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Weekly Horoscopes May 28-June 3: The Fight to be Right

Daydreaming on a lot this week when it pertains to a love situation or a court case that has been postponed many times. You may lose jewelry or something of value this week so make sure that you double-check your pockets. You may be having an encounter with a Scorpio or cancer venus that is making things more confusing as the days go by. One minute they want to give you affection or show you love and then the next minute they are off on dating websites trying to start a new relationship. The grass may seem to look greener on the other side if you are thinking about switching careers. But you don't have all your ducks in a row before you move on to the next thing. You have to use your intuition this week when it comes to dealing with a sister or a mother who may try to short-change you on some sort of financial situation. If you are settling for an open relationship at this time, this isn't going to convince this person to marry you, so why to risk your self-respect. It's time for you to find your truth, but if you go looking for the truth, you should be prepared to receive it. May need to reconsider this fluoride toothpaste that you are using and by the weekend you be could be craving pasta. If you feel drawn to studying indigenous cultures then go ahead. Those of you that will be dealing with throat issues over the next 7 days should stock up on soup or peppermint tea so this won't be as painful. You're trying to take over the world but you're actually taking on too many projects or accepting too many offers and right now you just need to slow down.

You feel hopeful for the future after an air sign recently abandoned you for what you feel was a selfish reason or just another excuse. You will be surrounding yourself with older siblings by Tuesday or you will be reconnecting with friends that you meet in high school or at university. You may even feel pulled to go for a run, jog or walk this weekend. Don't get starstruck because you may accidentally run into someone very important in the next 7 days or 7 weeks or this person may be seeking you out for your services if you are a freelancer or a small business owner. Some of you need to take a trip to the dentist because you are having gum issues or you may be experiencing 'TMJ.' You'll be looking away quite often this week and it could because you will be going to see a scary movie or you will try to act shy toward a new love prospect. You are now on the path toward healing your emotions after this tumultuous ending and this could be a good week to finally realize your potential. If you abandoned a dream at the age of 17 or 25, you will decide to give this another go because you will feel a boost of energy out of nowhere. Careful of rug or carpet burns if you are getting a new pet or if you are playing with a child on the floor. If you lost a phone or if an electronic was stolen from your car, then it will be returned to you by the end of this week. You may be seeing pigeons, hawks, cardinals, or bluejays over the next 3 months. If you see them then you need to stop and listen to your inner voice. You may be dealing with a Capricorn, cancer, Aquarius, or someone with dirty blonde hair or highlights.

A niece, nephew, or grandchild will be reaching out to you to share some sort of milestone with you. This week you are looking to move in a new direction but you're not sure what the direction is yet. Text messages, phone calls, or written communication of all kinds will be coming to you in 3's. This communication may revolve around a hobby, test results, or something to do with your current job. There may be drama starting up in a new connection with a younger person. The arguments seem to be petty or there will be arguments involving the kids that someone has with an ex. You may be craving ice cream or anything sweet this week but be careful of the hole in your tooth or your gallbladder. You will need to capitalize off a missed opportunity from someone around you. This could be someone turning down a project or a potential client because they are already overwhelmed or they are just too lazy to take on this new thing. You also may be listening in on someone's conversation to see how they are feeling about you. Breaking your actual camera or the front-facing on your phone is likely because your hands will be sweaty or you will just be extra clumsy. If you are getting in some sort of good news you will hide this from your partner or your family because you don't want them to talk you out of this or you don't want them trying to force their opinions on you. A new baby could be coming for those of you that don't know you're pregnant or a house is about to get an extra member. This could be a family member needing to move in because of a housing issue or a roommate may have bailed on them. This isn't the week to be experimenting with different types of cheese.

This week you will be abandoning something again to either work on yourself or you are just needing a break from this. You're in a karmic cycle right now when it pertains to how you manage or how you make your money so you need to proceed with caution. Some of you may be taking an extended break from your job because of a sudden change in management or there may have been some sort of death in the family or issues dealing with your finances. You may be craving spicy food this week or you are having a sneeze attack because of too much pepper; you may waste the pepper in your spice cabinet. Dehydration issues are likey if you are a drinker or you only like to drink carbonated drinks. This week you are needing to find out what truly makes you happy if you are ready to talk a walk down the path of your spiritual journey. You may not want to walk away from a lover completely but you want to take your space to digest the conversation that may have been a little rough. Some of you could be diagnosed with diabetes or there is an ex that is dealing with some sort of health issue that will be brought to your attention by the first week of August. If you are dealing with a disability or you have a child that has a disability there will be a delay or some sort of change in benefits this week. You could get into a good book by the end of the week and it could be a self-help book or some of you may be self-publishing. Spend more time in nature and some of you have to be careful about rolling through stop signs because an officer will be in the corner ready to write you a ticket. You will be traveling with new friends starting on June 8th or you will be meeting new people over the next few weeks that will turn into lifelong friends. Be genuine about how you're feeling this week instead of saying it doesn't matter or just going silent. People cannot read your mind and they shouldn't have to; speak up! There's some spoiled milk or dairy in your fridge that needs to be thrown away. If you don't do this then you may end up drinking this without realizing the expiration date.

