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Weekly Horoscopes June 29-July 5: Focus


General --> rising sign

Love --> Moon sign

Money --> Venus sign

Career --> Sun sign

Also try seeing if your life path number will resonate.

Ex: Life Path number 1,4 are ruled by sun so look at your sun sign

Life Path 2,7 check your moon

Life Path 3 check your jupiter

Life Path 5 check your mercury

Life Path 6 check your venus

Life Path 8 check your saturn

Life Path 9 check your mars

Back at work. Some of you may be having to report back to a job this week that you’ve been trying to leave behind for the last 3 weeks, 3 months, or 3 years. There will be an opportunity to work with a new group of people or some of you may be getting into the field of recruitment by Pisces season. Weddings vows or vow renewal ceremonies could be getting scheduled for the month of September. Some of you will be attending a grandparent's anniversary so pack a bag. This is a good week for getting more involved with your community and high school reunions may be a topic this week as well. You will have to meet with an advisor or some sort of counselor before the week ends. This is based on a performance review or you don’t have the credits to graduate. Some of you may be working 2 or three jobs so you have to find a way to manage your time better. Don’t overdo it with the melatonin if you’ve been having issues with insomnia since April. Also, you need to start back taking your multivitamin because you need more vitamin D and E. It’s okay to share your world with someone who cares about you. Stop being so shut off by people trying to get to know you. Some of you are in a new community in a new city and you should try to join groups or get out more. You also may be learning a new language this week such as mandarin, Japanese, Cantonese, or studying the language of the Egyptians. Your theme is good company

Someone who you’d rather not hear from will be reaching out to you this week for a petty reason. This is someone from your past this is either a Cancer, Aries, Sagittarius, or Scorpio. As much as you want to believe that this chapter is closed, they still have an effect on you emotionally. There may be issues with your technology this week because a cell tower may go down or there may be water spilled on this device. If you’ve been worried about cancer or worried about cancer in a relative then there will be news of having to start chemo. Someone In remission may have to go through treatments again. But it’s also worth getting a second opinion. You may feel that a boss is trying to over-talk you a lot if you are having to work in a group or having to give some sort of presentation. If you have a mom that just won’t let you grow up then you’re going to have to set better boundaries with her. Some of you without children or your children are adults will be feeling a bit lonelier than usual. A case that was supposed to be closed will reopen or there will be something else you have to do before this chapter closes for good. You may lose an important book or important document this week. You should have another copy in your email but you’ll have to dig for it. If you are trying to sign a lease or just signed a lease, you want to move or you won’t like living by yourself. Well, it’s either live by yourself or go back and make it work with the person you were living with which is something you really don’t want to do. So have a housewarming party or just invite over friends. If you have a water sign friend they may be avoiding you because you didn’t travel with them or you didn’t show up for them when they needed you. Refund checks or checks from the government will be on hold until the fourth week of this month. Your theme this week is melancholy

You still won’t be able to get to the bottom of who is spreading rumors about you or who is slandering you. Some of you may even think about hiring a private investigator to spy on a partner or get down to the bottom of this mystery stalker. You may be having issues with a child’s attitude if they are about to turn 12 or 13 by September. This is a week where you need to push through and show your talents instead of hiding behind your partner or your family name. You may be thinking about going back to school so you can become a teacher or study business so you can open a daycare or do something in publishing. Any delays that you’ve had when it comes to your career will be lifted on Wednesday, Thursday, or next Tuesday. Some of you will be seeking a letter of recommendation from an old boss and they will be willing to do it for you. If you are single you’ll be meeting a younger air sign person who will likely only be with you because of your money or the reputation you have. If you’ve been hiding a reconciliation, a sibling will be finding out about the two of you this week. Probably wasn’t a good idea to go back to this person from the past because now this week you’ll be arguing about the same old things. If you have kids in college issues will arise on paying for school or taking out loans. Your back will be cracking a lot or varicose veins will be popping up again. Time to go for a consultation with your doctor. Lay off the pasta or the noodles this week as well. Even though you’re ruled by mercury, you will have a lot of communication issues this week so be prepared to repeat yourself, again. Your theme this week is determination

Still waiting on blockages to be lifted this week. If you sent off applications for jobs, apartments, houses, these things will still be pending until the third week of this month. If you were supposed to move this week, to a different state or a different department, then it will be put on hold. It’s the waiting game for you this week, especially if you’re a life path 3, 9, 4 or you have Aries, Sagittarius, Taurus in your chart. Money will be fine this week. I don’t see anything new coming in but nothing will be leaving you either. You are sitting in a comfortable position for now. If you are thinking about going into the field of finance, nursing, writing, military, or politics you will be able to get a salary increase in less than a year. If you are waiting on a fire sign to reach out to you or follow through on a commitment they made a few weeks back, there will be a change of plans. You wish that you could forgive this person who you don’t trust anymore, but it’s just too difficult to look past the fact they cheated with someone you know. Travel plans will not go through this week as it’s better for you to read. Go with the flow instead of trying to force things. If you aren’t up for being in big groups or you just want your space, then take it. No one is going to blame you for taking care of your mental health. You also may be taking some time away from social media until the fall. Fear will keep you stuck and fear keeps you constantly complains about the same old thing. Do something about it! Some of you will be letting go of someone because you feel they are too difficult to get to know or to be with. If you’re trying to get something published don’t send it off to a company, just wait. Your theme this week is acceptance

