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Weekly Horoscopes March 6-12: Detachment

you may be doing something tied to property value within the next four or 11 days. Some of you are in the process of finalizing your divorce from a libra Gemini Virgo or cancer. This week you will be having balance restored into your life and when it pertains to relationships it’s best not to rush. Especially if you just met someone new the energy here is saying that this may not necessarily be the one so it’s best to slow down and not cut off all your other options. If you’re in separation with someone right now it looks like this person still doesn’t want to talk so you may need to save your conversation for another time. If you are caught up in traffic court, child custody situation, or anything tied to the legal system it does feel that it may go through another delay or another continuance. It may be a good week for fishing, swimming, or anything tied to the water. Being close to or near the water will be good for you anyway. Also, you may be getting closer to a sibling whether this is younger or older. You also may be interested in studying Greek or Roman literature or architecture.

you could go on a venture this week with a water sign. And it may be more than an adventure, you actually may be getting closer to this person. I’m hearing the name David or someone with the letter D. Now an offer of love will be coming in from this person after the dust settles from last week. It feels like someone will be trying to get back in your good graces so be prepared for unexpected gifts or even bribes. Short-distance travel is likely on Tuesday or Thursday of this week. Also, make sure that you aren’t leaving your jewelry behind if you are going to the gym. Now even though you’ll be offering a cup or receiving an offer of love, you’ll be looking for someone new. You’re in the energy of a hopeless romantic so you have to be careful. Because right now you just want to be loved, cared for, and appreciated so that may cause you to put on blinders and possibly accept any old thing. You also feel inspired by buildings, or architecture this week and if you are some sort of artist you could be starting on some sort of new project. But for the most part, you are moving in the right direction when it pertains to your path so keep moving forward and don’t look back. Also, a boss or coworker may be inviting you out for lunch, you should take the invitation because you need to get to know new people.

you will have a smile on your face the majority of this week. You could be dealing with a Pisces at a distance and you and this person may be having a FaceTime date or doing something via video chat. Some sort of small wish fulfillment will be coming to pass for you this week. Make sure that you are mindful of shellfish because some of you are allergic. You also may be feeling pulled to play some sort of game or to maybe even go to the casino to gamble. I do see you having some small luck if you decide to take this step this week. Also, you may need to get a tutor or some sort of speech therapist for your child. You also could go out to a jazz restaurant, a lounge or some sort of bar. Here you can meet someone interesting if you’re single but make sure you just allow yourself to enjoy the moment instead of trying to think about changing your last name. You also may be thinking about getting braces or doing something with your teeth. Also, you could be getting approved for a house this week or you could be redecorating the current one that you’re in. The weather may change unexpectedly so be prepared to bundle up again because it could get pretty cold. And make sure that if you have any reptiles for pets that there are no holes in their cages and that their tanks are closed

You may find yourself exhausted for the majority of the week. Time may not be on your side as you have a lot of things that are on your plate. Now if you’re dealing with an air sign this person could be pushing you away or they are trying to force an answer out of you. And if this person won’t stop poking, you will be preparing yourself for battle and attacking them back. But before you go there make sure that you are up to deal with the consequences for whatever you do. The arguments may be happening because you want this person to change and they want you to do the same. Right now the both of you aren't able to meet in the middle and you may be dealing with a Leo as well. Things may be seeming a little rough if you have kids under five or 15, it feels like you just can’t catch a break. So you’ll be reaching out to a father or some sort of authority figure to see if they can take them for two days. Unfortunately, they’re only able to do it for a day but just take what you can get. It’s likely that after this argument this person will be doing damage control again to see if you will be accepting them back. But how much more of this can you go through?. I wouldn’t be surprised if this situation is giving you headaches or migraines and causing sleepless nights. It may be time to cut the cord. You won’t feel very creative this week so don’t force it if it’s not coming out naturally. Also if you are separated from the parent of your child there will be some difficulties in communication or trying to get this person to be more involved.

Rushing back in to try and talk to an air sign person one more time or this person could be doing this to you. Be careful of fabricated stories or fabricating things against people. This will backfire and definitely not in a good way. If you are in the military then you may be getting some sort of new assignment before the week is over or if you know someone who is in the military then you may be hearing about their deployment.

