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Weekly Horoscopes Feb 25-Mar 3

A very tempting offer coming your way when it pertains to a new job that will require you to relocate or quit your old job immediately. Or some of you will be approached by a coworker or authority figure and they will reveal their secret feelings. You may be tempted to start a relationship or sexual situation with them in the next 6-15 days. You also may be dealing with digestion issues or problems with your pancreas. Make sure that you are drinking enough water. Also, there may be a situation that will require you to put up collateral. You could be going for a loan or trying to buy a house during this time. The deal won’t be in your favor right now and it would be better to wait for Aries or Taurus season. If in a relationship, you’ll be having a lot of passionate times between you and your person. If you have a crush on someone then keep crushing because I don’t see movement this week. Dating someone new for the last 3 months, you’ll see another side of them that you may not like. And it could involve drinking or anger issues.

Patience is a virtue. I see you helping someone out this week at your work place. You could be working toward a management position over the next three months in this place. You will also receive a piece of mail by the end of the week and this could be a birth certificate, lost check or an invitation to a wedding. Marriage or coming into union with someone is very likely starting this week and extending into June and August of this year. You may be thinking about writing music, a book or even getting a new tattoo. You and a group of friends will come together this week and it could be to plan a high school reunion or you and an old friend may be planning a business together. Sewing, knitting, drawing can help with your anxiety and if you’ve been struggling to not bite your nails. I don’t see you leaving the job you’re currently in now. If things have been difficult or you’ve felt pushed to the side by an authority figure, things will start to get better the first week of March. You’re mission right now is to not make impulsive decisions or purchases

If you let go of your therapist or you have been cancelling your appointments, on Tuesday or Wednesday, you’ll be deciding to go back. This week you have to focus on your mental health as it feels that you are exhausted from relationship drama. You may still be dealing with a water sign ignoring you or hanging up on you this week. But you’re getting a little fed up with them not being cooperative. You should change your sheets or get those new shoes that you’ve been wanting. You won’t be very busy during these next few weeks as this is a time where you will have to self reflect. A lot of you could find yourselves self-reflecting this year instead of making a lot of major moves. Life may feel like it’s slowing down right now, but it has its reasons. With the 12H coming through, you may be experiencing an ending by the 3rd and it may be tied to money or health. If you are trying to get your old job back they will make you wait another month before saying yes or no. Careful if you are rock climbing or doing any sort of extreme sports. Headaches and migraines could come on Tuesday, feels that your iron may be low and you should go for more omega 3’s. A Pisces or Sagittarius may be important to you this week.

Rest. You’ll finally be at peace with a decision that has been made in regards to your home life or your family. If you’re dealing with a Libra, Aquarius or Gemini, you’ll be finding rejuvenation in this connection this week. I’m getting you being mostly to yourself this week as you’ll be spending a lot of time in your room. If you used to draw when you were younger you’ll be going to the store to get pencils or art supplies. This will help you to tap into your inner child. You may even feel that this week is pretty boring as there won’t be much going on outside of the norm. Now, even though you may get somewhere with an air sign, I still get distance between the two of you. It’s likely you or them aren’t wanting to be more serious about this right now. Possibly when the full moon is in Libra could be when you and this person could become more serious. So if you can hang on until April 16 then there could be a significant change that takes place in a situation. You may redecorate or rearrange furniture. Also if you have a backyard, I see you’ll be working on getting that in order. If you haven’t been sleeping or feeling lethargic, this week you’ll catch up on sleep and you may even feel like baking. Conflict is over. It’s the end of chaos so if this person is still around after this week, then this connection may make it to the end.

