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Weekly Horoscopes May 21-27: The Price of Freedom

Loneliness is happening when you've had to turn your back on someone or something that you depended on for the last 9-18 months or as far back as 9 years. This week you will be having issues finishing assignments, collaborating with strangers, or dealing with the untimely health issue of your grandmother or mother. Some of you may have to make an unexpected trip back home. But in the back of your mind, you will also be wondering about how someone feels about you. Your confidence may take a hit this week and you may be constantly touching your stomach or face trying to see what is happening here. Packages will be lost in the mail or some of you with earth placements may be applying to a packaging or shipping company to help make ends meet. Business meetings may come to a pointless end after you try to negotiate or lay your demands on the table. Who's not listening to you? Why is it that this person or parent embarrasses you in front of family or friends because you aren't as accomplished as they would like you to be? This is a trying time for you right now and the extra layer of skin that you put on when you went off to college, broke up with that Virgo, or distanced yourself from your family, is starting to peel off. So where do you go from here? There won't be much change or growth in any direction this week so it may be best for you to stand still. Your focus/attention is turned to the past because you just need someone In your corner right now. But this is a battle that you will have to see through on your own. Issues with hair follicles or loss of hair. Some of you will have to take a drug test in the next month and it will be best for you to stop your consumption of weed right now if you are wanting this nice paying job. If you want to escape, escape through learning or reading instead of indulging in your ex's or a new person's bed.

You're in a waiting game. You may be waiting for someone to pop the question or even ask you to move in. Money will be exchanging hands this week but make sure that you are getting what you paid for or make sure that you're getting something period. It's a highly likely time for scammers or buying into investments that stand behind a smokescreen. There won't be many changes or moving parts happening this week on the outside, but you may feel that you are transforming on the inside. You may be triggered by a Pisces or this Jupiter is Pisces transit may have you questioning people's motives. You've been waiting to hear about a decision that will still be hanging in the wind and may get postponed out for another 3 weeks or 3 months. Some of you who have been prescribed some sort of medication may feel rebellious about this and will decide to stop taking it altogether or take a break until August. By the end of the week, you will feel pulled to want to be more a part of servicing humanity by starting some sort of charity or volunteering at an organization. You want to get involved because you feel unacknowledged but not just by the world but also by your patterns; doesn't matter if you're single or in a relationship. You are looking for something in your partners that you are struggling to deliver within yourself, freedom. Your partner becomes your world because you felt robbed of this when you were younger or a dream you had come crashing down and you have been unable to find a new identity outside of that. This week you may find peace in starting a garden, baking, building things from scratch, or even speaking your mind to someone who let you down. You're coming into a new identity within yourself and you're either happy with this or you know something needs to change.

You'll want to spend a lot of time outside and this may even lead you to decorate your balcony or finally cleaning up your backyard. Angel numbers will be coming in fast and more frequently by Sunday or Tuesday. 444 and 333 could be the ones that you see the most. You may want to rethink some sort of trip that you have planned for next week because things may take a turn. Graduations are coming up and this is either for you, a sibling, or some sort of distant relative. You're also in a very fertile time and you may be pregnant or you will be presenting something new to the world in a matter of 4 months. This could be a business, a project, a management position that deals in the health/medical field. But there are those tired eyes of yours that are showing up in every picture. You need to find a way to rest instead of worrying about everything little thing that isn't under your control. Physical therapy may be your remedy for some sort of back or leg problem and I am getting a tingly sensation in your right thigh. This may be nerve damage or again this wraps around to your lower back. Find a better position to sit in or if you are sitting at a desk for more than 3-4 hours at a time you need to stretch or walk around as much as you can. Time to actually read those books you bought but never opened. Those of you dealing with court cases or legal counsel will find a sense of reprieve this week when you will be getting some good news via text message. Also if you are doing any sort of work in the backyard then make sure that you watch out for ant hills or wasps because I'm seeing a lot of them. How many chances are too many when it comes to this Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo person. Is this relationship only for research purposes because that's how one of you is treating it. No time for the games.