If you have to take a test this week then you may freeze up in the middle of doing it so you actually may have to take it again in the next 12 or 18 days. You also may have to get some work done on your car because I’m hearing something tied to a mechanic. Now if you were trying to travel long distance it may be best to get a rental if you don't want to put that many miles on your car. I see you trading in your car soon so it may be best to not overdo it on the mileage. You’ll also be tempted to constantly go through the drive-through this week when it comes to fast food. Now make sure that you get in more salmon or omega-3 foods because there is an iron deficiency that could be coming up. You also may notice angel numbers on billboards so write down the ones that you come across and do your research on what they mean later on because there’s a message there.

you may be feeling pretty lethargic this week and it could definitely be because of something that you ate. If you are a fan of crawfish, shrimp, or lobster that could be contributing to the queasy feeling that you’ll be having. Now you also may be worried that someone is keeping a secret from you and this could be a water sign. Maybe you’ve been having bad dreams about this person for the last four weeks or for the last two days. You want to confront this person to see if what you feel is true however you will take a step back and just keep it to yourself. You also could be having some issues with your eyesight during this week especially if you have to drive at night. So if you wear glasses make sure that you don’t leave them at home because you’ll need them. You also may be thinking about purchasing a rosary or purchasing some sort of spiritual products, I’m getting crystals. You may not be feeling very protected energetically speaking these last few weeks but it feels like you just need to cleanse. So you could sage, Himalayan salt bath, or you could even light a white candle and pray. some of you may be traveling by yourself to meet someone at a long distance but you’re not feeling very positive about the trip. And because of this you really need to take a step back, trust your intuition and go with your gut instinct. If it doesn’t feel right then don’t move forward with it. Also, you may need to go to the dentist because I’m actually getting that there may be issues with wisdom teeth or there may be a gingivitis issue

You’ll be juggling a lot this week so you may feel like you barely have enough time for yourself. Some of you are trying to pay off some sort of debt or you’re trying to get your finances back in order. You will feel tempted to buy something new that may be quite expensive however you are fearful of giving up the money. So you’ll think about this purchase all week or even for the next two weeks. In the end, I feel like you’ll decide to invest your money into stocks, bonds, or crypto instead. You may be going back-and-forth with an earth sign person trying to figure out where their head is at when it comes to you guys' connection. But the thing is that this person chooses not to answer because they see you as somewhat of a possession so they don’t feel like you’re going anywhere, And they may be right. You may just be asking this person questions just to test them to see what their answer is going to be but they’re not going to fall for the trap. Some of you may be wanting to pick up a second job so that you can have more income or if you haven’t found a job yet you may have to go another two months before you find anything. Now also for the time being you may be studying something new pertaining to finance or some of you may be applying for scholarships or grants because you want to go back to school to finish out your degree or to get your master's. This probably has nothing to do with you specifically but I feel like a category five hurricane is coming soon. It’s not a good week to buy artwork for your apartment or house because you’ll be spending too much money.

You’ll be acting more like an air sign this week. So you may be more demanding or you may be more detached when it comes to emotions or your career. You may even be cutting somebody off by the end of the week because you feel disconnected or the situation isn’t transforming enough. It feels like you may be keeping tabs on someone or someone is keeping tabs on you. We have two stubborn energies trying to make something happen here and it's just not working which could be why you decide to cut the cord. The both of you are just so hurt by what the other person has done you don’t know how to move forward and put the past behind you. And some of you, this person is actually your mother. It feels like no matter how much you try to have a good relationship with her, she comes across as uncaring or she’s not really interested in your life. You may be having some issues with a woman who works in the front office at your company. She may be being pushy when it comes to you turning in paperwork or providing some sort of information that she needs. Some of you, this person at the front office is actually at a doctor‘s office and because of this, you may end up dropping this doctor and going to someone else. they aren’t making you feel comfortable. Shoulder, knee, or neck pain will be happening often on over the next four days. There isn’t a lot going on for you this week so if you were hoping to hear back about an opportunity or if you were hoping to get somewhere in a relationship I don’t think it’s going to happen.

You may find it hard to stay awake during this week or for at least the next 12 days. It doesn’t really feel like you’re getting much sleep as you worry about endings and new beginnings. If you’ve been having financial difficulties someone will be coming through to offer you a new opportunity or to make a suggestion for a new company that you can apply to. If you work in an electric company or in a company that deals with energy or a power plant, something could be getting put on pause during this week. The point of you having no movement this week is for you to really think if this is truly the direction you want to go in. Some of you are worried about a connection because this person has turned inward and they’re not giving you much attention however, this person is dealing with personal issues. So is not like they’re planning to leave today, they just want to take a step back and figure out things on their own. Some of you could be taking a pet to the vet to get microchipped or you’re going to get this pet registered. Wouldn’t be surprised if in the next 12 months or 12 years you may take a step into the field of dog breeding. Also, a relative or someone who is handicapped could be coming to visit you during this week so make sure that your house is accessible for them. Also, I’m seeing some sort of illness that you’ve been dealing with since 2012 or 2014, this week you may be having a flare-up so it’s best to go to the doctor. Also, make sure that you are watching what you eat because you may get to a public place and have a hard time controlling your bowels. I think you may be lactose intolerant or there is some sort of food that now as you get older you’re becoming very sensitive to, so just be careful. Singles, I don’t see any new love coming in for you this week so it looks like you’ll just be to yourself and likely watching a lot of movies.

