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Kandi Burruss and Tamar Braxton’s jealousy comes from their subconscious thoughts

Tamar Braxton and Kandi Koated Nights are still at it. And I decided to take a look at their synastry chart for a better insight on what's going wrong here.

If you don't know much about these two, then all you need to know at this point is that Kandi is a member of the girl group 'Xscape' and Tamar Braxton is the younger sister to Toni Braxton.

Of course Tamar has gained notoriety from her solo career and she also was married to Lady Gaga's former manager, Vince.

I didn’t take a look at all the aspects but what drew my attention is that Tamar’s Saturn is in

Kandi’s 12H and Kandi’s mars is in Tamar’s 12H

Saturn = reality check

Mars = aggressor

Mars in the other person’s 12H likes to poke the bear. Can even use secrets they’ve heard about you from other people against you. Saturn in the other person’s 12H can be a reality check. Since Saturn is an over time planet, this person can let things build and then let the truth out

Saturn = jealousy

It’s possible that Tamar thought Kandi was jealous of her the whole time. Which could be or could not be actually true. Saturn can dig into your subconscious in the 12H since this is a house of the undoing. So Tamar is possibly reflecting back to Kandi what she subconsciously feels about herself.

Not surprised that allegedly the fight came from Kandi’s side.

Since mars likes to fight and Kandi’s mars is in the 12H of Tamar. So the initiator

Oddly enough Kandi’s mars is at 0° Leo

0° Leo = jealousy, fearless, ambitious

Tamar’s Saturn is at 10° Leo (r)

Wonder if Tamar feels wounded by Kandi in a way, because she may remind her of criticism that could have came from a father or other male figure in her life.

They both are battling their subconscious thoughts while in one another’s presence.

The purpose of the connection is to find emotional and material balance. If they truly worked together, I couldn’t imagine the money they’d make (in a good way)

Anyway, Tamar’s Saturn at 10° Leo

10° Leo = self-indulgent, habits, sociable

Tamar likely feels that Kandi is selfish and selfishness may trigger her because she too is selfish

They are possibly just too much alike and they don’t want to see it

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