Getting the apology that you've been waiting on since February. This could be coming from an Air sign or a Virgo. It's time to face your truth this week if you've been lying to yourself about the nature of this connection or about the success of this career. It's better to accept the truth as opposed to continuing forward in a dead-end situation for another 11 years. You may be having issues with your feet, especially blisters on your feet. You're acting desperate for someone's affection or someone is doing this to you and this is just a rollercoaster ride at this point. You may need a ladder to fix a lightbulb or you may find yourself having to constantly call maintenance this week to fix issues that will pop up one after the other. You will be dealing with stomach issues, migraines, or headaches and Tylenol or ibuprofen may not be able to fix these. It may be time to go to the doctor as there is an underlying health issue here and it may have something to do with your cervix or uterus. A new beginning that you will try to start on the 31st will be met with delays and if you were trying to hash out a custody situation then you will be met with blockages from the other side. Careful about taking your kids to the park because of anthills or spiders that you are unable to see. The only new beginning you will have this week is that of hearing the truth and being given an apology. You're biting your nails because you're nervous, likely about not being picked for something that you've worked hard for. Well if that happens there's always next time or find something else to do.

This week a new financial opportunity will be coming to you via mail or there will be something that turns up unexpectedly in your bank account on Monday or Wednesday Morning. For some this may be backpay or this could be money from a loan that you applied for but never heard anything back. You will have a lucky streak this week when it comes to your finances. If you are wanting to venture into the field of beauty, science, agriculture, or herbs then you could grab success from these fields by October. You will be fixing up your image or doing something to the interior of your home. Interior decorating will be high on your list this week and you may be doing this because you are preparing for visitors or you are just not vibing with these colors anymore. With the number 1 energy coming through this can be a good week for Virgo placements that are also life path 1's or 11's. You may feel inventive this week and could invent something that may be good for those in the beauty or medical industry. If you are single then you will be meeting a businessman or woman this week that will peak your interest but they won't have much time for a relationship. So this may be a one-time sexual encounter and that will be it. Whatever you are doing or working on this week will be increasing your finances over the next year. Someone may be stealing your idea or someone could be stealing your lunch if you are putting it in the breakroom at work. Even though money is coming through you may be susceptible to people trying to take from you as well. So the best thing you can do this week is to lay low and don't start blabbing all over the damn place about what you have. If you are dealing with a Gemini and you are letting them back into your energy they will be ghosting you by the month of July so don't get your emotions involved again.

The ending that you've been expecting will be happening come Friday or Wednesday of next week. Don't fall asleep with gum or some sort of sticky candy in your mouth or you'll be cutting your hair by that next morning. You will be feeling left out in the cold because something that was promised to you will be being returned back to the sender or you may be feeling insulted by a person in upper management. Cramps will be heavy for those of you knocking on the door of mother nature but also you may be overwhelmed with emotions because of a conversation. Interactions with lovers, in-laws, or with a father may get heated if you are trying to heal things in the past that you feel they need to apologize for. You may deal with a loss of electricity or internet connection this week. Things with a company are hanging on by a thread this week and for some, your position may be in jeopardy. I'm getting something tied to forclosure or some of you may be dealing with an unexpected expense because you didn't get the bill or you just never opened it. A friend that you've had for some time may be having a breakdown and they make take this out on you by revealing something to the public or they may just decide to cut the friendship off without warning. This may even be the godparent to your child if they are younger than three years old. If you are having company this weekend you will be disappointed by the interaction you will have. Some of you need to work on gaining weight because sadness or depression could be dropping pounds quickly. The truth is you may realize you really don't have any friends, more so posers that have been surrounding you because they want what you have. The good thing is this will finally push you toward the new beginning that you've been asking for.

You are traveling this week and this could be long-distance travel. Some of you are trying to make the trip to see a lover at a distance. If you are dealing with a cancer then there will be more distance created between you and this person over the next 7 months. You both don't know how to resolve your issues with one another without it turning into a yelling match or without it turning into one of you threatening to leave. So instead of this cycle this continuing this person may decide to be the one to pull away from this connection. News will be coming in if you are dealing with a legal situation and this may get moved to another district or a different judge will be presiding over this. So this entire process may have to start over again. Make sure that any form of communication you get in this week, you are using your intuition as well. It will be easy to swindle you this week because you are feeling a bit emotional about things in your personal life. Potholes on the road will be a nuisance this week so make sure that you are avoiding them as best you can because if not you'll have to get a new rim. Also, check your tires before you travel you may have a slow leak which will end up being a flat tire. There will be times this week where you will have issues getting someone on the phone if you are calling a business or someone that you are attached to maybe letting the phone ring without answering it. This is the final curtain call for some of you dealing with other water signs and the connection has been on the rocks for a long period of time. You no longer want to deal with this person and their disrespect and some of you have a baby with this person so you will prepare to raise this child on your own. If you have Aquarius or Libra in your chart you will have trouble reaching that recognition or notoriety that you crave so much. In this lifetime your mission is something else.