You’ll be having more feelings for a water sign person this week. For some of you, this may be a crush that you’ve had for some time or if you’re already dealing with this person then a renewal of love could be happening. Now you’ll be quite empathetic and sympathetic this week so don’t be surprised if you find yourself being emotional about a lot of things. For the most part, this sensitivity of yours isn’t a bad thing, it will allow you to grow closer to someone that you’ve been having a rough time with. But the thing is you shouldn't give over your cup to this person until they can offer you something substantial first. Also is not the best idea to spend lump sums of money this week as you need to save especially for the month of April. Also, watch out for dehydration and watch out for drinking expired liquids. Some of you may be thinking about taking a cooking class or you could be watching a lot of YouTube videos on this topic. I’m also picking up the name Angelica, Angela, or someone with the initial A and they will play a role in your life during this week. You also could be confronting someone that you’ve been afraid of telling your true feelings. Either way, you should go out on a limb and say how you feel that way regardless of what happens you got it off your chest. And this person may respond in a more positive way than what you think so it looks like it’s worth giving it a chance. Again I pick up a water sign but it could be any sign. You also have a lot of people this week wanting to do things for you so make sure that you take the compliments and make sure that you take the help. You also may have a little bit of a sore throat or a cold so make sure that you stock up on soup before Tuesday. The numbers 14, nine or 11 will play a role in your life this week.

well, you may have a feeling of why am I here. And it looks like you’re asking this question when it pertains to how you make money or your job. Some of you may be unemployed right now and you’re trying to find a new opportunity or you’re in a job however you’re not getting paid your due diligence. Now right now is not the time to make long-term decisions because you don’t have enough information. You also will be in the mood for breakfast food quite a bit during this week. Also make sure if you are taking your charger, headphones, or any sort of electronic accessory that you get it before you leave this place or you may not see it again. Also, it is a possibility that you may lose your keys in the next seven, 15, or 72 hours. You also may have some difficulties growing your hair or there are some thinning issues possibly around your hairline. But the best thing you can do this week is to be patient. I know you’re ready to embark on a new beginning and you’re ready to have something more fulfilling in your life however you’re just not at that point yet. And before you go making rapid decisions you need to think it through. What if you make a wrong turn by rushing toward a new path? Also, there may be some confusion or maybe indecisiveness when it pertains to a relationship. You won’t know where you stand in this person‘s life because they’ve shut down and they’ve decided not to talk. Or this person just spends the majority of their time at their job so it feels like it’s not really much of a relationship anymore. Now if there is someone that you have your eyes on, you may be watching this person from afar this week to see how you can approach them. But your indecisiveness will likely keep you from speaking out or letting this person know how you feel so with that being said you may decide to move on or leave this person behind by the end of the week. Also, a company may not be wanting to pay you the salary that you’re asking for if you are going for an interview so make sure that you have a second option

Wheel of fortune, so the wheel is turning in your favor this week. The best thing you can do is learn to go with the flow. The elements of the universe will be balancing themselves out when it pertains to your life. Now some of you may even get some sort of an offer from an ex to try to fix things up however you still don’t trust this person. You may even feel that they have ulterior motives and you never know with them. With you being on this new path or really being in touch with your destiny you’ll still be questioning yourself quite a bit this week. Some of you may even have some difficulties in communicating especially if you have to present a project to your superiors or you have to work on a project with other team members. You’re overthinking or your anxiety could be getting in the way. Now if you are being rejected by an air sign don’t overreact, take it for what it is and move on. The reason why they’re rejecting you is that they are leaning more toward the third party. You don’t have any control over the situation so don’t try to force it, but it looks like the universe is saving you from a headache. So don’t think that you are making the wrong decision by deciding to leave something behind. Because eight days or nine days after you leave this thing, there will be an exciting new opportunity that will come into you. Looks like this week, even if you’re single, it’s a good time for you to meet a soulmate or the soulmate that you’ve been looking for however, you have to keep an open mind. Also, make sure that you are not hanging around a group of people of nine or more because it is a high chance that you may catch Covid this week so make sure that you are careful. If you work in a hospital there may be a leak in the air conditioner or something is wrong with the air conditioner or there may be an issue dealing with the pipes. Unexpected travel will be happening for you starting this week and ending in the month of August

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