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May 2021: It Bothers You

Note: If there is an asterisk (*) by a sentence then scroll to the bottom to check the guide on what's the meaning

A lot of new activity happening in your neighborhood or involving your life purpose. Don't get mad if someone doesn't let you finish talking as they hang up in your face. You will be reuniting with a Cancer, Gemini, or Pisces and this is just for work purposes or you and this person's kids could be playing sports or going to school together. Closer toward the third week, you may start to gain more admiration from your superiors or siblings. Do your best on group projects this week or else you'll be demoted. There may be drama surrounding an ex or parent of your child that you'll be unable to escape from for the next 8 months. You may be putting pressure on someone to marry you or move in together, but all of a sudden something mysteriously gets in the way. If you're in the same friend group as someone you used to date then beware of them dating one of your friends or they will be ignoring you. Lay off the elderberry for those of you taking it. Parties, gatherings, weddings, baby showers will fill up your calendar this month. Also, an ex, older sibling, or older child will be getting married, so be happy for them. More abundance and high rate of fertility this month and if you're thinking of doing in-vitro or adoption, start the process now. If you have Cancer or Pisces placements, you'll be interested in spellwork starting at the end of the first week.

Busy, busy, busy. Especially if your 8th house, rising or Saturn is in an earth sign (Taurus Virgo Capricorn). The library, museums or ancient history may interest you a lot this month. If you lost an important item as far back as January or March, then you will end up locating it underneath the couch, in your car, or the dirty clothes hamper. On the other hand in the midst of you looking for something, you also may uncover a secret from August or October of 2020 when it comes to your partner. Some of you will be getting a new phone or changing your number on a weekend. Could be due to too many spam calls or someone gave your number out and this person has been harassing you. Making progress toward a new job for those of you that have been looking. If you're dealing with someone, you may feel they are being extremely selfish when it comes to sharing their resources or money or being secretive about what they do for work. A restaurant or shop may shut down this week. You'll also be working on consolidating debt this month so you can buy a house or land. Some Taurus' will be hiding their money to prepare for a divorce or separation in 2023 or 2024. If you're dealing with a Leo, they'll want to spend more time at work than with you. A grandparent or fire sign (Aries Leo Sagittarius) will be sending you a care package by the end of the first week. Watch for knee injuries, migraines, or exhaustion starting on the 5th or 11th. A lot of rain and issues with memory loss.

You're questioning the motive of a Cancer or Taurus. You may be watering a plant that has stopped growing or you're watering a relationship that's been dead for a long time. Issues paying for school or being approved for loans. It's not the best month to sign any contracts or enter into any business agreements with people who have been flighty or shady toward you in the past 7-17months. FYI: Mercury will be retrograde in your sign starting on May 29-June 22 and pre-shadow starts on May 15 (take the start of Mercury retrograde to begin on pre-shadow as that's the heaviest time). You will have to make a decision this month when it comes to your love life and you're having a hard time seeing the positives in the situation. If food is being catered for an event you may want to pass due to it being spoiled. If you're going outside then be careful of chiggers, ticks, or stepping on any sharp objects. You also could be spending a lot of time at the movies this week. Unemployment wages or difficulties finding a job are likely through the month of June. Garage sales or cleaning out your closets is a good way to get organized. If you've invested in a business or start-up there won't be any gains in this until July. Endometriosis, graves disease, or dealing with a chiropractor is likely. Pets may be gaining too much weight closer to the eclipse at the end of the month. You may be extra tired so try not to let laziness get the best of you. Travel may need to be put on hold until July and the loss of a passport or travel documents is likely. Melatonin may help with insomnia issues and if you dealt with a Scorpio or Sagittarius ex, you may be catching feelings for them again. Be clear on what you're signing up for with this water or fire sign person that is childish, emotionally immature, and only cares about their public image; a sinking ship.

Being sought out for your advice this week. You are surrounded by a lot of childish or immature people so your patience will be wearing thin. You may find yourself being a mediator or those of you dealing with the law could be headed toward meditation. An old professor or teacher may be coming back into your life and for some, this could be the month you start a career in public speaking. If you have an air sign moon or rising then it may be beneficial to seek out a voice coach or a speech therapist because you will be more involved with the public in 3 years. Not much can get past you this month and make sure you're locking up your computer and electronic devices. There may be a data breach in your cloud storage at work. Some Cancers that are breaking up will be moving their stuff into storage and going to stay with a brother, uncle, or step-parent. Your mind is pretty clear at this time so go ahead and move forward with any financial or career plans. Issues with eyesight or issues at the park starting the second week. Those going through your Saturn return will be meeting your spouse during this month. An authority figure will be taking you under their wing for now so leave the attitude at home. Someone will be in remission this month from lung, brain, or throat cancer. You have the resting bitch face, please stop it! Not a good choice to buy a dog right now as it's better to wait until winter and if you're wanting to drop 5-7 pounds this would be the month to do it. Public servant careers highly likely for this group and this mentor will take you there but be careful what you wish for. Careers in police, military, travel, hospitality, technology, or broadcasting bring early or lasting success. An air sign will be apologizing to you or this person will be approaching you in public. A new spirit guide will be joining you this month and it's a male. If you've been contemplating pulling down from your 401k then you will decide to do it on the 9th, 18th, or 27th.

