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Weekly Horoscopes July 15-21: In the Way

How To Apply These Messages:

General -- Rising sign

Love/Emotions -- Moon Sign

Finances -- Venus Sign

Career -- Sun Sign

Aries: A source of income that you’ve been relying on for the past 9 days, weeks, or months will be coming to an end by the middle of next week. The time that you were open to confronting an issue that you had with a child, brother, or other siblings will be falling by the waist side. You’re no longer interested in trying to fix things with this person after they called you childish or have been talking down on your character to others who will listen. This week you may get caught up foolishly following your heart instead of listening to your instincts. Lawyers, police, or things dealing with litigation will be heavy on your mind starting this week and going into August. Right now you also may have cut off someone that you were romantically interested in but you may have just recently learned they have a child or this person isn’t as serious as what they led you to think. You will need to gather up your strength because there will be issues with the heart, lungs, or skin and this could be due to too much sun or tanning beds. There will be drama coming in from an air sign boss who will be nitpicking over paperwork that you have to turn in by the end of the week. So be prepared to revise and revise some more. A fire sign rather than your age or younger will be trying to talk to you again this week to see your response on getting back together. You may feel at this point that you are unable to look past this person’s indiscretions but at the same time, this may be someone who accepted your kids when no one else wanted to. So because you will be stuck at a crossroads this week it’s best to hold off on making any decisions. Some of you will make a sudden decision when it comes to long-distance travel, moving to a new place, or quitting your job and you may regret it nine days after you do this. Instead of holding off and hoping that your health issues will fix themselves, it’s time to schedule an appointment with your doctor. One of the issues could be dehydration so make sure that you are getting enough water in if you are doing a lot of activities in the heat. Burnout is coming for those of you in the medical field and you may be deciding to change your career to law or communication. If you’re wondering if someone is ignoring you, then yes they are. Every door that opens doesn't promise you a better opportunity than the one you already have so make sure you are being clear-minded about things before you take the chance.

Taurus: you and someone that you have a child with are in a bad place right now. It feels that every day you turn around there’s a new argument about something. Most days the arguments just don’t make any sense and you just want to scream into a pillow. Right now you also may be struggling at work or struggling to get interviews for a new or better job. Your financial situation that used to be stable now seems to be blowing up in smoke. You’ve spent too long prioritizing love or hobbies over responsibilities. On top of issues you may be dealing with in your romantic life, some of you are worried about the health of your mother or your mother is meddling in your relationship again. A big part of you will feel defeated this week when it comes to voicing your opinion as you will feel no matter what you say it makes people feel some sort of way. You’re not trying to be mean or dismissive, you’re just speaking your truth how you see it. You’re not feeling loved, comforted, or worthy anymore and some of you will be seeking validation from the outside world this week. This can come back to haunt those that are already in a relationship so be mindful. Some of you will be dealing with child support or custody issues between now and the Virgo season. If you are going to an ex for advice this may be a bad idea as this person will be getting the impression that you are interested again. This is a make it or break it moment for a lot of Taurus placements in connections and quite a few of you will decide to walk away from this when it’s all said and done. You’re going through a transformation right now and it may not make sense to those around you because you just want your space to figure it out. Those who will be pushing for answers will likely get cut off by you by the end of the week. Those of you standing on the sidelines for this fire sign to pick you, even if they have a baby with someone else (or there’s a pregnancy you don’t know about), will be met with disappointment in the next 9-13 days or weeks from now. They can’t give you something they already promised to someone else despite how convincing they may be. The biggest thing for you this week is you don’t want to feel overshadowed or underappreciated anymore. Don’t sign up for something that you know you don’t want to do. You may find yourself settling for less over the next six months because you are struggling to heal a wound that feels like it just won’t close or you’re trying to find love out of desperation. It’s time to take a step back and see this situation for what it is, not for what you’ve imagined it could be. If you have Capricorn, Saturn, or Sagittarius in your chart, you’ll be moving away soon to a new place so you can continue your education or so you can have better opportunities in your career.

