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July Monthly Tarotscopes: Unexpected Changes


General --> rising sign

Love --> Moon sign

Money --> Venus sign

Career --> Sun sign

Also try seeing if your life path number will resonate.

Ex: Life Path number 1,4 are ruled by sun so look at your sun sign

Life Path 2,7 check your moon

Life Path 3 check your jupiter

Life Path 5 check your mercury

Life Path 6 check your venus

Life Path 8 check your saturn

Life Path 9 check your mars

Aries: There’s an abuse of power happening in your work environment. This is likely tied to a management position or some of you should watch out for blackmail either from an older sibling or from someone who didn’t handle a recent breakup from you well. This will be unstable on the homefront and some of you are having issues sleeping because of a lie you may have told back in April or May and the fear of it catching up to you is unmatched. You can’t let your anger get the best of you this month even when things feel unfair. Someone may also take your flirty personality or rudeness in the wrong way at your job and then there they go off to the principal’s office. It will be best to keep to yourself during this month as a lot of people around you will be on edge. Toward the end of the month or the second week, you will find yourself having to play peacemaker between the father of your child and your child or the father of your child and your father. I know it’s confusing, but that’s exactly how you will feel. Be aware of a gas pipe that may burst or a pipe underneath your sink that may explode. Faulty power lines and anything dealing with the electricity will be an issue up until the 16th of this month. At one point you felt on top of the world or in the advantage position and this month someone will be challenging you on that. There will also be issues with pay, overtime, or benefits. Not a good idea to try and start a new business or take on any new opportunities at this time due to burnout that will be happening in August. You can’t fight your way to the top in everything you do and some of you are starting to become a bit difficult to work with. You’re too unpredictable when you don’t get what you want and at times you want something for nothing. Your practical nature won’t be there at the times that you need it the most. If you have a fire sign father then they will be trying to come to stay with you in the next 4 weeks. If you are buying a new car this month then you may find technical issues when it comes to the alarm or the lights. The best thing for your month of July is to stay out the way, go back to school, stop arguing with an ex about a baby, and masturbate more (yeah I said it lol).

Taurus: Someone will be deciding not to move forward with reconciling after months or weeks of communicating about this. There will be news coming in from afar about moving to a new place for work or about refunds, debts, back taxes. If you’ve been constantly traveling for the last few weeks, it’s time to take a seat on the couch at home. You can travel your problems away as much as you’d like to. Others of you that have cancer or Sagittarius in your chart may be taking some sort of family trip in august because I’m picking up something involving a van, or maybe it’s camping. You may be coming to a point where something that used to light up your life or your eyes just doesn’t do it anymore. A plan you had in place that was supposed to bring swift progress into your life has slowed down or came to a halt completely. You may be at odds with your mother right now because you may feel she helped to sabotage your relationship. But some of you have to watch out for parents who don’t seem happy for anyone that you date because they want to keep you all to themselves. You won’t be thinking clearly this month if you’re writing a check or pulling out some more money from the bank. You can’t buy your way into someone’s life and they shouldn’t be able to do the same thing to you. After some much-needed downtime for these first two weeks, things will start to pick up around the 16th or 18th of this month when the message you’ve been waiting for will finally arrive. If you are trying to move to a bigger house then you will find success with this after the 20th or 28th. In the pursuit of your life’s purpose, you’re making all the wrong turns right now. Hope may feel like it’s in this direction but you’ll be turning your back on this new thing in the next 4 weeks. It’s hard to pick because you may be blessed with having multiple talents, but that thing that you are running from the most is actually where you’re meant to be. Nursing, engineering, architecture, scriptwriting, farming, aviation, or finance. Sometimes when we are wanting to be in front of the camera so bad, we lose sight of what’s really important. A Leo may be more of a problem than you’re willing to admit even though you hoped that you and this person would have a family or keep this connection together. It’s all about them and it always has been. And it’s time to accept that you were used in a relationship instead of appreciated for who you are because they haven’t looked back since the day they left. There’s so much more life outside of this connection and you deserve to receive that.

