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Weekly Horoscopes Sep. 11-17: Progress


✨ General 👉 rising

🍀 Love, Emotions 👉 moon

🍂 Money 👉 venus

🌞 Career 👉 sun

Aries: you’ll be moving forward this week with moving plans or you’ll be going back home to visit family, sister, or a girlfriend. If you’ve been having car issues since the end of July or august then this week you will be test driving a new car with the initial F, P, or Z. You may have cravings for cherries or red-colored sweets. Working on your physical strength this week so expect to put money toward gym equipment, a gym membership, or some sort of workout group. A business deal or an agreement that was put on hold last week will be moving forward. You will have to travel toward this person to finalize whatever this deal is. If you’re trying to buy a car it may be better to do the process online or use an online dealer. Diabetes issues will be occurring toward the end of the week so make sure that you don’t overdo it on the sweets you’ll be craving. Singles will connect with a water sign person online with the initial G, C, or K and this person lives at a distance near the ocean or a boardwalk. A family game night will be on the calendar or it would be good to have some sort of game night with your significant other. You’ll be in a better mood emotionally once you receive news relating to travel, a libra, or a court case.

Taurus: you’ll be catching more feelings for a Pisces who has just recently entered your life. This week you are in your bag of creativity and will work on unfinished art projects, poetry, or drawings. You will finally feel love and warmth from a sister or mother if you and they haven’t had that sort of relationship. Picking out new jewelry or buying a new outfit for a date you’ll be going on this week. Some of you will need new clothes for some sort of banquet or job-related event that will take place soon. You will feel triggered by someone sharing an emotional story with you about their mother, grandmother, or teacher, but you’ll have to control your emotions because they are coming to you for advice. It will also be a moody Monday for you this week as you will feel like someone is picking on you but it’s just a healthy critique. The colors green, blue, yellow, and red will help you this week if you incorporate them into your wardrobe. You are considered a natural therapist amongst friends and you will consider turning this into your profession in the next eight weeks or five years. Someone will come to you asking for dirt or gossip or a person you consider a friend; keep your mouth closed.

Gemini: you’ll be dealing with things around marriage, children, art, or an institution this week. Counseling may be suggested this week if you’ve hit a roadblock with a libra or Taurus person. By the end of the week, you may be considering a position to work with the government or in the field of teaching. There will be a lot of movement in your energy this week and this could be you unpacking things if you just recently moved or some of you could be taking some sort of camping trip. You will become skeptical about this good fortune that’s happening in your life because you haven’t had it in the last five months or five years. So you’ll be questioning when will things hit the fan. Enjoy the good times while they’re here instead of wondering when the rug will be pulled from underneath you. Carrots will be beneficial for your immune system and some will be drinking lemon juice for indigestion or to help lose weight. You’ll be studying something new, likely a hobby that you’ve grown interested in since March. It could be acting, film, teaching, couponing, cleaning, or metaphysics. You will be getting a certificate this week in a new study or you will sign up for some sort of new program that requires a certification to be hired or to be promoted. You will have success in this as long as you don’t slack off.

Cancer: This week you’ll be starting something new when it comes to your finances. For some under 32, this will be a new school program, others of you this will be the call you’ve been waiting for about new work. Now the work feels temporary so make sure you continue looking for a more permanent position. Also, there’s a change in look coming for you where you’ll be looking more youthful. Others of you in teaching or dealing with the youth may find yourself becoming some sort of mentor or you’ll sign up to work for some sort of non-profit organization. You may want to start you’re own non-profit organization for kids who struggle to pay for school lunch. Old books will be donated this week as well. Some of you will still try to hang on to the last piece of memorabilia from someone who passed away or whom you broke up with. You’ll be spending a lot more time outside and some of you will be finding ways to get a child more involved in activities. Babies/pregnancies are likely this week so be careful. But for the most part, it’s a week about restarts in money.

