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Your 8H Karmic Superpower

Your 8H Superpower + The Karma you need to settle ✨

Hey guys, okay so confession, I’m so glad to not have to do monthly videos. I’ve been wanting to change this for about a year now and I didn’t have the nerve to do it until today. It frees up more time for me and I can actually create fun things like this and also work on stuff for the blog.

So In today’s thread we analyze your 8th house and the karma you have to settle in this lifetime. If you don’t know the sign of your 8th house, check below 👇 for a guide on your 8H sign based on your rising.

I applied this to my own 8th house (Taurus) and sadly it’s kind of accurate, but glad to say since starting this business, I’ve been working on just being at peace with myself

8H sign based on your rising sign:

Aries 👉 Scorpio 8H

Taurus 👉 Sagittarius 8H

Gemini 👉 Capricorn 8H

Cancer 👉 Aquarius 8H

Leo 👉 Pisces 8H

Virgo 👉 Aries 8H

Libra 👉 Taurus 8H

Scorpio 👉 Gemini 8H

Sagittarius 👉 Cancer 8H

Capricorn 👉 Leo 8H

Aquarius 👉 Virgo 8H

Pisces 👉 Libra 8H

and if you have any planets in your 8H, just go to that sign that rules over the planet for extra clarity

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