Gemini: The question is if this connection is keeping you broke or fed? Now, this could be spiritually, emotionally, or financially speaking. Your savings may be gone at this point if you’ve been waiting for approval from the government on funds you applied for in April or May. And because you’re at a point where you don’t know where to turn to, you may be thinking about picking up the phone and asking for help from an ex or even a child if you are around 45-58. Your gut instinct may be telling you to hold off on this decision to sign this paperwork if you are looking for an agent, a home, or thinking about taking out a loan at a different institution. Right now your brain feels rattled and you are in dire need of rest but every time you close your eyes the phone rings. It feels that someone always wants something for nothing or you have a mother who is constantly asking for help but she barely checks on you. Those of you having issues with children age 23 and up, you’re feeling sad these days. They don’t understand life or the sacrifices you made for them. You may be running back to your religion or the church soon because you are needing answers. Some of you may be keeping your relationship or detail about your love life secret because you don’t want to deal with the backlash. Are you having fun anymore in this career or hobby or have you been on autopilot because you don’t know how to walk away? You may feel the more you try to make this successful or to achieve this thing, you still feel stagnant once you go home at night. It may be time to become more realistic about where you see your life in the next five years. Certain things can’t go with us into the next phase, but some of you also may be stomping your feet because you don’t want to grow up yet. Codependency can’t become your new normal and it’s time to find your financial independence. Some of you may be starting over after a recent divorce or if you’ve been divorced since 2012-2015, you may still be trying to find your footing. Down-size! I know it’s hard, but it’s the best way forward at this time. You’re trying too hard to keep an image that died a long time ago. Love may feel too much like a black hole right now and because of this, everyone may misjudge you as cold. So this month you will get tired of hearing about it and decide to be more to yourself. Even if a libra, Capricorn, or Taurus is trying to see what you’re about, it’s hard to step outside of your fear. How about just talking to them as a friend first. Something isn’t what you think but it’s hard to accept because you’re already in it. Everything isn’t always okay and that’s okay too.

Cancer: Happy Birthday Cancers! The energy feels a bit different for you this month. Not lighter, but more strategic and organized for most of you. Others of you that have heavy fire or air in your chart, may find yourselves being a little problematic with authority figures or partners in your life. Now, this could be a good or bad thing because, for most of you, you’ll be fed up with being quiet about things that bother you. On this journey of you speaking up for yourself, you still have to remain mindful about how and when you do this. Be careful taking out an issue with someone else on a person that means you no harm. You will be figuring out your talents or you will be capitalizing in a field that is heavily male-dominated. But how will you stick out? You already are because you’re daring yourself to do something when people don’t think it can be done. Whatever you’re working on this month, don’t feed into that voice in your head that's saying it’s a dumb idea. This may be one of the only things you’ve thought about or started on that will be your most practical and possibly your most successful. Leadership positions can come out of this new job, carer, or company that you are moving toward before the month is over. Issues with your father or with a fire sign will be resurfacing again. You may not feel that you can trust this person because you caught them in a lie recently or as far back as four years ago. So you’ll be still scratching your head on if you can move forward with them or not. If you are pregnant or about to have a baby, don’t get caught up in thinking you can depend on this person because they are going to let you down. It’s a month where you will have to depend on yourself the majority of the time and there’s nothing wrong with that because you’ve spent too long looking toward others to give you the solution. Those of you in construction or real estate could be taking on a new project or closing on two deals before the month ends. If you’re in the military you’ll be having issues with your commanders or superiors that may result in you seeking legal action against them. Keep your hands or words to yourself. Especially during a time you feel abandoned, betrayed, or lied to. It won’t make you any better to stoop that low so keep it together. There may be gossip coming from your partner’s ex or you may feel challenged by a parent if you are telling them about a new relationship, career, or business venture. Singles will feel they are too good for someone new who will be coming in around the 14th or 24th so you could very well remain single for the next 4 months unless you change something. You can succeed more than others this month if you really put your mind to it.

