take a day off, we all need a break sometimes.

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