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What a Shi*y Day, No for real, everyone is dumping their problems on you

Welcome back to another week and another podcast episode.

The moon is in Pisces and it's void of course. A void of course moon means the moon is not working (not making any aspects to major planets) and you shouldn't either. The moon ebb and flows when it comes to our emotions, the public, and our minds, and with the moon not doing anything it may seem very foggy.

With moon conjunct Neptune, false prophets or even false insights are likely. Getting a reading today won't help you much because they likely aren't picking up on the right energy and that's okay. This transit creates delusions and escapism which can be dangerous in the long run. We have to work through the fogginess today and you will be able to pick up on people's I'll intentions. All of a sudden you go from uncertain about them to realizing that they aren't what you want and they haven't been treating you the way you deserve. It's as if the blind fold fell right off and blue eyes turned into fiery red.

Self-awareness will be key today as well. Since there's so much water in the air today and lack of earth, go outside, meditate or do something to ground your energy. You will benefit from this most in the long run. paranoia and vivid dreams from last night will likely leave you puzzled to decipher what they mean. Don't force out an answer to find clarity, allow it to come to you.

Since this transit can also mean taking on everyone else's energy, be careful of people dumping their problems or negativity on to you. Now all of a sudden your dreams don't mean shit or you can't do what you'd like. But there is strength in setting boundaries and telling them no.

If you're dating someone in the public eye, you could easily end up feeling embarrassed by them or rejected because now the mask will fall. But if you know you deserve better then why is this even a topic of discussion; choose yourself and peace

Full episode is below 👇

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