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Weekly Horoscopes April 29-May 5: Catching Up

Good news coming to you from your neighborhood this week or a sibling. There is travel highlighted for you over the next 3 weeks that may involve graduations, baby showers, weddings, or a new career beginning. If you've been postponing writing a book or starting something that deals with written communication then this would be a good week to actually get it done. The number three may pop up a lot in your surroundings between now and Thursday. 333 could be energy if you need to complete a cycle in your life when it comes to school, religion, or fears. Some of you are having a hard time finding someone to commit to you romantically but you may still be hoping to receive a phone call from your ex. No matter if you are trying to make a statement on your social media, this person still doesn't see it, so stop trying so hard. It's time to move forward without this person and if you're trying to be friends, this will come crashing down by September or October. Be mindful of drama happening between two sisters this week or this may be happening in your work environment between you and a boss. Lay off the sugar and replace it with a sweetener and there will be issues with your fingers, elbow or your hair will start to thin around your edges. A child, friend, or potential lover will be returning home from the military this week or you will get news that they will be coming back during the first week of July.

Placements this could resonate for: Aries Mercury, Aries Venus, Life Path 4, Sun in 4th House, Sun at 1, 13, 25 degrees, dealing with a cancer venus

You will be confused about your romantic and business partnerships by the end of this week. There will be news or information coming to you that will be hard to digest. Watch out for getting any sort of yellow or red plant in color due to bugs but also you will constantly be sneezing. You will have your eye on a potential lover if you are meeting them through social media. Use your intuition and if you feel that something is off don't go to that place or don't get involved in that situation. You may struggle to sleep this week due to nightmares or some of you may be worried about the health and well-being of a water sign friend or relative. This week you may feel that you want to isolate yourself away from your partner or just away from people in general. There will be issues going on with your eyes or if you are having a tough conversation with someone, this person won't want to look you in your eyes. You may have a feeling that they are lying and you aren't wrong, but what's the point of calling them out if you don't have the evidence. Marriages that are on the rocks could be heading towards separation as you may now feel that this is the person draining your energy or resources. Make sure that before you take a leap of faith or make an impulsive decision, you check to make sure that it's worth it. Some of you may be wanting to backtrack from a decision you already made because now you realize it's not worth the stress or the headaches. You are your own worst enemy at this time and you will let fear push opportunities out the way that is truly meant for you.

Placements this could resonate for: Scorpio moon, life path 7, dating a cancer, Sun at 2, 14, 26 degrees

Mother or grandmother status coming in this week. A new life is about to be born through one of your children whose birthday is in either March or June. Those of you still trying to have a child will have luck this week if you are dealing with a Pisces or Virgo. Everything is fine this week so don't get caught up in worrying about the little things. You may be feeling more fashionable at this time and you will get a new wardrobe or you will start experimenting with the clothes you already have. Some of you have the ability/capacity to be a fashion designer if you'd just give it a chance. You may want to try a million different things this week, but why mess up a good thing that you have going. If you've been distant from a mother, grandmother, or sibling, then you will be planning to meet up with this person by the end of Taurus season. Blueberries, cherries, apples, and oranges need to be a part of your diet more as some of you are picking up more weight around your midsection. If you see butterflies this week then a great-grandmother is visiting you however, the only way to see this is you have to go outside. Don't be lazy this week and just sit on the couch waiting for things to happen. The energy is there that you can create a beautiful thing but the first step starts with you. If you are separated and married, then you and this person will be reuniting for the kids, or at least this is the plan for now. Communication from across seas is happening for those of you trying to put yourself out there. A good week for those of you in the field of teaching. An offer will be coming in if you've submitted more than three applications to places. Watch your pH balance.

