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Weekly Horoscopes Mar 23-30: Sincerity or are you settling?

Feeling caged when it comes to outstanding debts that you’ve been trying to pay down since 2018 or this may be in regards to therapy, joint accounts, or body image issues. The advice this week is to not make any sudden movements because you don’t have a clue where you’re going. This time of stillness and inaction may be very confusing to you as you try to navigate through past hurts or old feelings that will pop up tied to an ex named David, Tim, Malcolm, or someone with these first initials. With the number eight coming through for you this week the focus may be tied to power, irritation, irrigation, bruised limbs, control, and structures of companies. The foundation of a building may fall this week, could be one tied to the government or even a monarchy. Careful of exposed wires around water as well. You may be feeling a sharp pain in your back or lower left side and this may be tied into an issue with kidneys or dehydration. Not a good idea to seek consultations tied to plastic surgery or to pay a down payment on a house or any sort of body modifications. If you can wait until June, October, or December you will get a much better deal with amazing results. By the end of the week, you may feel forgotten about in some sort of way and it could be in regard to your birthday or you may get frustrated because someone is unable to spend time with you because of work constraints. They will be able to make this up to you by the week after next so try not to overreact. Control your impulses as well when it comes to gambling, shopping for clothes, shoes, cars, or computer equipment. You’ll have your time to splurge but it won't be this week

This week you’ll be working on building your strength back up. This feels more physically rather than emotionally. So you may feel the sudden urge around Friday or Saturday to get back in the gym unless this has already happened. You are looking toward someone that you think you may have interest in however, you may be aware that they are already in a relationship. But this person started flirting with you first so it’s now become all confusing. You’ll be on the lookout for fresh fruits and vegetables this week and starting Wednesday you may think about gardening or getting more things for your garden. I’m hearing something tied to a keratin treatment which feels like something tied to your hair. So you could be making some changes to your hair this week and for some, it may include you cutting your hair extremely short. If you have been feeling drawn to the field of tech or education you could start making strides this week to enroll in school or to get more certifications. By the end of the week, you could experience some sort of power or someone will be asking you to make a final decision for a particular group that you are a part of. The colors green, red or orange will be significant to you this week or you will just be really drawn to them. If you’ve been looking for new work, someone that you left your information with back in December could be giving you a call around the 24th or 29th.

You’ll be worrying about a lot this week when it comes to long-distance travel or relationships. There may be a phone call that you will receive around the 25th that may not be such good news and it may require you to travel to a place far away in two weeks. This may have something to do with a distant relative, cousin, or someone who may be in college. You have been worrying about a lot of things that are out of your control lately. If you are separated from a Virgo, another Gemini, or Sagittarius, then you may be afraid that this person is already sleeping with someone else. If they are there’s not a lot you can do about this since you guys decided to end things so it’s best to try to keep your mind occupied with other things. If you haven’t gotten your wisdom teeth taken out then they could be bothering you around midnight on Thursday or Sunday. If you have cavities then I would be aware of tooth issues this week as well. Make sure you are wearing your sunscreen this week as it will be a hot one and I see you being extremely affected by this when it comes to your skin or sunburn. Don’t try to be perfect or act like everything is perfect this week. If you need help then you can reach out to a neighbor, grandfather, boyfriend/girlfriend, or sibling. You may find yourself having to send documents off more than once this week as I’m getting a lot of typographical errors. So to avoid this make sure to double-check your work instead of assuming it’s right on the first try. Also if you used to take medication for anxiety or depression then you could be getting back on this or you will try a different method to help curb this down.