Leo: You will have to travel a lot for work or there will be a lot of communication happening in your career this month. You won’t have a lot of time to worry about the small stuff or even family and you may get some backlash for this around the 12th or 18th. For you, you’d rather not worry about it but there will be something coming through that requires your attention. This will be in regard to children, a hospitalization, food poisoning or selling something. If you’ve been dealing with a Pisces, cancer, Virgo, or Sagittarius, you may feel that you were sold a dream on how this connection or partnership was supposed to be and it’s not making you happy anymore. Some of you may find that a roommate situation will fall through at the last minute. A visitor will be coming this month and you won't know how to deal with them. It could be someone from your past who you thought you’d never see again but recently they just moved to the same city as you or you will run into them when you go back home for a visit. It feels that you are settling with a situation only because you already committed yourself to it. But each day you find yourself trying to come up with a reason or excuse to get out of having to show up or be around this person. The nostalgia may kick in heavily around the 17th as you’ll start to think of the memories you had with someone else for who you had a lot of love for. If only they would talk or communicate with you so that you can see where their head is at. Hold off on making any decisions tied to moving to another state, moving back home, or moving in with someone who also has children. Your mind will change about a month after making this decision so for the next 12 weeks, it’s best to weigh all the pros and cons before committing. If you are having to travel through an airport be prepared for delays if you are going to Florida, Turks & Caicos, California. Also, issues with refilling medications or getting a medication changed will be difficult this month. Good thing is that work assignments or projects will pick up more so you’ll be quite busy and may not have a lot of time for hobbies or fun. Well, you asked to be busier and here it comes. Also, make sure that you don’t let anyone use your debit card and there may be issues with forgery this month and it’s from a mother or someone you live with. Tea will help if you are having issues with sore throat or digestion.

Virgo: You may have a feeling that an Aries, Leo, or Pisces doesn’t want you to be happy as you are having the conversation with them that it’s time to do something different. You’re on a journey right now to figure out where you need to be or where you belong and you may feel this person is a distraction. You also may be watching too much tv or spending too much time daydreaming that it is affecting your productivity. Some of you just feel that you are out of energy after spending the last 19 weeks or 19 months without a break. Sometimes you just want someone to ask you if you need help or if you need a break, but people aren’t mind readers. If you want to take some burdens off your shoulders, you have to speak up. There may be drama about something to do with your mother, friend, or partners for those of you in same-sex relationships. This person is starting to become more secretive about their whereabouts or now they aren’t being as open about their feelings as they used to be. People start to settle into who they really are as time goes on and this could be you seeing the real them; can you handle it? If you are single then you will meet a water sign person at night, the symbol of a deer, bear, or eagle may be somewhere in the vicinity that you are meeting them in. Also, it’s time to go to the eye doctor to get a new prescription and those of you with young children will be having issues with their teeth for the next 28 days. If you are starting work in a new company then you will be having issues learning the material or making friends. This will pass by in August so try not to be so hard on yourself. Working at daycares or making a decision to work from home will be something that you will go back and forth on between now and September. A check will also be voided around the 29th. This can be a good month if you stop looking for things to be wrong and just go with the flow. You can have fun and meet some interesting people. If you are working with a Leo or in business with a Leo, then be careful, this person is like a sly fox when no one is watching and they can’t be trusted.

Libra : You’re happy with your decision to keep something private or to let a private moment known to those around you. You feel better that a weight has been lifted off your shoulder if you just recently moved or you spoke up about some sort of injustice that was done to you over the past seven months. Cancer, Aquarius, Pisces, may be playing a significant role in your life between now and the spring. You’re finally at a place where you can be happy for where you are instead of focusing on what’s been missing. There’s a successful venture you just embarked on recently, but every day you wake up you want to abandon it because it may feel too good to be true. Or it may feel too perfect of an idea. If you’ve been thinking about starting a garden or growing out your hair you will have success with this between now and libra season. If you’ve left behind an unreliable partner then you will breathe a sigh of relief. Hiring a caterer for a party or some sort of event may be your responsibility on a Thursday this month. Also if you’ve been trying to get enrolled back in school you will have success with this as long as you answer the phone and stop hiding from this institution. You may get lucky and get funding from them or some sort of scholarship. Things are starting to pick up for you starting this month and this will carry for the next seven or nine months. Issues with cheating will be put to rest and even though you will find the answers to your questions, for now, you may not really care. Some of you will find out that this person isn’t doing things behind your back as you think and this will cause a change in attitude for you but it also may make them want to back up. Especially if you accused them of doing something they didn’t do. A long-distance move could be happening this month if you’ve been planning or this could be for a long-distance trip for your children to see your parents or grandparents. Try not to seek so many changes right now. Continue forward with things that you’ve been working on since June.