Placements this could resonate for: Taurus venus, Taurus Mercury, Gemini Sun/Mercury, Aries Rising, Life Path 6, 9, If you're married to a Taurus or Libra, Sun at 15, 27 degrees

Quick hands and quick thoughts. You will have swift progress this week and some of you will be deciding to kick off your career into activism starting this week or this winter. Make sure to control your emotions at this time because an air sign person may anger you with their flighty energy. Don't make any hasty decisions that you will later regret. If you're wondering if you will do good or advance in this particular career then it's a yes, but you have to stay on your toes. There will be people coming into your energy between now and next week who will be challenging you to step your game up. You've been slacking long enough and now it's time to get to it and get shit done. Military contracts or making contact with military people will be happening at this time or by the 9th of May. If you've been having communication issues with people around you, this is the time to balance things out before Mercury retrograde gets here. It's better to speak your truth than lead with a lie. Those of you that are meeting someone new this week should just be honest about some situation that's been holding you back in love. At least if you're honest, they'll have a heads up to either stay or go. Starting a new job or learning a new career may seem difficult or overwhelming at first but don't go asking the universe for change and then bitching about the change. Accept the new things that are coming into your life and stop looking back. It's time to leave an air sign behind you or it's time for you to stop expecting them to come back. They're done and so is the connection. Next! A good week to publish a book or launch a website.

Placements this could resonate for: Cancer, Rising, Sun, Aquarius Venus, Libra Venus, Life Path 1, 3, 7, Sun at 4, 16, 28 degrees

You are waiting on communication from a distance or you are waiting on a family member to apologize to you about an encounter you had as far back as March 2021. Medication that starts with a v,z,p, or t may be having some bad side effects this week and this may require a trip to the doctor soon. Cameras or things dealing with photography will be happening between now and June. This could be for a new job or if you are trying to get headshots. Short distance travel may be taking up a lot of your time during this summer if you are doing this for work or if you have a child In college or going to college. If you are single then you will be meeting up to three people this week who are all fire signs. Some of you that dealt with a Pisces or Aries in the past may be feeling this week that you should have tried a little harder to make the relationship work. Even if you are in a new relationship, you're still thinking about how things could have been different if you wouldn't have let your family or society get in the middle of your relationship. You can look over the fence or at your phone as many times as you'd like but they aren't calling; look the other way. Your manifestations won't be coming to pass until the fall so there won't change happening over the next 3-6 months. If you are self-employed already then you will continue to grow your business over these next 4 years. As long as you stick to your guns then you will be fine.

Placements this could resonate for: Gemini Jupiter, Leo Rising, Leo Mercury, Birthday on 3,6, 9, Sun at 5, 17, 29 degrees, Gemini Rising, life path 6

Popularity in your career will be coming. Especially if you are in careers that deal with fire or are based on the sign of Leo. This will include careers in entertainment, leadership, fame, children, politics, health, competitive sports, fitness, and diplomacy. There's no reason for you to hang your head or try to be a perfectionist, you are doing good in this field so why beat yourself up so much. There are good things coming in over the next 6 weeks and you're already about to overthink yourself into poverty. If you want to lose weight or start a new diet you will have better luck this week than you've had in the last six months or years. One thing to remember is to not let your ego get the best of you where you stop working hard or working with passion. You are secretively competitive and territorial so if you have your mindset on being the best then you can achieve this. If you are dealing with a Leo you may feel this person is trying to make you compete with or women or men that are interested in them. So you may decide to put this person on ice to pass a message to them. Issues with lungs, allergies, or asthma will start on Saturday. If you are going outside, make sure to grab bug spray or sunscreen. In the next six months, you will be getting your wish and the universe will be granting you a way out of a situation or a move to a place where your dreams can come true, or some of you this move will be to a new home. A successful work week. If you think in life that you don't have to compete for what you want, then I'd advise you to get real. Things don't just get handed to you, so make it work.

Placements this could resonate for: Leo Sun, Gemini Venus, Virgo Venus, Virgo Sun, Life Path 6, Mercury in 6th House, Sun at 6, 18 degrees

You or your partner will be deciding to move forward with a divorce or with separation. Some of you don't know how to feel because this person may be acting as if they aren't phased by you guys' not being together. If you've already been separated then this time apart will continue through the month of November. You are being instructed by your ancestors to wait or be more patient. You are in a building phase right now and some of you are forgetting that to get what you want, you're going to have to build from the ground up. So the success that everyone is getting right now isn't meant for you because your time hasn't come yet. Court cases or court situations will be delayed or postponed until the end of summer. This week you may be hanging out more with friends from high school or with your peers from your job. It's a Saturnian week for you and you get pulled to work within a group to share ideas or you may be moved to a different department. The lesson this week is learning how to get along with people that are different than you before you can be given the title of leader. Issues with mother or daughter and relating to them on an emotional level will be happening over the next 11 months. It's the time to save rather than to spend and some of you need to protect your assets from friends or older siblings. A betrayal in your career or with your finances will be happening this week but after there will be a new financial opportunity bestowed upon you. Those of you that are leaving behind or left behind connections may still be trying to rebuild from scratch, but some of you just started so you have longer to go before you are out of the weeds. But there are good things on the horizon. You can always rebuild if you believe in yourself. Meeting someone in politics or in the legal field is likely over the next 7 months for those of you that are single. And if you're wondering, your wealth lies within politics for those of you with heavy Capricorn placements, mercury in the 10th/11th house, pluto in the 2nd/7th house, or moon in the 7th.

