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Venus Sign Messages: Is it resonating?

•Taurus Virgo Capricorn VENUS•

Either you’re trying to sleep with your friend or they are trying to sleep with you. Regardless, one of you is saying ‘naw, I’m good.’ Feelings could get hurt when things turn out to not be mutual. Especially if one of you just got out of a relationship. I see you withdrawing your attention from intimacy and relationships for a few weeks, three to be exact. A new money-making opportunity will be coming into you on Wednesday of next week. Make sure you check your inbox or some of you may get an invitation in the mail. It could be some sort of job fair and you should consider going. Someone’s deployment may not be over as promised and it actually may get extended for another year. You’ll start to become more overprotective of a niece or a daughter will be born into your immediate family by February 2024. You also may be thinking of becoming a travel agent, insurance agent, or something with real estate. Outside of that, you’ll be changing your appearance or working more on your look in the month of April. You also could be getting a small puppy. This is a time for you to perfect your talents. For some reason, the energy shows that you keep trying to date your friends. Or you believe if you stay friends with someone then they will change your status from FWB to bf/gf/wife/husband. You may be barking up the wrong tree with this one focus on yourself. You are too fragile right now and if you find out someone doesn’t like you back, I don’t think you’ll take it well. So how about you just don’t say anything for now? Energy changes, who knows what could happen in the future?

•Aries Leo Sagittarius VENUS•

They’re making you feel bad because you have boundaries and expectations. You don’t expect everything to be perfect but they aren’t allowed to just give the bare minimum anymore. Someone is sitting next to you with an attitude. This feels more so energetically speaking. A water (cancer Scorpio Pisces) sign Venus could be watching you from afar as you move on with your life. But you are not bothered by their actions anymore like you used to be. For some, this could even be a know-it-all person in your workplace or they are a bit of a kiss ass. You know the one. They seem to have strawberry blonde hair or they are about to bleach their eyebrows. Blockages are slowly falling out of your life. Likely because you are getting back to that kid-like nature of yours where you just don’t care. I feel you’ve had an epiphany of some sort. Almost as if you woke up and said, “I’d be damned if I go through this another year.” And that’s exactly the attitude you are holding on to. You are no longer interested in being the strong one or the savior. They can save themselves. with this attitude, you’ll see a lot of progress coming soon. The spring equinox has brought in some sort of change that has happened or is about to happen. Things will start to align and your emotions will balance out. Even you will be shocked by how unbothered you are.

• Gemini Libra Aquarius VENUS•

Someone is draining your pockets dry. You may be paying for someone to fly back and forth to you or you find yourself grabbing the check a lot. Financially, you could be sinking but you don’t want anyone to know. You could be preparing to accept a job offer in another city, state or country by your birthday. If you are married, you’ve thought about divorce once or twice because they support you but they don’t support you. But you are adamant about doing the right thing and probably it’s because you have kids for others of you, it’s not about the kids but comfort. Sometimes shit, despite the smell, starts to not smell so bad. Come on now, it’s still shit. Things are slow moving and you are ready for a new beginning. A bad boy/girl could be coming into your life around late summer. They are younger, red hair or they are a hot head so just be mindful. You could be closing a bank account in the next five days or months. The bank starts with the letter C or P, or it could be a credit card account. Starting soon you may nitpick about your teeth, clothes and hair. The confidence is there but someone around you keeps knocking you down. “Do you like this dress?” “I mean it looks okay” Wtf do they mean it looks okay, like act interested please. It’s possible that you go for people that you’re more interested in. This often time leaves you broke and heartbroken. So you have some decisions to make. Does life suppose to feel like this or can it be the beautiful picture in your mind? You should never be afraid of doing what’s right for you. I believe you’ll be traveling far soon as well so get your passport renewed. Or if you don’t have one then you’ll be getting it before September. Eastern Europe or Mexico is coming up. Timing: 19 weeks/months

•Cancer Scorpio Pisces VENUS•

You’re rushing and pushing things to go a particular way and you’re just wasting energy at this point. Don’t try to manipulate the situation to go in your favor when you know in your heart it’s over. Time for you to find a path that doesn’t require you to compromise yourself or your integrity. You could be dealing with or thinking about a fire (Aries Leo Sag) Venus person. You could have a son together or when you see this person you think of the sun. Imagine if you saw yourself in that same light. The worlds you’d explore and the new opportunities that would fall into your life. As a kid people would tell you that you can’t do something. You’d respond with an attitude, “yes I can”. Why all of a sudden do you assume you can’t bounce back from this setback? Be careful of causing an interruption in class or at work by falling asleep. You could also be having some issues with sleeping and a study may need to be done. An unexpected move or change of direction is coming in 8-10 days. One that may make you feel confused, frustrated, irritated. There’s no need to be. Your doorway to a new life is right there, just walk through it. Don’t look back. Canceling a date or canceling subscriptions to save money is coming in less than four weeks. Even though it’s time to let go, you’re not sold on the idea yet. So you’ll walk away for the sake of it but you want them to get their shit together so you guys can reconcile in the fall. How many times do we have to do this? It’s time to leave the nest. Take the good memories and move on with your life. Your dream job will be coming in about 12 months.

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