If you are a Cancer, Aries or Leo rising, life path 1 or 4 then this Aries season should be a really good one. So if you can put in some extra hours or give yourself that extra push then I see you gaining a lot of ground in a short amount of time. This week you will be focused on cleaning and organizing your space. Some of you may be getting the chance to work from home more or there will be a new position that you will be getting that will have much better hours. Singles could be meeting an interesting fire sign this week at a homeowners meeting, at the beach, floral shop, or anywhere tied to Leo (school, concerts, entertainment, bowling, casino, blind date). You will feel like this person is the one but make sure to not move too fast. Get to know them first before you think about sacrificing everything. Even those in relationships will be met with a sigh of relief this week and you and this person will be able to get on the same page. Some of you may even be discussing marriage, buying a house, or some sort of long-term investment. Papaya, apples, grapes, or strawberry smoothies will be good this week if you struggle to get in the right amount of nutrients. I’m getting something tied to ticket sales or some sort of sale position could be coming toward you with some sort of bonus tied to it. If you’ve been wanting to get into yoga, kickboxing, or some sort of outside sport, go ahead and sign up this week. Or if you’re already doing it then I see you will have an extra burst of energy. Don’t resist change if things seem to be moving out of your life. The difficult part for you this week will be stubbornness. Plans made this week go well for the future.

You could be arguing with a group of people that you work with when it comes to responsibilities. There may be a work project that is taking longer than expected to complete because you guys are struggling to get organized. So things may hit the fan this week as everyone is fighting about who is contributing more and who does nothing. If you have kids then you and the other parent may not be seeing eye to eye

when it comes to custody or child support. It will do you some good to hang out with your friends that have been inviting you places for the last 5 days or 5 weeks. But because of other things going on, you’ve been turning them down. After the 25th things will start to settle down some when it comes to these tough conversations you will be having with people. If you have 3-5 other siblings then I see you getting together with them soon for some sort of event, but even you guys struggle to get along. And because of the tension that you will feel this week, you may decide to spend the majority of your time away from home or with strangers that you may meet at a bar, sporting event, or some sort of community event. With your feet being on rocky ground, It may not be a good idea to make any sort of long terms plans this week as you may be doing it just for the sake of remaining busy. If you are single then you will be meeting someone in a crowd however, they will be ignoring you at first. So you may have to get their number through a friend first and then I see the both of you starting a conversation after that.

You’ll be worried about what people will think of you this week when some sort of secret of yours comes to light. This feels that a mask that you’ve been wearing will come down and you will struggle on how to deal with people seeing you for who you really are. The person who may bring this secret to light could be the parent of your child, a past sex partner, or someone to that you may owe money. So you’ll be on the defense because, for you, it will feel like you are being attacked. With that being said you could run to a father or some sort of male figure for support and just to have someone to talk to. They will be giving you some encouraging words and some good advice. It feels that some of you didn’t stop messing with someone who either embarrassed you or put you in the middle of a third party and if you’ve been hiding this reconciliation, it will be revealed. Don’t hide from your truth, especially if this is something you really wanted to do. Stop the people-pleasing and if you wanted to do something because it is what you wanted to do then stick to that. If you are dealing with an air sign it feels as if your heart cant’ take this connection anymore. Maybe it has already ended and you are the last person to get the notice. But you have to find a way to get away from this depressing or leach of energy and find yourself some happiness. You are about five weeks away from a mental breakdown if you don’t put yourself first. If it’s not a relationship that’s doing this to you, it’s a parent. Work should be fine although a boss will have you doing someone else’s assignments for the next 5 days, you will decide to just deal with it. Find some peace. Control your anger as well because a situation may arise that involves a fight.