Placements this could resonate for: Libra Rising, Sagittarius Rising, Life Path 11, Scorpio Birthdays up to November 11th, Saturn in Libra, Saturn in Aquarius, Sun at 7, 19 degrees

You are either trying to get away from a Cancer this week or trying to get closer toward them. There is an up-and-down emotional rollercoaster in a connection and you are ready for it to be over. Issues with digestion if you are eating too much spicy food or you are eating past 9 or 10p. If you have an air sign moon then you need to get on top of your health starting this week. As I see that some of you have a history of colon cancer or kidney failure in your bloodline. Reuniting with a grandmother or an older relative will be happening between now and July. A lot of travel with a partner is coming up for those of you that are committed. News will be coming in about a job phasing out or you will be getting reassigned to someplace else. This may put a relationship in a bad spot for those of you that will have to move to a distance, but it's a bridge you'll have to cross when you get there. For the most part, you will be a homebody during this week wanting to spend more time with children or with those you love. If you've fallen behind on schoolwork then this is a good week to catch up on that as you won't be that busy. Going for walks or riding your bike in nature will be a good balancing activity for those of you that are interested. Careful driving in the rain between Friday and Tuesday because there will be some sort of accident that involves your tire(s). Those of you leaving behind a relationship at this time will realize that you and this person were better off as friends and you should have stayed that way. If you are a water sign sun with air moon and dealing with a water sign sun with water moon, then this connection will be getting better as time goes on so give it a chance. A sibling of yours is either jealous of you or your partner so make sure that you aren't oversharing with them about what you have going on.

Placements this could resonate for: Scorpio Moon, Life Path 11, 2, Scorpio in 11th House, Scorpio Pluto , Sun at 8, 20 degrees, Moon in 7th house

There will be a lot of chatter around your name starting this week. You may be feeling that you are finally getting the recognition that you deserve when it comes to your talent or the company that you work for. Pregnancy or fertility will be high starting this week and going through May 11. A new idea will be coming to you in your dreams and you should think about acting on this. It will require you to use your hands either in drawing, sculpting, painting, sewing, or working with computers. If you are meeting new people this week then be prepared for this to just be a one-night stand instead of anything serious. This week the focus could also be on yourself and some of you will be getting the opportunity to model or do voice-over work if you are in that field. Good news coming back from the doctor for those of you trying to get approved for surgery or if you had some sort of test done 8 days ago. If you are dealing with a Leo then you and this person will be growing closer with your communication or it could be sex. Money will be coming in from insurance, the health industry, entertainment, or children. Not a good idea to get waxed or do anything with harsh chemicals this week or you may get a burn or some sort of rash. If you are worried about or taxes or dealing with tax issues then you will be getting good news this week or the first week of august that things are good or debt is resolved. Teaching careers or being a public speaker could be a career that interests you over the next 4-8months. Babies could be born this week for those of you that are between 36-38 weeks. Anything that you do this week should be done at 100% because this will be the week where you either fade in the background or you rise to the top.

Placements this could resonate for: Sagittarius Sun, Sagittarius Venus, Life Path 3, December Sagittarius', Sagittarius Rising, Pisces Rising, Sun at 9, 21 degrees

