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Weekly Horoscopes February 17-24

fear may be the topic of your week when it comes to a woman, an older child, a nephew. This situation will be keeping you up late at night. This person has either cut off the communication without a reason or they’ve recently been showing some troubling mental health signs. You may dream of fish around the 18-21st but I don’t get that you're pregnant. Especially because these fish I pick up seem to be dead. A new beginning that you were expecting to embark on when it comes to pregnancy, music, movies, acting, or any career tied to Libra or Venus, maybe somewhat of a dead end. At least for now. Sometimes things are stopped because the damage it would do to us, in the long run, isn’t worth it. Take this as a sign that you are being protected from enemies either open or hidden. Try not to sleep with the tv on, it may be contributing to your bad dreams since TVs can be considered as portals. Issues with a tub or trying to remodel a bathroom but it feels you just need a different contractor or material. Talks of a bonus or promotion are likely, however, you have to make sure you meet your deadlines this week or it will be off the table. You don’t have the time or energy to enroll in night classes or education tied to women, nursing, children, interior design, real estate. You will be able to presume these studies in April or in the next four weeks. This week your focus should be on your mental health, your wardrobe, a long-distance trip, or learning a new language or religion. Give yourself time to breathe and rest.

you won’t be caring about a water sign that is trying to get your attention from afar. This person is short in stature, has a god-like complex, loves to wear pastels or the color orange/red a lot. Speaking of oranges, it’s advised to get in some more vitamin C or iron because there is a deficiency problem. Of course, always ring up your doctor if things are too bad. You won’t be in a very creative mood right now and you may find yourself burning your food. Feels that you will be spacing out quite a bit as you try to figure out what’s going on in your personal life. You will be picking up the phone to call Angela, Amy, or someone with the letter A. You could be asking them for some assistance when it comes to looking for a new house or if you need assistance filling out some sort of paperwork. If you used to watch anime or draw caricatures then you’ll be picking that back up by Wednesday of next week. There’s an emptiness that you may feel if you are romantically involved or interested in someone. It seems that when they talk or tell you about their feelings, you don’t believe them. And in return, they see you as uncaring. Energetically you just don’t have the time for love this week as it feels like a disappointment. So for now you will turn to your work, your creative projects, or some sort of hobby. This isn’t bad because work or money will start to flow in more. When one thing moves out two things move in.

in your feelings again but you don’t necessarily know why you feel a certain way. Things have been so confusing when it comes to sex, the occult, a therapist you visit, or some sort of debt issue. You could be dealing with a Scorpio, Leo, Aries rising, or Capricorn rising this week. They could just have these placements dominant in their chart. You feel out on a ledge just dangling. Not necessarily on your way overboard but it doesn’t feel that anyone is coming in to save you either. One of your biggest pet peeves could be being ignored and it feels that will be happening this week. But the time isn’t right to make a fuss or make something out of nothing which you may do. Learn to give people space because your problems aren’t the only ones needing some addressing. Go for salads, less pork, and stop chewing on those pen caps. You have to find a way to settle down this nervous energy of yours that you’ve been having these last eight days. Difficulties in paying some sort of bill or issues tied to the throat. Your health should be your priority right now as it’s slipping because you’re stressed about your person or another air sign. It doesn’t feel that you will be moving as you thought but how much longer will you be in this space. Could be another eight weeks, months, or years, you just don’t know. But the thing is that it’s okay right now to not have an answer and in turn, you shouldn’t try to force an answer out of anyone. If you’ve felt stabbed in the back, you may feel that this person keeps trying to kick you while you’re down. They want to see you dead (not figuratively) but really, they want you to go away. Don’t give them what they want unless you really want to go away then find another job, company or relationship by august.