You miss your mother and it may just now be hitting you. You’re feeling the pull to go back to the community you were born into or to move back to a place you lived at back in 2017 or 2018. Some of you may be finding out that someone you’re dealing with has a wife, baby mother, or girlfriend in another place. You may find this out on social media or if they leave their phone on the counter or bedside table then you will see the notification. Your savings may be getting about 30% lower. Some of you may feel that you are suffering your way through a relationship that provides financial stability. You want to walk away but if there are kids involved you’re trying to hang on until they get about 13 or 15 years old. Issues with the fan or the computer in your car will need to be taken to the shop by the end of this week. This isn’t something that you can fix by yourself so please don’t try. Therapy or the realization that therapy isn’t working in a separate connection. Issues with fingers or there may be symptoms coming up that relate to rheumatoid arthritis. Also, it’s time to stop drinking and also you need to incorporate more blueberries into your diet. Your money worries will start to get better close to the 14th or starting after. A friend will help you out with this or you will apply for some sort of short-term assistance and it will be approved before this week ends but the funds won’t come until the second week of July. Spend time with family and friends this week and lay the stress to the side. You can’t control something outside of your control. Some of you will leave behind an earth sign and get back together with a water or fire sign who will propose to you in six months. Your theme this week is going back

Success in a legal case that has been pending since November 2020 or for the last 17 weeks or months. This will go in your favor this week. If you’re with a Libra, cancer, Virgo, then you and this person could be applying for a marriage license or actually getting married. Pack a bag just in case because you may end up staying overnight at a friend's that you are visiting at a distance. Even if it’s 30-40 minutes away it will be a long weekend. More abundance will be coming in if you’re in the field of real estate, health, fitness, law, or nursing. You can try your luck at the casino or by getting a lottery ticket this week. Shoot to do this on Thursday. For those of you that felt there was unfinished business with an ex from three weeks ago you both will be sitting down to have a conversation over dinner or you’ll go to the movies. Those of you that are single will be getting news that you’ll be an aunt or uncle again because someone is giving birth or newly pregnant. Make sure you’re carrying a pen this week because you will meet someone who will help you with your career if you’re in the hospitality industry. You may also be into murder mysteries more this week and I see you buying tickets for a concert/festival soon. Feels like it will be in Anaheim, CA, or San Antonio, TX. You will be getting an invite to a community party soon where you could meet someone new if you’re single. Divorces will be finalized this week and you’ll be awarded majority custody. Your theme this week is joy

You’re willing to take a chance in a new direction when it comes to your career or a friendship that you’ve had for the last ten years. Some of you have finally given up on trying to convince a cancer or air sign person to get back together with you. Right now your moves may be a little unpredictable and this may bother a partner. Some of you are having an issue keeping up with your phone or even answer it when someone important calls. If you are wanting to meet someone new you will meet them at an institution that holds money or processes money. There will be a new contract or up to two collaborations that will be coming to your email this week. This can be a good risk if you will put the fear to the side. An unexpected financial reward will be coming in your mailbox or bank account by Friday or if you are wanting to start a technology company or a company that deals with phones, you will have success. May be time to revamp a website if you have one. Use this week to launch new things out to the public. A relationship that was on its last leg will be getting better if you decided to stay together. If you were having issues with hair loss, you will find a solution this week. If you want to start over with something you left behind two months ago then this time it will work out. If you’ve invested in stocks, then you’ll be getting paid out dividends this week. Your theme this week is fool’s gold

You may have to walk away from another job or from a secondary source of income because your first job will be taking up too much time. Or management will change and the leeway you once had won’t be there anymore. More will be expected out of you starting this week and up until August 19th or the second week of September. You don’t want to play the game of phone tag anymore with this Leo, Aquarius, or Capricorn. A job or hobby isn’t fun anymore because you’re having to put in more than what you’re getting back. There will be an interview you will attend on Thursday or Friday that deals with children, factories, beauty, or working in a call center. Again one of these jobs is too demanding for you and you’re going to have to sacrifice and consolidate. You won’t be able to be so lenient with your finances for at least two months. So going out to dinner or hanging out with friends may have to take a backseat if you’re spending money every time you’re going. Baseball, softball, or kickball may be something new that you will be interested in starting on Monday. If you’re dealing with someone with a Leo Venus, they don’t have a lot of time for you this week so try not to get mad. They are busy with some sort of hobby or trying to start a company. Watch out for broken glass under your tires. Don’t gamble with the funds that you are getting this week because it will be a terrible investment. Get a flashlight because the lights may go out or a transformer may blow that could leave you without power for 5 hours. Your theme this week is options

