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Weekly Horoscopes Jun 26-Jul 2: Time to Move On

Aries ♈️ : you could be reuniting with a long-lost relative before the week is out. This person could be a Pisces or they have cancer placements in their chart. Things will start to feel as if they are aligning or falling into place. You also will get a chance to get much-needed rest if you’ve been bald down with responsibilities especially those tied to children. Social anxiety is likely starting on Thursday and going through the weekend. And you may have to get some sort of cough medicine prescription through your doctor for something that’s been bothering you since the middle of April. You’re trying to be tactical when it comes to someone that you’re dating if you are single. But you can’t shake this feeling that you may be falling in love with this person. If you’ve been on the outs when he comes to someone’s family and you guys, not getting along, this will be the week to fix things up. Be careful if you are near large bodies of water, or if you are taking a child swimming for the first time make sure that you bring Floaties, lifejackets or just take extra precautions. There is a possibility that there could be danger tied to water starting this week.

Taurus ♉️ : you could be running away from your responsibilities this week. Some of you could be running back towards the pass because this person could be calling you to ask for a favor. If you are looking to have fun this week, then there’s a possibility you could be taking a mini vacation to one of your favorite places from your childhood. It’s likely you also change your mind when it comes to pursuing a relationship with a fire sign person. So this week you could go back on your word when it comes to promises that you made around 3 to 9 weeks ago. You also could be thinking about dying, your hair, a burgundy, bronze, or some sort of red-orange color. This summer there will be a lot of extracurricular activities going on, but with that being said you also may ignore your responsibilities. So make sure that you are not being very impulsive when it comes to your spending, having sex, or reconnecting with exes. Some of you may be thinking about pursuing a career as a first responder, such as a firefighter or a paramedic. If you are single, then you may meet someone who is in this job field. Also, this week someone will be sending you a message, and enclosed in this message is some sort of secret of theirs. Now, if you and this person had an argument or disagreement in the past, this message will finally give you clarity on what went wrong. So you should also be careful because someone that you consider a friend or maybe they’re just an acquaintance, they may be hitting on your partner or they may be about to date someone that you used to date.

Gemini ♊️ : you’re not feeling so sure about this marriage or long-term relationship that you’ve been in for the past five years. This person isn’t who you thought they were and you may even question this person’s morals, values, or beliefs. Certain things that they are doing you just don’t agree with however, they see nothing wrong. But that’s the issue, it’s the fact that they don’t see any harm in doing what they are doing to you. Be careful because you could end up being stabbed in a bag by Taurus, another Gemini, or a Virgo. Someone may want to experiment with you sexually, but be very careful about this because this will give you a clue into what this person has been doing with their free time. Some of you may feel pushed to ask the question to someone if they’ve been unfaithful toward you, but be very careful because you’re not going to want to hear the answer. Someone’s parent could be having health issues tied to the heart, lungs, or larynx. For some Tauruses that have been having issues when it comes to conceiving, you will consider looking into in vitro or possible adoption before the end of July. If you were thinking about going back to school, this is not a good week to apply to university and you should wait until the fall. Sinus issues or heavy pressure on the top of your head will be bothering you, especially at night while you were sleeping. There is a solution to everything and this week you will be starting a new beginning after some sort of unfortunate situation. For a lot of you, it may be tied to some sort of a letter that you may be receiving from the government or this may have something to do with someone you have a child with.

Cancer ♋️ : this week you may find yourself feeling very emotional. If you are dating an air sign, you could be going through a separation with this person this week or if you’re already in a separation now is finally starting to hit you. This week will be one where you are going through deep cellular healing when it comes to the physical and emotional pain that you have been hanging on to. Short-distance travel may be one that you are not going to make. Breathing issues could disrupt the middle of your week and some of you who had surgery could be having some issues when it comes to the postop care. A third-party situation could be uncovered this week, rather it is from your side or the other person's side. Some of you may find out the unfortunate news that someone never truly stopped dealing with their past as they promised. And this is going to bother you because you were just getting back to a point where you thought that you could trust this person. But the biggest thing you have to keep in mind this week is to remember not to take things personally. There could be some issues tied to lights that you may have to deal with before the week is out. So for the majority of this week, it will be somewhat of like a pain in the ass because of minor things that you have to deal with, and it just seems like it’s one thing after another. It wouldn’t be the greatest idea to start a relationship right now it would come across as you’re being quite foolish because your focus should be on your career, job, or finances. By the end of the week, you may have to leave some sort of financial means behind because it’s just not working anymore. But, by the end of the week, you should have some sort of her leave because a new person could be entering your life that will help you out when it comes to your financial situation.

