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Moon Sign Messages: Think about it first

Check your moon sign for these channeled messages. If it doesn't resonate with your moon sign come back later

• Pisces Cancer Scorpio •

You want to be selfish right now without feeling bad for prioritizing your mental health. An air sign may have ghosted you, went back on their word, or didn’t show up when you needed them. You still question if you should leave behind this person because you still care for them. You’ve both did some damage to one another. They’ve hurt you with their words and you’ve possibly hurt them with your actions. But you were just responding to what they did to you? Still doesn’t make it okay. You are now moving forward in a more positive way and you are on the right path despite you constantly questioning it. This time away on your own will be one of finding true peace and solitude. Oh yes, hanging here with no action is scary, no doubt about that. But you’ve spent a lot of years wasting time. You’re headed off on a journey, books in hand, and not a plan for what happens next. Just know that this chapter is signified by the number 8; Karma and spiritual awakenings. You haven’t been happy and now it’s time to go find what will give you joy. This dream of yours isn’t crazy, you’re not being delusional, it will happen. But are you willing to put in the time?

• Gemini Libra Aquarius •

Give it a rest. I mean when it comes to love. You’re going to need to learn to relax a little bit more because you’re giving the people around you anxiety with your pessimism or nitpicking. Your biggest issue is fear. What if you chill and it all goes haywire? Okay and…. Your family backs you and your personal development even if they aren’t super happy about the person you’re dating. Their priority will always be you. A carnival or fair could be coming soon for you and you should go for your inner child. A new beginning will come in terms of your health. A doctor's appointment is in your future and some with the initial L, C, S, could be going starting in-vitro. Growing and expanding your family will be in your energy for the next 10-11 months. If you have a pet then I believe they are pregnant. I actually pick up a cat. May need to invest in a fence for your backyard or fix the one you currently have. If you are single, another air sign will be coming in April and you could meet them at a barbecue or some sort of outdoor event. They could be in a fraternity or sorority. You’re not rich yet so yes you still have to go to work lol. Work on being more punctual and finishing your schoolwork on time

• Aries Leo Sagittarius •

Your purpose is not to be single, not sure who told you that. But you can have a fulfilling relationship if you believe it. You could also be changing your mind about giving a water sign or Virgo another chance. You want to take a step back to think about this some more even though you may have already said yes to reconciling. Now you think it’s a better idea to focus on your finances, starting a garden, working on a new project or doing something different with your style. You don’t have to have it all figured out before you can be in a relationship. Did you use to play an instrument or sing? Might be a good idea to start doing this again. You’ve become a bit removed from your emotions. You could have started falling in love and felt that you were falling too deep so you ran or You just pulled back. When it comes to this person or situation on your mind, there isn’t a purpose behind why you guys are together. You have the choice to leave or stay, it’s not fated. Remember, you will be fine either way but you can’t always run. If you’ve been waiting to be Reinstated at work then it should be coming by the 19th or 20th of this month. Writing something important or influential in the next four weeks. If you haven’t started writing this thing, pick up the pen/paper or get your laptop. They want to hear what you have to say It also feels as if you’re not happy with your appearance. You could be thinking about getting surgery on something. Wait

• Taurus Virgo Capricorn •

You’re looking at a paper with numbers or a job offer. You don’t know if you should take this or not. It could be a step down in pay but the company may offer opportunities for you to move up quickly. This could be a commission job for some of you. Have a friend help you look over this contract before you sign it. You’re skipping over an important part that you need to understand first before saying yes. On another note, someone new is coming into your life. Heavy water sign person and they seem to be a mentor or a potential long-term friendship. Not getting love attached to this even though you may want it to be. You’ll put on the rose-colored glasses for this person with dreamy eyes but don’t get sucked into an illusion. If you’re already in a connection with a water sign this is very one-sided. You should consider taking a step back to focus on the things that are important to you. No one man or woman is an island. If you have moon in your 2H, 7H, 12H or 4H, you may move and end up not liking it. Think long and hard before signing the lease. This also goes for those of you thinking of moving in with someone. You’re questioning if it’s the right time and you’re not wrong. Moving now with them could end up in a bit of a disaster. See how you feel closer to June


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