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Weekly Horoscopes Feb 26-Mar 4: Independence

"You're deflecting!" At least this is how you will feel if you are dealing with a water sign (cancer, scorpio, pisces). You could be struggling to keep up this week when it comes to putting your energy into extracurricular activities. It also seems you'll be craving a lot of coffee or caffeine. A small offer or some sort of beginning will be coming your way when it comes to music, composing, starting a new project, or getting put on a different team at your job. Orange or a brown color tied to hair will be a significant symbol for you this week. Not in the mood for games either and you could feel that your possessions are playing hide and seek with you. Whatever you're looking for could be buried in the couch. Gossip will be coming your way about your sibling or this could have something to do with a secret baby. You will struggle with multi-tasking this week as you'll only be able to focus on one thing, love. You may make amends with this person by the end of the week or talk to them for the first time if you are feeling up to it. A spill on your mattress could be so bad that you have to get a new one. If you used to play an instrument or you want to learn one, then this would be the week to do it.

This week you are in your own energy, The Empress. You will be focusing on your abundance or working to create new opportunities. You could be spending more time with your mother or a sibling that will be expecting a baby soon. Still looking for your husband or wife at this point. If you're already married to this person then it's likely they've been spending too much time at the bar or the casino. If you aren't married then you will wait, and it could even be for someone that you've had your eye on for the last three months. Changing or adding to your wardrobe will be heavy on your mind this week and likely until the end of March. Wherever the wind blows is where you will be heading. A message could be coming in from the east. I'm picking up New York, New Jersey and there may even be something tied to a train. People will be noticing your beauty a lot more this week, so it looks like you've been focusing more on taking care of yourself. Might need to look into getting a better pillow, preferably one with feathers if you can because it will help with the headaches or something going on with your spine. You don't have time for the sob stories or charity cases this week because they will be coming out of the woodwork. Be careful of being used because another taurus, capricorn, gemini, scorpio or libra is coming into your life and they seem to be a leech. Job opportunities in beauty, construction, writing, and hospitality will be coming through around the third or six days from now.

a fresh start. Climbing the social ladder is more likely this week as you could be sought out for your opinion on a work situation or you could be making new friends on social media. By Wednesday you could be getting an apology from a water sign that you haven’t spoken to for the last 11 days or two weeks. You could also be thinking about getting a tattoo that is tied to birds or something to do with water. Make sure that you stay hydrated as you may be going on a hike by the weekend. I see some sort of party or gathering that you could be planning starting on Monday or Friday. This almost feels like a bridal shower so some of you could be getting an invitation to be a part of someone’s wedding. If you haven’t seen or spoken to your sister in a while you could be making some sort of surprise trip to her area by May. You will be really in tune with your intuition this week as you try to find your way back to peace. Some sort of award for you or someone around you will be coming through this week as well; I’m actually hearing about graduation. Singles, strong energy surrounding finding a suitable partner is coming through or you could soon be moving in with someone that you just met this year. If you are dealing with a water sign this person will be blocking you or closing you off from their energy. You will try to move forward to communicate with them to see how you can fix it but I don’t see this person is interested. Designing something or feeling drawn to fashion will come up for you. You could be learning how to sew.

your focus could be on the health of your mother or your own. Things will be stable this week as you will be putting more energy into pampering yourself and you could take a few trips to the mall. You’re feeling more in balance than you have in a long time; since 2015. The color red looks good on you or you could be exploring other colors that you want to try. A position of trust could be given to you this week when it comes to your job or something to do with your neighbors. You also may feel pulled to start a garden, especially if you tried to start one in the past. Doing something different with your hair. I’m getting braids, adding layers, or getting extensions. Issues with your hips or you need to make sure that you stretch. There won’t be any new love coming in for you this week as you prefer your alone time. You’ll be wearing the glasses of practicality quite a bit this week so the way that you see the world or deal with it will be changing starting this week or in April. You will have compassion for someone, yes, but that’s as far as it goes. If you have been looking for money from someone that you have a child with then it will be coming in by Friday. Some of you could have an earth sign person coming in to help you. I don’t see that it’s romantic but who knows? Okay, someone is coming in really fast to possibly offer you marriage but this person has a drinking problem, they are your toxic ex or really obsessive over you. This doesn’t feel as if this person is close to your right now as it seems they have to travel toward you. Either way an invitation to hang out or work together is coming. The decision is yours.

still sitting in this waiting game. Waiting for new opportunities to come through or some of you could be wondering if this person has gotten over the little fight that you had. You could be taking a boat soon for some sort of vacation or it could be for business. Work is going well or you are making progress on the path that you are already on but you thought it would feel better than this. Finally, by the end of the week, you’ll be getting a call back about a new job or getting your promotion accepted. Some of you could be popping out for the first time with this new person that you’ve been talking to. Don’t forget your notes in the car if you are going for an interview or you are going somewhere for a meeting. Those of you with the initial F, M or D in your name could be thinking about getting something done to your breast. A good week to get recognition for whatever this is that you are doing. It’s best to focus on what you have going on this week instead of trying to see if this person you had an argument with has let it go. I would say that they haven’t. If you’ve been waiting on a response about a court case you’ll be receiving the news on Thursday. Feels as if they are saying they will be reviewing it and will get back to you in about 11 weeks or 11 days. If you are single, there won’t be any new opportunities coming in for you when it comes to new love. Right now, you want success and money more than a partner.