Gemini: Things should have gotten better by now or there should have been steps made toward a situation improving. This week you’ll be all in your head as you feel that this may be the end of a family situation or reconciliation that took place 10 months ago. Headache, fever, nausea are symptoms you’ll be experiencing this week if you are having any sort of medical work done or blood drawn. It would be best for you to take off Thursday and Friday if you can. If you’ve been away from your family since the beginning of the week a part of you wants to stay away and maybe then the drama will stop. You’re not feeling supported right now in an investment that you want to partake in or some of you are working too much overtime. If you don’t get out of your head and stop with the super high expectations, there will be an ending coming to something that you feel fulfills you emotionally. But for some reason, it’s not good enough. It’s almost to the point where you feel it’s either perfect or bust. You may have gone too far including your family in decisions about your career, house, or relationship and now you may feel pressure to do what they feel you should do. Why is it hard to accept when things are going good then that’s how they’re supposed to be? A lot of you have missed opportunities based on what if this or what if that and you can’t continue this cycle. If you have Virgo, Gemini, or Taurus in your chart, you have been spending too much on material things for the last five months and it’s starting to catch up with you. There may be a plumbing issue or some sort of electrical problem at work this week that will prevent you from being able to get paid. A boss won't be willing to extend the due date on any project or paperwork that you’ve had for the last 3 months. This may be the week of protection where insecurities from you or someone you’re dealing with are causing the foundation to crumble. If you were expecting documentation this week on some sort of financial situation you will be getting the news that it’s a no on this. It’s a good week to catch up with your mother or grandmother if you haven’t seen them since March. Also, there is too much work and not enough time being spent between you and someone you care about. Those of you separated from spouses could find out the person they are with is pregnant, which could lead to someone saying no deal on the reconciliation. Something may have gone too far without a resolution that it’s hard to fix at this point and this may be a situation that has to be chalked up to the woods and left behind.

Cancer: Your coldness or your stern attitude just might get you the result that you are looking for this week. Better boundaries need to be set with a water sign child or a water sign friend that you’ve known since the ninth grade. If you gave off your list of demands last week or this month when it comes to a connection then this person will be accepting it. I’m seeing that this person doesn’t want to lose you even if you guys have broken up twice since you’ve been together. There will be more effort being put in on their part and this may come through gifts or spending more time together. You also will be feeling a lot more creative this week with a new project or starting over on one you left behind in May or June. A temper tantrum isn’t always going to work out in your favor and some of you have to get to the bottom of why you get beside yourself when you hear something you don’t like. Flowers, candy, specifically chocolate will be given as gifts or something that you’ll be buying yourself for your garden or office. A new beginning to a financial situation is taking place based on an offer you will accept from the past and this should help you feel less stressed out. Being different isn’t always a bad thing and some of you may feel that’s why a connection isn’t working out because they are so much more different than you but actually this person is what you need in your life right now. Don’t bribe your kids this week with material things, especially if they didn’t do good in school last semester. Toward the beginning of next week, you will feel emotionally distant from a situation if you aren’t feeling that already. If you’re enrolled in school you will either drop out or decide to change your major by the beginning of Virgo season. Internship, administrative positions, or jobs that require you to start at the bottom are likely this week for those of you that are looking. If you’ve been in a rough patch these last few months, things will slowly start to get better. You just have to go back to why you started this in the first place. A friend will need you to be just a friend this week instead of putting in your two cents. Sometimes all they want is for someone to listen and you should be that listening ear for them this week. If you have a water or earth sign child, you’ve found your soulmate who is a Scorpio or Gemini but you have to stop being mean to them. It’s easy to tell someone else to grow up but have you? If you are starting anything new this week then you need to stick with it this time. Most of these things that you are picking up are already things, ideas, or careers that you started in the past eight months.

Leo: You’re very fiery this week and will have a hard time controlling your temper or impulses. Your words may take you too far left and you will say something that will be hard to apologize for or take back. Some of you may have already done this and you could be panicking right now when it comes to losing this person. Travel will be difficult to make this weekend if you already have something planned. If you’ve struggled with asthma issues in the past then it will be coming up again around the 18th or 19th of this week. Make sure that you are paying attention to where you walk if you are carrying things up or down the stairs because there may be a fall. Issues with the back, pancreas, or digestional issues will be causing more of an issue than you expect over the next 10-12 days. It’s time to stop running back to the past as soon as you have an issue with a current partner or love interest. You may feel that this ex will always be there for you to sleep with or fall back on but it’s just making it more difficult for someone else to want to stick it out with you for the long haul. Some of you may have fears surrounding cancer and your father or you may be going to the doctor soon to get a checkup on this. You are burying your head in the sand when it comes to your career and because you struggle with saying no, your productivity has slipped. You have to scale it back and do things that are right for your energy instead of making up everything as you go; get organized. Some of you may be thinking of starting a career in the field of organization or interior decorating. Shoes, clothes, anything that you have leftover from high school or college needs to go because it’s keeping you stuck in the past. Watch out for fires if you are burning leaves or a neighbor is doing this. With the heat, in certain places, the fires will get out of control. Arizona, Idaho, West Virginia, California, El Paso Texas. This winding path that you’re on is not stable and at this point, you’re just looking for excuses to keep this chaos going; it’s not working. You don’t like to give up, but did you sign up for this without reading the fine print? If you’re dating another fire sign then you may be having issues because there will be work issues coming up soon that may involve pay cuts or a loss of work so you may have to step in and help out. Watch out for new diets, protein shakes or foods you don’t have a lot of experience with because stomach issues are likely this week. Lay off the pork and beef.

