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Weekly Horoscopes Mar 13-19: Time for a Change

Aries: feeling better physically this week if you’ve been recovering from a cold or if someone around you had pneumonia they should be getting better in the next three days. You’ll be working on your appearance this week as well and you may even take things that don’t belong to you. Make sure that you aren’t walking out of the store with something that you forgot to pay for. Jobs or communications from telecom companies or doctor's offices will be coming through every 4-5 days. If your hair is feeling a bit brittle you may be thinking of getting some sort of transplant or adding extensions. Something with sulfuric acid as an ingredient may be causing issues with your hair or some sort of skin condition you’re dealing with. Those of you born on the 4th, 9th, 15th, or 28th could be going to esthetician school or studying something dealing with beauty. Watch out for dirt mounds or ant hills if you are going outside. Money will be coming in by Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. Angelfish, the numbers 13 and 19 will be signs for you this week.

Taurus: feeling like the breadwinner this week in your household. You will be wanting to pamper someone or you could be signing a new contract or extension. You will have the money you need to buy this property or invest in this thing that you’ve bookmarked on your phone since the beginning of this month. Clarity could be coming during the next full moon, whenever that could be. Don’t overspend this week trying to impress people or to impress someone that may not be as interested in you as you are in them. You could be taking after your father which could mean looking like them or adopting their attitude. Horse races or betting on some sort of sporting event is likely starting on Thursday or Sunday. You could end up going to next year's Super Bowl. By the end of the week, you may as if you are performing because you just are struggling to say no to favors people need from you. Take some time for yourself to go do something that you enjoy, even if that means going to the movies alone. Remember when you used to play in the sandbox or something tied to sand is coming up for you? So taking a trip to the beach or the beach will be symbolic of your week.

Gemini: busy but with no purpose. Things I talked about in your moon sign reading last week. What goes up must come down, so be careful of that hate that you could be spewing at someone who is not following your orders or this person has hurt your feelings. You could be feeling annoyed by a Libra or Virgo before the week is over. Don’t take too much Tylenol or any sort of sleeping pill. You could also be experiencing some ringing in your ears and should be careful of ear infections over the next two weeks. Also if you are going from a warm climate to a cold then make sure that you are giving your body enough time to adjust. Those of you with heavy Jupiter (Pisces and Sagittarius) in your chart could be applying to be a flight attendant or to transfer your position to another city/state. Speaking of Jupiter, travel is highlighted in the next 1-10 days or this could be in the next 3 weeks. You could be blocking someone or trying to avoid someone who has a mean mug or this is someone who is sneaking behind your back making other plans that don’t involve you. ‘Creep’ by TLC is your song this week.

Cancer: Hot tamales or spicy foods will be a part of your palette this week. Outside of that, there are a few people who have their eyes on you romantically. They find you alluring and mysterious and they are curious as to why you are the way you are. For you this week you could be doing better to focus on your career, or business or you are just stepping into your power. You could be approached to give your opinion on something or to partake in a business opportunity. It will feel as if people want to be your friends or just want to be around you just because. Start reading that chapter book that you’ve been looking at or it’s time for you to break out the cookbook and make a meal instead of eating out all the time. “Talk to the hand because the face ain’t listening,” is what you’ll be saying to an ex, a fire sign, a sibling, or some other fire sign woman. But a fire sign friend of yours you haven’t seen in a while could be asking you to hang out. You will be pulled in a bunch of different directions this week but in a good way. You won’t be able to answer every call or hang out with every interested person. Turtles could be a symbol for you this week. Travel is highlighted this week as well as messages coming in from younger earth or fire sign person. Falling in love this week or catching feelings for someone in another place. Just have fun because this person has more than one woman/man after them. “Can’t you see” by Total is your song this week.