sneaking off into the distance with someone new or you are working on something behind the scenes. This week you will be met with temptation from a boss, an older fire sign, or a new opportunity that may seem too good to be true. Right now your trust issues could be at the center of why your connections are not surviving past 6 months or even 3 years. You’re not in any danger or trouble even though you may feel that you are because anxiety will be having you constantly checking over your shoulder. You have to find a way to relax. Incorporate reds or blues into your wardrobe or you can buy the comforters or sheets with these colors. But you have to calm down and not get yourself worked up. Someone may try to attack you verbally but there’s a distance between the two of you. So they may hide behind their social media or this is someone you’ve blocked in the last 9-12 days. You try to get rid of someone and then they turn around and ask for your help, so what do you do? Now an opportunity to travel or move to someplace far from where you’re at now will be considered this week. If you are interested in going on a mission trip or doing volunteer work in another place then you will fill out the paperwork this week. Go ahead and get started on your passport or visa application so it’s approved in enough time. By May of 2024 you’ll either be moving somewhere overseas or traveling a lot in other countries. Some of you will decide to do backpacking. You’re in a period of expansion when it comes to your life purpose and it feels you’re on the right path but if you don’t realize that you’ll keep changing jobs for the next nine years. If you’re dealing with a Sagittarius or Virgo you will be cutting this person off this week and leaving them behind. On another note, a fire or air sign person is trying to involve you in a lawsuit or some sort of litigation. Stand your ground. A protection or restraining order is significant to a situation. Less is more, so cut off the dead weight and keep it moving. This involves lovers as well

you’ll be writing a letter this week or explaining your feelings through pen and paper. If you are waiting to be approved for something then you will be receiving the good news in the next three days, three hours or could take as long as three weeks. The energy here is also saying to keep an open mind when it comes to moving, dating, or even reconsidering letting someone go. You are putting behind you this week a lot of things that have caused you drama or troubled you. You may hear from a younger child or sibling by the end of the week and you’ll be happy about this. They may even be asking you about coming to visit. Make sure that you have a case on your phone or else you’ll crack the screen on a Sunday morning walk. I’m hearing a horse and carriage so you could feel swept off your feet during this week or this person is considering moving in a more serious direction with you in terms of love. You could get an invitation in the mail soon for someone’s graduation which will require a trip back home or someplace two hours from you. I’m hearing Jamaica, Caribbean, Lake Tahoe, Idaho, Uzbekistan, Istanbul, or a place near the Galápagos Islands (Ecuador), which you’ll be visiting soon. You may even feel spontaneous and be into tantric sex by the end of this week. Still, keep your mind and options open because someone who differs from you may be exactly what you are looking for. If you’re with another fire sign or Gemini, I feel that you will decide to stay with this person and work it out.

Be careful what you say because some things can’t be taken back. Before you send it, proofread it and before you text it, ask yourself how would you react to the message. I know it’s easier said than done and this week you just want to get whatever it is off your chest. You may feel like history is repeating itself when it comes to a Scorpio, cancer, Aquarius, Sagittarius, or Gemini. This person may be asking for a second chance or a second date. Careful, some of you may have caught an STD from this person or they betrayed you and had a baby by someone else. The judgment card is in reverse for a reason, because the writing has already appeared on the wall when it comes to this connection. And for you, because you may not feel you have any other options right now, you are considering this person again. I’m feeling that someone is staying at your house or overstaying their welcome in a way. Do you want them gone? It’s become too easy to get complacent with what seems normal. Life will change, maybe even drastically, once you let this person go and that’s what you’re afraid of. You didn’t submit a change of address in enough time so mail will be undelivered. Make sure you call this cable, light, or IRS this week. Because of your confusion and fear of making a decision, by the end of the week, I see you getting caught by a relative or a friend. This person said if you are still dealing with this ex then they are done helping or being around you and that may happen this week. If you choose to be in this situation understand the pros and cons. Is what you gain worth what you have to give up? And that goes for any situation. But, by the 19th, 20th or 29th there will be a wish-fulfillment that will come through. It will be in regards to your money or your bank account. Charges will get overturned at a financial institution so be expecting a refund of some sort on a Thursday or Friday. After dropping out of school, you will be accepted back in again in nine weeks.

