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Weekly Horoscopes Aug 14-20: Time

How to apply these messages:

✨ General 👉 rising

🍀 Love 👉 moon

🍂 Money 👉 venus

🌞 Career 👉 sun

If you had a petty fight with a fire or water sign that got out of hand in the last 20 days, you will be unblocking this person to try to start up communication again. Some of you may be scoping out houses or apartments in a gated community or those of you that are out and about on the town should make sure you don’t leave your keys in the car. Changes to your schedule will be coming up and some of you may feel inconvenienced because you will be asked to stay later at work or take over for someone else's shift. Your taste in music will be changing this week or your angels will be communicating with you through song so when you hear the melody make sure to stop and try to figure out what the message may be. If you were the one that overreacted with someone you will be nervous if this person will be giving you a second chance or you will start to overthink because you may hear the news that they are on a dating website again even though you guys just broke up or separated earlier this month or late in July. Ever heard the expression ‘time waits for no man,’ well that would apply in this situation when it comes to them. You can’t expect them to deal with a breakup in the way that you would and it doesn’t mean that they care less than you. It could be a matter of them accepting the part they had to play and maybe realizing that they should do something different and then maybe you’ll finally be happy. You will be seeking answers through Facebook or via the internet this week on what to do in a love or legal situation. You don’t have the money this week to invest and if you are trying to seek legal counsel, you will need to ask someone for financial assistance with this. If you decide to submit a proposal at the end of the week or look to build your own house, you won’t be getting the funding you are looking for and it’s suggested that you wait until after September. Selling property or anything of value won’t be in your favor this week. Also, watch your spending.

A best friend or someone whom you feel is your soulmate is not talking to you. You haven’t been taking the advice of your doctor here recently and this week you may have to stay home and use a few sick days. Some of you may be trying to get transcripts from schools or taking an older child to school however you may not be able to complete this because of your health. You will be shutting down at the end of the week once someone asks you about your relationship status with someone that you may have broken up with during cancer season. This person may have their mars, moon, or Mercury in Virgo. You’re not ready to give up yet on this fire or water sign person in your life and for now or by Thursday you will decide to give them space and let them come to you. But you will find it hard to sleep because their spot lay empty at night or some of you may be up in arms because someone wants to be in separate rooms but still live together. A family member that you will try to depend on this week for travel or finances will let you down at the last mine. Some of you will accidentally leave your wallet somewhere or impulsively invest or donate to religion, charities, or institutions and by September you will be in a bad spot with your bank account. If you’re meeting someone new this week you will get frustrated once you find out they are single or they can’t stop talking about their ex. Words mean things and if you’re threatening to leave you better mean it this time or else. A fire sign child or friend is mad at you.

Sagittarius: you’re in obsessive mode this week when it comes to your work. Some of you are overindulging in sex, sweets, or alcohol and it’ll be catching up to by Sunday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. You may be trying to exert control over finances in a partnership but the other person will be giving you push back. Some of you are struggling with someone’s smell or body odor and you keep going along like this is okay. You may be dealing with a life path 6 or the devil energy is in your love life and someone has some inner demons they are fighting. Fighting urges to wanting to experiment sexually or fighting urges to not spy on the other person because of past infidelities. Travel will be postponed this weekend and the news that you’ve been waiting to come in will be delayed again. For some, this news may be in regards to finances or waiting for someone to pay you back the money that’s owed to you. Fights, arguments, bickering back and forth will be happening at home but make sure it doesn’t get out of hand or there will be issues with your neighbors. The status of a court case will be even more up in the air. Some of you may be being dragged into the middle of something messy if you’re dating a Pisces, Libra, or other fire sign person. If you are a life path 11/2 you may be worried about your home in terms of if you will continue living here or not. You’ve put yourself in harm's way by attaching your energy to someone whom you think you love. This connection or relationship seems to come at a price. Even if it isn’t legal woes I see the energy of a possible family member trying to slander you or cause friction so that you can leave this connection. You’re not learning your lesson with something and because you won’t, tough lessons will continue to follow for the next 8-11 months. Some Sagittarius placements are looking to file a grievance with your employer over harassment or discrimination.