Not much change happening in your work sector for the next 6-9 months. You may find yourself running a lot of errands during the 1st or 3rd week. You may be doing something different with your hair and make sure you take care of your feet. Plane, buses, or train rides are likely over the next 3 months, and coming up you may find yourself in the car a lot. This is a time where you may feel there's a lot of busy work but not much progress. However, some of you want to be busy just so you can say you're doing all these different things. It would be a good idea to bring more flowers into your environments such as daffodils, sunflowers, or flowers in a lilac color. Watch out for parking near construction sites or high traffic areas because your car may get towed or it may get hit with a rock or ball. You may still be waiting on an earth sign to meet up with you or you're waiting on this person to follow through on some sort of business matter. A pentacle still isn't being offered in an emotional connection but you will still wait on this person well into June or August. Make sure that you have money saved or set aside for a rainy day. For some with heavy Capricorn or Taurus placements, you may feel your pockets are constantly running dry. The squirrel has appeared so you may be having a hard time finding stable work or finding a stable home. Some of you need to find the place you want to settle down in because you're moving too much. May be a good idea to budge because a lot of your money is going toward frivolous things. You may be ghosting an air sign this month because of lack of attention or they are too active on dating sites. May be wise to take a break from social media or at least for two weeks out of the month.

Freeze. Wait. Your mind will be all over the place this month because of some sort of delay or change to plans that you've had for the last 6-12 months. You may like to watch scary or suspenseful movies between the 4th and 9th. A Pisces, who may have come back in fast, will be slowing up their pace on moving forward into a commitment with you. If you've dealt with depression in the past, it may be coming back up or if you're a life path 1, 4, or 5, you may be dealing with sleep paralysis. Now isn't the time to make or expect big changes. Things are being put on hold for a reason because this new beginning has a dark side that's hard to ignore. You may feel out of place if you are set to start a new job this month. You have the skills to get the job done but it's just the fear setting in that's keeping you from progressing forward more. You are in the right spot and heading in the right direction but easy on trying to put the cart before the horse. Get a second opinion because misdiagnosis is happening or will come up between now and December. There may be a funeral that you have to attend this week. Some of you guys' subconscious is eating at you because of a secret affair or a mistake you've made. You also may be dealing with someone who is incarcerated and this is not going to work in the long run. Nurses or dealing with hospitals happening over the next 12 months. You feel the need to escape so be careful about overindulging in weed, liquor, anxiety, or sleeping medication. Careful of potholes or cold feet. Practice better self-care to attract more abundance. Try dressing up even if you don't feel like it because it will help with your manifesting.

A month of major transformations and endings for you when it pertains to your eighth house. *So if you're into astrology look at the sign over your eighth house to get a clue on what type of ending you may be enduring toward this time. If you are dealing with a Scorpio or Scorpio moon then there will be a major decision pertaining to you guys' commitment by the end of the third week. There may be issues with your throat or issues pertaining to the lungs. Make sure that you aren't spending so much time outside because during this month you will be the sign that will be hit the hardest when it comes to allergies. Debt issues or money tied up in a partnership/investment will have to be resolved by this month. There could be unexpected changes to your living situation for those of you that have roommates or a family member who may be calling you to see if they can come and stay with you. I am picking up something revolving around a domestic violence incident but it seems it's coming from outside your home. These endings that are happening during this time are endings that you've likely dreamt about as far back as 13 weeks if you can remember that far back. Dreams about snakes may bring you clarity, but it also depends on the type of snake dream you had. If the dream was just about snakes being around you or eating their own tail then you are divinely protected and your kundalini energy will be heightened. If a snake bit you in the dream then there is a hidden enemy coming into your environment who will betray you by October. You may have already given this person too much information about your personal life or may have been too open so this will backfire. Either way, the snake portends a new beginning rather you want to accept it or not. A job or some sort of financial opportunity that has brought you luxury or comfortable living over the last 9 years, 9 months, or since 2019 will be coming to an end. And you will have to make another way. Some of you are refusing to walk away from this dead-end situation even though your angels are advising you there are better things out there. If you're dealing with a Virgo, Pisces, or Sagittarius (sun, moon, or mars sign only) then there can be a more solid offer of a commitment being made around the 9th or 12th.

