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Weekly Horoscopes May 7-13: The Choice is Yours

If your sun sign doesn't resonate then make sure you apply it to your moon or rising. Also depending on your life path number then that planet that rules that number may resonate as well


Life Path 1, 4 --- Ruled by Sun (check your sun sign)

Life Path 2, 7---- Ruled by Moon (check your moon sign)

Life Path 3 ---- Ruled by Jupiter (check your Jupiter)

Life Path 5 ---- Ruled by Mercury (check mercury)

Life Path 6 —— Ruled by Venus (check your Venus)

Life Path 8 --- Ruled by Saturn (check your Saturn)

Life Path 9 --- Ruled by Mars (check your mars)

a face-off with a water sign may start this week. There are a lot of subliminal being thrown between the two of you. And this person is a water sign moon, Cancer, or Pisces. Your dreams may be quite vivid starting on the 8th of this week and some of you may be dealing with sleep apnea or there are issues with your nasal cavity. But the battle that may be going on could be with your subconscious. You’re trying to hold back your anger in an emotional situation where you felt taken advantage of or you felt used financially. Those of you who were afraid of the dark when you were little may feel that you are seeing faces in the bathroom or your closet. Fear surrounding long-distance travel or a relationship will be pulling your focus away from where it needs to be. Some of you may have gone on long-distance travel within the last month and you weren’t able to afford it financially but you went anyway. Cantaloupe, Melon, blackberry are fruits that you will need to incorporate to help you lose weight around your midsection. Put these fruits in water and drink in the morning and before bed. It’s best to keep your affairs and relationships private this week because soon a breakup could be coming because someone is finding emotional fulfillment at their church, school, or with a married person. Shady activity or if you’re being shady toward a group of people or someone then it will me be revealed on the eclipse at the end of this month

you may be dealing with some sort of sudden illness. It feels like a stomach bug or virus so make sure that you are still washing your hands. You’ve been waiting to receive something that will be coming back as a denial by Friday of this week or next. This new beginning that you’re hoping for can still bring results it just won’t be what was initially promised to you. Issues with pregnancy or fertility or some of you may have regret about not making it work with the parent of your child. Laugh more this week instead of focusing on what didn’t turn out the way you wanted. There is a lack of growth within you on the emotional plane because you’re used to abandoning things when it starts not going your way. What if your blessings are being withheld because you refuse to learn that lesson? You can’t give up on life just because it’s not fair sometimes. You may be interested in a Scorpio or Leo this week but you will be withholding sex from this person because you want them to take you seriously. For this person, this plan isn’t going to work so rather you give it up or not, there will still be moving on within 5 weeks of meeting one another. A new life is trying to start but you’re fighting it tooth and nail. Creative blockages, issues with children, or someone keeping their word happening between the 10th and 11th. Beware of stepping on broken glass. Don’t shoot for starting a new beginning this week, it’s best to wait until the week after next.

It will benefit you to start a diary or to start a journal where you write down how your day goes. You are needing an outlet to express your emotions freely but unfortunately, when you need a therapist no one seems to want to show up. Who becomes the therapist for the therapist? Recently or over the next 4 weeks, you may find yourself being the listening ear for a lot of others people's issues. This will drain a lot out of your emotions so make sure you Ave an activity that allows you to decompress. You will be experiencing deeper feels for a Pisces, Sagittarius sir Capricorn starting this week but you’re still afraid to say the ‘L-word.’ You may want to spend more time with a grandparent or you will feel pulled to do so and you should follow through on this. Writing, scripting, photography, or careers dealing with women will be heavy on your mind between now and June. If you see to draw or paint back in school then it’s a good idea to bring this hobby back to the light so you can make extra money from it. All in all this week you will feel lighter and as if a burden has been lifted off your back. If your mom is no longer here, you will start to think about her again by the weekend. Maybe take some flowers and lay them on her grave since it’s Mother’s Day this weekend. A female boss will be giving you an evaluation over the next two weeks and this will be good feedback for you so try not to worry.

The tower moment has arrived. What you thought was stable will be coming down especially when it pertains to your relationship. A tucked-away third-party situation will be coming to light if you are dealing with a Scorpio, cancer, Capricorn, or Virgo. If you’ve been feeling shaky about your position in your company then there will be cuts happening starting this week but if you’re in management then you may have to be the bad guy this time around and let someone go. Be mindful of your anger if something happens that’s outside of your control. You can’t convince them to change their mind or review something if you’re being erratic with your behavior. For some this open enemy of yours that is either a Capricorn, Aquarius, Aries, or Leo could be making things harder for you this week by stabbing you in the back. So there will be an injustice coming for those of you in an area that deals with your finances but you have the opportunity to appeal it or speak to a higher-up about this. Some of you have brought this injustice to you by not paying attention or being careless about your movements. Don’t argue, just accept it and handle it behind the scenes. The good thing is that you will be free from this box or what seems like a prison. You’re surrounded by too many snakes because people take your kindness for weakness and they feel it’s easy to take advantage of you. The lesson here is to learn boundaries. Don’t start anything new at this time especially if it’s a spur-of-the-moment decision. This environment became toxic all of a sudden because there are too many people fighting to be noticed and most of them are fighting to take your spot away and you don’t even realize it. If you feel you’re above this then walk away to salvage your peace. No one can blame you for putting yourself first in this position.

