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Weekly Horoscopes August 20-27: Learn Your Truth


✨ General 👉 rising

🍀 Love 👉 moon

🍂 Money 👉 venus

🌞 Career 👉 sun

Aries: feeling detached from your past even more. You may be feeling like you are slipping into a state of depression or some of you may be envious about something pertaining to education, a vehicle, or a house. Education delays are likely from now until September 18 if you are trying to study architecture, history, or music. You will have a hard time focusing and you will likely lose track of time quite often this week. Be careful on Wednesday or Thursday because there may be some sort of meeting that you may be late to that is quite important. You may feel anger towards a masculine figure in your life when it pertains to your child. Some of you have moved away from your family or the father of your child and they may be coming after you in a rage this week. They won’t be agreeing with who you are dating or the type of parent they feel you are being right now. If you had a grandmother or mother that has recently passed on you may be feeling angry at yourself for things you said to them in the past or you may be feeling regretful you didn’t value the time you had with them more. A stolen piece of Jewelry will come into question before the week is over. There is someone older whom you have on your mind but emotionally you see them as unstable even though the sex is good or they just make you feel different in other ways. You will get acclimated to this new place on your own soon, just don’t turn into a hermit even though some of you already have. Delays are expected this weekend but they won’t last forever. The first week of September will be better.

Taurus: you will be traveling a lot this week and it may be for a daughter or some of you may be doing something with dance or dance classes. It’s time for you to get glasses and you should stop fighting it. Some of you are anemic and it may be getting worst starting this weekend. You will be receiving a phone call from someone with the letter M, P, C, or Q who may need your help moving, need a listening ear, or may need you to drive them to the doctor. Car issues will be resolved in the next seven days and some of you will be taking a train ride to the countryside soon. You will try to save a connection that feels like it’s on its last leg starting on the 21st or 27th. Counseling will be suggested but you and this person may even decide to take a walk by a river or lake. Being close to the water this week will help you with the bad dreams that you’ve been having. If you’ve been having dreams of drowning you are being taken advantage of or you’re purposely keeping your mouth closed to an injustice that you know you should speak upon. Kidney issues due to too many dark liquids being consumed so slow down. A potential partnership is still in negotiations when it comes to career so patience is required. But also some of you need to leave behind the city you’re in or you need to look outside your city for job opportunities. A scarcity mind-frame attracts a scarce bank account

Gemini: you will feel low energetically this week because of relationship issues you will be having with Libra, Virgo, Scorpio, or Pisces. You may be turning down a friendship or mentorship because someone you’re involved with is really jealous when it comes to people of the opposite sex. You will be exhausted talking about the same thing over and over again this week and it will feel as though they aren’t listening. Try to take a day off to have fun as some of you are breaking down because a business or second source of income is going under. You will also be questioning the loyalty of those around you this week. Some of you may even try the old bait and switch and tell someone a lie to see if it will get back to someone else. This will help you know who this person is that’s been telling your business behind your back. If you’ve recently separated from someone, at this point you are not interested in going back even though they are trying to entice you with sex or say that their attitude has changed. If you are going for interviews this week, make sure that you have a backup plan because the first option you pick won’t go through. However, the one that you applied for on the 5th of this month will happen. I’m hearing harvest, so there will be a big change coming close to the harvest moon on October 20

Cancer: you may be finalizing wedding plans this week for those of you with an Aries, Leo, Life Path 1 or 4, Taurus. Your foundation will be being rebuilt with someone that you may have had a Mars (fight/argument) with four days before reading this. Be wary of fires or wary of open wounds around chemicals. This week, you will be putting more dedication into your work or some sort of passion project you started last Wednesday. Music will help this week if you need an extra push to stay focused. Some of you will be getting news about awards, ceremonies, or approval for short-term disability benefits. It’s also a good week to start a new diet, new workout routine, or get your house organized. This full moon will be happening in your 8H house of shared resources, debts, death (not literal), and taxes. Taxes that were withheld for a while or some of you will be getting a surprise lump sum of money because you overpaid on something. This will help you catch up on bills that were behind. If you’ve been trying to sell a house, you will have luck and get $4,000 or $40,000 more than what you were asking for. Those that aren’t married will have a partner finally considering it. If you’re a cancer with Aries, Leo placements, Life Path 1/4, Sun in 9th or 10th House, I see you being the head of an institution or some sort of community in the next 15 years.

