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Weekly Horoscopes Aug 28-Sep 3: Talk About Endings


✨ General 👉 rising

🍀 Love 👉 moon

🍂 Money 👉 venus

🌞 Career 👉 sun

Aries: this week you may be having to make the tough decision to relocate or move further away from your family because you’re failing to get things done. What has worked in the past is no longer working and it’s time for you to let go or sacrifice something for a better outcome. Those of you that have been waiting since mid-June or July for someone to come back from the past will realize by Wednesday or Thursday that this person isn’t coming so onward it is. You will be having issues focusing if you are taking short courses or trying to study for some sort of entrance exam. By the end of the week, you also may be feeling more disconnected from your family or sad that your family isn’t as close as they used to be. You need a hug right now however they are too far away for you to get to. If you decided to put the past behind you 6 weeks or 6 months ago to relocate, you’re feeling homesick. Home has nothing left for you so you made the right decision. Others of you are still going back and forth between staying or going and it’s time for you to go. You may find yourself at odds with people you meet on the train, while walking downtown or if you’re touring a new city. Some of you will be reaching out to get help with some sort of litigation that you didn’t resolve before you left your last place. If you are trying to ask for a raise then you may have difficulty getting what you are asking for without the education credentials. Some of you will start communicating with someone new who lives in Georgia, Wyoming, New Mexico, Toronto, Istanbul, Nepal, or Ethiopia. This is a long-distance connection that is just in the talking phase so don’t jump the gun. Fights about inheritance are likely if you come from a family of 6 or 7 siblings so be prepared to take this to a court or this will drive a deeper wedge in the family. Be careful of consuming too much coconut because nausea issues are likely this week.

Taurus: you’re not going to know how to respond to a text message or email that you will receive from a law professor, an ex-fire sign, or a peer of yours. This will come off as passive-aggressive. A lot of you are trying to focus and find out what your life purpose is and you will get your answer but you won’t know how to move forward on this. You’re looking for things that you already have and you're looking for an answer that you already know. You may get caught up in the drama when it pertains to finances that you share with someone. Or if a friend or family member is helping you out with money right now, you and this person may have a small falling out. Some of you are hiding money or trying to appear broke so that no one will ask you for anything. If you have some sort of business or do work online you will get caught up in reading others' feedback or the reviews and you may get discouraged. Stop looking at the numbers so much and just work. You are coming across as a master in this field so what are you running from. You have people’s respect as you asked for, now you feel there has to be something else. It’s time for you to stop running and face facts also when it comes to love. You’re trying to rush forward while they are trying to stay put. Focus on something else for now. No, this person isn’t lying to you as much as you would like to make them out to be a liar, they aren’t. Everyone doesn’t want to hurt you. Singles, you’re still in the talking phase with someone but you don’t like them that much so you will drop them after you guys have sex or you end up hearing back from this ex of yours by the end of the week. Work is fine this week and it will pick up more around the 1st of the month. If you are in litigation, the other person will be caught lying in their testimony, paperwork, or deposition and the court will rule in your favor. You have three potentials to choose from. The best out of the three is the water or air sign (Aquarius or Scorpio). The fire sign with water connection will end in Scorpio season or 13 months because the feelings aren’t mutual anymore.

Gemini: to get to your purpose you may have to get a little dirty. This is something that you didn’t picture yourself doing but you have a passion for it. That could be music, art, photography, landscaping, sculpting, financier, comedian, or real estate. You're battling your own inner demons this week between doing what’s right and doing what’s expected of you. Don’t go off the deep end with your antics or with your attitude because you will feel triggered by a lot of people this week. Nightmares of the mistakes you made in the past could be haunting you. If you are thinking of implementing an idea make sure it's not already taken or you could get hit with copyright or you may run across someone stealing your idea while you are scrolling social media in the middle of the night. You’re juggling a lot of things right now to see what can work. Some of you haven’t been to work in a while and you may be too prone to not go back at all, so how will you make your money? If you have Taurus, Aquarius, libra, Capricorn, or Virgo sun, moon, or rising then in the next two months you will start making moves toward turning your talent into an income. Some of you that are dating more than one person may find yourself in a situation where you will lose one because they will be spying on you. If you’re getting back together with an ex, you may have to fight through unwanted opinions or negativity. However, think this through because someone is needing help right now to fight their own inner struggles which is why they are coming back to you, but will they be there once you’ve got them all fixed up. Slow down and take your time, there’s no rush and you won’t be alone forever if you decide to not take this person back. Your mental health and peace of mind are more important than making a broken homework again. Issues with authority figures this week as well so make sure you mind what you are saying. A lawsuit may be coming your way from a friend, foe, or family member.