Leo: you’ve been running away or trying to hide from something, a business partner or an ex since the beginning of the year and this week it will be catching up with you. Lost mail or postage is likely if you’re expecting something on Tuesday or Monday this week. With the seven swords in reverse, someone who is dishonest is remaining stuck to you. Make sure that you’re not being dragged into situations where your hands will no longer be clean (illegal activity). But for the most part, you will have a feeling this week that there’s a rat in your environment. Because how is someone knowing certain things about your life or what’s happening behind closed doors. Because of this, you will decide to take a step back from everyone and everything so you can figure out who’s doing this. Be careful of leaving your lights on in your car so you won’t have to deal with a dead battery. Watch out for a thief as well if you’re visiting a large city. There’s a voided check in your energy this week. Caterpillars will be showing up and this will be a sign of you heading toward a transformation but it hasn’t started just yet. You have to clean the environment around you first before you can move on to something or someone else.

Virgo: communication will be delayed again with a younger fire or water sign person that you’ve been getting to know for the last three weeks. People have been trying to get in touch with you but they don’t have your new number or your mailbox is full. You may feel that someone is playing games with your emotions this week after you go out on a limb and tell them how you are feeling. You will not have much success trying to find your life purpose this week because your mind is preoccupied with other things. I don’t get a pregnancy even though some of you are worried about conceiving with a person who is inconsistent or keeps ghosting you. Be mindful of drama that will be coming your way from an employee or employer. You won’t be in the mood for the movies this week so you may be calling off date at the last minute. You will likely be on the same path for now so don’t expect much change this week. Last week you may have gotten the attention but this week you may feel like you want to fall back into hermit mode because people may not be paying you much mind. If you wear glasses, be careful about losing them. If you’re in a group of three new friends you will feel left out because they will have a meet-up without informing you or they may have some sort of inside joke that they didn’t let you in on. No speeding this week either.

Libra: this may be a tough week for you to deal with some sort of loss that’s been weighing heavily on you since Taurus or cancer season. If you had an emotionally balanced week last week then this week you may need to take more time for yourself. You’re having a hard time completing a chapter in your life because the lesson hasn’t been learned yet or you’re so used to this family member or love being in your life it’s hard to imagine the space if you walk away. You will be diving deeper into things of your past this week starting with the lineage on your mother’s side. Some of you may have been adopted or you’re trying to get closer to that side of the family however you are seen as an outcast. There won’t be much changing in your energy this week, just a bunch of self-reflection moments or moments of sadness because you miss someone. Those in relationships will be deciding to dive more into Kama sutra this week. Hanging on to grief won’t help you much here. If you made mistakes in the past, acknowledge what you did wrong and work on moving forward. Feeling guilty is what’s blocking you from moving forward especially when it comes to your career. You have to work on being more sure of yourself and accepting of your body. This message is specifically for people with letter j, Aquarius placements, Venus in Capricorn, or Virgo.

Scorpio: you’ll be isolating yourself this week from colleagues or coworkers who you feel are insulting your intelligence or making jokes about your appearance. Make sure that you’re listening to your intuition when it comes to enrolling in self-help courses or courses to help you get x amount of money by starting a business. This will end up being a waste of money if you do this between now and the end of Virgo season. Those in relationships may have a hard time seeing where this connection is going or you may be feeling indifferent about the future together. You’ll be paranoid about spiders this week as well. Some of you may even be paranoid about an ex trying to sabotage your job or the new relationship that you may have started earlier this month. There’s a copycat in your midst and you should be careful about revealing any plans for the next 3-6 months. The light that you felt led by before when it came to your purpose seems rather dim right now but that could be because Mercury is in the pre-shadow phase right now. This pre-shadow period could be affecting your house of money. And you’ll be paranoid about going broke or not having enough to pay bills so you may jump into something and end up losing the money you’ve saved. If you’ve been dealing with someone older or you were dealing with this person you’ll be letting them go this week.