This week you are obsessing over the small things in your life. Some of you are trying to battle through some sort of addiction that you picked up back in 2015 or 2021. Your mind is not focused this week as you also may be concerned about what a fire sign, Capricorn or Scorpio is doing behind your back. What is meant to be revealed will show itself in time without you obsessing over it. Your biggest issue this week may be tied to your control issues. Right now you also may feel that work is the only positive or consistent thing that you have going however, it feels that you struggle to just sit down and smell the roses. Some of you are striving for success so bad because you want to prove to people that you’re not a failure or that you can do it on your own. You don't need to prove anything to anyone, it will just show up. Just like you don't have to tell people you’re a good person or that you have a good heart because the actions will speak for themselves. If you have separated from someone then you have to detach from wanting to know what this person is thinking or feeling about you as well. This person may even be with someone new already as you sit back and let life pass you by. Your income will increase gradually but don’t think the solution is to cut corners. A friends with benefits situation will continue for the next 16 days or 9 weeks. This may involve a Capricorn, Gemini, Virgo, another Libra, or Sagittarius. I’m getting a real 50 shades of grey vibe with this situation, so the sex will be good but this is about all they can offer you. Also, it feels that you are struggling to sleep at night and you are fearful about the future and what’s to come. If you are still looking for a job or in transition, then this may be what’s keeping you up at night. New opportunities will come in the next 3 months but I don’t feel it will be this week. Stop trying to force people to notice you and don’t pretend to be someone you’re not because it’s obvious to everyone at this point they just won’t say it to your face. Chill and be happy with you.

This week you are finally making a choice and choosing your direction. Applying for new jobs in a different place is likely starting on Thursday or if you are on break from your job you will decide to submit a letter of resignation. You also may be submitting some sort of document for a bank loan, bank account, or something tied to your finances. You’ll also be in the giving mood this week and you could be inviting friends or family out to dinner or taking them to some sort of fun place. Arcades, casinos, or places for adventure will be on your list this week as well. I’m hearing something tied to a catalytic converter when it comes to a car that has been having issues or could possibly break down this week. You will have the money to get it fixed or you may decide to trade it in by the end of the week. Starting an extra source of income in the next 2-12 days or you could be getting some sort of unexpected amount of money. Someone wants to give you a gift and they've been holding onto this for the past 2 months, afraid to reveal it to you because their feelings are tied up into this. This may be an ex who is coming through with an apology gift or you are doing this with them. Starting a new bank account or pouring money into some sort of investment that will give you a return in 6 months to a year is likely this week as well. Fixing your credit should be on the top of your bucket list if you’ve been having issues. Just because you have money doesn’t mean you should just give it away or blow it. You need to have better budgeting habits. If you left an earth sign person behind, it feels you and this person will decide to just be friends. This may be the choice that you are making this week, to leave the past behind but still try to maintain some sort of connection; you don’t want any bad blood between the two of you. With that being said don’t be confused when they actually move on.

The truth will be your friend this week. If you live by it then things will start to make sense and get better. Don’t try and alienate yourself away from a group this week if you are having a tough time coping with an ending because these individuals actually do care about you. Maybe you’re going through a time of an identity crisis and you’re not really sure what you are doing anymore. Right now you could just be existing or going through the motions because you’ve been so used to the same routine for a while. If you’ve been in a bad place with an air sign then you and this person will have a talk this week and the truth will be put on the table. At this point you have to decide what you want to do; do you walk or do you give it another chance? You could be having issues with your skin, such as acne by the end of the week. This may require a trip to the dermatologist in the future if it is getting too out of control. Not the best idea to get on a trampoline or go to a trampoline park this week, now, if you still decide to go just be careful. Even though this is a tough transition right now, likely through unknown territory, if you stick with it then I see a lot of progress and accolades coming out of this new beginning. For you, this new beginning may be tough because it wasn’t expected. It sort of came out of nowhere and you’ve been trying to adjust as best you can. If you’ve been working on getting into a prestigious school then I do see you’ll have success however it may come during Virgo season instead of right now. Sudden insights coming through your dreams will be happening this week so it may be a good idea to have a dream journal, etc. Also if you have a water sign child, then allow them to explore their creativity more. They seem to be quite emotional so they are going to need some sort of outlet that will bring more balance into their lives. Poetry, writing books, or anything tied to the creative arts may be the next path for you. Also social work, childhood education, psychology, or even philosophy. Some of you used to be scholars during the time of Julius Caesar or Marcus Aurelius.