Virgo: you feel like someone is watching you or you just keep checking over your shoulder. Maybe too much true crime documentaries or podcasts. But your fears may be catching up to about having children or being in a long-term partnership. You will be quite vague this week when asked about your feels toward a Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. If you’re dealing with someone new then your biggest fear is what if they’re lying to you? Love is a gamble. By the end of the week, you will no longer be able to hold in the anger or resentment you have toward a mother. Coming into this week you may have been thinking that you could rely on her for something and she will be turning you down. Because of this, you will shut yourself off from the world possibly after the next new moon. You have to let go of this resentment you’re holding in. Write, draw, paint, sculpt or try to find something in your community to occupy your time. Some Virgo’s with Aries placements will find solace in a neighbor whom you may start liking romantically in the spring. Something that you sent off and expected a boomerang effect with hasn’t come back and you don’t know what to do. Someone may be communicating with you this week that they do not know how to respond to something you’ve sent them. It will be hard for you not to fantasize about wanting your family back with someone (Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus) who is already in a relationship. You may be feeling like that was one of your biggest regrets, not trying after you let them go. There’s not a lot you can do in this situation to save this because their heart has already moved on. Even if you are still together with this person, they feel that once you gave up they gave up and it’s only months away before this is a complete break. On a positive note, you are in tune with your life’s purpose when it comes to your career. What you’ve asked for in this job will be delivered in the month of October. There won’t be any new opportunities coming in this week so if you’re looking fit some then you’ll have to keep going after it

Taurus: you feel bummed out or burned out. Cystic fibrosis is coming through if you have the initial A, P, V, or T in your first, middle or last name. Some of you just moved out of a relative's house or the days are starting to feel longer since you let go of someone. Right now the weight of the world is on your shoulder because you are trying to take all the blame for why a situation ended. So you’re in a rebuilding phase right now and you’re not very happy about it. Work is taking a toll on your body if you’ve been working long hours or if you’ve been volunteering to help out more. Ask for help if you need it instead of sitting there in misery. The legs of a chair in your home are weak so make sure you’re not rocking back-and-forth in it. Work will pick up some more starting this weekend. Now some of you may be working harder because you’re trying to pay back debts or you are having to now take care of finances 100% on your own since a split with another earth sign. But things will start to get better by the end of this month. Make sure that you aren’t canceling a doctor's appointment or some of you guys will need to make an appointment in 4 weeks or 4 months to have your liver or lungs looked at. Don’t let your cleanliness or your space get out of control because you’re trying to fight through depression. Some of you were expecting to be married by now but after this last connection fell through you don’t know what’s next. If you’ve been helping out a mother you will end up financially cutting her off in less than two months. Some of you may be labeled as hypocrites soon because you will start hanging out again with an ex who embarrassed you in front of your family or on social media. And your dreams of being a stay-at-home mother are out of reach right now and it’s time for you to be more practical. Stop biting your nails.

Capricorn: you’ll be sought after for your sound advice this week. But you also will be commended for how you will handle some sort of emotional situation. If you have water placements then you could be thinking about the military or public service. Some of you may be entering your name in some sort of raffle, drawing, or contest entry where you may luck your and be the winner. Go-karts or places where you can experience adventure will be good for you as well. Some of you will be going back to school to get a certification or you will be accepting a new opportunity to teach or to make a plan toward starting your own private practice. Some of you have the makings of being a good counselor or therapist and if you feel pulled toward that then go for it. You will have to travel soon starting in September but you’ll be getting news about that by the 19th. Finally, you’ll be okay with declaring that you are single and you will be surprised to know that someone you met or liked back in 2019, is single again. You and this person will set up a date for the next 9 days from you reading this. Most of you know who your soulmate is or at least one of them. I get a Scorpio, Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn. Get your passport renewed or ready because I see you living in a new country in the next 2 years. Or some of you will decide to get into the travel industry. What you’re looking for is already in front of you. Also if you lay off trying to push so hard and just let it happen naturally you’ll get better results in your career. A chapter in your life is coming to a close and the place you knew as home will be changing soon. But it’s a good change. Also, don’t try to self-diagnose mental health issues.

