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May 27, 2021 Transits

Prepare for a LONG void moon period. The void moon will happen from 1:35p to 10:23p at which the moon will then enter into the sign of Capricorn. Get your errands done early

Moon opposite Venus 10:43a: don’t get too excited just yet with this new love. Today’s googly eyes will turn into tomorrow’s nightmare. Best to wait until tomorrow to decide on matters of the heart

Moon square Neptune 11:06a: Avoid long-term commitments. Cutting off a third-party situation or emotional entanglement. Someone could give you the wrong directions on purpose.

Venus square Neptune 3:25p: The numbers aren't clear. Don't invest your money into this because you aren't confident in the end result. Be careful about over-indulging in sweets, alcohol, or cannabis. Not the time to dwell on what you don't have.

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