You will be getting more into stocks and trading starting this week. This may include taking a course or learning it on your own. A good week for freelancers who are in the field of marketing, design, or real estate. You will be wanting to do something different with your style this week and your aesthetic will be that of earth tones. So yellows, greens, oranges, golds, or browns. You could be dealing with life path 5, 3, 7, or 9’s over the next 15 weeks or months. This week you will be all about your studies and how you can make more money. Some of you will be returning some things to the store that you realize you aren’t going to use and it was an impulsive buy. A person with green eyes will play an important role in your life between now and Virgo season. Not a good week to plan for a baby because you may be too concerned about gaining weight or the other person isn’t thinking about having or expanding a family right now. An old lover (Pisces, Virgo) will be returning home from school or they could be coming back to visit family and they will want to see you. You will want to resist at first but eventually, you will give in even though you still remember what they put you through. Pottery or anything dealing with arts and crafts could be a good stress reliever for you.

You are heading in the right direction and this plane can reap great rewards for you in the future if you keep moving forward. Travel may start this week and for some this travel consists of work training in another district or city. You may be drawn to flowers that are yellow or green. Those of you that are single and you are a life path, 1, 4,7,11 will have a new lover coming into your life this week or around the last week of June. Find inspiration through your environment this week and a conversation with a Scorpio, Pisces or Cancer, will give you that lightbulb moment on what you need to do in a situation. More responsibility will be coming to you in your work environment so don’t try to make excuses to get out of doing this. You’ve asked for these changes and now you want to run away; keep blazing the trail. Some of you are questioning your path right now because people aren’t validating you as you want them to instead of just relying on your intuition and hard work to get you through. You could be buying a necklace or some other type of jewelry this week that has your initial or the initial of a lover. Getting another tattoo is likely this week if you already have 4 or 5. Lighten up a bit and just learn to go with the flow because the more you force it that’s the more likely you’ll lose this new beginning or walk away from it without finishing it. It’s better if you stay where you’ve been putting the work into for the last year.

Your inner child wants to come out and play or you may realize that you still have a lot of growing to do on the emotional plane. A water sign person could be the source of your triggers this week if you have a child with them. Movies, tv, or the arts will interest you a lot but be careful to not get sucked into your alternate universe again and ignore reality. Psychic attacks or nightmares involving heavy rain or tsunamis could be waking you up in the middle of the night. You’re suppressing your emotions or you are not saying how you feel because you want to keep the peace. This is the part of you that you need to grow past because you can’t go through life always trying to avoid confrontation. It’s only confrontation if you or the other person doesn’t know how to properly communicate. You will be starting a new business or you are rebranding the current business that you already have. Those of you working in companies will be mentoring a younger person who is related to the boss or owner of the company but you wouldn’t know that. So make sure you’re on your toes because you never know who’s watching. If you have kids spend more time playing with them instead of sticking your nose in your job 24/7. Your fear of not having enough or going without is making you forget about what’s important. There will be a lump sum of money coming from something you started in the past and this amount can exceed $1,000. Some of you should consider going to art school or becoming an actor because boy are you about dramatics.

What a great week for you! Some of you will be happy about a new baby coming into your life (it’s a boy). Others of you could be buying a new car, new home or you will be redecorating your backyard in some way. People may say that you’re glowing this week but it’s just that you are finally in a consistently good place in your life. A Leo Mercury could be confessing their feelings for you and it will make you all warm inside because you and they have been in a rough patch for the last two months or two years. A trip to the beach or a trip to someplace warm is coming up this week or it will be around August 14. You should stand your ground this week and be the leader of the situation. People will be trying on your good advice this week and some of you may be called upon to help out a boss and this will lead to a promotion. So if you are called in then it may be a good idea this time to accept this. Graduating or getting accepted into graduate school is likely this week. If your application has been on hold for something over the last 5 weeks then you will be getting a call that it will finally be going through or getting accepted. Buy a gold chain or wear a gold bracelet on your left wrist for good luck. Those of you with Aquarius In your chart will be moving to a new city or a new country in the next three years. You aren’t aware of this right now but this move may be due to your partner's job or yours.

