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Weekly Horoscopes July 22-28 ‘Daydreaming Will Be Your Downfall, Snap out of It’


General --> rising sign

Love --> Moon sign

Money --> Venus sign

Career --> Sun sign

Also try seeing if your life path number will resonate.

Ex: Life Path number 1,4 are ruled by sun so look at your sun sign

Life Path 2,7 check your moon

Life Path 3 check your jupiter

Life Path 5 check your mercury

Life Path 6 check your venus

Life Path 8 check your saturn

Life Path 9 check your mars

Aries: You’ll be going on an adventure this week to the lake, beach, or near a body of water. You may feel a bit dehydrated as well if you haven’t been drinking enough fluids. If you are single and you are going out to bars, restaurants, or attending a hotel gathering for a friend, you will meet a speedy water sign. By speedy I mean athletic or this person loves the idea of love. Not saying that you can’t have fun with this person but don’t put your expectations up so high. A renewal of love will also be happening for those of you with water in your chart and I also am seeing a proposal for some of you in the next 7-17 days. If you are trying to put in a bid on a house they will accept it by the end of the week. An offer for new employment in another city or another state will be coming to your email on Wednesday or Thursday of this week. I’m hearing the names Joseph, Ian, Ivan, Hill, and George; they may be of significance to some of you. Artists or painters will be getting newly commissioned work this week or if you are an independent contractor then there will be a new assignment that requires your attention by the 19th of August. You should be focused more on having fun and enjoying life right now instead of trying to make plans. Some of you may also be looking into getting a pet, specifically a cat if you don’t already have one. You’ll be quite the romantic this week so go the extra mile and show people or someone in your life how much you care for them, don’t be afraid to put that out there. Some of you will be traveling across the pond soon, meaning you’re going overseas to either study, live there, or visit an 80 or 90-year-old relative. Carrots, Brussel sprouts, and cabbage need to be incorporated into your diet more because your immune system may be compromised.

Taurus: Someone has taken off without saying a word to you and you want to know why. So you may scope out this person’s social media to see if you can put together a reason that will help you find a sense of peace. This person who is ghosting you may have been someone who showed interest in you since 2017 or for the last seven months and then when you finally let them in, they show up with flowers of disappointment. You may be feeling at this time that no one is really interested in how you’re doing or how you’re feeling not realizing that people don’t mind readers. If something bothers you, then you need to find a productive way to get it off your chest while it’s happening. Some of you may be hiding away from an Aquarius or a Cancer because you are embarrassed about your actions toward them. Business partnerships or agreements can be met with obstacles as someone isn’t able to provide the funding they promised. It will be too easy for some of you to go back to the past and bring up old things that the other person thought you moved past. Some of you may have to deal with secret court cases when it pertains to divorce, separation, or things dealing with children. Also, there is work that needs to be done on the engine or the air conditioning of your car. However, you may still be in a contract on this vehicle so it may be better suited to try and trade it in instead and you could do this on Tuesday. You’re not completely done with a situation even though you’re trying to put on a brave face. Some of you may still go to this person’s profile to see if they are happy without you or if they are in a new relationship. When it comes to a career, be careful of losing any sort of files and make sure that you back your computer up because there may be a crash happening soon. The lights will flicker this week or change unexpectedly. In the next seven months, those working at home will be making their way back into the office.

Gemini: You’re just not emotionally in tune with the world this week. A disappointing piece of mail or communication came through and you may have been expecting this to be a yes. You are still trying to have high hopes for the future, but this may be the second or third time that you’ve been handed a devastating blow in this situation. You may be unable to find the right words to express yourself this week and it may dig the hole deeper. Issues with your ears are coming through and some of you are using a harsh product close to your private area and there will be issues starting Friday or Saturday. I’m hearing broken eggs happening and this may be something literal tying to fertility or trying to conceive. Some of you may be thinking about freezing your eggs or trying again with an ex however, I’m not seeing a successful conception. You will be asking God, what you did wrong to deserve this outcome, but also you have to accept the fact that you made the choice here. Coins or abundance may be falling out of your purse or wallet because you’ve been spending too much money on a hobby. Health issues with your father or a Scorpio child are coming up. Distance is being created between you and someone that you love. They keep bringing up the past again but the underlying issue ties to attention and affection. They or you aren’t feeling very loved right now in this connection and there are thoughts of walking away. Those of you that are single won’t be having much luck this week and this ex that you’ve run back to will be going in the opposite direction. Right now you may see that you are out there alone. Some of you still can’t get over things of the past or you keep bringing up your ex in the middle of a fight with your current partner, and you wonder why it’s not working. To alleviate the stress you’ll be under this week go for a walk, salsa dance, bike ride, or bake. This sorrow or sadness that you feel this week won’t last forever but some of you are refusing to take the medicine that was prescribed to you for depression or anxiety. This week at work, you may also feel like it’s mercury retrograde. Communication will be haywire but you can manage it, just don’t let your emotions speak for you.

