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Weekly Horoscopes Mar 29-April 4: News is coming


feeling a lack of emotion or attention from a younger water sign or someone that is shorter than you. On the other hand, you may find that people are rather short with you when it comes to conversations. You could be hearing from a sister before this week is over or you and she will be getting to a better place in your relationship. Playgrounds or amusement parks may be your source of entertainment for this week. You could be replaying a not-so-exciting conversation in your head over and over between Wednesday and Thursday. A child is having behavior problems that could lead to them being expelled or suspended. The name Michael, Donovan, Chris, Angela, and Oscar, could be significant people in your life this week. You’ll tweak a business idea this week or you will get another chance to fix something you messed up on at work. Starting Friday, you’ll hit a new creative phase.


You could be developing feelings for someone you’ve met online or you’ve just come across their profile. You’re confused because you’re not sure if they like you back and this could be preventing you from reaching out to them. You may be having dreams about them as well. This week you’ll be trying out something new in regard to food or spiritual practice. If you used to be in a marching band, you’ll be getting back into contact with people from your past. May have trouble sleeping at night because you’re just up watching tv or your mind is not able to rest. If you had an argument with someone over the last seven days or back in February, you’re fearful that you may not talk again. Golf or any sort of outdoor sport will be really appealing to you at this time. A trip across the water or taking a cruise could be coming up in September. Gossip surrounding the person you’re talking to could be coming around the 7th of April.


Feeling right at home in your new place or you are just feeling at ease, something you haven’t felt in a long time. You may need to go and buy a new computer or a new printer but, if you’ve been looking for a work-from-home job then the company will be sending you equipment by the 4th. Some of you with fire in your chart could be seeking out a construction company to build onto your current house or to renovate something. You could be getting a new kitchen soon. But you may find yourself being in awe this week because it feels that things are just going so perfectly. You deserve good things as well. If you are dating a fire sign-rising person then they could be asking you this week if you want to move in together. Craving pickles or bitter things for the next four days. Also, get more calcium in your system because you will be having issues with your bones or joints.


Things will start to move quickly this week, especially if you’ve been feeling stuck. An air sign person could be coming fast toward you with some sort of offer. Either to work with them or it could be to travel with them. Speaking of travel, it is highlighted over the next 11 days or 11 weeks. You may feel that you are never at home or you might as well not unpack your bag because you’ll be walking out the door again. Someone from a distance who you feel owes you an apology could be sending you a letter in the mail. Correspondences from foreign companies or people from other countries will be coming in as well. You could be traveling west from your current location or this is where this other person is coming from. Getting a new necklace but also make sure that you aren’t being combative. You could be picking up a second job or a second job is overwhelming you. You will be on your toes this week and you will get recognition from a boss or company for your skills and smarts.


Falling in love with someone new again or you could feel that you are catching strong feelings for two people. Travel or a move is highlighted as well and you could also be going toward a water sign who is at a distance. You also could be getting interested in drawing again or some sort of art activity you used to do when you were 12 or 13. If you are coupled up then you could be taking some sort of romantic trip this weekend to the desert. Having a conversation with a water sign may be difficult this week if you are wanting them to take responsibility for something they did to you in the past. I don’t think you’ll get an apology from them but you are so used to sweeping things under the rug, it’s hard for you to hold a grudge against them. Friends from out of town could be visiting you as well. Going to a hookah lounge or picking up some sort of bad habit could start this week. Don’t try to fit in or be the cool kid. Especially if you are meeting someone new and you are trying to impress their family or friends. Just be yourself.


You have feelings for this person but you will not be waiting on them. So this week you will be putting someone behind you who you feel is not taking this connection seriously. This person does have feelings for you but they struggle with expressing themselves. There is someone else around you that has feelings for you and it’s a Pisces, cancer, libra, Scorpio or another Virgo. You will feel drawn toward the kitchen so you could be cooking a lot instead of ordering takeout. Some of you may be chefs or bakers and you may be thinking about taking this hobby more seriously. A grandmother from a distance will be calling you or she will be visiting your dreams. She could be holding a baby or she’ll be helping you deliver one. A new beginning will be starting for you but it feels that it’s one surrounding how you emotionally deal with things. Over these next four weeks, you will start to mature more emotionally, especially if you have a water rising sign. Nursing, going to medical school, dentistry or anything tied to caring for patients could be career fields you are heading into. This water sign person will miss you once you are gone.


Spin the block! someone is trying to come back into your life and it’s a mutable sign (sag, Gemini, Virgo or Pisces). This week it’s advised that you go with the flow and have faith since the wheel of fortune is showing up in your spread. The good thing about the wheel is that you don’t have to know exactly where you’re going but know that you won’t stay where you are. So let go of the need to know every detail and just relax. You could feel more in tune or in touch with your destiny this week. You could be getting flooded with compliments or people that were afraid to talk to you before could finally be approaching you. If you are wanting to apply for a promotion or a different position in a company then in the next 10 days you should hear some favorable news tied to this. The universe will move as fast as you want it to but you also have to make sure that it’s what you want. Be careful of some sort of bar fight if you are going out on the town. Some sort of legislation tied to guns could be introduced. If you live in an apartment, you’re neighbor or their guest is parking in your spot. Breathe deep this week and don’t react. Don’t let people change your mind.