You're fixated on your position this week. Someone may be trying to get you to change your mind about selling your house, taking a different job offer, or even selling your business. They haven’t come up with the correct offer that will make you change your mind so for now you’ll be staying where you are at. Even for those of you that are trying to invest in real estate or to buy a new house, I see the difficulty with this because the owners are looking for a perfect offer. So you may have to go up on your asking price by about $10,000-$20,000 if you can manage it. Travels for work will be coming up by the weekend and you may have to travel with someone that you aren’t really fond of. Just keep your mind on the business and it will be over before you know it. You may be seeing the number 11 a lot in multiple places that you will be. The number 11 is tied to libra which is also tied to your purpose. So you could be questioning yourself a lot this week when it comes to what you are meant to do in this life. Don’t stress yourself out about this. I feel that your purpose will find you or someone else will bring this to your doorstep. Letter A, C, or P will be of significance during your week as well. You could meet a mentor or a boss who will be pushing you extra hard this week, but I see this as they believe that you can do better and they want you to succeed. So don’t take this so personally, everyone isn’t out to get you or sabotage what you have going on. This boss is either trying to get you to your next venture or they are pushing you toward the path of a promotion, either way, they are trying to help. If you are trying to appeal a court or legal decision, I see that judge is standing by the original ruling so this may be a loss that you will have to take. A Fire or Air sign person is saying that they have changed but not really so it’s up to you if you want to take them back or not.

Not a good week to make any sort of long-term decisions, especially when it comes to love or relationships. If you are worried about your job, I don’t see them making a decision about this right now, so you may end up still being here throughout the month of April and May. If you are thinking of putting more money into investments then keep going with what you already have. You also could be changing your mind this week when it comes to not giving someone another chance. You’ll be considering their apology and you’ll be hearing them out to see if they are truly serious about doing better or if it’s just all smoke and mirrors. If you’ve been drinking more lately then it’s time to take a step back from this, you can’t drink your problems away. Or if you are dealing with someone who does this then you will be leaving this person behind for right now. If you need to take a break this week from feeling overwhelmed with children or work then don’t feel ashamed to do so. People can only help you if you let them know what’s going on instead of staying silent in the corner. In the end, even though you will hear someone out who is trying to get back in your good graces, it looks as if you will decide to just be single for now. You may not trust them or you may feel that this person wants to remain stuck in the past. Eventually, I see the two of you working things out but it won’t be this week or even in the next four months, feels it will be more in the wintertime. Make sure you’re not putting too much pressure on your back by lifting too many weights at the gym or if you are helping someone move. If you’ve been thinking about moving, I don't see that happening, it feels you will stay where you are at for now because it makes sense financially. Plus, you seem to be happy here and maybe you’re just complaining because you just want something new. New doesn’t always mean better.

You will be in a state of balance this week when it comes to your emotions and dealing with your boss or someone older than you. You also may be trying to figure out who your soulmate is. Could it be this water sign or could it be someone else? Be careful with consuming shellfish as you will have an allergic reaction or this shellfish may be expired. You’ll be having quite the sweet tooth this week and for some this sweet tooth is tied to a person that may be off-limits to you. They’ve been flirting with you for some time and maybe sending the wrong message so make sure you don’t crawl into bed with them. If you were dealing with a water sign in the past 16 weeks, this person will be rushing into you to see what you are up to or to see if you are talking to someone else. If you tell them that you aren’t taken then they will ask if you want to start over again. In the end, I see you giving in to this person’s offer because you still care for them even though they bring out your anger sometimes. But love is coming home and things will get better this time if you are willing to give it another chance. This will be with a Gemini, Scorpio, Aquarius, Virgo, or Taurus; Libra and Capricorn will be problematic for you. Also, a brother or friend who is in the military will be coming back home and they will want to see you. Set some time aside to hang out with them. This could give you an excuse to get out of the house because you’ve been stuck behind closed doors for too long. I’m hearing some sort of exam that you will have to take and I see you doing well on this. You actually may score in the top 6% of your class and this may open a door for a scholarship opportunity or recognition. If you are in the field of media, communications, writing, law, research, or investigations, then I see the opportunity to make an income that you will love in the next 6 months.

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