You’ll be chipping away at that negative bank balance of yours. Or if your bank balance isn’t negative you’ll be focused on rebuilding this week when it comes to your finances. This week most of your money may go to debts or loans that need to be paid back. I see you picking up extra shifts especially if you work in the hospitality industry. Work will pick up this week and you could be tasked with more assignments and it’s likely you’ll have to pick up the slack for someone else’s job. A Virgo or other earth sign person may be changing their mind about you this week and this person will be making efforts again. This person seems a bit crazy. Like they struggle to leave you alone but lack consistent effort and you may give in and give them a second chance because of their pushing or they know what your weaknesses are. Now, you guys could try to get to know one another again by going out to dinner or you may work on building something together. Make sure that you don’t burn yourself out if you are choosing to work overtime or do extra things this week. It could catch up to you by the 8th of March. If you are reviewing or signing any documents, just because you’ve seen this document before doesn’t mean that something hasn’t changed. So make sure that you are reading as well as proofreading everything document you get this week.

You’ll have victory this week. If you’ve been off of work for health reasons then you’ll be returning to your full responsibilities by the end of the week. You also could get praised by the public, your child, an education institution or a neighbor. I’m hearing something about parking so you may be looking into getting a new car or you’ll be getting new tires for your current vehicle. A trip to Washington DC could be coming up soon but also I see you getting a pet in the next 6 days. The thing is that this week you’ll be doing or buying things that make your ego feel good so make sure these things serve a purpose. You may buy something and be done with it in 4 months. Also, there may be issues with a prescription you use being on back order or they’re out. You will be getting a lot of attention this week from fire sign people. If you’ve been dealing with a legal issue then you will be getting good news that the case will resolve in your favor. I’m picking up a trophy but it won’t come until the end of summer or June. So something you will start this week will be giving you great returns before the end of summer. I see more eyes being on you and more people interested in your life. Also a Leo or fire sign may feel like they are the one or the whole package to you.

You’re tapping your foot. You could be waiting on an answer from a fire sign or you’re waiting on some sort of package. If you are breastfeeding, you may be lactating more than you’ll be expecting this week. If you just got out of a relationship or got back into one, you and this person will be starting over with just dating first. So allow it to rebuild the way it’s supposed to without forcing anything. But also be careful because this new connection may be somewhat of like a rebound. So having to navigate through trust issues, detachment issues or emotions are likely for the first three weeks or three months. You may be thinking of reapplying for school or you are preparing to take some sort of exam for driving or could be real estate. Someone you used to be close with will be sending you an invitation for an upcoming event but you’ll overlook this. If you are smoking, because I pick up a pipe, it’s time to find an alternative way to release stress. Short distance travel will be starting up again in the month of March. If you have a seasonal job then you could be called in earlier than expected. But the energy here is that you are getting a second chance at something and you should hope for the best but also don’t disregard reality. You’ve put what you want out into the universe now just go on about your day. Cabbage, green beans, or turnips will be good for cholesterol. You could be signing a contract on Tuesday or Wednesday this week which will be the start of some small new beginning for you. Also you may get a new phone or change your number.

immediately I heard ‘Trust Issues’ by Drake. Ironic that he’s also a Scorpio. But you’re having a hard time giving your all to something or someone. You’ll be collaborating with a fire sign soon when it comes to your house of money and assets. You may think about buying a boat, going on a boat or something has been a bumpy ride for you and you don’t know how to bring balance to the situation. Seems that something may feel like it’s falling apart this week but right when you are about to give up on it, you find the solution. You really need to vacuum your room or car. If you’re dealing with a fire sign you will be joking around with this person this week but your issue with them may be that they never take you serious when you’re ready to be serious. Joining a book club, reorganizing your closet or getting jewelry will be on your list this week. Just because a second chance arises doesn’t mean you have to take it. Listen to classic music or sounds of the ocean to help you sleep. You could be dealing with a cancer, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Capricorn or Aries. An elder will be giving you a call as they need help moving houses or something to do with their car. Still not ready to find another job yet so you’ll be giving your current company another chance even though something is telling you it’s time to let go. Botox, fillers, liposuction are things you could think about this week. Starting a garden will be good Feng Shui for you as well.