Cancer: total recall of some sort of vehicle or food product will be coming through this week. You are going through an ending this week that you know was coming. For some of you, this may apply to a work situation. Others of you that have been without jobs since January or April will be deciding to enroll back in school. Now some of you may do this to get the funding from financial aid or scholarships to help you get by with your bills. If that’s the case, then do what you have to do. But the lack of income period that you’ve been going through will be coming to an end around the 2nd or 3rd of this week. On the other hand, it may be tough for you to end or walk away from a connection that you’ve spent years trying to build on. You may have traveled the world, lived together, or even made a baby but this betrayal is something you can’t ignore. Be careful near water if you are going to a place far from your home. Issues with the eyes, teeth, or hands will be happening on Tuesday. A tough breakup with a Scorpio because of social media or because of them being financially unstable is coming sooner than later. You will be spending too much time on the internet this week that you may lose focus on the new things that will be coming your way. See the endings happening this week aren’t by surprise, your inner knowing already felt this coming back in June, however, it’s just now coming to past. But the good thing is that karma is served and the cycle is broken so you can move forward how you like. Tough truth is that nothing really lasts forever and it’s too good to be true than it is. Let the chips fall where they may.

Leo: you may be joining a focus or study group this week if your life calls for it. There is a lot of travel coming up for you in the next 4-6 weeks but it won’t be too super far off places. You will have a chance to speak to someone who has been cold and distant toward you for the last 7 weeks, 7 months, or since 2012. You will be able to have a better understanding of this person in terms of why they did what they did or why they never called. So be open-minded to the answer that you will receive. There will be a party or gathering that you may attend, it feels like a small get-together where you will meet new people, not lovers. This is good for those of you that have been wanting to make new friends or meet new people. In connections, the same arguments will arise again between you and this cancer, Leo, Capricorn, or Sagittarius person. Someone wants the other person to stay home more, while the other person doesn’t want to compromise their freedom. Some of you may also get offended that an old friend either in high school or college, failed to invite you to their wedding or baby shower. They don’t feel in their eyes that you guys are close anymore which is why they didn’t extend the invite. You could be going back to the doctor for a checkup if you’ve been sick in the last 7-15 days. There won’t be a lot of fast-forward movement this week, however, you are headed in the right direction. Interviews for the airline industry, health/fitness, call center jobs are likely in the next 5 days. You’ll be called back for a second interview for this, however is not as much money as you would hope. So instead of taking the offer, you’ll wait again for something else.

Virgo: a good week for you. If you’ve been asking for someone to go to counseling with you to fix a connection they will finally consider this offer. A boss will also be thinking about promoting you to a new position or making you their assistant. Now they will be testing you over these next five months to see if you are a good fit for the job, which you are. Things are going good when it comes to your finances, so if you are wanting to take the week off then you have the wiggle room to do so. This also will be a good week to apply for any sort of capital (loan or financing) that you’ve been looking to get since the month of May. You will meet someone that aligns with your morals, values, and beliefs but you will still remain shut down with this person for the remainder of September to see if it’s safe to trust them or not. You are protected this week from any threats rather that be in terms of the law or via social media, just as long as you don’t engage. You may be thinking about launching something this week and it would be beneficial for you to hold off. The foundation you already have is working so no need to cause chaos. Those of you that are single will be getting irritated because someone just won’t let you go or they won’t stop trying to talk to you and you may be missing out on a blessing because of your ego. Whatever you have right now, will last if you so choose. If you’ve been with a company for the last 3,5 or 9 years, I don’t see you moving on to anything else and this place feels like you’ll retire there. Also, don’t be afraid to let go if something is already behind you.

