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Weekly Horoscopes Apt 17-23: Not a fan of these options

Aries: getting your grove back, working on things with a fire or air sign person that is shorter than you, going for hibachi, a viral tweet if you use Twitter, donating to a charity, going back to church, Japanese food, listening to a lot of K-pop, Spellman college, prom, rodeo or finding interest in a cowboy, burgundy belt, a new desk for your office, going on a boating trip with your in-laws or parents, fundraising or crowdfunding for a new business idea, getting an interview with Google or other tech company, having a garage sale or starting a business revolved around selling clothes, garage door or door opener is broken, chipped tooth

Taurus: fibula pain, scar tissue, scratch on your car if it’s white, issues with leather seats, scraping your knee after falling from a bike, butterflies, butter on toast, fire drill, having to buy a new microwave, an air sign changing their mind about making your relationship public, a flight attendant (dating one), Barbados, X-ray for your teeth, random car scratching at your door, laying flowers on the grave of someone that’s already passed, missing your grandmother, feeling stabbed in the back by a coworker or an earth sign boss, Libra sun sign person, optometrist, renting a house on the beach or driving on the beach, plans canceled

Gemini: character witness in a trial, get your ducks in a row, three meetings for your company or three panel interviews in the next 3 days, playing the lottery or getting a scratch off ticket on Wednesday, wheels are rolling, check your tires, fan mail, secret admirer, getting a P.O. Box, becoming an influencer, Darwin and Donald Duck, sushi date, writing music or poetry, pottery barn, redecorating your home, patiently waiting for an earth sign friend or ex, signing up for a team sport, meeting someone that’s a preacher or sits on the deacon board, suggesting marriage counseling, showing your artwork at a show, going to a museum, learning Spanish

Cancer: a denial letter, force stop on a check, speak up for yourself more, having nightmares, pins and needles in your back, having issues sleeping on your mattress, fear, anxiety, fear of failure, getting a suit or dress, speech impediment, saying the wrong thing, feeling shy around someone new, having stomach pains starting Tuesday or Friday, someone is in your way, declining someone’s phone call that keeps wanting to talk about feelings, careful of driving at night, Wednesday, struggling to memorize things for a test, canceling a long distance trip, struggling to find your drivers license or keys, short term memory loss, issues with your father, feeling lost or abandoned

Leo: you are the sun this week, going on a camping trip, meeting someone from Colorado, going to an amusement park, getting good news from your doctor, a new relationship, buying new furniture, someone idolizing you, train tracks, a baby boy, seeing your daughter or sister again, planning a trip to Miami or somewhere tropical, another fire sign is backpedaling the story they told you last week, this person is not being honest, military matters, going to the hair salon, issues with a hernia, having blood drawn, self-employment, letter of recommendation, starting a garden, getting a pet cat

Virgo: feeling vulnerable with a water sign, Pisces from your past resurfacing, dehydration, pet hamster or gerbil, videographer, filming a movie, writing a manuscript, issues with a taco truck, waiting on an inheritance or a check from an institution from your past, having issues with your teeth or wisdom teeth need to be pulled, needing a break in a relationship, poetry slam, getting a coffee maker, dolphins, daydreaming, needing to trust your intuition, an ex following you, swimming at night, trying to find your purpose, telling a partner that you’re not happy with them at the moment, hiking, studying Greek gods and goddesses

Libra: getting what you want, manifesting, creating a vision board, getting braces for your teeth, getting a fish tank, going to the aquarium, Josh, Joe, Smith, Los Angeles, overalls, a Grey pickup truck, wanting to learn ballet, doing a YouTube yoga program, picking up an instrument, foreign lands, a wedding, wine, elephant ears (plant), silk dress or clothes, going jewelry shopping, bonfire, neighbors house, yellow envelope delivered on Thursday, passing a real estate exam, watching reruns of the general hospital, auditioning for something online, entering into a contest, going to the casino, a very creative time

Scorpio: feeling abundant, pregnant, getting back closer to your mom, meeting an earth sign, cooking dinner for someone you care about, watching out for a spoiled salad, taking an art class, starting a vegetable garden, going to the farmers market for fruit, writing a love letter to someone, a comedy show, meeting someone who is on tour, a sister is having twins, spending time with a niece, buying a diamond necklace, Jewish museum, being offered a marriage proposal, graphic design course for your company, selling a business idea, learning a new skill, cosmetology school, your mom is getting remarried, feeling that you’re ready to settle down now

Sagittarius: stay-at-home mom, starting an at-home business, sewing something for a family member, making blankets or donating them, don’t get caught watching too much tv or being on your phone, don’t forget to pay your phone bill, your mom is coming to visit, getting a projector for your house, cleaning out your refrigerator, anchor for a news station, becoming a meteorologist, wanting to have a farm, adopting baby chicks, a lot of animals being attracted to you, baking something, seeing a dermatologist, being alone but not lonely, no new love yet, spend this time to just enjoy your own company, getting into reading tea leaves or getting a reading done by someone with this skill, filing for divorce from an earth sign and not feeling and about it, something with your bathtub or shower needs to be fixed, eat more carrots

Capricorn: meeting someone you look up to, having issues with air sign coworkers, having to work at home, feeling bored with the romantic partners in your life, being cold or aloof toward someone, feeling bitter because your boss won’t approve your time off request, graduating with honors, a butterfly landing on your left shoulder, Utah, Uruguay, falcon, masquerade party, issues with a daycare worker, Invisalign, getting a voice coach if you’re a singer, issues with a judge or law enforcement official, department of corrections, November election, horror movie marathon, Aquarius, issues with a spiritual practitioner that’s an Aquarius, issues with your lungs or feet, cut the small talk

Aquarius: a child giving you some issues, thinking about the past, the past coming back to make peace with you, photographer, sculpture, Statue of Liberty, Baskin Robbins, Aroma, seeing spirits out the corner of your eye, changing your room around, getting a doorbell camera, clashing with family over politics, feeling judged by your mom, grandmother, cousin or brother, reading more books, a lot of quiet time, watching documentaries, you are ready for a change, you won’t be taking your ex back, if you do then you’ll regret it in less than six months, getting your old job back, no communication with a crush, working overtime, finding your spiritual path via the internet in seven days

Pisces: fear, haunted by things from the past, ringing in your ears, phobias, scare of commitment, worried about your mother, gossiping behind your back, being skeptical of another water sign person, meeting someone new, afraid to sign a new contract, working a job that is Night Shift, New York, Chicago, LA, west Memphis, Idaho, someone sending you subliminal messages, you’re not ready to move on from a younger fire sign yet, afraid to tell someone how you feel about them or Vice versa, you won’t be able to be in two places at once, you also won’t be able to work two jobs so you’ll have to pick one, cutting off a water sign or just being mean to them because of what they did to you, dementia, someone sleeping on the sofa, seeing your ex with someone new even though they were trying to get back with you last week, they are just trying to make you jealous, this may be an emotional week for you because of fear or unfavorable circumstances, outgrowing your job/company or outgrowing this relationship, stop fighting it, it’s time to move on

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