Virgo: you are so confused and rightfully so because this person could be sending you mixed signals. This week you may feel that you have a telepathic connection with a water sign that you came across on the internet. It does seem to me that you have a crush on someone despite them not knowing that you exist. So you’re confused if this is for real or if you are just dreaming this whole thing up. Getting lost in your own thoughts or your own world is nice but you can’t stay there all the time because you have shit to do. Watch out for sharp knives or sharp corners of the counters in your kitchen. You may also be thinking about going back to school but you don’t know what you want to study yet. Let’s just say this week for you will be one filled with starting a lot of new things that you may not finish. By the end of the week, you could be going bowling, ice skating, or doing something in your yard. You could be building your reputation online because people find you mysterious and they just want to follow you. So if you are a creator then this week you should be posting a lot of content. Fixing a friendship is likely during this time as well. Getting a passport or something tied to a visa may be at the top of your priority list. It does seem that you could have a busy summer or there could be some sort of travel coming soon for you. Those of you crushing on a water sign may be in luck, you and this person could get a chance to meet in the next two weeks. I’m picking up the state of florida, city of milwaukee, tennessee or some place up north. Those of you in the field of culinary could be getting accepted to culinary school or you could start doing something with cooking. A restaurant may be in your future. But, the opportunity to grow closer to someone is happening this week, if you take it.

you’re focusing on your growth or you are in the middle of a new growth cycle. You are focusing more on working smarter instead of harder but you also refuse to work with people if they don’t want to work with you. Someone could be playing petty games with you this week and it could be someone from your family or it could be a person that you work with. Graphic design or drawing something. You could be looking at the blueprints for something, making an itinerary, or mapping out a business plan. Try to get back in touch with your inner child. You could build something, play video games or do something with logos. Get one of those adult coloring books and do a few pages before bed. It seems you’re having a bit of anxiety these days. That could be because you feel that people are starting to become even more unpredictable and you’re not liking that; I knew you had control issues lol. You could be buying new artwork for your wall or even doing something with pottery. Even though things are slowing down, they are starting to slowly fall into place. If you’ve been feeling lethargic or out of energy for some time you could feel a jolt of it return to you starting today or in the next 1-9 days. There is a slow-moving energy following behind you and this could be someone new but they aren’t ready to reveal themselves yet. They work A LOT so they don’t have as much time to focus on what could be in this connection. They also live in a place that is predominantly sunny. Maybe the summertime will be better. This week there could be a travel invite coming your way but you’ll have to turn it down. News or some kind of message is coming in fast and it could be from this slow-moving energy. It will be a baby step forward toward progress so try not to get your hopes up too much. Play around with the energy and just have fun. News about work will be coming in on Tuesday or Saturday. Someone is totally watching you. Could be a Pisces or it's an earth sign. But they are laying dormant for now but this person wants you.

starting over from scratch. You could be trying to catch up on bills this week or you could be trying to go for some sort of loan. Some of you may have even gotten accepted into a school or you just started a new job around a week ago. You’ll be focusing on your skin which means you could be getting some new makeup or starting a new skin-care routine. Your fear is that someone could be using you or someone is using you for sex however, it could be you that’s using them. But whoever this person is that you have your eye on you are very intrigued by them. For some, this could even be someone that you work with or that you will soon meet through your job. A younger earth sign could be giving you money or someone will need a favor and they are willing to pay you for it. Might want to get all the details first before you jump and say yes. If you used to be into photography you could be getting back into that. A cycle may be ending with a cancer or another water sign person in your life that you have a son or earth sign child with. They are not giving you any attention and at first, there were tears but now it feels like there is nothing but anger. You don’t understand why this person isn’t talking to you even though you feel that you didn’t do anything wrong. How could they be so ungrateful? You’ve been there for them through a lot. You definitely want payback when it comes to this person but hanging on to the bitterness will keep you stagnant. Time to rebuild your strength and this connection could have been one that was meant to test you and show you things about yourself you refused to see at first. It takes strength to let go. By the end of the week, you could be getting recognition for your appearance or you will be expecting recognition to come because you changed up your style and did something different with your hair; don’t get your hopes up. Save more than you spend. You're single now, stop waiting to get back into a relationship with them.

