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Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio June 2023

Here's part II of the horoscopes for the month of June 2023

Leo ♌️: not a good month to gamble with your assets or investments. In turn if you are moving too quickly and not thinking things through then you may have to deal with a bit of karma. You also could be avoiding having the "talk" with someone important. In-laws are likely going to be a pain in the butt and you may find out that someone has not been saying such nice things about your relationship behind your back. An awakening may happen this month as you start to realize what you thought your purpose was is not it at all.

Listen here 👉 LEO JUNE 2023

Virgo ♍️: just because someone is honest with you doesn't mean they are a good partner to you. You're too stuck in a codependent situation with someone who always leaves you for "better" and then comes back. If something else comes along and they consider it better then they will leave again. This month you could be trying to find yourself again as your self confidence is not in the best of shape. You'll have no issues starting things this month but you are struggling to finish them. What do you truly want to do with your life ?

Listen here 👉 VIRGO JUNE 2023

Libra ♎️: building generational wealth this month. You could be invited to be a part of a new project built just for you or you will be a part of a team where you'll meet genuine friends. Your happy ending is coming but first you must make a decision and plant your feet there. No more up and down and indecisive behavior. You may be shocked by the changes that someone will be making in your romantic connection. Wait it out, grow with this.

Listen Here 👉 LIBRA JUNE 2023

Scorpio ♏️: it's a bit rough out here. You may be feeling a bit bitter toward someone that walked away from you. Things were just too difficult in that situation and healing was not able to be done. During this time, you may be realizing that you value your independence more than being in a relationship. You and this person need to be by yourselves for a while to really see what's life is like without the two of you being together. You may find that you're better together than you are a part. Signing a new contract for work is coming. This isn't the end, but somewhat of a new beginning.

Listen Here 👉 SCORPIO JUNE 2023

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