Cancer: The choices you made last week have put you on the right path. If you didn’t make any movements or choices last week then you’ll have this week to try to get this figured out if you are looking for a change. Make sure that you are counting the change that is being handed back to you if you are going shopping or if you are at a restaurant. If you have an Aquarius or Capricorn stellium (3 or more planets in that sign) then you will be getting some much-welcomed recognition come Sunday. You have the right idea on how to get yourself out of a jam or how to make your way toward a better situation, you just have to get the car moving. Sales or anything tied to mercury, which includes writing, import/export, vehicles, will bring you success this week if you are in these fields. You will be hearing a lot of ‘yes's here soon you just have to remain positive. Some of you are too quick to give up on yourself when you are faced with adversity. Something about the calendar and the month of January, February, or May could bring you to a full circle moment by the end of this week. This may deal with you running into someone again who you had an interest in or someone who could help you with your career. If you have a book that’s been written and it’s just sitting on your computer, this is the week to just throw it out into the fire. You’d be pleasantly surprised by the interest that people will have in it. The same thing applies if you have a book idea that you haven’t put down on paper. Accolades or awards that you may have won last year or 11 weeks back could finally be coming through. You will be pegged to be the leader of a group or a team this week so don’t get scared if you are called upon. The snake at your feet is tamed. There was an impending threat from either an ex-lover, boss, or some sort of court case that has been circling over your head for the longest and it will be put to rest. Taking a chance is scary, but you won’t hear me say this again, take the chance. Invest the money if it’s for something new because this week it will be hard for you to lose. I’m not getting a lot of love happening because mostly you are working toward your path. Getting the money from a 401k or investment account is likely starting eight days from when you read this.

Leo: You’ll be working a lot this week and won’t have a lot of time for fun. If you were previously laid off then you will be getting a call this week to come into work or this will be for an interview. If this is an interview then you will be starting this job in august before the 15th. You will be trying to protect your assets during this week if you are having to go to court for visitation or some sort of lawsuit you’ve been dealing with for the last eight months. You will be receiving back jewelry or possessions that an ex has been keeping since 2018 for those of you in this situation. Some of you will be entering some sort of class for learning about investments, real estate, or cryptocurrency. There will be a lot of rain in the forecast this week so make sure that you aren’t leaving your windows down or leaving anything outside that you don’t want to be ruined. Going back to school or getting your closet organized will take up most of your time Wednesday or Thursday. Some of you will have the opportunity to work a second job but you may leave them hanging because the hours or the pay is not what you asked for in the interview. In terms of love, this week you and this person will be trying to get back to the basics and spend more time together or focus more on the things that you have in common. It will be time for a new computer by august, especially if the one you have is constantly glitching or freezing. It’s likely because it was dropped some time back on hardwood or outside, but now you see that it's not okay like you thought. Pets will need to be tended to more this week as they will eat something that will upset their stomach. I’m getting a dachshund, Yorkie, or beagle on this one. Singles are too busy being married to their work so no one is paying you much attention. Hopefully in August, you meet someone worthwhile.

Virgo: This week you will be focusing on finishing what you start. Some of you will be trying to learn a new language, which will be good because I see international travel in 21 months. You could be going to Bali, Thailand, Ethiopia, South Africa, Jamaica, Taiwan, or France. A karmic cycle is closing for you this week when it comes to your education or the lack thereof. If you didn’t finish your schooling you will be determined to go back and get it done this time around. You could major in English, history, biology, or anthropology. Travel is highlighted this week as well but it’s more of short-distance travel. Aquariums, museums, or any sort of place where you can study or admire history will be good things to do to get your mind off what’s going on at home. Someone is moving out this week and that could be the karmic ending for those of you that’s been struggling in this situation since 2009, 2012, or 2019. Starting a garden or being interested in flowers or perfumery will pique your interest. Some of you may even be starting a creative venture in this line of work which will do well. Anything tied to science or chemistry is good for you. Pregnancy is highlighted for Virgo's who have a lot of earth in your chart or you are dealing with a Pisces. You’re halfway in and halfway out when it comes to this person or this has been an off and on the situation since the stone ages and here we are again; babies change things. If you come from a line of twins or triplets, I would say be very careful because it seems you’re next up. Protect your feet by getting a pedicure or wearing socks more. Try not to walk around either outside or in your house barefoot as you are picking up a lot of energy. For you this week, it’s one of the endings and new beginnings. Now new beginnings don’t always mean starting something new like work or a new relationship. It can be a new beginning in terms of finally having an understanding of who you are and what you stand for. New beginnings aren’t always so literal, remember that.

