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Weekly Horoscopes Sept 4-10: Looking for Purpose

Aries: money is falling out of your pocket so make sure you don’t have a hole somewhere. You’ll be letting someone who’s been belittling you or putting you down, know how you really feel about them by the end of the week. Your savings or wealth may be in jeopardy if you are frivolously spending on things just because they make you feel better. If you have a business get rid of the inventory you have first before buying new stuff. There will be casual conversations around you with cousins, nephews, nieces, or even siblings. You may be planning a trip for a group of people for the next spring break. You’re looking for a sign on when you can let go but the chain that has been attaching you to this person or situation has already been broken. Don’t use fear of this person spiraling out of control if you’re not there as an excuse to stay. The book ‘catcher in the rye may be of significance to you this week. Make sure before you write that check that you have enough money to cover it because a last-minute expense may come out. So double-check, please. You will detach yourself from this one final person in your family where money got into the way of your connection and you saw a different side to them. You’ll be in a giving mood this week when it comes to helping people financially but make sure that you’ve helped yourself first.

Taurus: migraines, headaches, vision issues will be clouding your judgment by the middle of next week. You will struggle to focus during some sort of company or business meeting so make sure you’re not staying out too late trying to keep up with people half your age. You may feel caught in the middle of following your heart or listening to that voice inside your head. This week may be a week where you have poor decision-making skills when it comes to finances or starting projects so it’s best to take it slow. You’ll have to fight back your cravings in the middle of the night especially if you’re trying to lose weight. Don’t let your anger get the best of you with a sister who you feel is being ungrateful but I also get that someone will be losing their phone or dropping it on concrete. Because of this it may make you panic about someone you haven’t heard from in a while but I feel they’re okay, they just don’t have a phone. Those of you in connections will be accusing someone of cheating because they are declining your calls or going missing without letting you known where they are at. This will lead to a big argument where both of you will lose control of your emotions. And that could be the end of this so if you don’t want that to happen find another way to approach them. You’ll be interested or invested in art or music shows this week and make sure to do something fun instead of working all the time.

Gemini: something won’t be ready in time. This may have to do with a gift that you had reserved for someone, an issue with a child’s school or records, or there’s a lack of affection in a connection because someone is always working. You will try to find a creative solution to an emotional problem this week. There will be disagreements around who does what when it comes to the children. A new life is about to start but it won’t be without some bumps in the road first. If something falls through at the last minute it’s because there was a clerical error on the paperwork. You may be subject to dealing with a boss that keeps postponing or delaying a promotion or signing the papers so that you can transfer to a different department. It may be raining a lot where you are and because you will have to be inside it may cause you to be a bit moody. Some sort of creative project that you may have launched, or something fun you thought would turn into a career has taken a different route. The numbers aren’t there and if you were looking to be signed to a creative arts company, get into the field of photography, cooking, or doing something with animals, this won’t bring you the result you envisioned. Try again another time. You may be bumping heads with a Scorpio or Taurus Venus this week over having kids or their true feelings toward you.

Cancer: you and your mind are going at it. You may be struggling to make ends meet this week if you still haven’t found a job. But on the other hand, you’re too focused on what people may see if you move forward toward something different. Some of you have to put your pride to the side and be in the moment of practicality. If you are trying to study for or take your driver's test you’ll have issues retiring the information. A hobby or something creative that you’ve been doing fit quite some time isn’t fun for you anymore. It may be that you wanted this fun thing to be something else but you may realize it’s not in the cards so it’s making you feel some sort of way. If you’re trying to switch companies you may be dealing with scheduling conflicts when it comes to trying to set up an interview. Someone who is an Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio, or Taurus is trying to discredit your work or take credit for a discovery you already made. Don’t burn your bridges with people this week just because you’re not in a good mood. The need to be right could be hindering you more than you realize. Singles will be catching someone in a lie or realizing that someone is manipulating you into being patient while they go back and forth between two people. Those in relationships will be bumping heads with someone when it comes to their priorities. Stop trying to compete with everyone and just play your game and do what you do best.