Scorpio: You’ve come to the point where you no longer have a love for someone that you were with back in high school or the beginning of college. You may have reconciled with this person during the pandemic and now you realize that wasn’t the best decision for the both of you. It’s not that you don’t care about them, but you realize that they aren’t going to make you happy and you may have been hanging on to them out of comfort. You will be more self-aware this month when it comes to things in love, career, and finances. You will be getting a chance to take a break this month if you’ve been looking to do this. An opportunity that you thought you missed out on in 2018, will be resurfacing again and this time you will be ready for it. This may be one that was going to require you to move to a different city, state, or district but you didn't have the money at the time. Some of you may be going in the field of education, healing, psychology, or working on being a therapist. Also if you’ve been struggling with your own addiction to alcohol or you’ve been dealing with someone with this issue then finally one of you will decide to get help. It seems to be at a time where now one of you doesn’t have anyone left in your corner so you are starting to realize that something needs to change. If you played any sort of sport or were in any sort of club in high school/college, someone will be finding old newspaper articles of your achievements and sending you pictures. The things that you used to have a great love for will be coming back in your life and you will decide to participate in them again to bring balance. Tai chi or yoga will be something you’ll be interested in starting in 10 days or by October. If you’ve been depending on someone financially, this week they will write you a letter or have a face-to-face conversation with you that they can’t support you anymore. For some, this may result in moving out but they will still help you in your transition. Some of you may have a friend or you yourself may be thinking about getting some sort of plastic surgery that will require a caregiver for a month. Sex for the last time is highlighted and this may be with someone who you’ve called the police on or you and them have had some sort of violent incidents in the past. You’ve got to cut the head off the snake. But you will, now that you realize the negative things that have been holding you back. Mutable moon (Pisces, Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo) people may be the ones you’ll decide to partner up with in life and it’s not a bad idea because there’s love there.

Sagittarius: A proposal of marriage or an actual marriage ceremony will be taking place this month. And you are heading in the right direction. Even if you are working on getting divorced, separated, or getting to a counselor then you still will be making the best decision for yourself. You will have a sweet tooth all this month and could get sidetracked in the candy aisle while you’re at the grocery store that you forget the actual food. Time to throw away the tv dinners or the frozen foods because it’s causing issues with your digestive tract. A lot of beautiful things and people will be around you at this time and some of you may be breaking the news that you’re pregnant. A Taurus, Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer could be the lucky person in your life or coming in closer to the 15th or 19th. If you’ve been trying to get approved for a house or you put in a bid to buy one then you will have good news coming in the next week. You won’t really be concerned with responsibilities this month as you don’t want to lose these good moments that you are having. Tickets to a concert or deciding to go into the field of being an artist is likely at this time. Someone will surprise you with flowers at your job or they will give them to you on your first date. Make sure that you aren’t leaving the lights on all the time at your house because the light bill will be ridiculous in the next five weeks. Those of you involved in spirituality may end up putting it behind you because you may meet someone who is religious and may not be accepting of this path. In the end, you’ll be okay with this because you really like them and you feel this will work. Writing, painting, sculpting, singing, voice-over, or the arts will gain you success or recognition if you decide to go into these fields in the next five to eight months. You’re doing a good job so don’t beat yourself up so much just because you make or made mistakes. It’s all a part of the process and at the end of the day, you can’t forget that you’re human.

Capricorn: Oh this is good. A businessman will be approaching you this month to collaborate with you on something or this could be to start a relationship. You will be in the mood to write either novels, short stories, or poetry and you will have success with this. Your fears have become greater than your faith recently because you’re so used to people telling you what you can’t do. If you are in a long-distance relationship with another Capricorn, Aries, Taurus, Virgo, then you will decide to put this connection on pause because you don't feel this person is here for the right reasons. Some of you will try to venture into the lane of import/export and you may run into some issues with shipping but they will be resolved toward the end of the second week. Getting approved for loans, scholarships, new cars or houses will happen this month if you have all the paperwork you need. You are building a new foundation and things will start to pick up speed sooner rather than later. Careful about sending money overseas or sending money to people you just met in April. Even if this is in regard to business, make sure that you check reviews and licensing first before you hand over any sort of payment. You will be really focused on building wealth or gathering material things so it may make you come off as greedy or even snobby but you won’t really care. It’s been a while since you’ve had something substantial come into your life and you don’t want to lose it again. You will loan money to a friend who will end up paying it back three to six months later so make sure you can miss this investment. A child may be off to visit their parents in another state and you may be concerned about them because they are constantly calling or the other parent is having complaints, however, your child just misses home. So if you can get them back at the end of the month that would be great because they aren’t settling in well wherever they are. If you have Taurus or Virgo in your big three then you will have to go to the doctor this month for tests when it comes to blood tests. Surprise surprise, your nausea is because you’re pregnant with a little girl. Talk about a blessing in disguise even if you don’t know how to take it. But also pregnancy could be the start of something new in the health/wellness arena. Either way, there’s a lot of money to be made in this new thing if you’re up to it. Friends with benefits situations are very likely this month for Capricorn placements.