Leo ♌️ : so you may not get the best news when it comes to a doctor's appointment that you will be attending or you could be scheduling. Issues with your back are likely on 1 July or you’re having some nerve issues that you need to go to the doctor to check out. If you’ve been betrayed by an air sign in the past 10 days you could still be expecting this person to come back and apologize. However, they are not going to show up. So you may have to nurse yourself back to health or lick your wounds, but this is only temporary. This week it is likely that you are the victim of whatever the situation is that is a difficult one. You could be overworking yourself as well and you must be careful because I see a crash-and-burn situation in your near future. If your body is telling you to rest, then you need to make sure that you are resting. Some of you won’t be notified appropriately when it comes to a situation that you’re dealing with, and you may end up getting the short end of the stick. However, making a phone call to the management or filing for an appeal will work in your favor because you did nothing wrong. So for you, a big part of your week could be you just wanting to be at home and not wanting to be bothered. Now some of you, if you are dating someone whose birthday is in the winter time, you may find out that this person has been dating someone else or they are looking for someone else to date. If you’re you, this will feel as if nothing you do is ever good enough for them. This is the time when you need to figure out if you should walk away or try to be understanding of what they are going through. This person does love you and you love them however, this relationship is very codependent and lacks boundaries. So it’s only a matter of time before someone starts being used as a doormat.

Virgo ♍️ : this week you could be looking for another job that’s going to give you the benefits that you deserve. You also could be sent on a mission by your mother, a family member, or even your boss. Just be mindful because it seems like someone is wanting you to do their dirty work for them. If you were on a project at your job, this particular team could be disbanded, or the entire project could be put on hold until after August. Now this could be a project that you’ve been begging on because of a promise, some sort of a bonus however, I’m not sure what happened or why this particular thing is being shut down. No on the other end, you may encounter a very difficult coworker. Dat is getting in the way when it comes to you trying to do your job effectively. You made it feel like this person is a double agent, and they may be trying to purposely sabotage what you have going on. For the most part this week, you don’t have a lot of patience for a small, tall, Chatter, or people that want to give you excuses. If you are dealing with another earth, sign, or a water sign, this week, you could be giving them an ultimatum when it comes to your situation. If this person could just give you a sense of security as to where you guys are headed then you would be OK with that. However, this person is taking their sweet time. And honestly, this person isn’t ready to make a decision when it comes to your guys' relationship so you have to decide if you want to be more patient or you want to completely let them go. But in my opinion, I don’t think anything in this romantic situation is going to be resolved this year.

Libra ♎️ : you couldn’t realize this week that you may have overreacted when it came to cutting someone off or blocking them from contacting you. You likely did this at a time when you felt alone and felt that this person was not supporting you. But after taking some time to sit back and think, you may finally be realizing that this person supports you in the best way that they know how. So this week you will be a lot more understanding when it comes to other people's points of view. So this means that you will likely be giving someone a second chance, and I only apologizing to them, you will also try to see what can you guys do to move forward. You could be volunteering for an organization in your community, or if you fill out with a friend and they have a birthday coming up soon, you’ll be planning a surprise party for them. You are not alone in this world even though a lot of times you feel you are. There are always people around you wanting to support you, but the issue is you never open your mouth and talk. People cannot read your mind, nor are they telepathically connected to you in that way. So you’re gonna have to use your words and let people know how they made you feel or if you need their help. Now, if you are dealing with a fire sign, you could be a little bit oblivious when it comes to this person’s issues with you. So, don’t be surprised this week if this person starts a distance themselves more from you because they feel you just don’t understand. And because you will be you, you will take it as oh I’ll just give them space and we’ll just talk about it later. But you have to be careful because this could be the beginning of this person falling into someone else’s arms. So if you want to keep what you need to protect what’s yours.

Scorpio ♏️ : you could be reuniting with a brother or someone that you grew up with. This will be a new week filled with adventures, romantic messages, romantic interests, or just a time for you to have fun. If you haven’t hung out with a particular group of friends in a while you will be reuniting with them during some sort of a picnic or you guys could be planning some sort of vacation for September. A water sign person to be confessing their feelings to you or you may notice that random people seem to be interested in you. But you will find this weird because these are people that just seem like they came out of nowhere. But the thing is there is someone on your mind or your heart that you already have loyalty for and you trust so you may ignore these new people coming into your life. But the good thing is that you are heading in the right direction so if you decided to protect and stay loyal to someone you’re already with or trying to work things out with, the universe is in agreement with that decision. Make sure that you are planning if you are traveling this week because it’s likely that you may get held up in the state of Texas, Wyoming, Iowa, Virginia, San Diego, or a Caribbean island. You may be super interested in space exploration as well, and you could even buy a microscope or go somewhere where you can study the stars or the planets. Some Scorpio placements could be getting proposed to this week and others of you. You could be taking your connection in a more serious direction if it’s not marriage. You may even be proposing for you and this person to move in together, buy an animal together, or look for a house together. For the most part, this will be a good week, so enjoy it.