Libra: if you’ve just recently submitted for a background check then they will be calling you back asking for more information or for you to clarify something. Travel plans may get canceled at the last minute because of missing documentation or expired documentation. You won’t be taking the bait from someone who is trying to argue about the same thing over and over again. If you haven’t heard from someone by Sunday, you may start to panic but this person is busy with a child or they are dealing with creative arts things. You will be thinking about getting a second job or going back to a second job you had in the past. This could be food service, food delivery, or working with children. If you have a child that is two years old or younger then you may be having issues finding a daycare or paying for it. A friend or grandparent will be willing to help you with this, so reach out to them. You will be in a really creative mood this week so harness that creative energy. If you left projects unfinished this is a good time to complete them. You will see something with new eyes and decide to take a more practical approach. And it’s tied to your money. Some of you will decide to stay home and work so you can cut expenses on childcare and it will be beneficial. Others of you will find a new way to be more appreciative of the job or business you already have and move forward with it. Be careful to not get distracted by a younger water sign who is interested in you romantically. Good news is coming in about a loan you applied for or you will be receiving an amount of money on the 1st, 5th, or 10th. It may be back pay. Some of you will lucky and have your moving expenses paid by a company who’ll offer you a contract or a new contract. You will try to make things work with a Sagittarius

Scorpio: if you are getting divorced, the other person will not be contesting it so that you both can go your own separate ways. Luckily I see you and this person, in time, will be able to get back to being friends again but right now it is best to be apart from one another. Even for those of you that aren’t married but separated, you and this person will become more accepting of this. A court case that has been hung up will be finalized and it will go in your favor. If you are trying to sell a house then you will receive good news on Wednesday. There is energy here for you to reconcile with a Cancer, Libra, or Leo friend before the week is over. They may invite you out to lunch or you guys may decide to meet up somewhere so you can catch up like old times. You will be feeling in a better mood and if you’ve been having chest, lung, or stomach issues then you will be resolving those before the week is over. Engagement energy is surrounding you so this could be a friend or this could be you getting engaged to a friend you’ve been dating for a while. This week, try to have fun and not be so serious about schooling or work. You are on the right path and for those of you that have been stuck between two people that you’re interested in dating, you will decide to drop one of them before the weekend is over. You’re tired of the juggling and you’re also tired of not being committed. Feels like you’ll leave the air sign behind and choose the water sign. These are happy times, so don’t ruin it with your fight or flight energy.

Sagittarius: you’re trying to push through but you are worried about your money. Some of you may feel a way about someone older that you are connected to, that may have played themself up to be someone else that they aren’t. This person may be struggling financially as their money keeps falling out of their pockets and hitting the floor. If you’re married to this person bankruptcy may be coming but for others of you, make sure there is misappropriation of funds if you share a bank account. As much as this person may give you a hard time, you will still forgive them and give them another chance. So forgiveness will be taking place on Saturday, Tuesday, or next Sunday for this connection. You may spend too much money on pampering yourself so make sure that you cut that in half by at least 20% over the next few months. If you are friends with a fire or earth sign and not dating, this connection will take time to develop so be more patient. You and this person will likely be friends for 4-9 months before a relationship is even an option. Someone needs to heal first from a divorce or breakup before this moves forward. More reading and less tv would be good for you this week and some of you need to catch up on your studying. Applications will be sent out to go to medical school or go for your master's degree. There’s a long line ahead of you so you may not get in until the spring semester. You’ve already found the person you’re going to grow old with. They’re right beside you despite their shortcomings, you don’t care and you just want to make it work. I don’t see someone new coming in and it working out for those of you looking right now. There won’t be anyone new worthwhile until December or January. If you’ve been wishing for a new beginning in a new place you’ll be receiving your wish, however, you’ll have to sacrifice your home or even a relationship. However, I don’t see this person willing to let you go so easily and they’ll try to make it work as long as they can.