Libra: You may be taking justice into your own hands this week when it comes to family, a father, or others around you that have been unfair to you. Things revolving around lawyers, judges, magistrates, etc will be having an impact on you this week or for the next 14 weeks. You may be thinking about speaking with a therapist if you recently went through some sort of bereavement or some of you may find yourselves having to play caretaker to a grandfather or a brother. Watch out for driving late at night this week and actually if you can spend the week at home instead of traveling that would be a good thing. Some of you aren’t taking good care of your mental health if you are in the medical field or working in a hospital. If you’re not careful then you may end up crashing sooner rather than later. This week you will be open and non-apologetic with the truth and a lot of people won't understand where this is coming from. It’s better to focus on perfecting your craft in your work environment instead of trying to prove your point to every single person. A lot of people just don’t care so you’re wasting your time and your words. This week you will be at the top of your game or there will be something new that you will be learning where you will become an expert really quickly. Saturnian energy is coming through so you have to fight through the bouts of laziness and have more discipline and structure in your day today. Busy doesn’t mean being productive. You can still produce a lot even if you’re doing it three to four days out of the week. You will be cutting off a libra, cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, or Taurus this week for a lie they told you in the past. However, you didn’t do it sooner because your mind has been elsewhere. This person will call you up to see what’s wrong or why no communication, but you don't feel the need to explain anymore. They haven’t been a good friend to you and now you see that. This can also apply to a lover as well. Re-enlisting in the military or getting into public service is likely for those of you that have Aquarius, Sagittarius, or Leo in your chart. You’re pretty diplomatic in your approach and you have no problem being the bad guy if it saves the majority of the people. Your position is solidified or your job is solidified no matter who tries to throw stones at you. Stay focused on the task at hand and you will come out of this on top.

Scorpio: fiery week for you. You will be using tools when it comes to a new job or learning a new skill. Some of you will be learning how to cook this week or you will be cooking for some sort of visitor that you will have this weekend. Those of you that are newly single will be getting in bed with a very tempting fire sign by Monday. You won’t have feelings tied into this situation but they will make sure that you let it be known what you want this situation to be. A new cell phone could be on the horizon for some of you that could be cracking your screen. Or if you’re walking around with no case nor insurance on your phone, please get one by Wednesday before you are out $800 plus. Check your call logs because there’s a number in there you need when it comes to your career. This may be a job that called you last week but you didn’t answer because you were waiting on your first option to give you some good news. Luckily, you still have time on this second offer as long as you call them this week. If you haven’t been feeling very attractive when it comes to your appearance or the way you dress then you will be fixing that. Some of you will be going for long flowy hair and others of you may go bold and do a pixie cut. Strawberries, grapes, cantaloupe, and watermelon will be good for your digestive tract if you’ve been having issues with constipation. Things will start to feel like they’re getting better starting this week as your communication will flow more and you’ll be met with compromises by people who are wanting you to stay in their life. Just don’t let your ego get out of control at this time with all these good things coming your way. This week you will be met with a blessing in disguise, especially those of you that may be close to losing some things because you’ve been unable to keep up with the bills due to the pandemic. But just because God will make a way, doesn't mean you sit back on your heels and do nothing. If you do that it will be taken away so keep moving and keep working.

Sagittarius: Love is in the air when it comes to a Gemini or Virgo person. Some of you may have more than one person to choose from and both individuals are confessing their love to you at the same time, so who do you pick? This will also be a good week to get the ball rolling or to figure out what you are passionate about. Some of you could pick up a brush or pen again and start drawing as you did in the sixth or eighth grade. A new job will be coming through this week that will be in the field of beauty, media, communications, traveling, health, healing, or writing. Some of you may be graduating this week or you are getting your graduation papers for next semester. If you have Gemini or Virgo in your chart then you will be deciding to give someone a second chance in a relationship. You will definitely be very lovey-dovey and bubbly this week and you also will be getting a lot of attention from people of the opposite sex. If you’re in your sixth house profection year (ages 17, 29, 41, 53, 65) then you may have a good chance of meeting your spouse this year or getting married to the one that you are already with. Again during this sixth house profection year, it’s highly likely that you will be doing something completely different when it comes to your career so be open to the possibilities. Lay off the sweets, but it is also a good week to start a new workout routine on Friday or Tuesday. If you’re trying to lose weight then this would be a good time to do that. Get a gold necklace for good luck and don’t wear perfume at night when you go to bed. In Vedic texts, they say that can cause nightmares or attract unwanted members to you. The same thing goes for whistling outside at night, just don’t do it.