You will be trying to hang on to two people in your life that you still have feelings for, one water and another fire (This could be the same person but they may be very unpredictable). This is a month where you should focus more on saving your money instead of investing it in lands, jewelry, houses, clothes, or loaning it out to family members who pretend to need help. If you are worried about your living situation then things will be fine for this month as a friend may be stepping in to offer you sound advice or to help you financially. Some of you are in separation with someone who you feel is your soulmate and you are trying to salvage a friendship so that you can come back to this connection at a later date. Issues conceiving or issues with father or mother not accepting a decision you've decided to make when it comes to your partner or your career. Some of you may be living with family members right now and you are just ready to save up some more money so that you can move on to your own space. You also may be dealing with insecurities or being too focused on if people in your environment like you or what they think about you. Child support or issues dealing with custody are likely during this time. As much as you want to walk away from a water sign, this person brings more stability than the other choice you have in mind. You may need to chalk it up to the woods and accept that the fire sign was just a lustful phase and move forward from there. You are protecting your wealth from creditors this month as well and some of you will be getting invited on some sort of trip or vacation by an earth or water sign for the month of June. This will be a good chance for you to get away, explore new territory and on this trip, you may even decide to just move to this new city or state that you're visiting. An offer for a leadership role will be put on your desk again so it's best to think it over before saying no again. It may not seem beneficial but there are perks to this deal and you will be able to convince them to give you a raise even though that isn't a part of the original plan. This month should be more about setting yourself up for success in the future instead of trying to start all these new ventures. You may realize that once you sit back and allow stillness to take over then that's when your ideas start to flow more.

This month you will have a better chance of succeeding with your talents if you are determined to put in the hard work. You are on the right path and this idea that you thought of two months ago will be one that brings stability but around this time you may also be trying to be too perfect. Phone calls and emails will be coming in a lot more frequently starting the 4th week of this month going into august. If you are a freelancer or trying to get into the freelancing industry then you will need to start putting yourself out there more now. *It will be a good idea to change your aesthetic as well when it comes to your clothes, hair, or the colors you wear every day. If you are dealing with a Capricorn or Aquarius then you should pull back your emotions a bit because this month they will be on their own program and worried about their own successes. Some of you may be in connections with people who are too busy trying to be in competition with you that this seems more like a business rather than a relationship. However, if that is the type of relationship dynamic that you seek then continue forward with it but that will only apply to about 12 or 20 percent of you. Some of you will be feeling agitated at a younger earth sign that you're dealing with because they are playing too many games or they lack the mental capacity to have an adult conversation. If you are wondering how someone feels about you, they feel that the connection is okay and they aren't focused on the future. This seems to be more about the fun and adventure for them than anything else. Don't forget to eat starting the second week of this month because you may be too busy or some of you may be dealing with depression if you lost a job or broke up with someone. The best thing you can do this month is to just go with the flow because if you try to restrict change or try to control your environment then you will deter yourself from the right path. Unexpected returns can happen for investments or if you are trying to sell some of your old possessions online then you will be able to ask for two times the amount of what they are worth.

You will be getting a crash course in being too trusting again when it comes to people in your career environment. You may be experiencing abdominal pains or issues when it comes to your fingers. Be careful of jamming your finger or a broken wrist. You may be asking yourself, 'what am I doing here?', after you took a leap of faith into unknown territory that seemed okay at first but now you just feel regretful. Someone who gave you their word or made a promise to you in the month of October will be disappointing you. However, if this is in your work environment this person who made the promise may have been moved out of position or let go of so they are unable to overstep the boundaries of the boss. By the third week, things will start to lookup more for you and you will find a new way forward. But you'll have to make a decision on if it's better to stay and stick this out or to just start over elsewhere. But the question is, when do you come to a point where you stop starting over just because you can't get what you want. Some of you are stagnant because you are wanting it on your time or you are failing to realize that what you won't do someone else will when it comes to your career. If you are unwilling to compromise or change some things then there will be the ending of a job by the end of this month or by October. There will be two things that you will either be losing or deciding to give up on before this month is over. You will have a new beginning in August but the things that have run their course have to be put behind you so that you can start your new journey on the path you're meant to be on. Issues with losing items that are of importance to you such as jewelry, keys, or even your wallet so make sure that you are not zoning out. If you have an earth/air sign mercury, life path 1 or 8, then you may feel these changes stronger than others. There may be an ending to a marriage or someone will be giving the other person an ultimatum when it comes to a relationship. Counseling may be the solution here if you both can commit to this. Short distance trips to see ex-lovers or to see long-distance relatives will be happening starting this month. Even if you want to get away to recharge your batteries that would be the best thing to do instead of letting your emotions get the best of you. May want to put in for vacation time by the 5th or 7th of this month so that it can be approved.