You are on the right path starting this week. You are moving one step closer to your dreams becoming a reality and a fixed sign may be the last piece to this puzzle. Changes will be happening in your career environment over the next 10 weeks so make sure that you are adjusting well to these new things. If you lost your way for a minute when it came to your life purpose then you will be finding your footing again by the first or tenth of May. This is also a good week to gain knowledge, especially if you are in the field of the occult or esoteric. Those of you that have libra, Pisces, Cancer, or Aquarius in your chart could be getting news about a promotion or pay raise that will take effect in three months. You will be in good company this week and you may make friends with someone in upper management so you should cherish this relationship because you will need them as a reference in the next 10-13 months. A good week to spend more time with your siblings if they are close or if you are wanting to go to the movies then you should go. Things will be coming in fast this week and some of you may end up getting a proposal after you've only been dating for three months or less. You may need to read the cancer weekly horoscope because the energy is pretty similar to yours. You have a lot of reasons to smile this week so make sure that you don't let the little things get you down. If you are wanting to be accepted into medical school or into a graduate program, you will be getting a 'yes' this week. Be patient, and be grateful for all the good things that have happened and will be happening over the next three years. If you have a lot of Capricorn degrees in your chart such as 10,22, then this reading will apply to you the most.

Placements this could resonate for: Capricorn Rising, Capricorn Jupiter, Life Path 1, Birthday on 1st, 10, 11th, Libra Sun, Capricorn Saturn, Sun at 10, 22 degrees

You're coming into this week with the mindset that you have something to prove. This may be to your boss, coworkers, parents, or your partner. With Mars being in cancer, some of you could be coming off as abrasive or just unfriendly during this time so make sure you're not showing your ass right now. You may feel overwhelmed by attention or you may feel overwhelmed by what's expected of you in a company. Take several deep breaths this week to keep you from having a panic attack and the biggest thing you need is to rest. You have to recharge your batteries to get ready for the tasks that are ahead of you for the next 7 days or 7 weeks. If you are partnering with someone or doing a group project then be prepared for a lot of egos to be sitting at the table but it doesn't mean you have to try to beat them at their game. Try a different approach and you will stand out more. You may be having a back-and-forth with a female or woman in your life because you both are wanting to be right and you want the other person to go along with your opinions. If you are trying to get attention from a Leo or Taurus person this week then they will be ignoring you or someone who you thought would commit to you will be dropping out. An illness may come down this weekend for those of you that have been refusing to take a day off over the last few months. If you interviewed for a position in finance, childcare, teaching, then they will be saying they will give you a callback but you should take this as a no. Change your mindset this week if you feel yourself slipping into being negative or not being kind to yourself. You can't manifest when you feel empty inside. Unexpected bills tied to family, medical or the home will be coming up in less than five months so make sure that you are saving. This week can be good as long as you remember that every battle is not meant for you to fight and you work on balancing the people and things around you.

Placements that this could resonate for: Aquarius moon, rising, sun, life path 8, birthday on 2nd, Sun at 11, 23 degrees

Reuniting with the past for a quick second this week. This could be a Gemini or Virgo person if you walked away from them over the last 6 weeks or 6 months. If you are far away from home right now, there will be a call coming in that will require you to go back to visit either a sick grandparent or there will be something tied to a lover/ex-lover's health. Some of you could be house-hunting this week and you will fall in love with the 2nd or 3rd place that you visit. You will likely end up moving into the third place. Nostalgia will be happening a lot for you this week and this may come in the form of fearful dreams or you may run into an old high school flame that you left behind in 2016. Fishing trips or being out in nature will likely be on your mind for the next few months and some of you may even decide to plan for a camping trip. Those of you that were pulled away from work will be getting a call back by Thursday or Monday and you will be returning back to this place in the middle of May. If you are separated from someone but not married you and this person will reconcile but can you accept the fact that you and this person may not get married at all? Is that your deal breaker or is it something that you are willing to deal with? Especially if this is a Virgo or Gemini, this person would rather not finalize this into something more stable but they still want to continue in the connection. You may be struggling with some sort of health condition tied to ovaries or you may be dealing with a sore throat during this weekend. For some it's allergies and for others, it would be wise to make an appointment to get it checked out. Don't overthink communication coming in during this week because you will be likely to overreact to what is being said. Some of you need to cut the cord from your mother having too much say so in your life or your choices. Careful of pregnancy from casual hook-ups because it's highly likely at this time. Issues with a pet's health or you may find out that a pet is pregnant but there will be a lot of babies that you aren't confident you can take care of. Maybe get a pet that's smaller or requires less maintenance for those of you that don't have a lot of luck in this area.

Placements this can resonate with: Pisces Moon, Pisces Rising, Pisces Venus, Life Path 3, Pisces in 6th, 8th or 3rd house, Sun at 12 or 24 degrees.

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