Something is missing and you don't know what. You will be feeling empty or out of energy to get your work done in the next 5 days. You may be thinking about breaking up with this earth sign person that is dealing with some sort of health or financial issue. Communication will not go well this week so you may need to wait until next Thursday if you want to have a serious conversation with someone. If you just recently broke up with someone you will be picking up the pieces of scraps that were left behind by this person. Creativity will be a struggle this week as well because you will feel that your brain is just foggy or there are mental blockages. The words or how the creative juices used to flow back at the beginning of this month, just aren't coming through like they used to. An earth sign friend will be by your side this week if you are needing someone to help you get through this. If you are trying to turn a hobby into a career then you may struggle this week with the confidence you need to push through despite the negativity. So if you're feeling a little insecure this week then it's all a part of the process and you will start to feel better at the end of the first week of June. Some of you may need a privacy fence if you've been dealing with constant issues with neighbors. You also may be urging an ex to give you back something that you let them borrow or you could be petty and take back a gift that you got for them. If you are dealing with a Leo, then you may uncover some sort of financial situation that they've been hiding from you. Don't gamble this week because you will lose big time.

You will be buried in work this week, especially if you took last week or the weekend off to have some fun. If you've been wondering when work will pick up then starting this Sunday or Monday things will start to progress more up until the 17th of August. Don't avoid the facts this week and some of you need to settle paying your state taxes or sales taxes for your car before it gets out of hand. You will be in the mood to write this week so you could be going to get a new journal or you may decide to write short stories on your phone or computer. You will be able to settle any debts that you have this week by getting on a payment plan or some of you will get lucky and debt will be cleared without you having to pay it back. You may start to become interested in a neighbor who just moved in your neighborhood or this could be into the empty office next to you at work. Again, don't ignore the facts this week when it comes to certain situations. If you are looking to be promoted then you will be speaking with your boss in the next two weeks and he will be putting you on a trial period for 8 months before they offer you a promotion. This is a good week to strike a deal with anybody when it comes to getting what you want. Wherever you're working right now, you will likely stay there for at least another 3 years before you move on to something else. There will be confirmation coming through this week about your education, your car, inheritance, or purchasing a home. It's a good first step so keep moving in this direction. Money will be stable and it will start to multiply sooner rather than later. Just keep the positive attitude you have and things will work out in your favor. This mentor in your life, allow yourself to receive all their advice because it will benefit you by 2022.

You are about your business this week. You will want to have fun this week instead of taking things so seriously but you also may find yourself being a little bit too chatty for your friends, partner, or for the people you work with. You may be interested in fostering a dog if you are visiting the pet store or you may find yourself being a dog sitter for your sister or best friend. Watch your temper this week because it will be too easy for people to get under your skin. Your energy will be infectious and you may get the praise of a boss by the end of the week. If you paint, sew or draw, you will be coming up with some new designs this week or you will finally gather up the courage to put your creativity out there for the world to see. Start a garden if you are able to and someone with the name Veronica or with the initial T will play a significant role in your life this week. You may have a successful business venture on your hands if you are thinking of buying the product or launching it this week so go with that gut feeling. If you are dealing with another fire sign this week then this person will be showing more appreciation toward you. If you are single then you will meet this fire sign person in the supermarket, concert, by water, or through an extended family member. This week you also will have the guts to leave behind any situation that you are feeling underappreciated in and you will be happy that you did. You will be able to easily leave your imprint wherever you go at this time and it will help you in the future because people who are already successful will be more willing to lend you a helping hand. Don't burn any bridges at this time because you will regret it later on.

You are feeling nostalgic this week when it comes to love. You will be tempted to hit up someone from your past just so you can have some comfort. You may be thinking on a Scorpio, Virgo moon, or venus that you feel you didn't give a fair chance to. For the most part, your soul is happy to be back home. You are slowly starting to get back to your old self and this could be because of therapy or there could be someone in your life who is helping you to get balance. You will be getting communication about your old job in which you will have the option to either go back or go in a different direction. If you try to get back with your past you may become jealous or envious that this person has already moved on or they are showing off their new love interest to their social media. It's a good week to get back into a routine instead of constantly going through life with no discipline or structure. Businesses tied to clothing, health, research, cosmetics may be coming to an end this week because you don't have the finances you need to carry on another 5 months with no profit. A fire sign manager may be sabotaging your chances of a promotion by giving harsh critic that is likely unnecessary. Your attitude or inferiority complex won't help you here this week so it's best to put your pride to the side. You will likely be ending something in your life this week that was a childhood dream of yours but now you realize that there are more and better things outside of this career, city, or hobby. Some of you will choose to walk the path of being a healer, therapist, psychologist, English teacher, or even a priest. If you are feeling led to do it then don't be afraid to take the leap. If you are thinking about going back to school you likely won't complete it this time either, so it's best to accept his before you spend any more money. As promising as it may be, you and your ex still won't make it to the end if you decide to reconcile things with them.

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