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Venus meets Saturn: A rejection letter from the universe

Happy Friday everyone and I'm back with another Astro podcast episode. I know I've been missing in action a bit over the last few days or since last week but changes are always good. Today Venus is meeting Saturn in a square aspect and for a lot of people it may feel as if you've been hit with a denial letter from the universe. But is the universe really denying what you want or is it that your subconscious mind tells you that you're not good enough? This transit is calling for you to acknowledge how holding on to trauma and bringing it into your adulthood has hindered your own steps. If your reflection of yourself when you look in the mirror is not good or you have a tendency to look away, then you have some work to do.

Pluto and Venus are also meeting up in a trine aspect and what may seem nice and not harmful, could end up turning into something else. You could easily get flown out, but trust that this person has secrets. They may even secretly be married or some of you are so adamant that this person is the one, you will continue to have a relationship with them even though you are the third party. Pluto is obsession but also rebirth, so what themes surrounding Venus are you becoming needlessly obsessed over?

Are you afraid you won't get married, find love, buy a house, or make as much money as you'd want to make? These themes are present because of how you feel about yourself. You don't need to obsess over things that you already know are going to happen. So this challenge can be good because it will highlight that we all have weaknesses and things we need to work on. You also could be buying a luxury item soon or someone is going to sweep you off your feet and roll out the red carpet. Listen to my full podcast episode below

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