Cancer: Someone else’s fear will quickly become your fear. You will be worried about some sort of travel that you will have to make this week or some of you will just be finding out you left something important behind in another place. Nightmares or no peace of mind will be waking you up most nights around two to four a.m. If you are applying for school this week then you will be getting a rejection letter or you don’t have the documents you need to apply so they will tell you to try again in September. Coming into this week you are feeling guilty about something that you said either to a neighbor, sibling, friend, or mentor. You may be worried this person won’t forgive you even though you didn’t mean any harm. You’re being overly fearful about a lot of things which is why you’ve hit a brick wall. If you are a creative person you will feel blocked this week like the creativity just won’t flow. Some of you may even be fearful of being honest with a water or air sign person about how you feel toward them. Work will be slow this week and because you’re fearful about the future you may start to panic and then the thought of regrets pop up because you wish you would have chosen another job. But the message here is to keep moving forward as good news will be on the way but it won’t be until after august. Your gut instinct is telling you not to quit or give up and you should follow that. Stop trying to be a hero for everyone else and show up for yourself. Don’t quit, you just can’t because if you do, you’ll realize that you should have just held on a little longer. Sure, you may feel like someone stole your spot or took your thunder but not really because it’s all about timing and bidding your time. It’s not your time yet, accept that. You’re your own worst critic and you’re not lacking anything but self-belief. You will have the money you need to pay the bills, be grateful for that.

Scorpio: you’re running out of patience with your neighbors or with two siblings of yours that may both be Capricorn’s or there’s one water and one air sign sibling. Coming into this week you may be thinking about stepping away from a company that you’ve been at since 2017 or for the last three years. You feel that something isn’t working but you can’t quite put your finger on what exactly that is. Friends may be disappearing and reappearing but some of you are struggling to grow. Now that things may be better on the home front or in an emotional situation, you now feel like it’s not enough. Not that the chaos has stopped you’re waiting for it to start back up again. Some of you will be pouring out the offer that a water sign is giving you. Or, you may be feeling vengeful because you thought by now this water sign would be remorseful for what they put you through but they are acting unfazed. It seems you want the world to hate them or dislike them because of what they did to you. But you’re not being practical with your emotions or mood this week. It’s not always as easy as 1, 2, 3. Some of you are getting what you need emotionally in a connection but you still want to go. What else are you expecting to get on the other side of those gates? Again you’re struggling to hold on to money that you’ve earned through your job and that may stir up some issues this week if you share a home with someone. Now on the other end if you aren’t making enough money at this place of employment then you will consider quitting in the next 4 weeks or months. But everything you need is already there. Stop over analyzing everything ten times over or you may lose the very person that you prayed for. Things aren’t as bad as your eyes are making them out to see. If you are trying to leave then a landlord will let you out of your lease early. Seems like you just want attention right now which is why you’re looking to replace someone but don’t let your ego write a check that your ass can’t cash. You will end up being offered a management position or higher salary in January at your current job. Hang in there

You’re not alone but you feel lonely. You may feel that an earth sign person that you’re with has tan out of excuses. One minute they want to marry you or commit and then the next minute they don’t. You are feeling like you have up a lot for this person and you can’t help but feel like they are completely ungrateful. You will deal with issues from women this week if you work in health care, fitness, fashion, graphic design, or hospitality. An offer that you’re waiting to receive isn’t coming through and some of you that are trying to start a business may have come off too much money too soon. If you are trying to grow something or garden then you will be having difficulties with that this week. Something about a grandmother and her health could be affecting you this week as well. Your mother may not be in the best of moods or isn’t doing that great at this time so it’s more important for you to be their first her than to tend to your own needs. It does feel like she’s lost someone and the one person that she looks for the most to hold her is you. Don’t invest your money or savings this week as it won’t be lucrative. Go with the flow and surrender to the lessons that the universe is trying to teach you. The reason why you’re not moving is that you’re trying to make the universe move when you say to move. Doesn’t work like that because the timing in the universe is different than on earth. 3 years to the universe may be 6 years here on earth so patience is key. An opportunity that you may be really excited about this week May turn out to be a no but that’s okay too, no’s are a part of life. If you are dealing with a younger fire sign or just a fire sign in general this connection is unrequited love and this will likely phase out by Scorpio season. Some of you may decide to move forward with a Scorpio or other Pisces who brings financial stability and it may not be a bad thing. At least with this person, there are no secrets and everything is out in the open. You will be changing careers soon where you will have quick progress. This could be cleaning, finance, cooking, real estate, military, party planning, or even agriculture. If you have a business you’re focusing too much on the competition that you’re taking yourself out of the game.