feels like you’re turning your back to someone, something tied to your career or a new opportunity may be postponed or won’t be what you expected. If you’re going for a job in a field that involves the financial sector then you will be interviewing or applying for new positions this week. An investment banker or banking is highlighted over the next 10 months. Some of you may be selling your stocks or cashing out on crypto soon; you need the money. At one point you felt that you were moving toward the right path but you’re questioning yourself again or will be because something has slowed down. Another energy of something tied to a carriage is coming through. Might want to scroll up and read the Leo reading. For you, this is tied to a baby or maybe even a new car that you may be considering. Cuts and bruises, so are careful if you are going to the park or riding a bicycle. If you get out of your own head this week, this company or thing that you are working on can bring you big gains. But you can’t quit just because the turnover isn't happening quick enough. You may feel defeated as a mother or an earth sign person may be being greedy and trying to take from you. If you signed a contract with this person then I see you taking them to court for a breach by September. You have to let things go and learn to just relax

well, it looks like the battle that you were fighting has ceased fire. You could have been going at it with an Aquarius or Leo in the past five months. It felt like it would never end and now I see you in a state of peace. And actually, you are willing and open to having a conversation if they can do so civilly. This week you will be taking a break from your hobbies if they are tied to CrossFit or an extreme sport. You may be nursing an injury that you sustained on a Tuesday. But I also see a lot of inaction. You’ve been in action or even chaos’s for so long you don’t know how to deal when there’s nothing happening. Almost as if you start to think suspicious of everyone because things are too quiet. You also may cut off someone who has just decided not to text or call you back. Feels this person was more so after your money or helping them out instead of a genuine connection. Maybe for you, it was something more but I don't see the same for them. The person you could be having troubles with could be a Cancer or Gemini. But when I was shuffling all the cards fell out so it feels this week either a secret will send this situation back into chaos or the both of you will put all your chips on the table, good or bad. By the end of the week once all the truth is on the table I see you deciding to move forward without them. It does feel a younger air or fire sign is lying to you about your child or they have been purposely trying to screw up your life so all you have left in the world is them. Very toxic, devilish energy with them; this love is and will always be very unrequited. Travel is highlighted this weekend or in 8 days which will be good to get away.

not feeling too balanced this week. Especially if you’re dealing with a Scorpio, cancer or Pisces person with initial M or K. Also you may be worried about your career. People aren’t taking kindly to your work these days and it could be because the passion or the energy you once had feels to be fading out. Some of you may even be dating someone you considered a best friend for the last 6, 8, 10 or 12 years. Right now it’s coming across as this situation won’t last because they aren’t your soulmate in that way. Good as a friend but romantically I see incompatibility between the two of you. Have to make sure they are completely done with their ex because this is the issue. Or this person was accused of domestic violence however the ex ran away so it would be hard to speak to them about this. It’s a good week to stop smoking and you may need to take your dog to the vet. I’m picking up if you have a dachshund, Malti poo, Great Dane, or labradoodle. If you are waiting for someone to come home from prison or awaiting sentencing, I’m not getting such good news. They may be in there 11 months longer than what you think or something will be revoked because of alleged bad behavior. If you fall out with a best friend or older sibling it’s because they’re pregnant and hormonal. I don’t think they realize this so it may be a good idea to ask them. A group invitation for something will come through on the 19th or 1st of March but in the end, you will decide to distance yourself from this group because you’re just tired of working with them. Maybe go for a star wars marathon this weekend or watch something tied to space/galactic