Capricorn: You will be in the mood for celebrating this week and maybe a little bit too much. Make sure that you are still getting your work done in the middle of your partying or celebrating with friends. Someone will be absent or won’t show up this week if you invited them to a gathering or celebration. It’s not that they didn’t want to but there is something going on with a younger sibling of theirs or their house is flooding. You could get awarded for attendance this week or some of you will finally be getting the raise that you were approved for in September. The color blue will be good for you to wear this week. You will be reconnecting with your siblings or family members this week if you’ve been away from them for the last two to three weeks. It feels that at times you’re the glue that holds the family together so if your ship is sinking then everyone is feeling it so you have to make sure that you keep yourself balanced. You will be getting invited to a wedding or someone is taking you out for dinner this weekend. You are calling a truce between you and a water sign that has been fighting for the last 72 hours. You just don’t have the time or energy to do that anymore and you are willing to see how you both can just move forward. Moving forward may also require moving without one another but that’s okay too. Engagement is happening soon for those of you dealing with a Pisces or Gemini sun, moon, or rising. So things will be getting better slowly, but you need to pull back a bit and just have some fun. Also watch out for gossip in your neighborhood, at school, or via the internet. You may get roped into a situation because someone tagged you on social media instead of the right person. Speaking of social media, some of you may be discovered on there so it may be a good idea to update your linked in or to start a linked in profile. This week you should clean your house and become more organized as you start this new journey. Welcoming someone back home from the military is likely as well especially if they are in the army or navy. You will be popular this week and people may come to you for advice but also some of you have more influence than what you think so I give it three years and you’ll have fans. Don’t worry about five or ten years from now, just learn to have some fun. Abundance will be coming through as well if you’ve felt withheld from it since march.

Aquarius: Doing what’s right for you instead of doing what’s right for everyone else. You will be clapping for yourself or someone in your life who’s been having a hard transition to the next stage. You will be getting the apology you feel you deserve from an air sign male rather that be a friend or foe. This also will be the week where you will realize that you have to accept that what was no longer is and you have to leave that behind you so you can focus on the next journey. Issues with hip, back or just feeling all around sore. Get to bed earlier instead of staying up late to work when you could get it done earlier in the day. You are like a phoenix rising from the ashes during this time and some of you may be reinventing yourself as you realize the old you must die with the past as well. So even though things will feel a bit lighter this week, you are still in the transition phase. Some of you are wishing that you could get one more conversation with someone who is no longer here or you wish that you could do things differently. Don’t throw yourself into education if you don’t need to just because you don’t know how to properly cope. Speak to someone about it if you don’t know what else to do. You can’t remain shut down and hidden within your corner like the problem will dissipate into thin air like smoke from a cigarette. It’s also okay to outgrow someone or something, there’s no rule saying that you can’t. If this is happening to you then some of you don’t understand what changed or why this person wants to do something different. Sometimes being in a situation and seeing all aspects of it, you or them may decide it does not fit for them anymore. You have a 1 and 9 coming through this week so you’re on a slow crawl to the top. And whatever this is that you’ve begun this week will end up prospering with time. I have a feeling this is my group of poetic justices. Your words can flow on the paper, especially if you have water in your chart. If you’re dealing with someone older by no more than three years, this connection can get better and they are actually your life partner if you allow them to love you. It’s difficult right now and you may even be headed toward a separation, but if it’s worth salvaging, get the stick out of your ass and fix it.

Pisces: You’re still hanging on to someone trying to figure out if this person is worth giving a chance to. Some of you are still hanging on to a job because of the people that are there even though management and your pay could be better. Right now money comes in and you spend it just as fast. You need to be focused on saving instead of spending over the next four months. If you are dealing with an Aries or earth sign (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) there is a codependency between you and this person when it comes to money or trying to keep the family together. Not the best week to open up new bank accounts or to invest in anything that requires over $400 or $4000. You’re ready to let someone go because you feel you’ve had your fun and this just isn’t what you want. However, this person may be guilt-tripping you or being a bit manipulative to keep you stuck in a cycle. It’s time to let go of old clothes or to get rid of things you don’t wear. You will be trying to run away from someone this week to give yourself time to think but once you come back you’ll still be unsure if you should stay or go. If you are shopping online for a car this week then it may be delayed or held up due to a recall on parts or because you will need an extra deposit to secure this new car. So keep looking or save up about $1000 more and then you will be able to obtain this. Don’t try to juggle too many things at once and if you’ve been working two jobs for the last two or four years then this week you’ll be putting in your letter of recognition. Some of you are going backward because you’re looking for your ex again or you are about to give someone a chance who you know you’re settling for. On the good end, real estate or redecorating a home can bring you a sense of calm but also it’s a good week to sell old stuff and get more than what you paid for them. Short distance travel only this week and long distance will be canceled 24 hours before you’re set to leave. If you spent your savings by going on a trip you will regret that in the next two to four weeks because the sum of money that’s been coming in will come to a halt. If you’re sending off an application or mail to a particular place make sure you make a copy because the first one will get lost. For singles, I don’t see any new love coming in, you will likely try to make things work again with someone you have let go up to four or six times.

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