A lot of activity happening for you this week when it comes to your career. Text messages and phone calls of all kinds will be coming to you as people will be reaching out for your opinion on topics or they are reaching out to work with you. You may be surrounded by younger people at this time and looked to as some kind of mentor. Don't shy away from this position as some of you struggle with anxiety or nervousness when eyes are focused on you. There may be drama surrounding a younger fire sign child or this may have something to do with a niece or nephew. I'm hearing a congratulatory coming via a phone call from a distant relative or someone that you haven't spoken to in a while who will be hitting you up on social media to give you praise on something that you have recently accomplished. Even though you still look for direction and confirmation if you are in the right direction, for this week you will try to enjoy this bit of recognition while you can. Pregnancy is highlighted for those of you that are dealing with a fire sign and you just had a baby 1-2 years ago. You may feel challenged by your partner or by potential love interests this week. They may be questioning you about your past or they may be catching you in a lie or calling you on your bluff. Donations are likely this week if you are trying to set up a go fund me or you need some extra help when it comes to moving houses. You may be signing up for a mortgage or getting involved in some sort of first-time homebuyers program. May be time to put your child into a different daycare or switch school districts if they aren't catching on to the curriculum. Love will be a bit unstable this week but there are opportunities for growth and to have fun. If you are single then a younger fire sign person will be reaching out to you.

Things will start to ease up a bit if you've been having issues with children, debt, investments, or creative blocks. You will want to spend a lot of time outside and you may feel called to be closer to the water. A trip to the beach or to a warmer place is coming up for you during your birthday month. I'm actually hearing that some of you will be jetting off to Miami Beach or Miramar, FL. Those of you that have been struggling to find a job or stable employment will be hearing back from 2 different companies between now and the 19th of June. You could be visiting home this week if you have a younger fire sign child in another state. Playful energy is surrounding you and some of you should pay more attention to your inner child. It may be a good idea to take a trip to the amusement park or even go fishing like you used to do with your dad or grandfather when you were little. By the end of the week or this upcoming weekend, you may feel the warmth because the spotlight will be on you if you are an artist, in the field of entertainment or you are involved with organizations that deal with children or education. Some of you may find great success in teaching children or people that are younger than you because you're still a child at heart. Stay away from sushi or food that is orange in color and I see colon issues or some sort of food poisoning happening and it will be a nice weekend to barbeque. There will be ample opportunities for you to try new things this week or for you to send out your resume to other places. The big Yes!, card came through for you this weekend so some sort of victory that you've been waiting on since 2019 or since you were 19 will be coming through for you. Your happiness may be found through somebody's else success this week if you aren't the one getting the opportunity. I predicate a change in status is coming for some of you because of who you are married to, dating, friends with, or this new company you will get hired at. Head up, there will be plenty for you to smile about soon.

Party, gatherings, or invitations being sent out this week for some sort of celebration. You may have a younger sibling or younger relative that you are close to who are either getting married or they are graduating from high school. This will be a time where you are reuniting or running into people from your childhood. I'm definitely seeing someone raise a diploma in the air so graduations are coming. This week you may over-indulge in wine or you may find yourself over-sleeping your alarm because you stayed out too late. You will be working with a large group of people between now and August 9 or there will be a group project at work that will need to be completed by you and two other people before your boss or manager comes back from leave. Don't be surprised if you find yourself dealing with people projections or people are throwing their insecurities off toward you on social media or through email. There will be a rise in popularity over the next 3 weeks and you will need to stay grounded and remain humble and grateful through it all. I'm picking up people's nastiness coming at you and it's a sibling or best friend instead of strangers. If you have reconciled with someone or answered their phone call over the last 1-2 weeks then you and this person will be going out on a date or there could be up to two-night caps (spending the night at their place) this week. This reconciliation may end up being one where you guys just slept with one another instead of trying to make a serious commitment out of this so it would be wise to not get your feelings all the way involved. Those of you in the military could be hearing news about deployment or transfers by the end of the month. I'm also smelling chocolates and a lot of sweets and those of you that are going through an emotional time will be healing with sweets, movies, coke, and blankets. Watch for digestion issues if you are doing this. If you are a new mom then it will be good to find a mommy support group but also may be time to consider therapy.

