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Weekly Horoscopes April 5-11: Things are moving

Aries: get your rest, you’re going to need it, working overtime or covering someone’s shift, restaurant work or looking to open up your own food business, giving an earth sign an ultimatum when it comes to moving in or out, playing the guitar or cello, tickets to a broadway musical or play, auditioning for a role in film or tv, cat 5 hurricane or earthquake, special bond with a woman named debra or someone with the initial D, attending a funeral, letting go of being a vegetarian, scripting or scriptures from the bible, Tuesday morning, sunday evening, missing a state board exam

Taurus: you don’t have to call, new pillows and comforters, drag race, batteries for your remote or new electronic, cleaning out your refrigerator, prison break (the tv show), eating lunch with an old friend from college, interested in the upcoming election, changing for the better and walking away from a fire sign, leaving someone on read, charge your phone before dinner, ghost stories, Melvin, elevator, gospel music, recording a disco track or going to karaoke, planning an engagement party, tying up loose ends with an old partner, fire sign using you for money, disposable income, spanish speaking country (peru), indigenous people, judas, sacrificing yourself for a family member, call from the doctor, struggle with your bowels, a second chance

Gemini: Healing, new vocabulary, sparks from a new love interest, aquarius, leo, virgo, joining a club or fan group, musical chairs, fancy restaurant, enrolling in therapy, voice lessons, joining a choir, getting a new phone, reconciling with an older sibling, everything seems to go right, travel across the ocean, spanish flu, gas station leak, leaked audio recording from 2017, watching spy movies, taking a sleeping pill, issues with calves/shins, working out at home, you hope you guys can reconcile, volunteering for a charity, speakerboxx album by outkast, movie date, recognition from your boss, company credit card, writing a book

Cancer: fear, feeling powerless, missing another water sign, signing documents, petitions, the full moon, go with the flow, the tv show ‘family matters’, worrying about your mother’s health, phobia, running into someone transphobic, ponytail, digestive tract, black coffee, trail rides, musically gifted, playing the piano, secret enemies and admirers, sitting in the dark, writing poetry, or a letter to your spirit guides, intuition, strong dreams, creativity opens up, film or tv industry, change of heart, passive income, garden party, confident person, vacation, relationship therapist

Leo: riches, a wealthy partner or new love interest, forming a friendship with your boss, father’s old clothes, a lucrative job offer, finances are good, buying your mother a gift, an earth sign ex giving you something, changing your hair color, punching a ticket (contest), an earth/water sign gaslighting you, getting a suv, focusing on your skincare, Gemini, Virgo, thinking about marriage, redecorating a house, painting your living room, buying new makeup, wearing your natural hair, speech classes, investigative work, stomach virus going around, playing the field if you’re single, ending a karmic relationship, issues with a moving company, repayment plan, in separation with an air sign, it’s over, building back up your self-confidence, feeling nervous around someone, playground or park, baseball game

Virgo: wrong house, crack in your bathtub, hard to walk away, scorpio ignoring you, reaching out to an ex or your mother, ant hills or spider webs, ghosted by an air sign, finishing paperwork, go-kart track, can’t find your keys, trying to catch your partner in a lie, “I should have never come back,” refusing to pay for bad service, power lines knocked down, treasure box, treasure planet movie (disney), company closing and layoffs, your job is protected, transferred to a different department, a grant from the government, buying a house by 2025, bubble bath, hot tub

Libra: separated from your best friend, calculations, spreadsheets, job interview, game show, quiz bowl, recording studio, new healing friendship, feelings are mutual but someone has a dark past, you’ll pray for them, tired of unnecessary fights and drama, teaching a class soon, transferring to a different college, phone hacked, prescribed medicine for headaches, lip fillers, aquarius, cancer, mars in leo, dictionary, scoring a goal, playing both sides, two of your friends arguing, stuck in the middle, baking a cake, writing something controversial, accidentally going viral, sex tape, long-distance friendship or relationship, a breakup, anxiety, getting lost, painting a star or getting one tattooed

Scorpio: trying to make your dreams come true, looking at old pictures or gifts from your person, taking a break from sex or relationships, focusing on your bank account, receiving flowers, drawing characters, playing spades, walking alone at night, FEMA, changing your diet, tacos, pitbull or a new pet, listening to your mom, feeling sad about choosing yourself, the manager gives you more responsibility, going to Texas, Virgo helping you out, you miss someone, when the caged bird sings by maya angelou, taking a vacation, leaving behind a second job, endings but new beginnings, going swimming, a new hobby

Sagittarius: expanding your home, applying for something, unexpected money, dating someone new, amusement parks, new tires, writing something, expanding a business, a coworker likes you, accepting a new job after being without one for years, short distance travel, family reunion, family member’s will, speaking with a lawyer, changing school districts, passing teacher’s exam, putting something together, pottery, sewing, learning a new language, meeting someone new who lives far away, waiting on a fire or earth sign to text you back, company dinner and receiving an award, buffing out a dent in your car, airport, flight attendant, 10 year anniversary, class reunion, a lover your family likes ends up ghosting you

Capricorn: passing the interview or inspection with flying colors, public speaking, cleaning up your social media, anchor on a boat, getting a suit tailored or dress altered, fight with a sibling, staying in your room, an air sign is trying to get your attention, wishing out for a fire sign, a letter of recommendation, a boss wants to have a meeting with you, considering getting a divorce, new clients if you use an invoice system, Barbie or Barbie dolls, fishing, restaurant by the pier, concert, winning a contest, overwhelmed by the attention you’re getting, basketball game, peer review, having a public disagreement with a boss or influencer

Aquarius: annoyed by a group of fire sign people, controlling parents, losing our shoes, disputes with children, hospital visit, clothes getting too small, nail appointment, slow change, oversleeping, one-night stand, calling corporate or the police on someone, interview, feeling like someone is accusing you, being followed around a store, a full house, walking away from a job abruptly, wanting to stand out, wanting more responsibilities at work, feeling burned out, bickering with your partner, careful of the hot stove, saying something you might later regret, getting your own place

Pisces: building your own brand, cosmetology school, cleaning out your closet, elementary school teacher, feeling more confident, a lot of love interests, the boss wants to sleep with you, a great time to make more money, start a garden, paint a picture, new television, an ex now wants to marry you, reading old books from college, philosopher, building an app, cashing a bonus check or a new job comes with a bonus, leaving love and being married to your career, feeling alone but not lonely enough to waste time on a relationship, new company, getting a library, photography, planning a trip with your brother or daughter, dating someone younger or older than you, strengthening your spiritual gifts, a major transformation

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