seeing something with new eyes when it comes to a water sign or a child. You will be getting in touch with your inner child this week so you may get caught up in looking at old yearbooks, reconnecting with high school friends, or coming back together with a group of people. Things possibly have been confusing or chaotic since January started, so this week you will feel that it’s nice to have a break. You’ll be constantly in the mood for Mexican food this week. A person with letters J, P, R, Q may be extending some sort of nice gesture toward you that may involve flowers or some sort of card. If you didn’t get a Valentine’s Day gift, I see someone making up for that this week. By the end of this week, you’ll be feeling up to buying some lingerie. It’s not for anyone in particular but I see a rise in your confidence. You’ll be giving someone another chance after a tumultuous time. But you will be telling them ‘don’t do it again.’ Coming across as an authority figure or like their parent is probably why they ran away the first time, back off. You can’t control them into submission or being someone they aren’t. If you want to buy a new car, this is the week to do it but I suggest trading in your old one. Watch out for accidents because of texting and driving especially on the 20th or 21st. Also, don’t miss your flight. You may forget to set your alarm clock and then you could be put up to $1100 for the ticket. Now if you feel eerie about seeing someone at a distance you just met, listen to your gut instinct. I feel it’s saying don’t go for a reason. Something about this person can’t be trusted. Ask a boss for clarity on an assignment they will give you in the next 15 days or this already happened. If you do it wrong they will dock your pay so ask as many questions as you need to

you’ll be spending a lot of time on the internet. You may even try to make money from the internet starting on Saturday, Sunday or Tuesday of next week. A Scorpio may be confusing in their emotions again this entire week. So instead of worrying about what they are going to do, just worry about yourself. It’s less stressful that way and it doesn’t cause as many wrinkles. If you are going out to a bar or some sort of party, don’t put your cup down or make sure to just get a new drink. Don’t hop into cabs or taxis with strangers either. Serious stalker vibes coming through for you this week. It will subside once you get through the weekend but at least for Friday-Sunday, go to familiar places and be around familiar people. Online dating or meeting new friends online will bring you some luck but only as friends or just someone to talk to. I don’t see much commitment coming through at this time or within the next seven weeks. By the end of the week, you’ll finally be getting to the bottom of this insomnia issue. Are you afraid of the dark? Or something about the dark just spooks you and it gives you an unsettling vibe. All options are not good options and you may notice that now after taking a chance on something. Another option could be coming through to you this week but I feel the same fate is tied to it; skip it. You have to be more calculating or realistic about the choices you make. You’ve been deciding with your ego and it knocks you back 2-3 years. Probably want to wait another month or two before you write this book, research paper, dissertation or blog. The words won’t make any sense and it would be a shame to get a bad grade on this or to turn away your potential audience. Just give yourself more time and learn more about this thing. You’re being manipulated and you don’t even realize or maybe you do but you’re used to it so you just accept it.

not feeling all that powerful this week. You’re either craving danger or you’re just terrified to accept reality right now. If you’ve been working on going off into your own business or working more independently, you’ll be met with obstacles this week. Also, I see you are worried about getting married or the marriage you’re currently in. Because things are not going well here, you’ll be questioning yourself. Make sure your expectations are realistic because, for some of you, they aren’t. If you recently left behind a third party or someone that was married you may have a weak moment by Tuesday and will give in to a reconciliation. Selling things or having to market yourself for a new job will need to be pushed back at least until March 4. Your confidence isn’t where it needs to be and you just need some time to self-reflect. An air sign that you’ve been back and forth with for the past five-nine months will be rejecting your proposal of making things work. Don’t fight this revelation, accept things for what they are, and realize that you can only convince yourself to change, not them. Find a way to have fun and enjoy life this week instead of focusing on your shortcomings or how you may feel like a failure. You’ll continue to feel like a failure if you don’t quit comparing yourself to others. Some of you, that’s why your relationships aren’t working. You expect your relationship to go like everyone else’s. I don’t see you going back to school even though you’ve been thinking about it since March of last year. I feel that part of your life is behind you but you’ll still be successful without it. Watch your fingers when you are cutting fruits or you’ll get a deep cut. Well, I can see that a Leo, Gemini, Virgo, or Aquarius won’t make it down the aisle with you and that’s okay. This person feels non-committal. One minute they are all for doing this and then the next they have cold feet. Even though this is the case, it’s still your choice if you decide to stay or go.

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