You'll be in your head a lot this week over some sort of mistake you made or something that you said while you were angry. If you sent out your info to a school for acceptance then I'm getting a decline letter being sent back but also there will be issues with your bed. Migraines and headaches are likely and if you are getting them too frequently then you are missing some sort of vitamin or nutrient from your diet. Some of you may be experiencing weight loss or weight gain that may be alarming especially if you are heading to the doctor this week for a check-up. You may be missing a Gemini or someone who used to keep you warm at night but now they aren't picking up the phone. Right now you're also questioning your life purpose. If you normally take pictures or are normally open to photography then this week you won't want to show your face because of some sort of breakout or there is something going on with your teeth. A weighted blanket may do some good for those of you that struggle with anemia. Some of you are having issues with your pH balance and you need to get that checked out. Last-minute changes may delay travel until June 5. For those of you that are dealing with another Libra, Gemini, or Leo, this connection is going in the wrong direction. The arrow is pointing backward and disappointment will be setting in when you find out how this person really feels about you after you go through their phone in the next two weeks. A sibling or lover may comment on your weight in front of people which will make you feel embarrassed but make sure you're not getting embarrassed because of a third-party situation. There's so much heartbreak in this connection for some of you, how can you even sleep at night knowing that your enemy is laying right next to you. A change needs to happen sooner rather than later.

Still waiting for a response about a home or an application you just submitted. You may be feeling cramped over the next few months because someone may have to move in because you are their last resort. This could be a sibling or it may be a friend that you've had since your childhood. For others of you in connections, this may be someone's aunt or relative that may need to stay awhile. So you may feel that you are losing your mind for the time being because you need your space, but it seems it will last until March of 2022. You may be sending out subliminal via the internet to see if your ex notices because you miss them or you miss the phone you guys used to have. If you want to reach out to them then get it out the way so that you can stop thinking about it. Some of you didn't get the closure you were looking for and during Gemini season you will want answers. Careful about texting the wrong person or sending a picture to the wrong person or else you'll end up wanting to hide away by the end of the week. Something will need to get canceled by the end of the week and it could be a check, credit cards, or phone. You are prone to misplacing things of value this week but also be careful about what you are washing your face with. There may be a breakout coming three days after you use this product. If you're dealing with an Aries or Gemini then this person may still be saying that they don't know about this connection or they will be justifying why they are cold and shut down. Mail coming in regarding taxes or some sort of bill that you forgot to take care of back in February or March of this year. By the end of this week, you may be rushing or you will lack the patience to wait for the results on something meant to make you money. This will lead to you being impulsive and leaving before it's your time and this new beginning that's a little delayed will be gone completely if you jump ship. So be patient. And no you're not crazy for having dreams about your ex, the cycle is trying to close out.

Feeling trapped or chained to a situation that you said you would leave by the beginning of this year. But here you are again starting over on this to give it another go. You don't want to be controlled and you may feel this week that someone is bossing you around too much or treating you like you are a child so you will rebel against them likely on social media. You're in a period where you are trying to figure out your true identity besides the one that you show on social media. You may feel that when you're showing your true self no one seems to care but as soon as you become someone else then you're getting the response that you were looking for. If you've been holding off on getting a new computer or new electronics then this would be a good week to purchase before mercury goes retrograde on the 28th. There will be something new that you will start this week that will give you overnight success if you are getting into the field of writing, producing, composing, organizing, research, or even spirituality. Who knows, you may even create some sort of new platform. Your mindset of lack or feeling not good enough is going to have to go if you intend to make more progress in the world. You will have a successful encounter with a Virgo this week that will be beneficial for your pockets. Some of you are meeting someone in secret because you don't want to deal with the backlash and this may even be someone who is off-limits. Meaning they aren't truly single. You may be mourning the breakup of someone that you may not have really ever been with. At least one of you guys didn't see this as a relationship and it's showing up that way energetically speaking that this wasn't really much of a connection. So now it's time to move on and focus on yourself for a bit and some of you will be to yourself until after September and a Aquarius, Gemini, or other Virgo will be trying to date you. Time to pack up some of those old clothes and donate them to charity instead of them sitting in your closet collecting dust.