if you’re wanting to get something new started or to apply for jobs then this is a good week to do it. I’m getting you’ll be carving something so you could be doing woodwork or even thinking about building a house. A care package will be coming through close to Thursday next week because you may be getting sick. You also could be talking about pregnancy with another fire sign. You may have to get a new purse or carrier because the strap or handle will break while you are out shopping or at work. May also have to call the exterminator this week as there may be a rodent or ant problem that needs addressed. This is a good week for you to have fun and not take things so seriously in love. Someone may even suggest you guys be friends with benefits for right now since they aren’t ready to commit. Those of you that are committed may end up being pregnant by the end of this month. An opportunity for you to travel with your company is highlighted this week. Watch out for fires, hot curling irons or irons in general. If you are looking for closure from another fire sign, you’ll get it this week but I don’t see you guys getting back together. But you will be fine with that.

you may try to rush things forward this week. You also will feel like walking away if a water sign is trying to play games with your emotions. But the thing is that you have to wait because you could be overreacting or just being impatient. Massages, essential oils or any sort of energy work tied to the body will peak your interest. You may think about going for a reiki session. Pain pills could be used too much during this time so make sure you’re only taking what is required. There is a decision that you will have to make this week but you’re not clear which way is right or which way is wrong. Take a step back and focus on what’s important to you and what’s going to make you happy. Once you figure out this answer you may have to sacrifice something before a new beginning is presented to you. An old high school or college crush of yours will pop up in the next 3,6,9 or 13 days from now. This is someone who you were always interested in but the feelings weren’t mutual. Now this person will be interested in seeing what you’re about. You may grow cold and get nervous before you guys can even get a chance to figure something out. Learn to go with the flow and don’t try to control things. If you’re looking for new work I see you going toward hospital, humanitarian, psychology, artist, graphic designer, or musician. Don’t park on the street without putting money in the meter or else you could get a ticket on your car. Despite you being impatient with someone you’ll give them another chance after you notice them trying harder by the end of the week.

your defenses are up. You may want to lock yourself inside your room or your home this week after recently being betrayed by your job, a distant cousin or a so called best friend. If you are trying to travel at a far distance this week I feel it will be called off between Friday and Sunday. If you’re dealing with a fire sign you may feel this person is being pushy, aggressive or just rude when it comes to your feelings. It may seem like the easy way out to give up on this situation right now but the energy here is saying to keep pushing forward. This is in reference to your purpose or what your purpose is. I don’t see you going back to school if you’ve been thinking about going that route. Now you could take up extra training or you could work on getting certifications for your chosen career path. It feels that you’ve already found what you’re supposed to do, it’s just getting started on it or finding the right company. I don’t see new love coming in right now for those of you wondering. And it also looks like you’ve been iced out by someone who just doesn’t want to talk, aren’t interested or they can never find the right words to speak to you first. Well you can’t worry about this right now as it seems the other person isn’t really worried about it either. They are moving forward and living in the moment and I suggest you do the same. I don’t see you moving right now. September will be a much better month

new beginnings coming through for you this week if you are dealing with a water sign. If you are an artist then you could sell your art or someone may pull you out of retirement and commission you for a piece. Some of you could be pregnant or you will find out that you are pregnant in the next four weeks. I’m getting your eyes being brighter and your skin getting clearer. Feels that you will be releasing something that has physically drained you by the first few days of the week. You’ll be feeling a lot happier as the week progresses as you’ll be also getting new opportunities in your career as well. If you have things in storage, you’ll be pulling them out to donate them or to sell. You will be getting messages through your dreams this week when it comes to a lover or career. The Dream will let you know if they should stay or go so don’t take it lightly. Some of you may think about starting a candle, purse, socks, or clothing business. The color orange, red or purple will be good colors for you this week. Some of you are getting a Diamond ring soon. Could be an engagement ring or you’re just being gifted something. Again if you’re with another water sign I feel this more strongly for you out of all the other elements. You also may go for a haircut or you will get extensions. All in all it’s a pretty light week. If you’ve left someone behind you will have to make a choice between them and someone new who will enter your life in five weeks.

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