Leo: you’re regretting not being there for someone over these last two weeks. Some of them are searching for employment and not having much luck. Some of you will decide to stop searching or applying for fir jobs in the next two days or two weeks and decide to bet on yourself with some sort of business or project. You may be still at a point where you are trying to figure out what you want to do for the long haul. But for now, you will put your effort into side jobs or something that comes easy to you. But in the back of your mind, you will still be searching. Some of you don’t use your voice properly, you could have been a singer, storyteller, voice-over artist, or even an actor. Something stopped you or you may have made a decision to focus on raising a family instead of chasing your dreams. But at this point in your life, you’re regretting not making it about yourself when you had the chance. You want to move to a new city but you don’t know in which direction you should go. By the end of this week, you may be trying to ditch an Aquarius or Capricorn because they are draining you emotionally. This person felt like you’re a world at one point, but now this connection is bleeding you dry with their debts and yours. But you won’t leave yet, you want to get some more things in order. Some of you are having to chase someone down to sign the divorce papers and they don’t want to sign. You’ll try again on the 15th of next month. Make sure these changes you’re thinking about make sense or are you just having moments of regret.

Virgo: you’ll be able to help a friend out who will be coming to you by Wednesday. This may be someone who needed your assistance last month or back in June but you weren’t in a place financing to help them. An extra amount of money will be coming in on Thursday or Friday. You’ll be shaking hands with someone on some sort of agreement that has to do with an office space or some sort of new employment contract. It’s a good week to try your luck entering the lottery or some sort of drawing for a cash prize, the odds could be in your favor. This week you may be thinking about making plans to start your own charity or organization in the future. Those of you looking for employment will find it at a school or daycare. If you are wanting to apply for scholarships then wait for Wednesday or Thursday. Donate some of those old clothes that don’t fit anymore instead of keeping them on hangers in the back of your closet. The full moon this week will be happening in your 6th House of health, pets, service, skills. By the way, you could get asked out on a date by a friend or someone that bumped you to the friend zone about six months ago. This is a good week for you to fine-tune your skills but also to figure out what your talents are. Be careful of working yourself too hard that it leads to health issues. At this time it’s about being of service to others which is how you resolve your karma. Volunteer, donate money or food and you could even switch over to a vegan diet this week since you’ll have issues with your stomach.

Libra: you’re feeling exhausted this week. Some of you are pregnant and experiencing serious morning sickness. The craving for mustard may be getting to you if you are with a child. It does help with cramps. The lack of warmth from a mother or people of the opposite sex is getting to you. This week you just want to be held and told it’s okay. Be careful of someone trying to short-change your if you are hiring them to do a home improvement project or hiring them for a specific service they provide. You won’t be alone this week but you will still feel lonely. Some of you will have feelings for your ex again and you won’t understand where that comes from. It could be that a child of yours will ask about them or bring up a memory of when you guys were together at one point. Make sure that you aren’t letting laziness get to you as some of you won’t be in the mood for cleaning. If you’ve switched to natural hygiene products you may need to go back to what you used before because you’ll notice an odor on Tuesday or Friday. Don’t hoard things, let them go. Some of you are still hanging on to old baby items and your child is almost in kindergarten. Someone also may be trying to ruin your good reputation when it comes to a work environment because of how you will respond to a certain situation. They will see you as mean or insensitive. This may be something that is getting in the way of you advancing. You may be expecting everyone to be practical or work as you do and that’s not happening. Just something to think about.

Scorpio: you just want to be alone so that you can have time to think. Now that you’ve put your feelings out there you may be fearful of rejection or abandonment by this water sign. Some of you have been abandoned by another water sign after you decided to let your guard down. Now you’re trying to smile to keep from crying. There may be disruption or chaos going on in your family life right now. It feels there are two or three females involved so you should be mindful of this. Feels like it’s a sister. You will be having cravings for sugary or hot things by the end of the week. If you almost drowned at summer camp or some sort of summer program back in the day then you’ll be having nightmares about that again. Some of you may even feel like you’re suffocating during this nightmare, but it’s because you’re running from something. Running from yourself, running from the truth, or both. Some days you just don’t want to feel because maybe it will be easier but also you can’t keep being scared of life or good people will pass you by. Some of you are so in your head right now that your relief may be soon gone. Make sure you pay attention to what’s in front of you. Others of you may be wanting to go back to school and try a different career but you may feel you’re too old. That’s a mindset. You may use carrot juice as a diuretic this week because your body is low on potassium. Careful traveling at night because of deer on the road.