Sagittarius: you’re looking fake happy these days with family or some sort of family situation. You may be unsure about pregnancy, a family member moving in, or unsure about your partner. You’ll be having issues staying awake this week so make sure to take a nap before you travel or get to bed earlier than 11p. Gastrointestinal issues are getting worse for those of you that refuse to lay off the dairy. You’ll be rejecting a cancer this week because of their attitude or they will say something demeaning about your family. This won’t be the first time but now you’re fed up. You’ve been considering new opportunities for the last four weeks however you’ve waited too long to give them an answer so these opportunities will be taken off the table. Others of you, because of your family or relationship it will cause issues with people wanting to work with you if you’re a creator. Don’t avoid addressing the elephant in the room this week and this may be you need to confront someone about the gossips they’ve been spreading about you or the unfair treatment from a boss in your work environment. At this point, you’re just going with the emotions because you feel your life lacks emotional fulfillment. A choice you made, now is met with regret but you don’t know how to get out of this. The answer will come to you in due time. I know it’s important to be practical but it’s okay this week to dream or work on manifesting a better future.

Capricorn: a good financially prosperous time for you this week. You’ll be getting acknowledgment from an older gentleman in your workplace or this will be your father. This week you will feel more balanced as the money you’ve been waiting on will be coming in on Thursday or Friday morning. Some of you have been looking at new houses or apartments and likely you’ll be moving in February or March of 2022. You’ve already seen the place that you will move to so you can stop worrying about this. The place will still be there when it’s time to apply for it. It’s a good week to start a business as well as there is great wealth attached to it. If you’re not interested in a business then it’s a good week to apply for the management position you’ve been eyeing since November of last year. Some Capricorn’s will decide on going into social work by the end of the week or the end of the year. Of course, schooling will be required however, the future looks bright on this. Ask for a raise this week and you’ll be surprised by the answer you receive. Even though money will be there, handle it responsibly. New colognes or perfumes will be bought as well. An investor or someone interested in you will be contacting you on social media or through email; Respond. If you’re in a connection and you or your partner have been having financial issues then this week things will finally start to look up. If you need a lawyer then one will be recommended to you and I see a win if you decide to go with this person. With Saturn coming through this week, your hard-fought efforts will be rewarded.

Aquarius: a chapter finally coming to a close no matter how many times you try to Lee this from ending. This could be with a Scorpio, Virgo, Taurus, or Pisces. At one point you were open to giving this situation another chance but you will see this person out with someone new unexpectedly or you will realize that this person's ego is too big to take accountability for what they did wrong. You will feel wronged in some way this week by a child, teacher, pastor, father, or a friend with benefits. Some of you will feel a way that someone around you is using their illness as a manipulation tactic to get what they want. You’ll speak up about this and this may cause a negative backlash however, bringing the truth to light is the right thing to do. You may not have much of an appetite this week if you are breaking up with someone but still find a way to put something on your stomach. Issues with lungs, asthma, or hair. It’s a good week for a bad dye job so I’d suggest waiting until the 21st or 25th to do this. You’ll still be waiting for this new life or a new beginning to start and because it won’t make it in this week you may start to feel hopeless or like you just want to throw in the towel. Delayed doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen. If a person or relationship is draining you, step away. If you’re an artist then this will be a good week for you to use your emotions to create beautiful pieces.

Pisces: a week where you could be blessed with a new home or a new office. This is also a good week to redecorate your space for fall which will put you in a better and giving mood. This week you may even feel like life is perfect because of the beautiful things you’ll be experiencing. Singles could be going over the house of an Aries that you dealt with in the past and this person could be bringing up moving in together or even starting a family. If you’re a life path 1,4 or dealing with this person then you will be starting a new work from home position. Real estate school is on the calendar as well even though you may not be considering it right now. Getting a tattoo of some sort of bird will take place for some in the next four days or four weeks from now. I’m getting a ribbon-cutting ceremony so you could be unveiling something or you’ll be getting invited to some sort of celebration this week. Keep an eye out for the mail because likely invitations will be coming through this form of communication. Victory in social settings will be happening at this time and if you need to impress someone or get someone on your side, now is the time to do it. I’m sensing admiration from a crowd or being acknowledged for doing good work. Some of you will even be receiving a medal in the next six weeks or you may get lucky enough and sign a new contract. But this is your week for luck and speaking things into existence. Good for you!

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