Virgo: You’re having trouble sleeping or resting because of a mistake that you’ve made financially. Others of you could be afraid of losing money if you decide to invest in this new thing that you are interested in. If you are trying to get approved for bank accounts, mortgages, or loans through the government this will be a no and it will send you back to the drawing board. You’re not losing out on a lot by getting this rejection later so it’s not all bad. If you are dealing with a Capricorn, Taurus, or Gemini then you will be feeling that you are unable to hold out any longer on this connection. There is codependency between the two of you and that’s the main reason why walking away is so difficult. Some of you also may have issues with shortage of breath and if you have an infant then colic or RSV is the issue. Thinking back on a relationship that didn’t last is making you feel very regretful that you even gave this person a chance, especially since you wanted to be married and they didn’t. If you’re with someone new, that may be your worst fear. To stick it out in this connection all for it to end without a ring or without a more solid commitment. And because of this fear, you may be freaking out a bit this week or being negative with your words toward this person. Some of you may be feeling guilty by a parent because of your interest in spirituality. If you are trying to get into this as a job/career then you may have to accept that they just won’t understand. Those of you in the field of finance will not be getting a promotion in the next five months, however, a bonus will be going through because your company did well this year despite the pandemic. If you’re consuming yourself too much with spirituality and not working on your studies or passing your exams, then this week you need to buckle down and take this more seriously. Spirituality or the internet will be here when you pick it back up. This week money will come in and it will also come out to take care of the things that need to be paid. There won’t be any increase or decrease and the money that you need to take care of a tax, insurance, or health bill will come in on Thursday. If you can’t find the words to say out loud then write them down. In the next 4-5 months you will be in a different career, one that you never saw coming. But, it will bring you the peace and comfort that you’ve been looking for. Call your dad, he’s waiting to hear from you. Some of you are holding on to a secret because you don’t want society to judge you for this. Could be a third-party situation, you may have lost your job or lost an opportunity that you knew would last, or even had to downgrade to a smaller home. No matter what it is, don’t be ashamed that life happened. No one expects you to be perfect except you so don’t be so hard on yourself.

Libra: Finally the job offer that you’ve been waiting on for the last 6 days, weeks or months will be coming through via email. This will bring you stability and comfort for now until you change your mind again in the next 3 years. If you moved out of a roommate situation earlier this year, you and this person will be deciding to room together again. You may not know it now but there will be a phone call or sit down that will happen between the two of you soon that will solidify this. If you’re already in a career in the health field, healing, children, creative writing, entertainment industry, or the hospitality industry then more success or opportunities will be coming through starting in August. This may have been a slow year for you that was spent laying foundations for things and finally, this will end up paying off. Some of you will be traveling this weekend to attend something that has to do with your parents, cousins, or nephews. You will be catching up with people that you haven’t seen in a long time, however, if you were expecting a partner or friend to come with you then they won't be able to make it. A last-minute schedule change could be affecting this. If you’re dealing with a Virgo, Libra, Cancer, or Taurus then this will be a better week for the two of you as you sit down to work out your issues. Someone will be reaching out to you via social media or email to promote or be some sort of brand ambassador and you should accept. You’ll be meeting a mentor or new friend that will be in your life for a while and this person will also be someone that can help you with your depression. This is a good week to submit any applications or forms if you are trying to get ahead financially either by loans, investment accounts, or even contest entries. Careful with horses or wild animals if you are spending a lot of time out in the woods. If work has been slow with the loss of clients or changes in your work schedule then things will pick up starting 6 days from when you read this horoscope. Don’t make any plans to move for those of you wanting to expand your living situation as now is not the right time. Things that are wrong in your house can be easily repaired with a phone call to your landlord, grandpa, or brother. Cut your grass as well or do a better job at maintaining the garden that you started in June. If you’re single then you will be meeting someone new in the next 6 months at the gym, concert, car dealership, bowling alley, or health food store. So even though love isn’t on the table right now, it’s coming soon.