The friends you thought you had, you will be realizing that they aren't really that great of friends at all. There may be some sort of medical injury or change that you are needing support in during this month and when you pick up the phone to call them they won't answer. So now it's time for you to focus your energy in a different direction. A romantic partner may be commenting on your weight which will make you start to question yourself. Your grandparents or an elder may be the ones with the health issues that are stemming from their heart. Some of you may hear about someone having a heart attack and this could be a neighbor that has been around since you were 18 or 19 years old. Issues with putting your feelings on paper will be happening over the next 3,6 or 9 weeks and it's not a good idea to publish anything at this time. The energy is not in the best of places and Mercury retrograde is coming up during the fourth week of this month. You may be missing an ex who you still have yet to hear from however, you will try to reach out to them again by the second or third week of this month but you may realize that they have you blocked for some reason. Likely you and this person won't be getting back together so it's time for you to stop searching for a reason for you guys to still be in one another's lives. If you are trying to get accepted into some sort of college program then you will be missing the paperwork you need or the requirements aren't met. New opportunities will be delayed until next month, so it's best to just continue doing with your doing for now. No, you are not pregnant for those of you that are wondering, your cycle is just delayed about a week. If you just recently moved then you may be having issues with your neighbors if they are older or some of you are now wanting to move back to your old neighborhood. Try to give this new place a fair chance for the next nine months before you go trying to change things again. Lay off the smoking if you are doing it excessively, only if it's medically necessary. By the way, an ex or family member is slandering you online, and it's the same one that's been giving you issues three times before. Good thing is that work is stable so don't go seeking so many changes, it's not worth the stress right now.

Starting over again with the same earth sign, Scorpio or Leo person. This relationship is so up and down that it seems normal at this point. A new beginning tied to children, insurance, sales, taxes, creativity, or hair will be happening around the 17th or 19th of this month. You will have the energy you need to complete any projects that you left unfinished in March of this year or some of you may finally be able to take the trip that was postponed or delayed. Unexpected changes are coming this month and most of them are tied to new work assignments, new team members, new family members, or new finances that just seem to fall into your lap. You will have the lucky thumb this month and a lot of things that you touch will turn to gold. Use your presence to lighten up the mood in tense situations or some of you are being put in positions where you will help to bring everyone together. Careful of eating pork, sushi, or seafood this month because you will have a bad reaction to it, especially if it something that you've never tried before. Arguments are likely over little things pertaining to children, trash, or cleaning up if you are living with someone. A person who ghosted you about a month ago will be popping back up as if nothing ever happened. They won't' be apologizing or explaining to you their reasons for their action so don't expect it. Children may feel a bit difficult to deal with this month because they want more of your attention or affection. Not a bad idea to start a personal blog or some sort of book club if you're into that sort of thing. Board games or any sort of puzzles can get your creative juices flowing for those of you that are struggling with writer's block. The money that you were expecting to get could be a smaller amount than what was originally told to you but it's better than nothing. If you buy a pet this month prepare to spend a lot of money at the vet because this animal has some sort of illness it was born with. So it may be best to wait until August or later to invest your money into this. A younger fire or earth sign person will be coming into your life during this time but they are a momma's boy/daddy's girl or they are still too attached to their ex so be careful about getting your feelings involved.

* Signs in 8th house:

Aries: Face, appearance, head, fashion style

Taurus: finances, money, bank accounts, possessions, assets, 9-5 income

Gemini: Siblings, school, neighbors, short-distance trips, communication, publishing, cars

Cancer: Mother, Home, past lives, lineage, privacy

Leo: Children, creativity, gambling, sports, sex, romance, hair, heart

Virgo: Diseases, pets, routines, health, wellness, work

Libra: relationships, marriage, business partners, enemies

Scorpio: death, debt, taxes, other people's money, inheritance, insurance, natural disasters

Sagittarius: philosophy, religion, higher education, counseling, long-distance travel, law

Capricorn: Career, fame, reputation, public, jewelry, oil, mining, father figure

Aquarius: older siblings, wishes, community, hopes, groups, friendships, Luck, technology

Pisces: Retreat, subconscious, hospitals, incarceration, subconscious, secrets,

Signs and their colors:

Aries: red, purple

Taurus: orange, green

Gemini: mix match colors

Cancer: gray

Leo: Gold

Virgo: neutrals

Libra: pink

Scorpio: black, dark purple, brick red

Sagittarius: burgundy, maroon

Capricorn: Brown

Aquarius: Neon

Pisces: Tie-Dye, pastels

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