Leo: an earth sign woman or man could be pampering you this week. It also feels that you could be feeling a bit sad as if you are having to leave someone behind. You could be leaving a home behind or you are sad because someone is not showing you the attention they were when you guys were far away from each other. A situation could be taking place on or close to Easter which is in April. A person born In 1995, 1985, 1996, or 1997, could be having an impact on your mood this week. You could also be having a craving for grapes or there is something about the off-season coming through. You could be thinking about a country club or something tied to a boat. Cash could be falling out of your pocket but I think this is figuratively speaking because you have a hole in your pocket or you lose your wallet. Carry a smaller purse this week if you can. Also, you could be leaving your glasses on the nightstand of your room or hotel if you are traveling. You could miss your mother or grandmother if they have passed away. You miss the talks that you had while they were still here and you may have tried to recreate this with a new love interest. They are nice but cold and lack warmth. I don’t feel this person is what you are looking for but right now you are more focused on being practical instead of following your heart.

Virgo: someone needs your help and it could be a Scorpio, Leo, Taurus, or Aquarius. Changes will be happening in your life this week. You also may be trying to get out of the friend zone with a water sign you’ve been dealing with since 2013 or 2018. You’ll be slow to reply to family members, friends, or even colleagues this week. You feel as if something is wrong or something is about to go wrong. You’ve been struggling to let go of stress and it could be causing gastrointestinal issues. I’m also picking up night sweats that could be due to the nightmares that you are having. Something tied to a lab so you could be wanting blood work to come back or you will be going to get blood work. Make sure that you are listening to the doctor's orders because this week you are being ridiculously stubborn. Lay off the champagne at this wedding you could be attending this weekend. Also, I’m getting that calculations are off so make sure you are getting a second opinion on tax-related issues or car payment situations. You’ll be going into your bubble before the week is over. Also, someone may be concealing the truth about who they are or what their true situation is. Even though they may have said they want a relationship they seem happier with it just being them. Don’t go back to your past. ‘Lovers and friends, by Lil Jon featuring Usher is your song this week.

Libra: things will start to pick up speed this week if you’ve been dealing with delays since last august or November. You won’t be traveling by plane, instead, you’ll go for a shorter trip or you will be traveling via your car. I’m getting whistleblower energy which could come out in the press this week or someone could be snitching on you. Something elegant is coming up so there is a black-tie event invitation that will be coming your way. This event won't take place until June or October so you have a little bit of time to find a dress. You will have a date and for some, it could be someone new who you just started talking to.  Playing the piano or you could be communicating with someone who plays an instrument. You’ll be interested in prehistoric stuff, especially dinosaurs throughout the week. Maybe you should watch the Jurassic park movies. Good news is coming in which could be tied to an opportunity but you may change your mind before the week is over and decide not to take it. Whatever this is, it feels like it’s very last minute. Unless someone is asking you to come to see them at the last minute and it doesn’t go with your schedule. You may be scared that this person may not like you or will lose feelings. Just go with the flow. Don’t try to force it it’s not natural. If they don’t understand then that’s your clue to leave them where you found them.

Scorpio: being gifted something by a friend this week. The money that you have been waiting to come in since the 6th of January or 6 weeks ago will be coming. You also could be making new friends at work. On the other end, you may be thinking about buying someone an apology gift or this is something that is being done for you. Also if you are trying to get a loan for a house or a car then you should hear good news by the middle of the week or you’ll be going back to accept an offer you got in January. Court documents or having to request court records will be a part of your week as well. Some of you could be fearful of a lawsuit that is being threatened by someone you considered a close friend, older sibling, or job, but I don’t see them going through with this. They are just trying to scare you. Speaking of older siblings, if you need help this week then don’t be afraid to reach out to them. Ending this partnership or situation was the right thing to do and I hope this week you start to realize that. Changes are coming your way if you are open to receiving them. If you have heavy air in your chart then it may take some time for you to wake up to the changes that are trying to happen. Try to be more open or else you’ll be stuck in the same spot come 2026.