Feeling lonely this week and this could be because you’re missing an elder who is no longer with you. Some of you may be missing someone older who you used to date or who you met back in 2019. It’s time to lay off the smoking for those of you that are doing it in excess. Delays will be happening this week when it comes to losing weight or something tied to doctor's appointments or results. If you are into spirituality you may be feeling pulled to take a step back because it’s not helping you find what you were looking for. Some of you want to go back to the religion you grew up in but you didn’t like the way it made you feel ostracized or as if something is wrong with you. You may feel like throwing your hands up in the air this week because you felt like you were on the right path. If you have Virgo, Libra, or Gemini in your chart then you may be thinking about learning a new language or you may want to become a translator. Finances are in trouble this week if you’ve been spending more than you’ve been saving. An unexpected expense tied to your home, law, car, roof, or children could cost over $500 or even $5000. Unexpected breakups are coming because of petty arguments over someone’s mother, sister, or parent of their child. Make sure that you are locking your doors if you are going out places because you may forget and something valuable could come up missing.

A new home or perfected work is coming in for you this week. Don’t be nervous. Celebration and recognition are coming your way as this new beginning was tailored toward you. An Aries may be the one that will help you get to where you need to go but still make sure that you keep your guard up. The color red, yellow, green, or even crows could be popping up in your environment over the next 4 days. Crows bring messages of new beginnings normally after an ending so some of you need to just have more confidence in yourself. If you’re not used to changing then you’d better get used to it because there will be a lot of changes starting in the next month. Try wearing the color red more to help bring out your competitive spirit. I’m seeing golf keys so definitely a new place is coming by April or you have the keys to financial success but you have to hang on to it. If you recently left behind a fire sign then you will continue to move forward from this person over the next 6 weeks and some of you may even decide to move to a different city to get away from them. A lot of travel is highlighted into July or August so you may not be spending a lot of time at home over these next few months so maybe pack a bag and keep it in the car just in case. Heading toward another fire sign is likely, even if you aren’t trying to meet them. A pretty fast-paced, exciting change in your work environment starting Friday. If you want to move forward on some sort of project then you are free to do so.

You’re trying to figure out what makes you happy. Is it here or is it somewhere else? You may be deciding to take a step back from something in the next 8 weeks because it’s not fulfilling you like you thought it would. Saturnian energy is coming through so you are right in the middle of a karmic cycle that is trying to come to a close. You may be worried about inheritances, shared debts, taxes or some of you could be dealing with panic attacks. If you like to drink dark liquor recreationally then it’s time to cut back; it’s affecting your kidneys. A Leo or Aquarius isn’t giving you the attention that you need from them so you may decide to emotionally detach from the situation but not necessarily move on to someone else yet. A technology project or some sort of assignment at your company is emotionally draining you and you may be checking out on it by the end of the week. A big part of you just wants to say fuck it or act like you don’t care when it comes to something because you’re tired of getting your hopes up just to get let down. You may be out of the advantage position now and you’re feeling scared that the goal you had to advance to a new level may not get reached. This company or opportunity you’ve been in for at least 7-15 months isn’t the one for you as much as you’d like it to be. But you can’t move on right now but by your birthday month of next year, there will be something new offered. So just try to hang up and keep your attitude positive and you will make it through

Patience and balance should be your motto from now until September. If you have fire in your chart you may be starting back up with therapy or you are deciding to go for the first time. Communication will be heavy when it comes to children, the public, your father, or a creative project that you will launch on the internet. You are doing good at balancing your emotions at this time and a fire sign lover will be challenging you by the weekend. You want things this way and they want things another way and you’re unable to meet in the middle. Angel numbers will be very heavy in your life starting on Thursday. The biggest one that you will see will be 555 and this signifies changes coming in your work environment. But also in the 6th house, we see competitions so, you need to pull out that competitive spirit of yours if you want to be the winner. Don’t try to control your environment because that’s how things get out of control. Go with the flow and do what you do best. You may have to see a dermatologist this week because acne or some sort of spots on your skin could be getting out of control. It’s okay to be skeptical of upper management right now because they are quite unpredictable but again just focus on you and what you do best. Don’t be bullied out of your position by this person or these people in management. Their shadiness will be coming to light under a Virgo or Sagittarius moon, or they have these signs as their moon sign. An ex may be trying to find a middle ground with you to see if you guys can start over again. This person keeps insisting so you will decide to consider their offer for now. Camping or fishing may be an activity that you will do a lot of this summer or this spring. Venture outside your city and do something exciting.

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lovetarot by Bri
lovetarot by Bri
May 09, 2021

Hello what planet is connected to life path 6

Divine Faith
Divine Faith
May 09, 2021
Replying to

Hi, I didn’t realize I forgot to put it on There. It’s ruled by Venus

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