Aquarius: I started writing your message at 333. Interesting. You’re not being clear with your angels or with yourself on what you need. Your purpose may have gotten lost in a relationship or family situation. You know what you need to do but making the steps to get there is the hard part. Some of you are holding off from signing the divorce papers and others of you are having a hard time letting go of a failed relationship. You want to keep bringing up your endings, hope there's still a new beginning in them somewhere. You have to be ready to receive what you’re asking for and you can’t keep hoarding your money or possessions. Some of you are so used to things being snatched from you that you try to hang on to every little thing you buy or you become too possessive in relationships. The 333 is all about mind, body, and spirit, so if that’s not aligned how can the universe answer your call. This month, you have to know what you need so that your angels can help you. But not just that. People around you have to know what you need so that they can give that to you or let you know that they can’t deliver. But the idea that you just won’t say anything in an attempt to make people figure you out on their own isn’t helping. People in your life need direction on how to deal with you the same way you would expect them to tell you how to deal with them. This shouldn’t be a one-way street. The fear of not having money is another thing that is keeping you up at night. You have to have fun as well while you’re trying to build this skyscraper. You will have the opportunities to build your wealth this month but you don’t have to try so hard. Yes, put in the effort, but also you may be trying to fit in to make everyone else happy or to like you. If everyone likes you, you’re in the wrong direction. Work will pick up and you may find it difficult to breathe. But in the midst of this work boom, you will still be asking yourself what you’re doing here. Don’t show your fear by using your anger, you can never win that way. Also, you don’t have to always run away when people make a mistake, allow them the space to fix it then figure out what to do with them based on their efforts. For others to appreciate you, you have to appreciate yourself first. Get a savings account or stop spending as if money falls off the trees. You may have to cut back on some things right now while you build or rebuild and that’s okay. When you feel like running, ask yourself why? You can apply or invest in this new thing but make sure you plan to stick with it. It’s hard for the universe to deliver new things if you’re constantly changing your mind every month or every other month.

Pisces: As much as you didn’t want to, you will be starting over this month. This could be with a new place or in a new city. If you are far away from your child(ren) you will be missing them. Some of you are trying to move away from a younger earth or fire sign person who may have sandwiched you in the middle of their ex or baby mama drama. You’ve cried enough tears over this person and now you just want a new beginning. If you are in school or thinking about going back to school you may already be anticipating not having enough time even though you haven't even started. Or you are at a point where you’re trying to take on everything to keep yourself from being bored. You may be hiding something from someone which could be why it’s hard to start something new, because of some sort of guilt you’re carrying. You’ll have a lot of long hours this month because of a new work schedule or mandatory overtime. This person who you will drop at the beginning of the month will be calling you again and you’ll be asking ‘i wonder what they want.’ Why play the game? Obviously, you’re trying to see if cutting this person off will make them change or chase you. You’re playing in the wrong arena. Cut them off because you deserve better not to see if they’ll come chasing after you. It’s time to put the past behind you and although you will start a new beginning this month, it doesn’t mean it’ll be easy. You may run into the same problems as before but the test will continue to be the same. Jewelry may get lost in the laundry so make sure you’re checking your pockets. Also careful about dying your hair yourself or there will be issues with hair loss or damaged ends. Your car will need to have repairs soon or if you’ve been postponing getting an oil change, issues with the transmission will pop up in 10 days. Flood damage in an apartment or some sort of flood could be coming soon but it seems to be because of an old pipe or someone leaves the water running while they are away. If you are needing to borrow money this week a coworker may be of help or some of you may be disgruntled when it comes to finding employment. You likely need to check in a different city. If you are wanting to move from your current place, you’re not able to right now because your lease is not up. So you’ll have to stick it out until after October. Practice gun safety as well if you are buying a weapon or getting your concealed. Take your time on your work this month and don’t cut corners. If you need extra time, communicate that to your bosses and they will give it to you. If you’re going up north or in the mountains you may end up with a horrible cough/cold so it may be a good idea to wait until next month to go.

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