Sagittarius: you’ll be taking some time away from work, family, or friends, to work on your relationship with another fire sign or air sign. If you are single be careful of a married man or someone in a relationship heavily pursuing you. It’s almost as if this person won’t quit until you say you don’t want them ever in life. If you work in the medical field then this is a doctor that has their eyes set on you. I’m picking up the name Patrick, Jonathan, Nathan, Isiah, Kristen, Winslow, Lisa, or Erica. If you haven’t seen your father in a while you could be reuniting with them in the next four days. Also, there could be issues you have to address when it comes to a daycare situation. If someone you are romantically tied to has been very mean, cold, or distant, then by Friday they will be apologizing to you for being a fool or they may just take you out to dinner to show they are sorry. If this is an ex, then you aren’t interested even though this person will keep persisting. Also this week you could be getting a new computer or getting a possible interview for a tech company. If you have a brother that has been dealing with addiction issues then they could finally decide to go to rehab or this could be someone else that you know. Do the right thing and you know what the right thing is. Someone may be asking you to lie for them as well, don’t do it.

Capricorn: you are confused about what to do and also stuck on if you should keep working this second job. Juggling finances or responsibilities could continue for the next two months if you don’t find a better way to manage your time or budget. It’s been a rocky road when it comes to someone that you are obsessing over day and night. You will still be obsessing over what this person is doing, how they are feeling, and if they are talking about you to other people. Let go of the worry. Also, boats are rocking in the distance so you may be up and down about moving to this new place or finding a place to stay. Calligraphy or photography could be at the top of your trying new things list. Speaking of calligraphy, your signature may be needed on documents in the next 24 hours or two weeks. Your money may feel up in limbo as well if you’ve had some sort of data breach with your bank and you’re wondering when you will get it back. Some, may not be back until august. Others could come as early as June. You’ll be exploring your legal options this week if it’s necessary. I don’t see any pregnancy this week even though some of you have been trying since the start of the pandemic. Stop changing your mind when it comes to the path you’re on. You’re heading in the right direction but you’re making it hard because you keep confusing yourself with the hot and cold behavior.

Aquarius: single as a Pringle for some of you. You could be hiking or doing something associated with a park or a group of people meeting up at a park. You have the money you need to cover your bills if you want to take a break. You could be thinking about enrolling In online classes or learning a different language. Something tied to England is coming through so you may be dreaming about visiting there one day. Also, you could be building things this week or working on some sort of art project. An air or water sign will be confessing their feelings to you Thursday or Sunday night. This could be while you are traveling or this could be a message that comes through the friend of a friend. You may try to play it cool and act like you don’t care but you like them. If this water or air sign is an ex they will try to come back to you after dating someone new goes badly. It’s up to you if you want to deal with them. In the back of your mind or your heart of hearts, you may not feel that this person cares for you. You could feel they are just using you until something better comes along. Now some sort of academic accolade will be coming your way in the fall. This could be you graduating with honors or getting a promotion. The state of Colorado is coming through for those of you wanting to move. It’s up to you. But it seems you may move around nine months.

Pisces: this week you will be spending time with your family, framing portraits, swinging on swings at the park, or having a picnic. You will want to be outside more than you are inside. More of the same will do when it comes to your work situation. If you haven’t been feeling very comfortable in your body or with your skin, you’ll start to feel better before the week is over. May need to get a new mirror for your bedroom because the current one could break or there is a broken mirror in your house that needs to be thrown away. An official letter or some sort of letter will be coming around the 20th. A family member could be sick or some of you will get news via this letter that someone is sick and they may be asking to live with you. Also if you are worried about a move, or taking care of things on your own, you’ll be fine. You haven’t done stuff for yourself in a while so this new thing or new energy is a difficult transition for you. If you are thinking of moving long distance, the cards are saying you need to think about your family first before you make this decision. Some of you also are struggling in a long-distance relationship. Wanting to give up or feel this person is acting as if you don’t exist. Patience and time is the only thing you have right now. Someone new could be coming into your life and your family may be jealous of this connection and could want you to say no. How about just keeping it to yourself for now? You could get married to this person if you want.

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