Taking a leap of faith in a new direction will feel quite scary for you. Since you have the fool, you are starting over from scratch in some sort of area in your life. I’m getting something tied to a garage, so there could be news or something tied to your car coming to you. You could be walking away from a Sagittarius or Aquarius. Your head is down so you are trying to be optimistic and confident about this change but you still worry if this really is the right decision. Sometimes when the fool shows up, it can be an energy of not really having a choice since it’s the unexpected. You may feel pulled to go back to church or someone coming into your life could be heavily into their religion. Headaches or buzzing sound in your ears is coming through. May need to go to the doctor if you’re having trouble bending over to pick things up or if there’s a sharp pain in your right hip. Someone may have to have their tonsils removed or even their wisdom teeth because the pain could be coming in the next 12 days. If you allow yourself to get hung up on what could have been or why things didn’t happen this way then you may find this year feels very stagnant. Don’t focus on it. You’ll find yourself in the right place at the right time this week and someone will help you. Being sensitive to light or people’s opinions.


You wish you had an elder in your life to get advice from or you already had this person in your life however, your differences pulled you apart. If you are dating someone older you may be concerned about a heart or allergy issue of theirs. This week you won’t be interested in going out or having fun. You’ll be withdrawing from the world again and going into your shell. The hermit has been here before and that could describe your situation. You’ve been in this predicament before and you know how to deal with it. If you are dealing with an earth sign, then you feel this person doesn’t understand you. This person also may be interested in staying away from home. If you’re in a long-distance relationship, they are not able to come to see you right now and you may have to wait until the middle of summer. If you are single then it feels like you’ll be coupled up with someone 3,6 or 9 years older than you. Abundance is doing fine right now. Not a lot of movement this week but a change in job is coming in June.


It’s judgment day or maybe moving day. Old grief or trauma from your past may start to creep into your subconscious late at night. You are ready for a change in your life but at the same time, you are terrified. What if this isn’t the right change? What if I lose everything? Well, thinking like that, what do you expect? Someone may have falsely accused you of something or that could be happening in about 2-10 days. If you started a new job in 2020, thinking that was the new beginning you needed, then you will start to think about going back to your old job. Some of you may be artists and you could be taking steps this week to get your artwork out there. If you are in college or graduate school, you may notice you didn’t get credit for something they said you would or credit didn’t transfer over. So you may find yourself in the office a lot over the next two weeks. Some of you are being shunned from team meetings or being given the cold shoulder in the office by your coworkers. I feel this week that you’ll consider applying elsewhere. But your parents or friends could be telling you to wait until the end of the year. Love isn’t really a focus this week, it’s all about work.


You will be trying to step more into your psychic gifts this week. Some of you with water in your chart could be trying spell work or finding a way for someone to cleanse your energy. Having dreams about your sister is likely this week as well. Bad hair days and wearing a lot of hats, bonnets, or scarves. The cards are encouraging you to move toward higher education. So this could be finishing your degree or just studying a new skill. During this time you can make the impossible possible, but it starts with putting in the effort. Going to the library or reading a lot of ebooks is likely as well. You may even decide to join a book club or if you don’t know how to swim then you will be signing up for swim lessons. The power is in your hands and some of you could see a rise in popularity this week or some sort of public figure could be approaching you. Please do not get star-struck, they are just like you. Your powers are growing and you don’t really realize the gifts God has blessed you with. Travel to a spiritual place or to a place that you have a strong connection to is coming on Friday or Sunday. This week you are starting on a new spiritual journey, but it will be really good for you. If you are looking for a job then one will be coming around the 3rd or 4th.


You got your card for this week. Someone could be leaving you hanging or that’s just the way you are perceiving it. Hold on a little while longer, things will start to get better. If you feel the urge to rush things then that means you aren’t doing it right, you’re not in the right field or with the right person. Allow things to happen naturally if you want them to stay around for a long time. There is a sacrifice that you have to make in order for things to get better in your life. Someone who you feel is your soulmate may need to be left behind. If you are interviewing for a sales job this week then they may decide to go with someone else. Some of you may feel that you’ve been betrayed because someone is not fulfilling their promises. You also could be worried about having to get surgery for your shoulder or you want to get some sort of work done to your body. May need to wait until this winter. It does feel like you are stuck on the fact that someone lied to you about being in your life forever and now they’ve gone off to do something different. Time to let go of the pain. This week may feel sort of boring, but that’s okay, take it as a good thing. This gives you time to yourself to figure out what you want.

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