Take this week to heal from any injuries that you've gotten over the last 17 days. Some of you may be working on losing weight so that you can get some sort of surgery or there is someone around you who is trying to get a gastric bypass. You will be getting clarity on this burning question that's been on your mind since last Friday. A part of you may feel like giving up or throwing in the towel on something you've been working on. You may feel you keep making mistakes with this or it's just not growing how you would like it to. The person who did you wrong will be coming toward you with an apology however, your ears may be shut off when listening to this. You may not feel that this person is sincere because their actions show you otherwise. Stop using filters on your pictures for a while and see how that will change things. Some of you are dimming your own light by trying to hide all your imperfections. If you've been dealing with inheritance issues or issues around receiving some sort of back pay then you will be getting good news about this on the 29th or 31st of this month. If you are waiting on disability then I do see for some that it will be getting approved. There is travel coming up in June that will be life-changing for you but you're struggling to see the bigger picture because this situation can be unpredictable sometimes. Interviews will go well if you are planning to move to another city or another state in the next 6-16 months. Go ahead and take a chance on this because it will work out in your favor if you've been feeling left out in a company or a group that you're working with. The success you will have will be so great in another field or career. Definitely acting, journalism, flight attendant, technology, sales, or even working in a call center will bring great returns sooner than you think if you take the leap. Rebuilding is tough, yes, but it's time. You can't keep pretending that this isn't happening.

Good week ahead for you. There will be lots of fun, laughter and joyous occasions happening for at least the next two weeks. If you've been tussling with the idea of going back to school for physical therapy, occupational therapy or nursing then have no fear, you will get in. A manifestation of yours that you wrote down at the beginning of this month will be coming true and it has to do with a car, a flight, or something with a bow attached to it. A good week for you to start meditation, yoga, or study to become some sort of healer. You have a successful business idea on your mind or if you already have a business it is successful despite you not seeing a lot of growth right now. The growth will come toward the end of August or September, you just have to hang on. But if you are doing some sort of temp work right now, your energy is being pulled toward this new project but once this temporary situation is done things will start to pick up more in your business or other endeavors. If you are dealing with a Cancer o Virgo and this person hasn't told you they love you or how they feel about you then this week they will be finally letting their guard down so don't be so shut down because it didn't happen when you wanted it to. It's happening now so don't poke your lip out. A good financial week as well because the money that you are looking for will be coming to you by surprise or if you plan to go and secure a loan to help you out for the next nine months, then you will have success with this. You will be the successful woman or man that you've always wanted to be and this will come with a lot of power and responsibility, but for now, you have to enjoy life and be patient. Your angels want you to rest and not worry about it. They know where to guide you, you just have to trust in them more. The success you're looking for won't come until your 28, 32, 38, 45, 47, 59, or 62.

A fire sign will be trying to teach you a lesson this week if you've been ignoring them. If you decide to finally reach out to this person or answer their phone call then they will act petty toward you for up to seven days. If you are planning to take a test this week then you may miss the mark by 8 or 9 points. Watch for distracted drivers if you are only going around the corner from your house. Traffic may also be heavy this week so make sure that you leave early. There's likely a lot of construction going on so watch out for that. If you want to ask for a raise then this week your boss or company will be more open to hearing you out. Or even if you are negotiating pay for a new position, this still can work out in your favor. There will be fights or arguments in your relationships or you may be still trying to battle it out in court with an ex. Most of the tension happening is over family issues or emotions. On the business side of things, if you have Leo as your moon or you are an Aquarius rising, you may find luck with becoming some sort of influencer or collaborating with different people in your community. Going vegan or pescatarian is likely by July and this will be a good time for you to lose weight if you've been struggling recently. No need to argue about marriage or a deeper commitment because you won't be getting it from this person any time soon. Some of you may have gotten caught up in a fling with a friend or just a temporary situation and you and this person can't stop going back and forth with one another. One person has caught feelings and wants to make this into a long-term commitment and the other person just wants to find a way to move on from their ex. Don't emotionally spend this week because you'll need your savings by the end of next week.

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