Scorpio: You’re deciding to be single right now or to play it by ear. You’re not sure if it’s love that’s keeping you in this situation or obligation. This week you’ll be back and forth on making a decision on whether to stay or go. Now, this doesn’t have to be about love, it can be about a career or even moving to a different state. Speaking of moving to a different state, some of you are having a hard time finding a place or finding a job so you’ll need to keep looking for another two months. Now is not the time to just pick up and go and let the universe work it out. If you were expecting a call back from a job, this call will still be delayed as they are interviewing other applicants, so try to be more patient. If you’re dealing with a Virgo, Gemini, Libra, Capricorn, then you will decide to stay a little longer in this situation to see if things will get better. You want them to get better but you don’t know if this person loves you as you love them. It could be your fears talking or it could be the trust issues that were there at the beginning of this connection. There won’t be new developments in the career sector this week. Some of you are trying to find extra streams of income or you are wanting to start a business but will be dealing with a creator's block up until September. You’re trying to conquer the world right now and you don’t need to. Connecting with new friends online or searching for romance online will run you into a dead end because you’re not done with the last situation. Some of you are just moving on thinking it will help the other person realize what they had so you can get back together, but this is the wrong hand to play. Color, draw, paint and make sure to watch less tv this week. If you need to take your space this week then be vocal about it and why. People can tell when you’re giving them an excuse. By the end of the week, some of you will make the choice to leave something behind but you may feel it wasn’t the right thing to do. Don’t wait until the last minute to take care of a traffic ticket or some sort of bill tied to your car. When this comes this week then go ahead and let go of the money, otherwise, it will double in 30 days. A younger air sign may accuse you of lying or doing something shady behind their back so you will take this as a sign it’s time to cut the cord and you’re not changing your mind on this either. Singles are having a hard time being domesticated because you feel this person is trying to tell you what to do or they are trying to take away your freedom. This connection with a water or fire sign is just friends.

Sagittarius: If there’s a pregnancy, you will hide it. There will be an end or a transformation around your money situation by the weekend. You will also be working on changing something about your wardrobe or hair before the summer is over. Make sure that if you are paying with cash for anything that you count your change because someone will try to withhold most of this. Even things will be ending and you may have to give up something that you found comfort in, you will still be able to take care of things. If you’ve been waiting on a status update on a woman’s health condition then they will have to run some more tests over the next three months before they can give you an answer. Don’t overdo it with the eyedrops and instead go ahead and go to the optometrist. If you’re dealing with a Scorpio or Taurus then you may not be attracted to this person as you’re trying to make yourself believe. They may be nice and caring but there’s something that you struggle to look past. Could be their finances or it could be them acting quite shallow when it comes to the opposite sex. This seems to be someone who is adamant about getting attention because they don’t feel secure within themselves and it’s rubbing you the wrong way. If you are receiving a check by mail you may have to send it back because it’s the wrong amount. A neighbor's package will end up getting delivered to your house on Tuesday by accident or if you are unable to find your package then check your neighbor's house about two doors down. A new business idea could surface this week in the field of beauty, music, finance, or psychology. If you’ve been married or dating someone for the last three years then it may be coming to a point where it will end because someone doesn't want to take this to the next step. It will take some time if you are trying to get some sort of loan forgiven by the government. A lot of paperwork to be filled out and it also seems that you are ignoring your inner knowledge about a separation. Feels that someone is trying to suffer through this connection or job until something better comes along. Keep your cool this week if you are dealing with police, lawyers, or the CEO of your company. It’s a transformative month when it comes to money and love. Whatever you end the month with will stay for another three to four years for most of you or at least until the money runs out.