Capricorn: you still feel trapped in a situation. Rather that be a relationship or something tied to the justice system. A family member will be coming to your rescue soon. If this family member moved away you will be phoning them to see when you guys can see each other again and they’ll likely be home next weekend. On the other end, if you are having difficulty in terms of finances, this family member or another will be coming to your rescue. You may be taking a job in hospitality or at a restaurant soon. Putting things in storage is likely for those of you that are moving however some of you will be moving and you don’t realize it. So this could be a spur of the moment decision or you may be unable to stay in the place you’re in currently due to finances, air conditioning, or some sort of leak in the roof. You will be making a move this weekend that will make you feel uneasy like something is off but it could be your fears or this is a gut instinct worth listening to. Your soul is ready to embark on this new journey and for some of you, this new journey involved walking away from a legal case that you won’t win. However, it will be behind you and you’ll be able to start over with something new. Whooping cough is likely this week so make sure that you are protecting yourself. If you are single, new love won’t be coming in for you this week as the feelings of an ex will start to creep in on Friday. Try to push through the creative block that you’ll be having this week. If you are needing a favor from someone in management or an authority position, they won’t be willing to work with you on this, so it’s best to let this one go because they won’t budge even if you come to them a few days later. New work will come in by the second or third week of September so this week is all about breathing and finding a way to find some patience. The balance will come. Too much sugar will be bad for you and if you’re having issues losing weight then get a trainer.

Aquarius: it’s a false start for you this week. You may be trying to go for an internship, trying to get your work hours adjusted, or even trying to find a tutor for a child. The traction or progress that you had in previous weeks will feel like it has slowed down. Now some of you may be in a bad way with an earth sign and it feels like you both keep going in the same circle over and over again. You will be focusing too much on your image to stay in this connection or you may be dealing with someone who is in the mirror too much. There’s self-centered energy around you and it comes off as it’s either my way or the highway. And because of this, you will likely distance yourself away from this person. If you’re taking a road trip in your car make sure that you get a tune-up because car trouble is likely this week. It’s the same issue that arises in June or July. On a good note, you’ll have good luck with the government this week so take advantage of this. You will get a chance to talk to a Taurus or it will hit you that this Taurus is the person that you want to be with, they’re just being a bit crazy right now, but that’s who they are. So as much as you will try to fight this, you will find a way to compromise and see how to make this work. You will be getting a phone call from a professor or some sort of new opportunity tied to government or business will be coming your way. Business trips will be happening for some of you because someone will have to call in sick and you’ll have to take over their duties. You are free to put in a new proposal for a raise and some of you may put in an offer on a house however I don’t see the house offer pulling through. The good thing is that you always try to do the right thing and the universe notices this and you will be paid back with a blessing in 4-6 months.

Pisces: you still have hope that you can fix things up with this person who has two kids, you both have a child together or someone that is in the medical field. You’re not interested in staffing anything new or trying to get to know anyone new because your mind is still set on this working out. This person will give you a glimpse of hope before the week is up on what could be. And you will hold on to that hope as you preoccupy your time with work or changing your image. You’re more willing to compromise with people this week when it comes to being critiqued on your work or talent. And with you being more open to criticism, in the end, that will open more doors for you. You will stick with what you have at this time as looking for something new has become quite exhausting. Some of you may be feeling a way about having kids and struggling to find people who will accept your situation without judgment. A friend group of yours will be getting back together this week or you will go back and hang with friends that you left behind back in 2019 or April of this year. You will be questioning your skills and talent this week due to a competitor that may be coming to your company. Don’t let fear show on your face, because you are solidified in your position. A lump sum of money will be coming to you when Venus moves into Scorpio or in the next 4 days. This is the time to work on your self-confidence and put yourself out there more if you are trying to find a relationship. Money problems won’t disappear but things will get easier starting this week. If you’re trying to find a job, there won’t be any callbacks this week however it may be beneficial for you to look for opportunities in other cities. You’re so worried about making a wrong decision that you’re not making a decision at all. Stop trying to fix things with this person from this past because the love is gone. There will be someone who will come into your life by surprise in November or four months from now who will be a good match for you. Now is the time to focus on you you you. Your soulmate is not in a relationship, let it go.

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