You’re trying to micromanage everything and the people around you because you aren’t trying to lose anything else. You will be traveling with your mom again in the next 6 days or 6 weeks. If you have a grandmother or grandparent that stays in a state up north from you they will be calling you to come to visit them. You will be putting behind you an air sign Gemini or a Virgo because they are being too cold or demanding to you. Careful of any chemicals being spilled in your car or in your kitchen. Make sure you are paying attention to the kind of gas your putting in your car because you may put the wrong one and mess up your engine; change your headlights. There will be training or some sort of travel that needs to be done for your job. Some of you will be training for a supervisor position that you will accept in May 2022. A visit to the doctor is likely for fertility issues or fertility treatments. You will find love in another state if you are looking. There may be a separation for the time being between you and this air sign, Taurus, or Pisces because of your controlling ways or because of someone’s meddling mother. Some of you are struggling to get anywhere with someone who has a child in another state. Now is the time to decide to let them go or work it out. Go back to school and finish your bachelor's or master's degree if you’ve been thinking about it. Your theme this week is coldness

Walking away from a particular lifestyle that you’ve has since 2019 or for the last 8 months. Something has to change because you’ve been stuck in neutral for too long. The break is over and now it’s time to get back to work. Things will pick up for you in the next 8 days or 72 hours if you’re working in spirituality, psychology, cleaning, organizing, or anything to do with the arts. You may not be feeling appreciated in a connection with a Leo, Virgo, Pisces and you are wanting to take your space for now. The big thing on your mind is that you just want to have fun and you may feel this person is holding you back because they are too introverted. Dehydration is likely this week and some of you need to go get your wisdom teeth removed on the left side. Even though you’re walking away from something this week, your finances will still be okay. Try not to rush your way through work this week. If you have to take mini breaks then do so to ensure you’re putting your best foot forward. A karmic relationship will likely meet its end this week or in august. You will walk away, come back together, and walk away again before one of you cuts the cord for good. If you’re enrolled in school you will be taking a break this semester or those of you with young children will make the decision to homeschool. A friend may be borrowing too many of your clothes or you feel this person is just being ungrateful for what you do for them and you may cuss them out or just cut off all communication on Thursday or Saturday. Really ask yourself if this job, relationship, career, or hobby is really worth it. You don’t have another year to waste on this thing that’s constantly off and on. Your theme this week is distance

You’re trying to avoid a fight or argument but you feel this person keeps coming at you. You will be focused on changing your appearance or even changing your tone when you talk to people. Conflicting messages will be coming your way from family members. You may have to play the mediator when it comes to your siblings or a sibling will be needing your help with moving or paying for something. You may struggle with tingling in your legs, arms and some of you should be careful shaving below the waist. You will be feeling pulled toward a career that you have a lot of experience in but you walked away because of the lack of money. However, this time you will be able to negotiate your pay if you still want to stay in this field. The field of music, literature, and law will interest you and you decide to study more about this; there’s abundance in those three careers if you’re looking for a change. A fling will now turn into a relationship but it’s long distance. A last-minute change or you will be thrown into the fire to be forced to let go of something that no longer serves you. The question is if you're ready to fully let it go so you can elevate to the next level in your life. Your mother, a cancer, Libra, Scorpio, or Sagittarius isn’t going to change their mind about you so stop asking at this point. Don’t ask for something you’re not really ready to receive. Some of you have been asking for a sign if you should walk away from this person or not and here comes the answer. Some of you may need to consult with a lawyer about some sort of worker’s compensation complaint or there may be a medical malpractice issue. The theme for your week is clarity.

A good week to start looking for a new job with higher pay or if you already have a business then money will be looking better starting on Friday. You will be keeping your success quiet or some of you will be keeping this secret relationship on the hush a little while longer. Loans, selling things, or getting approved for things will be going through this week. You will be buying yourself something nice. Others of you with Taurus or Aries placements in your chart will be patching things up with your father. Also, there will be a change in diet or a change in the color of your hair. If you are thinking about starting a business in the hair industry, pet industry, or finance then you will make good progress with this. You will be stepping outside your ego this week and will be being practical. If you are dealing with a fire or earth sign they only see you as a friend and not the full package. If you’re okay with just being a friend with benefits then just continue in this connection, otherwise, move on to someone else. Some of you may end up moving back in with your father or child’s father because of financial reasons and this may cause drama if someone is trying to move on to a new person. Singles are heading in the right direction to meet your soulmate who is an entertainer or writer. You will discover a hidden talent of yours on Tuesday or Sunday this week and this will put you on the right path. Fresh flowers or start a garden to help with prosperity. Keep your success private, that’s the best way forward right now. Because as soon as you get too excited about something and talk about it, it blows up in your face. Your theme this week is growth

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