Capricorn: choosing to stick this out because you love this situation or this connection. This week you will be choosing things with your heart instead of your mind. For you, you feel it’s time for you to be a bit more daring instead of playing it by the book. You will be submitting job applications for an internship in media or health for those of you in these fields. But also you have to allow more love in your heart so that you don’t come across so cold. Some of you struggle with anxiety or just being touched because of your past so going to therapy may be coming up for you in the next 6 months. The book catcher in the rye is coming up so not sure if there’s some symbolism in there but it may be best to read that. A Taurus, Gemini, Aries, or Aquarius will be grabbing you by the hand and expressing their love for you. Some of you will be getting into a connection with someone who lives in a different state but also the field of photography is highlighted. You could make some good headway with this if you decide to take it seriously over the next two years. There is a fire sign or multiple people who may be spewing hatred toward you online and because of this, you will decide to be more private about what you reveal. If you’re already doing this then you’re ahead of the curve. Everyone doesn’t need to know all the time when you succeed or fail. Work is good and will be getting better as long as you’re not trying to jump to something else. Yes search for a new job but keep it within the same career field that you’re already in to have more success. Some of you may also still feel chained to your past but you can’t understand why so you will find yourself trying to reconcile this by the end of this week or the second week of August. Marriage is on the table for Capricorn placements dealing with a Gemini, Aries, or Taurus, especially if you’ve been together for over 6 years or you broke off the engagement recently. Sometimes you just need some time apart for things to make sense. If you’re in the field of graphic design or architecture you will be signing a contract or getting some sort of deal out of state in February or April of next year. This will be something that you will be applying for this week or next month and you will get a yes on this.

Aquarius: Emotionally you may be feeling like you are drowning trying to get this person to understand where you’re coming from or why you felt hurt by them. Your abandonment or insecurity issues are coming up to the surface this week because of something to do with your mother or it’s tied to the birth of your daughter. Some of you are having issues connecting right now but you can’t really understand why. Someone may be making you feel like you're collateral damage or you’re the cause for why the connection is the way it is. Now, this also may be something that you’ve come up with in your head. Issues with a partner’s drinking or some sort of addiction that is causing things to spiral out of control. You're scared right now and you may be reacting out of fear. Your fear may be getting the best of you because you want to move to a new place or you want to walk away from a connection but you feel trapped. If your family lives in another state or country you really want to be in their presence but lockdowns are coming. This week you also may struggle to look someone in the eye that you have a crush on or this someone may be a boss. It’s weird how people can make you feel small even if you’re bigger than them. Your line shines bright but you also may feel that there are constant enemies around you who just want to see you fail. You have to fight through this feeling of not being good enough because you are and you don’t need a relationship to define you. It’s supposed to add to your happiness, not take it away. If you’re with someone who deserves your vulnerability, then open up to them. Your wildest dreams will come true soon, but you can’t give up on yourself even though others already have. That thing that you wanted to do at 17 can still happen if you can envision it. Even though a relationship may be over, it doesn't mean that the next person has to suffer for what the last person put you through. Don't be afraid of your gifts or talents because you have plenty, you just have to find a way to be constructive with this. It’s time to let go of the hurt you’re still holding on to because it’s holding up new opportunities.

Pisces: This week you could see yourself rising to a position over authority or if you’re already in management, healthcare, therapy, law, teaching, or business then your position will be getting better over the next four months. Things will be getting to a better place if you’ve been having issues with a father or a father isn’t around then an uncle may step up for you. There is a choice to be made in terms of who you will love and who you will end up with. It’s not wise to make a choice this week because someone else will pop up that will end up making you more confused than you were before. A lot of are finding love through a friend who you likely didn’t see going anywhere at first but now that you’re in it, a big part of you feels safe. And that’s all you’ve entered, wanting to understand and need to feel safe in a relationship. If you were wrongfully terminated or a boss was rude to you then they will be apologizing to you in writing and they also may think about offering you your job back in the next four weeks. Going to therapy or getting a second opinion is favorable for you this week especially if you’re going to the doctor. A medical license will be getting reinstated for those of you with Pisces in your sun, moon, or rising. A new offer of finance will come from managing properties or some of you will be getting an investment property in the next 2-4 years. You will start learning about this process this week or you will start saving your money for this. If you have a friend that you haven't been close to in some time, they will put effort into trying to reconcile this before they move away or this may come after they break up with someone. This week you will be pretty balanced and well-rounded so don’t be surprised if people want to come to you for relationship advice. You will be getting the recognition you deserve sooner rather than later so keep speaking your truth. Some of you will decide to give a fire sign a chance at a relationship even though this person is mainly here because you’re a good friend and you’re stable. But for you, even though your gut tells you this, you will be okay with it because you feel that this person has always been honest with you. Home renovations or moving to a bigger home will be coming in the month of April, but you will end up finding this place this week. Yes, it will be sitting there waiting on you because it’s where you belong. So practice confidence in your manifestations this week and they will come to pass. Don’t be judgemental or try to take over your boss's job because you feel you can do better, that’s not your place. Listen and take in any criticism coming your way this week when it comes to your job because this will pay off well in the eyes of management by December.

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