Sagittarius: you’ll be going to a friend for advice this week or some of you may have to make an appointment for the doctor. I’m sensing a geriatric pregnancy (age 35 and older) for some Sagittarius. You may be worried about this since you are older but it does feel that you will be fine. I’m getting a boy with the initial E, C, T. You will be getting recognition this week for work that you did last fall. You will be pretty well balanced this week when it comes to your emotions. People will also be seeking you out for advice if you are a counselor, therapist, or in the field of law. You may be getting to a better place with a Scorpio, cancer, or Pisces by the 25th of this week. You may decide to study alternate healing methods or people may be seeking you out to be some sort of fitness coach. You should take it because they’re willing to pay you what you’re asking for. You’re on your way to reaching your highest potential If you’d just pay attention as people are pointing out what your life purpose is but you keep ignoring them. Those of you in third-party situations will accept this because you don’t want to lose this person as you feel like they’re you’re best friend. If you’re single then you already know who your soulmate is it just may take some time for you to make your way toward them. I’m getting a Michael, Ian, Smith, Initial G, P, or R.

Capricorn: you will be starting over financially this week. You will be getting accepted into a new position within a pharmacy, hospital, hospitality industry, or insurance company. It is a starter position however you can build your way up from the bottom. The money that you received or will receive this week may be going toward a new wardrobe or improving something with your look. You will also be studying new skills this week or trying to get back enrolled in college. Some of you may be interested In fashion or the textile industry. I feel it’s worth the risk if you choose to take it. If you’re single then you’ll be meeting another earth sign around the same age as you expect they will look younger. You and this person may go out for coffee this week or you will go on dates to the park or gym. Speaking of the gym, some of you definitely need to get to it as you’re letting your health slip by eating too much fast food. Start a garden this week or take better care of the one you already have. Some of you will be moving soon, likely during Virgo season. if you are having issues sleeping then you can look into drinking some sort of herbal tea. Investments should be done in small amounts this week so don’t overdo it. During this new moon in Aquarius which will happen in your second house of finances, it’s the perfect time to set your goals in terms of what you want to gain in money. Speak it into existence, don’t write it down. Might be best to do it while you’re working out. Also, sinus issues are likely this week so make sure you’re finding ways to combat that.

Aquarius: This week the success you had in the past may be slowing down. So a bit of an ego check could be happening. You may not have much luck finding a different job if you’re looking and others may find that the time off you want to take for vacation is denied. There won’t be a lot of suitors around you this week if you are looking for love. Those of you in connections maybe being accused of flirting or you could be catching this person doing it. Because of constant jealousy and insecurities, you are now starting to think that it may not have been a good idea to commit to this person. It’s no secret that his week you will feel overlooked likely by your peers. If you are trying to launch something this week you might want to save it until the week after next as it won’t bring in the traction that you need. Just because you feel defeated or feel like you’re not getting anywhere, doesn’t mean you can hang your head. You have to find a way to keep pushing forward or you’ll lose all the progress that you’ve made. Spend some time on your own this week either going to the movies or dinner by yourself. You just need some time to reset instead of trying to analyze why things have turned out the way they have. Some of you could stop smoking this week as you may realize it’s taking up too much money. If you joined a group or organization and then left you will be feeling like no one cared that you’re not there anymore because they haven’t reached out to check on you. If you have Virgo or Leo placements then you may have car trouble this week and you may have to Uber.

Pisces: you will be taking back your power from a fire sign who only saw you as a hookup or temporary thing. And because of this you may write them a hate mail or email to tell them how disappointed in them you are. You will be quite busy this week with your endeavors and some of you will turn your disappointment into a business venture. You will be quite popular with the opposite sex this week but most of them are just seeing you as a hookup instead of a long-term option. So don’t get so caught in your feelings this week when it comes to love. By the end of the week, you will be focusing more on self-care when it comes to your hair, skin, or nails. You may go for a spa day or some of you may decide to reconnect with a friend that you haven’t hung out with in a while. Those of you in relationships should be mindful about flirting out in public as this will get back to your partner. You may be having issues with dandruff and you may need to ask a doctor about a solution for this because it’s been five years and it hasn’t gotten better. Most importantly, you should just have fun this week. Don’t try to make it about anyone else or trying to impress this person or that person. When you’re having fun, that’s when you attract the most luck. Teaching and leadership jobs will be in your favor this week so go ahead and apply for them if it’s been on your mind.

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