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ARIES ♈️ VIBES 12-14


Maybe if you ignore it then it will just go away. You’re quite defensive right now after an earth sign turned their back on you. You’ll be working a lot to help you forget. Don’t neglect your health and this time alone will help you get back on track


🐂 Disappointment with a friend, younger sibling. Issues with flooding or standing water in your apartment/house so call a plumber. Traffic will be heavy Sunday, leave 30 mins early. You will mistake someone at your job flirting with you. Focus on yourself


👯‍♀️ Getting approved for a new car or filling out applications for a place you’ll move to in 3 weeks. Things are coming together for your bank account. A Capricorn or Taurus will be giving you a gift soon. A manager is considering you for a promotion.


🦀 The decision will be made to move on, especially if you’re dealing with an Aries or Scorpio. For you this may take you by surprise, you thought things were getting better. This may prompt you to move to a new city by May. Disappointment happens

LEO ♌️ VIBES 12-14

🦁 Entering a competition or deciding to get back in the gym. You may be thinking about applying to be a teacher or finishing your education. Another fire sign is really interested in you, you’ll let them do all the work first. A Valentine’s Day card coming

VIRGO ♍️ VIBES 12-14

🍁You’ll be ignoring an air sign or Leo who’s trying to get you back. This person will be calling, texting, emailing waiting for your response. This person is really charming but that’s how they pull you back in. You just want rest and peace right now.

LIBRA ♎️ VIBES 12-14

⚖️ Nowhere else to go from here but up. This Gemini or fire sign will reveal their true feelings. Back issues, headaches, migraines. A delay in your career will finally end in 8 days and then an offer to travel or relocate will come to you. Choose yourself


🦂 A time of starting over and putting the past behind you. But this time, you are ready to open up to a Taurus or water sign. You just need time to get your words together. If you give this a fair shot, it can work out. Follow your heart, it’s not wrong


🏹 A trip or something new you started isn’t going as planned. But since this was an impulsive decision now you’re confused on what’s next. You may have to start over from scratch but this time make sure that the plan makes sense. Changes in 12 days


🐐 Won’t be able to make the trip home right now. Issues with a roommate or your parents are intruding in your relationship. Your house needs a deep clean which is blocking you from new beginnings. Unfortunately this person doesn’t want marriage


🏺 Starting therapy soon or going to school to become a therapist. You’ll have a talk with someone that will bring peace and understanding to the situation. You both aren’t ready to give up on each other just yet. A loan will be approved. $6k-$12k 💰


🐟 You are not confident in this recent decision. You gave someone a second chance and now they’ve gone cold. Doesn’t seem like much has changed but maybe you lack patience? You’re always waiting on them to decide the outcome. What about what you want?

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