Libra: communication has stopped. At one point you and this person were open and now you feel like they are hiding their hands about something. Some of you will be moving away from social media or just changing platforms. A manifestation you were expecting to come to pass by now seems to have passed you by as it’s not time yet. Don’t hold off on sending resumes out to different companies if you are tried to get hired for a new job. You may be sending money overseas or thinking about helping a sibling out financially but you don’t have the wiggle room to do that right now. You’re letting what people say get to you more than you think. Especially when it comes to reviews or things that people say online. Be careful of seeking too much validation from people who really only want to see you fail. It’s not time to move forward on a project, a move, a book, a clothing line, or a short distance trip. Something about this situation is hidden so you need to figure out what that is. The good thing is that work will pick up and because you’re pretty particular about being organized and doing things the right way, work will always find you. You may think about volunteering at a women’s shelter or doing something in your community. The money that will come in will be slow and if you’re in the field of service or healthcare it will feel like money is taking too long to accumulate. You’re trying to prepare yourself for disappointment or to be let down again but that’s not the case here. You may even be constantly anticipating the day you may get fired, have to find a new job, or give up your business, but the universe has a plan for you. And the plan involves you doing something bigger in the career you’re in now. Eventually, you may decide to become a teacher in a skill you’ve mastered. If you’re in a relationship with a fire sign then the reason why you stay is because they give you a home that you didn’t have, they’re a good parent and most importantly you both love each other. That should be good enough. It does feel that your other involves work with the government, public office, or work in natural resources. You’re here to change the world. Congrats to you on your future success coming up.

Aquarius: someone is coming to visit you in the upcoming three days. You’re in for an adventure because this is someone who you used to have a lot of fun with in college or back in your old neighborhood. Sounds like friends reuniting after a tumultuous time. Or this could even be a family thing. You are more down to have fun this week instead of dealing with adult responsibilities. Some of you may decide to take a spontaneous trip at this time because you can do that. You will be feeling more comfortable with someone in your life if you’ve been having relationship troubles since august. The smell or sound of a baby is coming through and some of you that are going back to sleep with an ex will be pregnant by Christmas. You’re in good company this week but if you are also going back to an idea you started three years ago then it’s safe to continue forward with this. The biggest thing you have to remember is to learn to have fun. If you’re not in the travel industry then you will be considering it again for the third time in two years. By the middle of the week, you may feel that a mother or an earth sign woman is making you feel numb and like you want to hideaway. This could be your mother or supervisor. New money is coming in soon based on this idea of yours. But most importantly, stop sharing your ideas with everyone that’s why they're not working. Keep this one to yourself. But some of you will be sought out for a job opportunity or you’ll be in the right place at the right time in front of the right person and they will be recommending you to their higher-ups. So a big salary change is coming in the next four months for those of you with Capricorn or Virgo in your chart. The energy is there for you to surpass your peers, you’re just going to have to grind it out and finish strong. You’re on your way.

Gemini: you’ll be really busy this week. Tending to work and possibly tending to your children. Be careful of heat rashes as well. You won’t be in the mood for compromising this week and anyone that may try to disagree with you could get cut off. You’ll be more serious than playful and some people may even say that you are coming off as unapproachable. It does feel like you’re bottling something up out of fear that people won’t understand. Your sex drive will be low this week as well because you are preoccupied with responsibilities so be prepared for griping from your partner or potential lover. You have to find a way to fit fun into your daily life or this will overtake you in the end. That part of you that used to miss your ex or miss home, feels behind you right now. Some of you will be moving away from the town you grew up in soon and you have to find a way to get over your separation anxiety with a child, lover, or parent. They will be fine without you if you take a couple of hours for yourself. Some of you may have to come face-to-face with a part of your childhood you’d rather not remember but this week is all about healing. Choose truth over silence, that’s how you move forward. There’s someone who wants to apologize to you however, you’d rather they just keep it to themselves because it doesn’t matter anymore. You will pick back up a hobby that you stopped doing two years ago or back in 2018. You’re unhappy with your house so you’ll be moving soon, possibly as early as October. There will be a new round of abundance that will be coming in if you are getting married, having a baby, or getting approved for an advance. Don’t stop having faith in a child that you may feel has lost their way. It’s tough to not want to save them but they have to figure this one out on their own. There may be arguments with the father of your child over custody or finances that could stretch into the month of December. Financially you are protected, so try not to worry as much while you go through this transition.

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