Sagittarius ♐️ : you could be petty this week towards another fire or water sign. You could be trying to make this person jealous after they said some not-so-nice things to you. Or this person may have pushed you away and told you to go and deal with someone else. So you may be taking this person seriously. If you are in school or studying for something, you will struggle when it comes to focusing on the topic at hand. It may not be a bad idea to take a break a lease for about seven weeks until you can get your head, screwed back on straight. Make sure that you were being mindful when it comes to the grocery bags at the store because a lot of them will break and you’ll have a mess on your hands. If you have an older child, you may be shocked this week to find out that they no longer want to go to college. They may be interested in being a gamer, or YouTuber, or just doing something else that doesn’t necessarily involve formal education. You will try to fight them on this, however, this will be a battle that you will lose. If they have a parent that lives in another place, they may even want to go live with them instead because you are not happy with their life decision. You may also struggle to control your emotions or communication when it comes to relationships this week and you may end up letting a secret of yours slip so be careful. Someone isn’t giving you a lot of attention this week and it is bothering you, and with that being said, you may even start an argument over this. Not a good week to sign a new contract or to fill out any sort of form, you should wait until next week. You are more likely to make a lot of typographical errors during this time so it would probably be best to wait until later on to fill out anything of importance. Some of you may be feeling homesick when it comes to the country, city, or state that you came from. You may even be making plans starting this week to eventually move back to your hometown in around 3 to 7 years.

Capricorn ♑️ : you don’t feel that you are getting along with this group of friends that you’ve had since you were in high school or your early 20s. It seems that all of you are going in your separate directions but for you, you feel guilty for thinking about leaving the group behind. Do you want to go and embark on this new journey however is difficult because you want this particular group of people to be a part of it. But you’re walking into a time. In your life, where this journey may be a solo one. You’ll be forming new friends, new jobs, or even finding a home in a different place. For the most part, you’re terrified because you’re wanting to make a brand new beginning but you don’t want to give up the old story. But the car to say that you should hold strong on to this vision or this goal that you have for your life. But you won’t get there if you keep hanging onto the past. There is an X that is still hanging onto you and still wanting to work things out and you may very well be aware of who this person is. This could be someone that you were married to or you were supposed to get married to however you guys couldn’t get it together. And now, even though a big part of you is ready to be done with this person, you also worry about them moving on to someone else. So it’s simple, do you truly want to move on and find a different love or do you just want to hang onto what was because it’s all you know? You can’t have it both ways! Incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet and some of you may even think about going vegan in the next eight months. If you were waiting to hear back on orders when it pertains to the military or you’re waiting for someone to come home from the military, then you have to wait till spring of 2024. Things are changing and things are happening around you even though you can’t see them. I know it’s frustrating but you have to keep holding on to what you want. You’ll be able to achieve it, but it may be something that doesn’t have it overnight and that’s OK. Keep persisting!

Aquarius ♒️ : you may find yourself making a lot of mistakes this week that you may not be able to come back from. Especially when it comes to how you communicate with others or specifically, how you communicate with someone you’re close to. You may have a bad habit of expecting everyone to be superhuman and not make mistakes and this is likely something that is holding you back. Not to mention you have to learn how to be human and accept the fact that you’re going to make mistakes as well. And that could be the thing for you this week. Except for the fact that you’re going to make mistakes, it doesn’t mean that you are a bad person. This week you also may find yourself feeling very stagnant when it comes to life or even when it comes to what you want. One minute you want to go this way and then the next you wonder if that’s even the right thing to do. The best thing for you during this week is to just be patient and be kinder to yourself. There won’t be a lot of changes coming your way outside of the normal things but that may frustrate you. Because some of you may have been banking on this week being the time when things were going to change and honestly you made them feel that things are going back a little bit. But it’s not a bad thing. If you think I need to go backwards a little bit because you missed a step you need to go back and correct something that you missed. Sometimes you have to reverse the car out of its spot to drive forward, so think of it that way. If you’ve been on the outs with another air sign, don’t expect any sort of resolution this week because they don’t want to talk. But this also doesn’t give you a reason to start freaking out. Find a hobby or find a way to distract yourself this week because things just may not necessarily go your way, but that is fine. Why does it always gonna be up sometimes we have to deal with the downs.

Pisces ♓️ : that’s it, you’re going. You’ll be making a decision this week to relocate to somewhere more tropical or to take a chance in another place later this year. There is someone around you who is likely a fake sign and you mean the world to this person. They do struggle a bit when it comes to properly communicating that to you, but there’s no doubt, this person does truly love you. This week you also may be ending a chapter in your life. This could deal with school, work, foreign things, teaching, your home, or anything tied to Jupiter. And speaking of Jupiter, this also could mean that some of you may be deciding to walk away for good from a husband. But this is a Walking Away that you’re not particularly sad about. You are ready to enjoy the next phase of your life, and for some, that may include retirement or planning to have a baby. There could be a phone call coming your way that seems like it’s going to knock you off of your feet and this could be one tied to your career. It may seem like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity or a chance for you to finally use your skills and talents. This is also a good week for you to meet new friends or just encounter new people. So for you this week, even though you were having an ending, you are completely ready for the new beginning because it’s been long overdue. So you will feel a bit lighter and you will also feel the weight of the world be lifted off of your shoulders. You also may see that a lot of people are all of a sudden wanting to support you on this new journey. You also could be flying someplace far away or this is a good time for you to renew or to get a passport because international travel is coming up for you in the future. This week you are the victorious one, and you could be put in a prominent or high-ranking position. So congratulations to you.

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