Leo: you may feel like you are falling at the hands of injustice. Some of you have been going back and forth on the phone when it comes to dealing with the government for tax issues or issues regarding missing payments. Someone could be outsmarting you this week and trying to beat you to the punch when it comes to divorce or separation. There will be something coming your way that you won’t see. This may be an opportunity or something like a get-rich-quick scheme that will seem unreasonable. Go with your gut on this one. You’re trying to get yourself back to a place of balance and self-control for those of you that lost your cool on someone last week. If you’re trying to get a passport or deal with travel documents, things will be backed up until November. Your focus is too much on how long is this thing going to take to happen instead of realizing that you have to set the foundation. A Libra, Taurus, or Virgo may be trying to control you in a way. Vegas may be on your mind but it’s not the best time to go. Some of you have been spending less time with your friends to make a relationship happy or you will feel that a person is trying to make you choose between them and your friends. In the end, you’re not willing to compromise on this so you will choose your friends and let this person go if they keep complaining about this. An old colleague or friend will be asking you to vouch for them when it comes to their resume or some sort of court case they are dealing with. Some Leo’s will be meeting someone incarcerated or if you’re already dealing with this person then you may get some not so welcome news about their case. Put down the sugary or carbonated drinks and it’s time to put yourself back on a diet.

Virgo: someone is distracting you from handling business. This may be someone with a Scorpio moon, rising, or Sun. This may even be someone whom you used to date and for the last year you and this person have been back and forth on getting back together or calling it quits for good. Oh, this person may also be a Pisces as well. You want a traditional relationship now after having some time to yourself to think. If you don’t have any kids then you may be having baby fever by the end of this week. Some sort of health issues will resurface again this week when it comes to your skin, eyes, ears, or throat. If you have a business then someone on the internet may be trying to purposely sabotage it however, you don’t know who this person is. This threat will eventually subside just try and stay focused. As of this week, you haven’t come in contact with the person that you will settle down with. So your feelings of uncertainty about someone didn’t just come out of the blue. Even if you’re trying to make it work with this person from the past their energy is behind you at this point. Onward! Not the best idea to confide in a sibling unless you want your parents to know about it. Go to the grocery store instead of eating out. Cabbage, Kale, Vitamin E are the nutrients you need more of this week.

Libra: you could be making plans to take a vacation with someone special or some of you are making plans for a wedding between now and January 15 or 19. You will be putting more energy into creative purists this week especially when it comes to fashion. Some of you have the makings of being a well-known fashion designer, especially if you have Taurus placements or Venus as your chart ruler (Taurus or libra rising). This isn’t a dream that can’t be fulfilled even though you may feel out of your league. You have an eye for beautiful things and even if it’s not fashion, then it could be interior designing, graphic designing, stylist, or organizer. You will be more of a straight shooter this week as well when it comes to putting out corruption, dealing with companies, or even putting a family member in their place for meddling in your business. Older Libras could hear news about a child getting married by the 5th or 7th. Singles should watch out for getting entangled with a married person even though the sex will be good. Don’t put your blinders on. Surrender to the call and surrender to your intuition. Crazy people do crazy things, and I’m talking about it in a good way. You will be blessed this week financially and this may be coming from an institution or a court of law if you’ve been dealing with an ongoing case.

Scorpio: you won’t be feeling like someone is paying you enough attention so you’ll be out on the prowl looking for it. Those of you dealing with a Leo or other fire sign may feel that this person is trying to make you jealous just to get a reaction out of you. Changes are ahead but they haven’t started just yet. Some of you will be entering the classroom soon as you will become a teacher and others of you will be studying for some sort of new skill. There will be arguments about commitment this week or you will have arguments with the parent or your child about needing a break. You’re in the advantage position this week so use your negotiation skills to get what you want in your career. If you’re in a secret relationship, the cat will be out of the bag as early as Monday. You also may be going to yoga, Pilates, or step aerobics class this week so that you can get back in shape. A relationship with a public figure or public servant will be coming soon for those of you. You will meet this person at a party or through your job. Some of you will also be looking at new houses this week or setting the foundation to build a house. You’re more impulsive this week than you have been so make sure that doesn’t get out of hand.