running around like a chicken with its’ head cut off. Seems like you’re trying to play catch-up with something or someone. A fire sign ex of yours could be peaking their head in again to see if you have moved on or just to see what you are up to. Travel is highlighted for you this week or this could be your mind wandering all over the place because you have someone or so many things on your mind. A gold bracelet that is special to you could be getting lost or you need to make sure you keep a close eye on your possessions, especially your car. You will have a visitor this week that is coming back home from the military or if you are from another country you could be catching a flight there. Don’t play both sides this week because you could easily get caught in the middle of something that has nothing to do with you. You also could be trying to make your money stretch as some sort of deposit or check could be delayed for almost two weeks. However, money is coming and some of you could be getting returns back from an investment that you made in 2011 or 2021. There could be issues tied to your bones or something going on with your face. Either you’re not happy with your nose or you are just over-examining everything. At this point when it comes to this person that you are back and forth with, who could be with you because you are successful, you just want to divide your assets and go in a different direction. An earth or fire sign you used to deal with before this person could be reaching out to you before the week is over. They will be trying to woo you back into their life with nice things or dates.

feeling blocked this week. Make sure that you don’t have things impeding your vision as you are driving down the road. If you stay in the countryside watch out for deer because it seems a lot of them could be heading your way this week. The biggest thing for you this week is to hold fast to what you believe in and don’t cave in for anyone. Someone or people could be pushing your buttons to see if they can get under your skin but you can’t let them. Two people could be approaching you this week with an opportunity to work with them or they are interested in some sort of service that you offer. On the other end, you may block your father because you don’t like the way they are treating your sibling or you don’t like that they aren’t willing to help you. Eat more fruits and vegetables this week because you haven’t been adding enough fiber to your diet. This week will be pretty successful if you don’t change anything. If you changed something last week, then don’t do anything else to this thing that you are working on. You also may find a solution to a problem that has been puzzling your boss or people in your office for weeks and it will bring praise. If you are separated from a fire sign, be careful because this person is angry about the way things ended between you two and they may pop up. You’re not wrong for feeling that you need to take out the trash or cut certain people off. If you don’t cut these people off now, they could end up hurting you in the future (not physically). This person also may be trying to reach out to your parents to see if they will talk to you for them. Keep walking the other way, nothing good will come from this person. They’ve shown their true colors and you don’t need to be blinded by the sex.

You’re just bored with life right now. Nothing seems to be moving and you could also be having a hard time moving on from old relationships or situationships. There’s an offer on the table but it’s not good enough. It could be the same offer you keep getting over and over again it’s just wrapped in a different color bow. You may have thought that making this move back home would have answered all your questions but you’re still confused about what you want to do with your life. You could just be questioning everything because you’re not happy where you’re at and all you’re doing is just overthinking. A job opportunity will be coming into you this week but you don’t like the salary and the company isn’t trying to negotiate. So you may take it just because you want something new instead of waiting for something better. You also could be thinking about cosmetic surgery or you want to change something about your look. Also, someone could be giving you a bullshit offer just because they want you to go away or to shut up. Be careful of someone just telling you what you want to hear because you are on to the stuff they’ve been doing behind your back. If you are waiting on an earth sign person to make an offer toward a relationship, I don’t see it coming in this week. So you will decide to move on because your manifestation is not coming in fast enough; man, you have no patience. If you are a writer, you could be getting money from advertisements or being published on other platforms. If you are waiting for a scorpio, pisces leo, another aquarius or taurus from your past to reach out the cards are saying this person has called it quits so it’s time for you to do the same thing. You will get a wish that you’ve been praying about but it won’t be until around June or August so again, be patient. This wish seems to be tied to your career or education.

You are scared but at the same time, you are trying to put on a brave face in this situation. You are either hiding behind your social media or you are just hiding. Maybe you have feelings for someone and you are afraid of what this person will say if you reveal them. The fear of the unknown is your biggest blockage because what if you are missing out on something? Try writing down what you want to say first and then say it or send it to them. A lot of times your fears are the thing that keeps you stagnant. Too afraid to take risks when risks need to be taken. Some of you may have a fear that people are forgetting about you or the people you want to notice you just aren’t. You love your family but you want to know what else is out there. I feel that you are holding back in the worst way and life could be passing you by again. Who is this person showing up in your dreams? Might want to take a look into that. Don’t be afraid of your own light because it seems you do very well at hiding yourself away from others to keep away any judgments. You have a very strong talent for the written word so you could do something with that this week but I think you are watching a cancer or a younger air sign. Why won’t you tell this person how you’re feeling? You can’t watch this person until the end of time because that’s just weird. But on the other end, some of you may have an ex who is watching you very heavily, but not in a good way. They are wishing that you fall so that you can depend on them again. That’s the fear you must overcome. You can do this without them, there’s no doubt in my mind. This is a good week to show your talents and your skills and don’t hide them. You will be finding your purpose this week or this person you are looking at will help you with this. There is an age difference and you may even wonder if you’ve known this person before. You have, in another lifetime. So what will it be? Stop being passive. You both are strong psychics so you know what the other is thinking and you can feel the nervousness when they are watching you. You’re not crazy! Four major arcana this week, anything can happen

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