Sagittarius: cold hands and cold feet may be bothering you. If you’ve been in a rough patch with a mother this will likely continue through October or May 2022. Someone who you wanted to cut off romantically will be given another chance this week because emotionally you are up and down. There may have been a situation that transpired that you’re still having a hard time wrapping your mind around the fact that it happened. Don’t such yourself off from a hug this week because it feels like you need one. Others of you will be breathing a sigh of relief because you will be relieved of your duties if you were taking care of someone who was sick or if you are in a field that deals with the elderly. After you are done with this you will be ready to start a new life in another city or some of you will decide to move to another country eventually. Mexico, Panama, Barbados, Caracas (Venezuela), or even Rome are the countries that are coming through for you. Or if you’re not moving to them you’ll be visiting in the next 2-3 years. It will be easy for you to fall behind this week if you’ve been slacking off at work or with your responsibilities. Try to keep a journal or use the notes app on your phone to keep you on track. Go-kart racing or mini-golf will be good for you this week. You have to get back to doing what you love because you’ve been cooped up in your bubble for too long.

Capricorn: you won’t be going anywhere this week. You may be feeling physically ill or weak because of a stomach bug that will go around on public transportation that you will take. You also may be feeling like giving on a connection before the weekends because you don’t know where this is going. There is someone that you miss who lives at a distance and you may be trying to telepathically communicate with them through your dreams. Issues with a vehicle if you are trying to go on a trip, which is why I was getting that you probably won’t be going anywhere. Something needs repairs and you can’t afford to put this off any longer. A trampoline or trampoline park is coming up so you could be invited or this may be for a birthday party. Issues with lower legs, diabetes, or circulation will be making it hard for you to rest. Run, walk or jog this week if you can evacuate exercise will help some. Get rid of the broken TVs or broken electronics in your house. If you made plans for someone to come to you from out of town you may be disappointed to know this person won’t be coming alone like they said they would be. The news you have been waiting to receive is still delayed but it feels whoever is delivering this has the wrong email or address so you should call. You’re doubting yourself too much which is why you’ve now been hit with delay after delay. You have to get clear on if this is the direction you want to travel or if there’s something else you’d rather do. Whatever this is that you want to do, keep pushing through. You have to give it a full try before you just let it go. It’s okay to make this move forward, it won’t hurt. Don’t be afraid to move away from your hometown.

Aquarius: good news coming in from a distance in the form of love. This is a fire sign that will be getting your attention. Some of you may be preparing for your first plane ride or you are off on some sort of new adventure after receiving a lump sum of money. People may see you as hyperactive or too giddy this week but don’t pay it any mind. There will be quick progress in your life, especially when it comes to a money-making opportunity. If you haven’t seen your grandparents in a while you will go visit them rather this be physical or they may visit you in the dream world. You’ll be in a chatty mood this week as well which will work out in your favor because you will meet someone who will want to be your business partner or they want to offer you a job at the company they work for. Not saying you have to talk to everyone but if you’re feeling pulled to do small talk, give it a try. If you’re dealing with a Scorpio then you and this person will be having a lot more fun this week and will be embarking on new adventures. Connections that have been struggling will see a new beginning this week if you choose it. Time to clean out your closet and bathroom as well. Debts will be settled this week by Friday and some of you will be getting reimbursed for something that could have happened back in 2018. It’s an easy week for you

Pisces: you’re bored, confused, and lost all at the same time. You’re sick of doing the same old thing but also you’re not sure what else it is for you to do. You’ve been waiting on an offer of peace from a family member that you had a falling out. Others of you wish you could go back in time and say one last thing to someone who you lost. You don’t feel appreciated by potential partners or the partner you already have. You may feel that you spend a lot of time doing for others while they aren’t returning the favor. You’ve misplaced some sort of picture that’s really important to you. Make sure that your purse or bag is zipped if you are out in public. Some of you are still waiting for love to show up at your front doorstep, but I don’t feel it’s coming right now. Others of you don’t want to have to feel like you have to stay with someone just beasts you guys have kids. You don’t want to deal with obligations right now, you want to have fun but sometimes having fun makes you feel guilty. You’re going to have to learn how to live a bit more. Your finances could be fluctuating this week and you may start to panic because you won’t know what to do. However, there’s no sense in you doing that because you will still be able to take care of what you need. It’s downtime for you right now and you should use this time to rest and figure out what your purpose is. If you are newly single, you don’t like it and because of this, you will start to look back on the past. You and this person may even hook up. If you’re self-employed and wondering if you should get a job, I get no. Things will get better in October. Sometimes doing nothing isn’t as bad as people make it out to be. Sometimes you have to do this so that you’re clear on where you’re headed.

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